Friday, August 31, 2007

Fri Eve

I'd say that pet pretty well covered our visit on Tue nite.

He was as always an excellent host.
Dinner was divine and so was he.
I was extremely proud of him
and I think he enjoyed having Me show him off
and putting him through his positions for her to see.

She and I had talked on the way up there about pet's
different modes of 'attire'.
I will have him explain them himself in
his next post. But.. My friend decided that
dinner with him in his 'dinning' attire would be a
fyne thing.

My friend seemed to enjoy herself very much, especially the long
Reiki treament that pet gave her.

Like pet.. I shall suffice that to be all said of the rest of our evening,
except we all enjoyed each other's company and we left smiling,
relaxed and happy.

Last nite, we had a low key evening.
I think we were both rather tired, and I know pet's
not been sleeping well as work is very intense for him right now.

We had a nice dinner with a candlelit bath and passions later.
We had another long talk about our particular brand of D/s relationship.
Neither of us has a need to include pain in it and I think we are feeling
very comfortable with it. We are both realizing that we don't have to
be like 'other' D/s relationships. We can set our own rules and
guidelines and don't have to do what other's do.
Oddly enough, tt's taken us a bit to both accept
and be comfortable with our decision.

I am very glad I don't have to hit pet. I don't like
doing it at all. Which is not to say I won't tan
his oh-so-lovely backside if he needs it.
But I won't do it just for the heck of it.. or just
to make him feel submissive.
I can do that by lightly biting his lip and holding him still..
holding his hair tight
or giving him Commands.

As my friend observed,
we are much more D/s then anything else,
and that pleases Me, because that is our intention
and that is what makes us both happiest.

We also did the first excercise in the book 101 Tantric Nights together..
and the next time we see each other, we shall do the next one.

I hope pet enjoyed it as much as I did.
I am very much looking to the next one.

And on that note,
I'll sign off for tonight.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dinner with my Lady's

Tonight was a first...dinner with the Lady's...and I hope not the last. It was immensly pleasureable having my Mytsress and her close friend over for dinner as it allowed me to serve two lovely ladies at once.

Being the first dinner together nerves were alittle on edge when the evening began but soon everyone grew quite comfortable and relaxed. Dinner was served...which the Lady's it seemed.

After dinner is was decided that i shall provide the Ladies with some Reike and back massages. My Mystress and her friend both seemed to enjoy both quite immensly and the activities allowedus all to relax.

The rest of the evening i shall keep to myself as its not my place to tell stories...all that shall be known is all had a great time.

It is my hope that everyone enjoyed themselves enough to want to do it again in the future for it felt everyone relaxed immensly here. Mystress made a comment that she had not seen her friend so relaxed in sometime and hopefully in time i can provide a refuge for my Mystress and her friend where they feel they can relax.

Now i start to count the time again..till Thursday...till i see my Mystress again.


Catching Up..

As pet write, twas something of an educational and interesting weekend.

Twas My Knights idea to drive up to his location to see him since he was stuck waiting for car
repairs for some hours. The two of them get along quite well. Later that eve, time was
indeed spent showing My Knight some of the things he had been curious to see, and pet
did the usual phenomenal job he does in all ways. After it was decided that
he and I were not near ready to sleep, we were sent off to the guest room with smiles by
My Knight so he could rest, one of the reasons that he suggested I find a sensual sub in the first place.

pet was indeed kind enough to assist with a friend who needed some heavy things moved,
and interesting enough. the other to help was My Master whom I had not seen in a few weeks
because of His very busy schedule. So this was the first time that He and pet met as well, although Master has known and also encouraged Me along those lines. Strangely enough,
it really did not feel very odd to be with both of them at the same time, but it was very gratifying to see them working together to solve some moving and dismantling puzzles.

After our time out with others, I felt a need to re-connect alone with pet before he headed
off for his work week. He was very sweet to have told Me in advance that he would be doing his usual Sun chores on Mon after work, which I did deeply appreciate. Our re-connect time was fairly short, but as always, sweet.

Tonight... I bring with Me a dear friend of Myne who is curious to meet pet. She knows that I'm usually submissively inclined, and has met both My Knight and Master several times. So this will be a first, for her to see Me with My pet.

As always, I am very proud to show him and the progression of our training off, and she is quite intrigued by it all. So as I write this, I await her arrival, then we shall trundle off to pet's home where he is waiting to fix us dinner and entertain us for the evening. We shall see how things progress. I do love this lady friend dearly and we have been lovers as well as we have many of the same interests. She is not submissive, but I think a sometimes bottom.. but she is interested in perhaps doing some Domming.. so watching the things I have trained pet to do is of great interest to her. And.. we shall see how she likes him, for she is one woman that I would be willing to share him with from time to time if she is so inclined. As for pet... he is desirous to simply be obedient to My desires and to be of service providing pleasure in which ever way that I may desire.

Pet and I also had a good 'discussion' via txt messaging today over something I had been contemplating doing on Thur that I had been finding Myself having a harder and harder time with.. and that was taking pet to the pain point of using his 'safe' word.

I had read and been told that this is something that 'needs' to be done so that everyone knows that it can be done.. in that the slave will use their word, and the Dom/me will know the slave's limits.

But.... the more I thought about it.. the more I thought about the very reasons that I have pet.. and that is for pleasure and service, not to give pain to, nor to make endure pain for My pleasure. I do not find giving him pain pleasure able at all.. in fact... I have a very difficult time with it. And the more I thought about it.. the more I reflected on My own ownership and Masters/Mistress. Not once did they ever take Me to the place I needed to use it. There was indeed once when I should have used it, but that was in a between space with someone else, and I have no doubt that I would use it if I ever had to. But none of them ever set out to give Me enough pain to make Me use it. In fact.... in Their gentleness and wisdom, when I had done the traditional "Thank You may i have another?" It has been told to Me "No.. you may NOT!" and I have done that with pet as well.

So.. with pets assertion that this is NOT something that he needs.. I have decided not to do this exercise. Just because other's do, does not mean I have to. I had been dreading it since I had decided to do it.

pet and I are both into this for pleasure.. and that is what brings us together. The idea of hurting him just for the sake of it makes Me feel queasy. Maybe I'm not a 'good' Mystress for that.. but on the other hand, he does say that he is relived, and I appreciate that very much.

So on that note.. I post this.. and My friend will be here soon..
and we go off with joy to see pet!


Monday, August 27, 2007

Preparations for tomorrow

My Lady has presented me the opportunity to entertain her and a lady of her court tomorrow...and i am very pleased to have the opportunity. It is my goal to make Mystress's Lady very proud of me, hopefully as proud of me as Mystress is.

Dinner has been planned and is ready to go. Some tentative plans have been made but we shall play it more by ear.

I hope to make an environment where both can relax and find some solace..time will tell.

To bed and rest.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

An educational weekened.

Our weekend has drawn to a close...and to say it was educational leaves the statement alittle understated.

Mystress and her knight suprised me with a suprise to keep me company while i waited for some car repairs to be done..a most pleasant and welcome gesture. We passed the time with coffee andassorted sugar drinks. With the repairs done it was off to my Lady's place.

Sat was spent in wonderful conversation with both my Lady and her knight...view points discussed..waiting for the evenign to fall. Come the evening...My lady treated her Knight to a wonderful display of sensory exhiliration...i was nervous to do this task before her knight but we all seemed to get into the moment and the experienced proved to be very very enjoyable forall. My duties took my lady and i to the early hours of the morning...where we had a cwonderful intimate conversation sharing some very intimate thoughts...thoughts i shall keep safe in my heart.

Sunday proved to be a day of heavy moving as i offered my help to Mystress friend to help move some furniture. Another of Mystress kind knights lent a hand and we spent much of the day moving furniture. Rewarded with a lovely lunch...the true reward was the information Mystress friends chose to share with us. Some of the information was i admit very intimidating...and ishall have to think about all that was shared...but i feel my Mystress and I connected on a number of points and i feel it shall only serve to strengthen our bond.

Thedays activities have started to take affect on me and i now retire for some rest.

Till i see my Lovely Lady and her Lady of the court Tues.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Communication reflections and Last evening

As pet has already noted.. we did indeed have a wonderful evening last.

Seeing each other at least once a week has been important to both of us.

But more then that.. the communications that we have between times also keeps us very close in touch. Since dear pet changed his texting plan, I can and do write him whenever I feel the need to. Sometimes, he can write back, and sometimes, he simply sends Me a 'smile'. Which I deeply appreciate. I love it when he writes to simply ask how My day is.

Pet alludes to the interest of My friends, and tis true, he has caused a bit of a stir amongst some of them. Those that have met him already are charmed, and those that have not, look very forward to it.

As for last nite.. I had had an very very difficult couple of work days, extremely long and I was very exhausted. Climbing the stairs up to pet's 3rd floor apt took most all of My remaining strength. He knelt as per usual, and held up his training collar, and after buckling it on, I tapped his shoulder and he stood. I almost collapsed against his strength. He held Me gently and while stroking My back, found how truly hot I was from the heat outside. He very kindly suggested that I go take a cool shower and relax while he prepared the dinner I had brought.

It was a suggestion I did not argue with, and he sweetly walked Me to the shower, where I let the cool water wash away the weeks tensions and heat. I did certainly feel refreshed afterwards. pet had lit the candle and was ready to serve up dinner. I was not terribly hungry, but knowing I am hypoglycemic, I needed to eat. Dinner passed enjoyably as always with touching hands and smiles and talking about our work week.

The nice massage on My very tired shoulders was short lived as I wanted nothing more then to lie down on pet's soft bed and feel his hands give Me comfort in the many ways he has become so skilled at. I also needed to see his smiling eyes and feel his passionate kisses. It took a bit for Me to finally begin to fully relax, I could feel the tenseness of the week tight and harsh within Me.

As pet slowly relaxed Me, I felt it all falling away, and knew that he had deserved the rewards of the ride of the sensual exhilaration that he has come to enjoy so much. After shared passion, and rejuvenated by his love, I was able to rise to the occassion of binding him and doing those things that I know he so enjoys... and past that to a few new things. Things that he had not said 'no' to on his activity list. After I released him the first time, he shuddered and trembled in My arms for quite a while as he came back from the depths of sub space. After he had returned enough to smile up at Me and kiss Me passionately.. I gave him the Command to lay upon his stomach now. And then.. I rebound him. It was enjoyable to give him more pleasure and teasing in this new position to him. MMMmm.... I must say, he is as lovely from the back as from the front. He is so massively musculature with large 'bikers' thighs and a round luscious ass that it tis very sweet to play with him in that position as well. Flogging his backside and using a variety of things upon it put him back into a quivering place. He certainly jumped when I dumped a handful of ice upon his back, sliding it down and around into all sorts of places. His body was very hot and the ice melted quickly.

After I took off his blindfold and untied him, he again lay very still. I lay My body upon his to give him warmth and comfort until he rolled over to take Me into his arms.

He then (as he says) performed his 'duties' very well for both of us.. and then we ate bowls of ice cream stretched on side by side on his bed, kissing and sharing the cool sweetness between us.

A bit more play, then twas time to let pet rest.

Tonight, he is off with friends, his weekly fun time with them. I am glad he has them to relax after his own draining workweek. pet works very very hard, and he needs this time to relax as well.

So...for now I sign off..

Tomorrow he comes for dinner and a sleep over here, before Sun when we go to help a friend of Myne move.. who has also asked to Co-Dom pet with Me. We will have a nice chat about it on Sun.. and then, another friend who wants to also meet him, will ride with Me to his place sometime this week for dinner. But.. that won't count as one of our 'regular' encounters, which I rather expect will be again next Thur.

Tis wonderful to see pet so often.. he certainly keeps My frustration levels down! And I am extraordinarily grateful to have such an amazing creature as Myne!

With adoration for her pet,

The Weekend Part 3

With a new weekend before us, I shall lay to rest the past one.

Sun morning dawned warmer then sat.

We lay in bed and talked softly for a long time. There were many things to say to each other this final day. pet had said there was no rush, but I knew he had things he wanted and needed to do. Still, it did not feel rushed, and he gave Me all the time I needed to speak to him of things that I had only thought to Myself.

My feeling was that these thoughts were past our physical expressions, and were certainly of the more intimate emotional sort. The intensity of our relationship had deepened over the past two nites and I belive we had a mutual feeling of allignment with each other.

Finally, around 11ish, we rose for a simple breakfast of a yogurt smoothie (I'd never had one before) and yogurt. Slightly redundent, but good none the less. There was a quietness to this day for Me, knowing that the last one for now was upon us.

In the early afternon, we began the preperations for leaving, which included doing the wash. I was surprised when pet came to tell Me that it appeared the circuit breaker had flipped while the washer was on its final round of towels. But, he quickly discerned that twas not the circuits however, but the power itself that was off. Hmmm.. this rarely happens in the summer time, as tis much more prone to happen in the stormy winter.

I was hesitant to leave a washer half done and wet towels in the dryer, so we found other ways to amuse ourselves for a while. After that round, the power had come back on, and so the washer finished, and towels were put in the dryer. Twas now early evening, and time to head back down the hill. I knew I was coming back on Tue and so would fold all the towels then.

When we arrived home, My Knight needed pet's assistance to move a new couch, however My Knight was with legal clients and so we waited companionably, chatting softly and enjoying our last bit of time together. The couch was moved, and twas time for pet to head home.

With a last kiss and a hug, and the next couple of times to see each other arranged, he headed off into the dusk.

And so ended that weekends adventure. But..
A new one awaits...
And each new adventure, brings us closer and closer..

Looking forward to this next one,

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Lady's Visit

Again my lady came and visited and once again the evening was magical.

Mystress arrived quite hot and bothered...and not the right kind Mystress went off to have a cool relaxing shower while i started to prepare dinner. My Lady brought a wonderful pot roast and salad for dinner...she has such a wonderful food and other ways.

After Mystress's shower we sat and ate dinner...sharing the usual wonderful conversation. Adjurning to the couch for Mystress relaxing massage...this time for not to long before retreating to the bedroom.

Passion consumes us both rapidly as we celebrate our union with some force. Quite overtaken from thefew days apart our desire for one another quickly takes hold until we both writhe in satisfaction...then a new chapter begins.

Mystress binds me again for another session of teasing...which commences as per usual...but its shortly into the session that i realize Mystress is getting quite into it...Not revealing too much...lets just say Mystress has started to grow into her role of broading my horisons introducing me to some new activities. Scared at first...but trusting my Mystress this quickly passes...knowing she shall start slow and shall not hurt me.

Recovering i return to my duties giving my Lady pleasure...a bowl of ice cream later and tasks later its time for my Lady to once again depart...this time only a day shall seperate us before we see each other again...

Till then My Lady...



Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day 2 in Reflection.

Waking Saturday morning...or should i rather say continuing to please Mystress into Saturday morning...was the dawn of our second day together...nothing is more special than being in bed with Mystress when a new day dawns as this means we have been together all night whether for pleasure...or just lying in bed talking...sharing our thoughts.

We rose for breakfast after both where satiated enough to allow our hunger get to us...Together in unison we prepared breakfast...fried eggs, yogurht, and prime rib. Mystress was so kind to share her prime rib with me from the night was so nice of her but thats my Lady...totally caring and so sharing...makes my heart fill just remembering her kindness. Breakfast went down...conversation aboud...smiling back and forth between us...gently touching and holding hands.

Returning to my duties we passed the afternoon in mutual pleasure...bringing us to lunch. Lunch consisted of an assortment of finger foods, cheeses, spreads, crackers and such. It was a delightful lunch filled with once again mutual admiration and conversation.

Allowing our meals to digest we watched 9 1/2 weeks...making notes about the movie...comparing it to the secretary...sharing our views on the movie and how both characters were treated in it...we appreciated the movie but i feel we both agreed what we have is much better for us. The movie served as a wonderful transition into more pleasure service.

Dinner came and went...mostly in a blur for myself as i was concentrating on what was to come later...not only for myself...but regarding one of my tasks Mystress had assigned to me. I was planning what i would do to Mystress and how i hoped she would respond.

While Mystress prepared the room..i spent my time in the living room...kneeling in the living room...soaking up the heat from the fireplace...recharging my batteries...and getting my mind into the correct mindset. I was so pleased by Mystress's reaction to my stance as it felt truly submissive on my part...and Mystress appreciation of the act was well received.

Mystress ushered me to the room...ordered me to do my nightly poses so that she may see how i do them...then once ont he experience was to commence. Mystress teased me quite expertly...exhilirating my senses to the point of near frenzy...bringing me back down so that i could perform my task.

With our positions reversed...i did my task. Teasing Mystress with all her tools of the trade. Doing my best to give Mystress the same experience i receive from her. I feel Mystress did experience what i feel, and now understands why i seek it. Stunned...Mystress and i lied there allowing Mystress to recover...sharing our thoughts and strengthening our bond. Each of us now knows that this experience shall become a staple of our intimate relationship in the future and reinforced by those closest to Mystress requesting an audience regarding such activities.

More duties ensued for the rest of the night...bringing us to the dawn of our third night but that is to be reflected on at a later point.

Mystress's Knight


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More on the 1 & 2

pet wrote about what he felt was the best part of the weekend to him,
and I would have to concur. There were many aspects to it that were
amazing.. and much more intense that would ever have guessed...

But.. the bonding between the two of us..
that indeed.. was also to Me.. the most important part.

We have both put our trust, each in the other,
in ways that I do not think that we have in our past relationships.
The.. intensity of the relationship is nothing short of.. excelerating to Me.
The new vista's that pet opens up for Me, are often surprising.

Many things of which I thought I was familiar with,
or not interested in, he has managed to transform into something new.

The first nite, was more of a bonding time.. and meant to be that way.
The next day.. had more activities that we had both planned and talked about.

One of them was filling out our mutual activity form.
It very fulfilling to see how many things we are aliened on,
and how much we agree on, both on what pet says was 'Hell NO!"
and things we both felt were 5's.. as well as things we are both curious about.

We watched the movie 9 1/2 weeks.. and had an interesting time comparing it to

After that.. was time for some... intimate time...
and then.. dinner.

I found it interesting how well we worked together preparing the meals
side by side. We both took on aspects of it to complete, almost without
comment.. and it all came together at the same time.

While he worked on dinner, I got the fire started.. and it gave the
cabin a lovely ambiance.

After dinner.. as nite fell.. time came to begin some of the things
I had planned for pet.

As I wrote before.. the most touching moment was finding him kneeling
before the fireplace, clad in only his black leather training collar.

This time, I wanted to watch him do his kneeling,
as he does for Me every night. It was touching to see his sincerity
in his actions.

I will simplify things by saying that pet was bound.. and blindfolded..
and that many of the things I had been collecting were used on him.

I tried to shift things and keep him guessing as to what was going to happen next.
It was very.. rewarding to see him quivering so,
as I switched from item to item to item, using them
in a variety of combinations and on different parts of his body.
Everything was random and there was no pattern that he could discern.

We have done this before, but not to the degree that I was at this time,
as well as I had a few new things that I had added that I knew he would not
expect. And, I used a few things that he did know, so I think that gave him
some solace and he would recognize those things.

One of the assignments that I had given pet, was that after I had done the
sensory exeleration on him, then I wanted him to do the same to Me.

Why, one may ask? Well. for a couple of reasons. First, in My mind..
is that I do derive great pleasure from My submissive side, and pet and I have
discussed this at length. He is very comfortable with it, and in fact, I think again,
it gives him so solace to know that I am as good a Mystress as I am because of My submissive
sides. I have 'been there and done that' as they say. And it looked like quite an
experience, and one I had never had to the degree that I was giving to pet.

I also desire to do My best to experience the same things that pet does.
Often when I do not allow him to crest for days, I do not either.
I have never done anything to him that I have not had done to Me,
or would not have him to do Me. I wanted to be able to feel what pet was feeling.

Again.. pet was stunned when I took the blindfold off. But not quite to the degree that
he had been before. I had not let it go on quite as long as before either however.

As promised, I reviewed all of the things that I had used one him.
Some of them surprised him, other's I don't think did quite so much.
He looked at each thing carefully, and I could almost see his engineer's mind working
as he contemplated using them on Me.

When My turn came.. I felt Myself falling into sub space quickly as pet
kissed Me and slipped the blindfold over My eyes and tightened the bonds
around My wrists and ankles, and tied Me to the bed.

What I had never expected, was the intensity of it.. pet.. was.. stunning.
Even though I knew what each item was, they all felt totally different when blindfolded.
That certainly surprised Me. Pet outdid Me in some ways.. one of the
most amazing things he did was the combination of dripping ice and wax on Me.
The chill and sting was fantastic.

When pet took the blindfold off.. I was even more stunned then
he had been. I literally could not move. I had to whisper for him to
roll Me over next to him so that he could hold Me and bring Me back.

Truly stunning.

There are not words to describe how this experience affected Me.
And.. when pet lifted the blindfold, and I saw his smiling eyes,
I was deeply moved with gratitude, and glad that I had been able
to experience the same thing that pet had.

On that note... I will close this part of the post,
as it tis long, and I miss talking with pet.

With ever greater bonds of possession
and affection,


Answers To The Sirs Questions.

Thats a difficult question as i have no preference for which pleasure i give my Lady...i love them all. If i had to categorize them then I'd say i am quiet partial to those that make Mystress blush as these tend to be those newest to Mystress and those we have started to explore together.

As for what arouses me...Mystress very touch sends shivers down my spine...immediately invoking a reaction in all my appendages. This arousal only grows stronger when Mystress gives me any sign or command. One sign/command in particular arises a special level of arousal as Mystress has recently rediscovered the joys of said act. It this new discovery, and the promise of many more new discoveries in the future, derives the most arousal for me.

Mystress instructions in the art of sensory exhiliration definitely has a highly arousing influence on me. The way my Lady charges my skin with various touches drives me to new heights.


Day One

Day One of the weekend started with me picking up my Mystress. I was more than happy to drive us to the cabin as it allowed Mystress sometime to relax and unwind from the busy week she had all the driving she does on a weekly basis.

On the way up we stopped for dinner. The dinner was pleasant and the food acceptable but we both had an impatience clearly evident to all those that would look...through gentle holding of hands and alittle foot play we managed to survive dinner and get back on the way.

Upon arriving at the Lady ushered me inside and gave me a tour of the cabin. A wonderful rustic cabin...quiet, warm, and a place i felt immediatley relaxed in...something easily done with my Lady's presence. We performed the standard tasks of bringing in the provisions and got everything squared away.

The true start to the evening began with a slow close dance with one another to the wonderful songs Mystress had so thoughtfully arranged. Trying to do my best and not crush my Lady's sweet toes...we danced closed attuning ourselves to one another and growing closer.

After the dancing we retired to the room for Mystress get Mystress relaxed..and ready for the pleasure she so deserved. As Mystress so elegantly stated..sleep was in short supply but who needs sleep when ones precious Lady looks into your eyes...filled with love...and all you can do is get as close as possible...and perform all the sensual pleasures Mystress desires.

Dawn the next morning greeted us through the window as a sign of a complete day ahead of us....a day that had many experiences in hand for us both...experiences that shall wait to be shared till a later date.

All i shall that by the end of the first day...i had grown closer to Mystress than i ever expected to..knowing that our growth has just began brings smiles to my face.


Monday, August 20, 2007

A short Reflection

Words can not beging to describe my Mystress and I's first weekend together....i shall try and do our weekend justice but i know nothing i can say will come close to describing the feelings we both shared the weekend past.

I shall only give a brief overview of the weekend and use my words to describe each in much more detail to come.

We spend Friday through Sunday together at a wonderful cabin the mountains...quiet, peaceful and very romantic. Thank you to the kind sir who let us use his wonderful cabin.

There was plenty of pleasure for us both...and plenty of new experiences. Above this however there was a deeping of our bond and that was the best part of the weekend....i know reflect knowing that our bond is stronger than before...and so desire to see where it goes from here..

In reflection

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Weekend.... at first thought

The hour is late..
and the thoughts are still whirling. Much of it still needs to be digested and replayed.
Some of the things I can and will recount.. others.. are things that are too personal to be.

The first general thoughts that come to mind however is..


Any thoughts or ideas I might have had of what the weekend at the cabin might be like, is far exceeded by the reality of it.

Starting with pet picking Me up.. our drive up to Penryn for dinner, which while delicious, did seem to take forever.

Arriving at the cabin as dark fell, showing pet around, he liked it as much as I knew that he would. The feeling of being alone with him there, knowing many of the things that I had planned for him, and things we had discussed about doing together.

We both love music.. and we are both people to whom lyrics mean a lot. So based on that... I had decided to make a special cd for the two of us, that would always mean something special. Much of the music he had not heard of. Chris de Burgh, Jackson Browne, Carol King, Chris Rea, Garth Brooks, Keith Urban & Lou Rawls. Some of the music were songs that he and I had discussed in the past, but he had only heard one song by Keith Urban.

By candle light we danced for a while before sitting on the couch and listening to more of the music.. and then the time came for pet to give Me a very nice massage.

From there.. things.. progressed.

Leave it to say that we did not sleep much that nite. We slept and awoke and then slept and awoke again.

One of the most touching moments I will recount tonight, is when I was preparing things for him on Sat nite.. and I came out of the bedroom, to see him kneeling before the fireplace in his one kneed kneeling stance, one hand on his knee, the other clasped in a fist over his heart with his head bowed down in his sign of fealty to Me. The fire was dancing across his naked body.. and he looked so amazing. My heart stopped to see him kneeling there. I had not expected that... and I was deeply touched by this un Commanded stance. I came close, and knelt next to him.. and asked him what had prompted this.. and he very softly said that he was preparing himself for the next part.. which he knew was to be blindfolded and bound while I would use a variety of things across his body. It was a truly beautiful moment... and a invaluable gift from My slave.. to Me..

..... and that's as much as I can write now.. for the hour is late,
and I am tired.. and I want to go lie down and think and feel the memory of pet
and what else came to pass.

I will continue this on the morrow I think.
pet says that his will take a couple of days to do, and
I certainly understand that.

Just so that he knows...
how much it all meant, and the words of encouragement and
support that we shared with each other.
With deep gratitude..

Mystress be continued..

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Weekend Nears....And So Does Our Special Time...

MMMM the weekend is so close i can taste it...i can smeell the mountain air and feel teh soft breeze...the trains at night...Mystress Moaning...oh the lovely sounds...

Plans have been completed...everything is ready...I plan to pickup my Lady as soon as possible and wisk her off to the mountains for a wnderful weekend of enlightenment...growth...anplenty of mutual exploration...I have promised myself to keep an open mind and to absob all my Mystress has planned to teach.

With my desire to go to sleep so that tomorrow may come...i feel like a kid on Christmas eve trying to go to sleep and quickly so tomorrow may come...i am off to sleep...and dream of my lovely Mystress...



I had to edit his post to address Mystress chocolate cake ideas...and i must confess...i didn't purchase two tubs of ice cream solely to consume with a spoon...Till the morrow...sleep well Mystress.


I'm sure that I hear Carly Simon singing this song somewhere...

Have spent most of the evening making a special CD for pet and I.
My plan is to light the array of candles that I have there
and start playing it once we get settled into the cabin.

This will be pet's first time at this 'second' home of ours. Tis lovely, and rustic
and had everything anyone might need. Trains go by up the hill.. and I've always
dearly loved the sound of them in the night.

I posted earlier in the week about our weekday patterns to our meetings.
This weekend, will be nothing like that.
No patterns at all.. everything completely different.

pet is picking Me up.. and goodness, it will be nice not to have to drive.
I do so much commuting during My work week, and this one in particular
has been very very busy. As was last week.
So I am very appreciative of his driving and allowing Me to just relax
for a change.

And I am treating pet to dinner.. dear that he is.. he didn't really want Me to
bear the brunt of the cost.. but being the clever Mistress that I am, I have a
coupon from the Entertainment book to use. pet said that My paying the whole
thing would have made him uncomfortable. Hmmmm.. well... I'm willing to be a
bit flexible with him. On the other hand, he had gotten the supplies for My spending
the weekend at his place,(which he is bringing with him, including steak.. YUM)
and I had told him I wanted to take him to dinner Fri nite.
And I DO get to trump him. Right pet???

I'm hoping they'll have some great sort of chocolate cake I can get to go, and
then..I think we'll be eating it off each other. MMMM... now THAT's My idea
of desert.. chocolate frosted pet..... well.. I imagine that the tender readers get the picture.

Not going to let too many cat's out of the bag however.. gotta keep pet on his
ever so lovely toes and guessing a few things. But. I do like to give him some fantasies
to dwell on for tomorrow...and getting chocolate frosting smeared on him is one of them.

I expect that pet will love the cabin, and the time that we have there.

Our goal is to see if we can wear each other out...
I know at least one person who'd love to be a fly on the wall
watching that... as I light the candles.. the anticipation will only
grow.. along with other things.

Well.. time to post this.. I see pet's not posted his for the evening yet,
so I'lll get to be first.. which means he gets to read about the chocolate cake.

Think Yuummm pet... I won't be the only one eating it tomorrow nite
and it wont be on a plate either!

This time tomorrow... well..
we can both imagine it, can't we?

Until then..
best to all out there..



pet and I spoke tonight.. at length.. about our plans for the weekend.
And other things...

First online for a while and then on the phone.

Tis always erotic to hear his voice.. how he whispers things in My ear.
Even the most mundane of things, sound incredibly sexy when he says them.

I have given him some assignements for the weekend,
and I trust that he is working on them in his mind. He says he is
good at everything except dancing...
well. that's okay.. he says he can do slow dancing.. and that's what
counts the most anyways.

I am sure we'll do some of that on Fri nite.
by candlelight... as a so much else.

Music.. candles.. passion...
sounds of trains.. and not having to get up.

He's promised we can spend all day in bed if I want to..
and there's a darned good chance..

It's good to be Mystress with such an amazing pet at
My Command..

So sweet and obedient..
and above all,
so amazingly good at giving pleasure..
and who enjoys giving it too.

Time ticks by pet..
Tis now.. officially tomorrow
that we'll begin our magic ride.

Hope you got your seatbelt ready..
cuz you'll need it..


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Fantasy For My Lady

With two days to go till our wonderful mind has been racing...thoughts and images abound. Scenarios and fantasies abound....all so wonderful.....

Its winter and my Lady is in the cabin...trapped in the mountains by a wicked winter storm...curled up by the fire...passing the time. BANG BANG BANG....a seriies of knocks at the door...who on earth is that....

Peeking out the window Mystress can't see anything....nervous she opens the door...there at the door lies an individual...covered in snow and practically frozen to the bone...with a caring Lady with all her might gets my limp body to the fire place...

Knowing that she spare me any Lady strips me naked and puts the clothes up to dry...leaving me to lie naked by the fire...her eyes roaming...drinking up the sight...

As i recover i realize my situation...but feel no discomfort knowing it was done out of necessity...having come to enough to be coherent...i thank my saviour...and make a pledge to return the favor in any means possible...

The days creep by as the worst storm in years hangs around...trapping us both in the cabin...conversation our only entertainment...but things do change...

Being at ease with one another and having grown quiet close under the situation...things progress and before either know it we find ourselves naked in each others arms by the fireplace...both out of a desire to be close to one another...and because firewood is running low and the clothes make a suitable addition to the fire...

With the storm takes days for the snow to melt enough to dig out...days spent in each others embrace...making love over and over and over...without either of our thirst quenched...

Finally we can get free...but looking into each others eyes...and feeling our hearts...we decide to return to the cabin to spend the rest of winter...entwind and fullfilling both our insatiable hunger for pleasure...

As one can see..the mind races...

Waiting for the weekend...

My Daily Tasks

These are my current daily tasks that Mystress ahs set for me to do.
  1. I must text Mystress three times a day. The first must be as soon as i am awake, the second at noon, and the last before i go to sleep. Each text must include the time sent to keep track of them. More texts are always welcome.
  2. I must text Mystress one erotic thought per day before dusk. More texts are always welcome.
  3. When i wake and before i got to sleep i must practice my positions. This includes 5 min in the Bracelet position, 5 min in my Kneeling Position and 5 min in "The Position".
  4. I must make a daily blog entry.
  5. I must tease myself and get as close to cresting without cresting twice a day. When i do this i must text Mystress of my intentions/time regarding this task.

These constitute my current list of tasks i must perform daily.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Pattern of our weekday Meetings

The ritual of our weekday time is much the same.
Some of the aspects vary, but much of the essential
framework doesn't. This is also in part to give pet a reliable
expectation of things, again, because he is so oriented
into a schedule. This is his comfort zone,
and there is enough of this that is new to him,
so he needs to have some anchors of what to expect,
in so much of what he has no idea of what to expect.

Each time I arrive..
He greets Me, kneeling, clad now only in his work shirt,
holding up his training collar to Me.
How long before I take it and
place it around his neck varies.

For instance...
This time he kneels and gives Me his new gesture of fealty.
I circled around him several times before taking the collar from his hands.
I circle a few more times before I buckle it around his neck.
I crouched down in front of him and lifted his chin
with My fingers so that his eyes met Myne. I smile at him, and he smiles back.
I ask him how the new gesture feels and he says that he likes it,
and that it feels very right to him.

Then I stood up and circled him again,
then tapped him twice on his shoulder,
his signal to rise.
Then as part of the beginning of our time,
I give him the sign to kiss Me as he pleases,
or say "As you will pet"
(which is always his prompt to do as he pleases till the next Command)
This is always a very deep embrace that reunites us.
It is our releasing to each other of how glad we are to see each other,
and we both feel this deeply.
We melt into a kiss and hug.

Then pet gets us drinks. Me usually water, him often juice of some sort.
Next he assembles dinner, whether I have brought it, or he fixes it.
He will often come and hug, rub and kiss Me while dinner heats up,
and we both find this too a very uniting part of our weekly pattern.
At dinner we chat and touch hands frequently.

After dinner, I sit back down on his couch and have him rub My back
& give Me some Reiki.
This always helps Me relax and reconnect even more.
I love the feel of the energy in his hands.
I have him do this now till I find Myself centered and grounded
by the healing energy of his touch.

After this, we adjourn to the bedroom for more of a full massage and a bit of sensuality.
This is now followed by our bathing together by candle light which we both enjoy quite a bit,
washing and shaving each other slowly and sensually.
We both enjoy checking for soap, and then drying each other off.

Fresh and smooth from the bath, we adjourn to the bedroom for him to finish his shaving duties. He seems to be getting more relaxed about them, and I still find it both relaxing, reassuring and very erotic.

Where we go from that point varies. But whichever way it goes. It consists of both of us being teased by the other till we can barely stand it. There is always much passion and affection and often laughter.

When time comes to leave, I remove his collar and we discuss our next meeting. I find I feel much better leaving him when I know when I will be seeing him again before I go.

After we are dressed, we sit and sip a bit of water again, another deep kiss and embrace and he walks Me down to the car. With a last good by kiss by My car, and now his gesture of fealty to Me, I head for home. Carrying his energy and scent on Me.

He sends Me a goodnight txt, which I return when I arrive home.

Pet is learning the importance of the progression of things. And because he is such a strongly schedule oriented person, I believe that it fits in well with his personality. Everything that
I do with and for him is geared to be that way. Each thing to enhance, teach and arouse us both.

Last nite, he got bonus points for ambiance. He had a lit candle on the dining table, and two more on the nite stand in his bedroom. Sting serenaded us most of the evening and it was an excellent choice! I am very touched by these things that he does for us

Little of what happens is strictly for one or the either of us and we frequently point that out to each other as well. Tis our pleasure that we share together.

I am moved to see the table and candles in his room. Now a place to set the much needed glasses of water along with the candles. I do not desire to change anything in his home that might put him off balance or make him feel intruded on. He said the first time that we were in his room that he likes it empty. Last nite he said he was thinking about getting a couple of nite stands. Interesting.

This weekend, we go away. Two nights together. I deeply appreciate his allowing this, for he regularly is busy with friends normally, and tis very important to him. I hope he realizes how much it means to Me. Which it certainly does. Tis not something I'll ever ask of him normally. But, I must admit, that I dearly love the idea of this extended time together. Twill be a chance to escape from everything else and submerge ourselves in each other and our energy dance as we've not had a chance to before.

I have many more ideas planned for pet this weekend and look forward to some of assignments I am giving him for it. I've even ordered a couple of things online I could not find locally, and look forward to blindfolding pet and watching him quiver.

Pleasant thoughts pet...

My Lessons and Future Planning

What a wonderful evening my Lady and I shared...from the wonderful dinner conversation to the amazing the divine pleasure we both experienced...the evening was complete...

Mystress explain my origins of my new position and it struck such a cord with me....i now strive to fillfull all Mystress's ideals and her ideal image...

A very suprising situation arrived..that being our first trip together...We briefly discussed it and it was decided that we shall spend the weekend away..together. I am so looking forward to it and my thoughts and images only make this opportunity so enticing.

I now go to converse with my Lady....she has given me new tasks i look forward to completing.

Till Later..


Monday, August 13, 2007

pet's origins of Service and the new Gesture

Some of this pet knows, and some I am not sure if he does.

But I write this for him, as he has said that the things I write do clarify things in his mind for him. I find they help Me as well. There are a very select few that read this blog, most very long time friends, and one who was My first bridge to whom I have become in this realm. This is partially My way of communicating to that much loved friend the mindset that he has always enjoyed knowing about somewhat vicariously. This flip of Myself, is very new however in the real realm. For I have only had one other submissive, and I did not collar him in that past time, for as fond as we were of each other, I was not a harsh enough Mistress to fulfill what he needed. That lack of harshness kept Me from truly perusing this mode for a long time, as I felt if I could not do it, then I should not. But My pet has taught Me many different things, including as I have said before, who I am an who I am not.. and what My comfort zone is in all of this.

But.. I move now to the subject at hand.. and that is a more detailed description of what I sought in a slave, and the finding of pet, how we have come to be who and what we are together.

Proceeding the time that I met My pet (which by the way is a term of deep affection, and not remotely derogatory as some might think), but in the most recent time that I quested for him (for I have sought over many years on and off for a special submissive to collar as Myne own), I had been reading the first of a wonderful series of books by Jaqueline Carey, 'Kushiel's Dart' given to Me by a much luved submissive friend. Set in a more medieval time, about a very unique woman who is called an "auguissette", born to always experience pain and pleasure as one, she is the first of her kind in many generations. She is given up to adoption in the House of the Night-Blooming Flowers... well trained from childhood about the courtly arts of the bedchamber, but later 'adopted' and then trained as a courtesan to use those arts as an extraordinary spy. After her 16th birthday, she is sent out to serve. In the dangerous 'assignations' that she is sent on, she is accompanied by a young "Cassiline Brother", the highest trained of all the warriors, and those that protect the Kings and Queens of the realm. This well trained paladin has taken a vow to protect and serve her unto the giving of his life. But, he is also sworn to celibacy by the Order that he serves.

In My minds eye, knowing I sought something of a paladin for Myne own service, much of this fyne character of protection did I seek. However.. I sought the total opposite of celibacy... in that My paladins' service would be much more like the protagonist of the story, an amazing lover.. whom I would train to be Myne in all the fyne arts of the bedchamber and service therein that I could. He would have to be strong, masculine and of infinite energy to give pleasure. Both in body and desire to. A truly unique man. Many applied, and all but one, found lacking.

Not even did I meet others, for each failed in some way to be all of the requirements that I demanded for both Myself, and whomever I would find. I had not in the past, and would not now, settle for less then what I knew would be exactly what I not just wanted... but needed.
Somewhere.. he was out there.. and I would keep testing the waters.. writing and chatting.. and testing, until I found the precise match for both of us. It would not do for him to compromise for Me, and certainly not for ME to compromise for him.

When pet first wrote to Me, I was intrigued by him from the start. Something about the tone of his writing caught My attention. His answer to My questions about his likes, dislikes, interests and his desire to serve all moved Me considerably. The chats that we had, and his excellent submissive demeanor all build upon our getting to know how well suited we were for each other.
There are many who consider this sort of thing 'play'... but I never have. Nor do I consider it a 'dalliance' by any means. I take all of this very very seriously. I was not looking for a 'toy' to simply pass time with, but a deep and fulfilling and much necessary relationship that I see no end to.

There is indeed much sensuousness in the writing of these books, and the inspiration that they give sets the bar for what I sought. I did not quite realize till after I had met pet.. and when he rose to his feet before Me.. that first time in the restaurant..he reminded Me much of the protector in this book. Tall and handsome with a shy smile and warm blue eyes along with the fyne energy that hums through him like a subtle engine all accord to bring him into the exactness I sought. That combined with his sweetness of nature, sense of humor and excellent mind, heart and soul fairly had Me stricken with wonder at this magnificent creature.

Twas the first time that he knelt before Me however that the pieces fell into place in My mind, and I realized who and what I had been seeking. For this is an odd chivalrous sort of relationship and servant that I sought, not your " run of the mill " D/s slave. Something of a cross between a Gorean pleasure slave ( who is a much loved and highly treasured gem) and a paladin of protection was My conscious thought, but the unconscious thought was of a the devotion to service of Joscelin the protector, combined with the sensual training of Phedre, the lady he serves.

pet craves to serve sensually as much as Joscelin needs to protect. It is something he needs to do to feel whole to himself. For him to be able to give pleasure is a requirement, as it tis for the rest of us to breath. So to Me, he combines these qualities into a sensual warrior.. a paladin of erotic service.

The kneeling stance that he takes most often is that of a Knight, not that of a slave. Although he does move into the Gorean 'bracelet' position, on his knees with his hands clasped behind his back. And he will learn others in time as well. Along with the signs that I teach him, for I have mentioned My love of sign language before, and the pleasure it brings Me to sign to him, and to have him sign to Me.

In the beginning of the second book last week, I came across a gesture that I find will suit My paladin well, and I hope please him. For pleasing him IS important to Me. Tis the ancient gesture of fealty to one's King, Queen, Lord or Lady.. and that is of the right hand, clasped into a fist, and put over the heart. I have My pet tuck his head into a bow as he does it.

I have only relayed this to him in text and conversation. Tonight will be the first time I see him give it to Me in person. I have Commanded him, that he is to give this gesture to Me henceforth whenever I arrive or depart his company or a room that he is in unless I specifically tell him otherwise. He also knows, that he is welcome to give that, along with any of our private signs whenever he desires, and it will always please Me. I have adapted his knightly kneeling position to include this new gesture as well.

All of the things that I teach and train pet to do, are those that are rewarding to both of us. He may not always understand at the outset, but, in time these things become clear to him.

Like his daily duties to Me. Each thing is a part of the whole, designed specifically for him, to aid him in feeling the submissiveness he not just desires, but requires to feel fulfilled.

The eve is still a ways away.. but it does approach, and with it, time for another training session, for both of us.

I go soon to leave, and to prepare and for both of us, new things on the horizon of enjoyment.

Until this eve pet,
all ways,

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Preparing for my Lady

With a day to go till i see my Lady once again....i make preparations for her arrival. Dinner is taken care of....bubble bath at the that is missing is my loving Lady's embrace...but that shall come in time...and once again...i am off to duel with time.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Subtle reflection

Pet has very well recounted most of our evening
in his posting.

From his kneeling greeting at the door,
clad this time only in a dark grey workshirt,
no tie to interfere with his collar this time.
His appreciation to see Me,
quite self evident.

As he knelt, I stroked his hair,
and indeed, buckled his collar around his throat.
Twas only a moment before I did as promised,
and hauled him to his feet by it.

Telling him to do his best,
as I so love to do,
him knowing exactly what that phrase means,
he swept Me into his tight embrace,
kissing Me as he does so well,
deeply and passionately.

And again.. he is right..
Looking at him in his shirt at the table,
I ordered him to remove it.
I had already unbuttoned it,
so it was easy enough for him to remove it.
Naked except for his collar,
admiring My magnificent property
fyne dining at its best!
Dinner passed quickly,
holding hands while we ate.

Adjurning to the couch for My transitional back massage.
This is the time where I let him move Me from work,
to Mystress.
His strong hands working out the kinks in My shoulders.
Then, needing more..
we move to the bedroom so that he can give Me a full massage.

As he recounts, from there to the bath.
I provide the bubbles and candle this time,
knowing he is just learning the importance of ambiance.
But to his credit, he did have music via his laptop this time.

Sliding into the warm water with him was indeed,
delightful. And his shaving lesson went very well...
only a slight correction or two to slow down.
He did very well on My legs.. shaving Me for the first time
was an enlightening experince for him,
as was Myne with him. A first for both of us,
neither of us ever having shaven anyone else before.
It was very sweet, sensual and erotc.
In this, as in all things, he is a quick learner.

I had purposely confused him earlier by sending a txt
and telling him that he would need to have towels on his bed.
His response one of surprise and wonder.
I knew that he would not figure it out.

Back to the bedroom to finish up
his new ritual task.
Such an odd feeling, yet wonderful
to feel his strong fingers moving so gently
and intimately on Me.
He is very exacting with the bowl of warm water,
shaving cream and razor.
Slowly and carefully he moves,
until he indeed, has Me nice and smooth,
the way I like to be.
And pet seems very pleased with himself,
Which he certainly deserves to be.

And.. after all of what comes to pass,
of his teasing of Me
I do indeed have him 'assume the position'
of him on his back, hands under himself,
legs spread.

I had been collecting things for a few days,
and still continue to.
Placeing the blindfold on him so he cannot see
what it is I am using upon him.
While the time passing was not long,
it was indeed intense for him,
never knowing what sort of thing
would dance across his body next.
And his body danced in response.
Each new thing was a surprise to him,
just as I planned it to be.
Somethings, he was familier with,
And when I finished....

He was so quiet,
so still.

I took his blindfold off.. and for the longest time,
he did not move.

He energy moments before had been ramped up so intensely,
neigh on to squirming as I trailed things slowly up and down his legs
and up the bottoms of his feet,
across his chest.
and now.. he lay so still, eyes shut, not moving.

Was he alright I wondered?
I had not hurt him in any way,
although I had teased him
and used a variety of stimulations
geared to arouse and confound him.

When I had kissed him with a bit of
dark chocolate just moments before,
followed by a piece of ice,
melted by his own body
he had been alive with response,
sucking it deeply in our shared mouths.

But now..

this unusual stillness
was almost disconcerting.

His eyes were slightly unfocused..
and it took him a long time to move
and when he did, it was very slowly and
almost cautiously.
ah... his first trip...
I know where he has gone..
and from where he returns.

Very slowly he blinks,
I can see him coming back to himself.
I help him move his arms from under himself,
and he rolls over to hold Me.
I cradle him for a few moments..
stroking him, and watching him rise from his first visit to sub space.

We finish the eve with much passion and affection,
looking forward to the next time again.

He gives Me a sweet kiss on the lips
as I leave, and I know what the cost of
such publicness from such a private person is.

I bid him adieu for now,
knowing we have set our plans
for our next meeting already.

Sending him up to his rest
having kept him up late again.
He sends Me a loving txt on My way home.

So much many new things ahead of us,
with more anticipation for the next time,

Reliving the experiences.

I was sitting on my couch wearing my new required attire for meeting my Lady, that being a button up shirt with the top two buttons undone and now nothing else, watching the door...waiting for the knock of my Lady. I felt like i was going to go crazy waiting for my Lady. It had been a few days since i last saw my Lady and as per her instructions i had been arousing myself close to cresting then backing off.....building my desire to please Mystress, and my own release, to a frenzied level.

Knock Knock....i sprung to my feet collar in hand to welcome my Mystress. Once inside i knelt down presenting my collar to my Lady. I was so happy to see her, to smell her wonderful scent, to brush up against her smooth silky skin, to feel her donning my collar....oh what an amazing feeling. Ordered to stand we lock in a wonderful kiss.....deep passion filled kissing that makes us both moan and feel weak kneed.

A decision is made to have dinner and get it out of the way so to speak. Sitting down for dinner my Mystress orders me to remove my totally naked. This made me very happy as it reinforced that i am here to serve Mystress both in mind and spirit...and being naked i was now ready to serve Mystress physically whenever she so desired. Dinner went by quick with some wonderful conversation and light holding of favorite part of dinner as i can feel my Lady's touch and sense how excited she may be.

After a short yet relaxing period on my couch massaging my Lady's shoulders and lightly kissing her neck we retired to my bedroom so that my Lady could receive a full body massage. Its wonderful touching my Mystress and massaging her back and cute butt. Some more chatting and lying together we decided it was time to take our first bath together and oh what a magical time.

With the water ran and the bubbles about....we both slipped into the water. The feeling of having Mystress sitting between my legs...running my hands all over her wet skin is something i never will forget and hope to repeat in the near future...this time with offical bubbles and more candles. Kissing abounds and hands exploring freely....we look into each others eyes and share our desires and feelings. It is now that i start my first official task too....shaving my lady. The first stage is to start in the bath and that is shaving my Mystress legs. Being a guy, it was quickly pointed out to me that my method for applying shaving cream was to vigorous and i was instructed how Mystress likes it applied...mental note taken, slow and sensual. Nerves in check somewhat i shave my Mystress legs...slow steady strokes....from her upper thigh down to her ankles. When i finished the task with no nicks i could once again breath freely. Mystress being the caring Lady she is returns the favor shaving my face....both of us learning how the other likes it done so that in the future its less nerve racking. With the water cooling we move to my bed for the second part of the shaving.

If i wasn't nervous before i definitely was nervous now....the last thing i want to do is nick my Mystress in her most intimate parts. With Mystress instructions to shave her as i see fit...i decide to shave her start with a clean slate so that in the future i could give her the designs she wants. Nerves on edge i start...shaving so takes sometime before i finish the first past...making sure not nick my Mystress. My Lady's first inspection finds some spots that need additional attention and she also mentions that its quite difficult to lie there still wanting to release...which i found quiet pleasing to hear. With the trouble spots taken care of my Lady now lies before me shaved, bare and smooth.....a wonderful sight.
Mystress wanted some teasing at this point...something i am growing addicted to giving and give it with all the passion i can. Together we had a wonderful time on the bed...revisitng a stroke lesson from before..the details of which i shall keep between my Lady and I. Somewhat satisfied my Lady ordered me to lie on my back and assume my poistion...i think to myself..mmm teasing but oh boy was i wrong.

I hear Mystress retrieving her tools..the standard tools i so thought but i was mistaken....without divulging to many of my Mystress's secrets all i will say is it involved ice, chocolate and other devices Mystress had and oh wow the effect it had on me. In fact it was the first time ever that i was stunned to the point of not being able to move....and Mystress....for that i can only thank you from the deepest part of my heart....for you truly are amazing and you desire for us to both experience it all is astounding.

Upon recovering i return to giving my Mystress the pleasure she needs....and that i need to give. Both satisfied atleast to the best of the ability giving our time together...we both elect to keep each others scent on one keep each other as close as we can for as long as we can.
Mystress dresses and makes ready to leave...leaving a book for me to look at...and to get familiar with for it is our desire to relive all the nights mentioned in the book.

With a heavy heart i bid farewell to my Mystress....seeing her drive off i think to myself....It will only be a short time till I am once again with my Lover.....


Friday, August 10, 2007

A Knights Reflection.

Amazing does not even begin to describe my Lady's visit last night....I'd have to make up a new word that rolls amazing, wonderful, extraordinary and so many more words into one.....but this would only begin to start describing my Mystress.

To do any justice to our experiences i shall spend sometime reflecting on them and shall not rush to capture what unfolded for fear of selling any of it short. So for now i refelect deep thought of our wonderful night and shall recount our experiences soon.

Till then Mystress.....
I bid thee a wonderful day


Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Paladin

Many do not know the word paladin, what it means or signifies, or if they do, how it fits in with the world of My pet and I.

He knew and understood from the very beginning, and because he did.. that made him the most likely candidate.

His ultimate success at it, made him the final choice to fulfill it, and he has not only succeeded, but excelled at it over and over, again and again more and more and more!

Below are a couple of dictionary definations of paladin:

/ˈpælədɪn/ d Pronunciation[pal-uh-din] –noun
1. any one of the 12 legendary peers or knightly champions in attendance on Charlemagne.

2. any knightly or heroic champion.

3. any determined advocate or defender of a noble cause.


Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.

1. A paragon of chivalry; a heroic champion.

2. A strong supporter or defender of a cause: "the paladin of plain speaking" (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.)

3. Any of the 12 peers of Charlemagne's court.


While he may not be a 'peer of Charlemagne's court' He is most certainly a paragon of chivalry.. and a most heroic champion.. and.. I would say that he strongly supports the twin causes' of

Myne that tis.. or any other I may set before him.

As for last nite...

More to come on reflections of that.
Again.. amazingly amazing.

Success in all that you have done pet..
well done!


until later..


Aye pet,
Your messages to Me today signify your desires for time to pass.

Knowing I will see you at the end of My workday, always gives Me a special thrill.

Your recent assignment, to keep yourself as aroused as possible with
no release until I see you (if then) has I hoped given you a new submissive

Always being in charge of your life and yourself, you've chosen this new path,
and I cetainly enjoy walking it with you, tugging you along by your
oh-so-sensitive nipples.

I know.. that after I knock on your door this eve,
you will greet me, and then drop to your one kneed paladin stance.
Your head bowed, but instead of your arms crossed, you will be holding
your curved black leather collar.

I shall stand.. and observe you..
drinking you in deliciously..
and take that collar from you.

And.. I will buckle it around your throat,
and then haul you to your feet by it...
even though you are much taller then I,
and claim that which is MYNE,
undoing your work shirt, in which you look
so very executive and is most wonderful
to strip you out of.

I love watching you cook for Me,
clad only in your collar and pants.
You sweetness of sprit and affectionate nature
as you come to rub My back or hug Me while
dinner simmers away.
And the kisses that you give,
the leased Leo that you are..
mmmm.. again, delicious.
No wonder we have such a hard time getting to dinner pet.
Funner to have the desert first.

And we shall see, where the eve progress's from there.

We have plans within plans,
and we are both hungry again
for each other.

I'm in the mood to tease you tonight pet..
wonder if I can get you to beg...
see how much you will take..
knowing the finate curves of your muscles
and the trembling that takes you over
while you wait, blindfolded,
never knowing what I might do next.
Be if feather or lash...
something will dance across your body.

Yes, you have another assignment tonight,
the first of many times you'll do this new ritual,
and I belive, we shall both enjoy it,
as you become more and more skilled at it.

Anticipation at its finest pet,

adieu for now,
all ways yours,

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Time Approaches

Its 8:56pm now the day before my Lady's visit....20 hours to go and i can't urge time to go any faster...if i could i would chase it down upon my steed and urge to move faster...

19 hours 59 minutes....oh the seperation...the desire to be with my Mystress grows.....i pray my
Mystress will allow her Paladin to comfort her and give her a night of relaxation.

I sit now in virtual correspondence with my Lady and i picture us relaxed, in a tub of hot each others arms..sharing our thoughts about the day and our relationship...about how special it full of love and care and trust it is....and together we share an assignment that will take us some time to accomplish but which shall be most enjoyable for both....

I return to talk with my Lady....steed at the chase time on speed us till tomorrow...and our wonderful reunion.