Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Sweet Mystress

Evening to all our wonderful guest and friends. We hope all is going well with all as the summer progresses on. its definitely changing seasons as its been rather a pleasant summer to date, not too hot at all and all it will do now is change to cooler days.

As with the weather, Mystress is changing too. As her last post says, Mystress is tranistioning from her old job to the new one. So far its been a touch anxious but with Mystress's skills, the transition will go smoothly i am sure. Even the new clients have already latched onto Mystress's way of doing things with her wonderful demeanour, even to the point they are trying to get her to break the rules and give them her personal phone :) Its totally expected because everyone who has the opportunity to spend some time with my dear sweet Mystress, always want to be with her as much as possible.

Tomorrow my dear Mystress is here and i cant wait for my dear Mystress to be here. We always have such a wonderful time together and i am eager to watch a show we recorded about SL. I am very curious as to hearing her opinions as Mystress is a SL expert.

With all my love


Monday, August 22, 2011

Relaxing at the Spa Weekend

Greetings Friends and readers,

It's been a mostly relaxing weekend at Chez Paladin's Spa. Started early on Fri after work at My new job (the old one is phasing out and the new one starting part time.) Pet had his citizenship hearing on Thur, and decided to take off Fri as well. Looks like after some 15 years, pet will become an official US citizen in the next month or so. Guess all that quizzing of American civics and history paid off. Poor fella didn't sleep for two weeks before, afraid something might go wrong. Heck.. he's just the kinda person we WANT as a citizen for sure. Master's degree and a house and a good job. And a heck of a good slave to boot. *grin*

So Fri started early with a quick lunch after work ( I got off at 1 that day) and then after a bit of relaxation it was off to see the last Harry Potter movie and dinner. Both were very good. And yes. I did some sniveling at the end of the movie, just like when I finished the last book. We were both pretty zonked though and crashed pretty early and deep.

Sat saw a cooler day, so after breakfast, the choice for which day to garden and slay the rose bushes was chosen. We both worked up quite a sweat and filled the green barrel to overflowing. But now, we can walk the little path that circles the grass again without getting ripped apart by the roses. And the sunflowers were harvested.. the biggest one was cleaned and seasoned and toasted.... only to find no seeds inside. Any of them. The flavor of salt and smoke were excellent. except for the empty shells. So.. next year.. we'll find a better sun flower. that has HUGE seeds in it. and grow those. These started in out in a small pot from the Dollar store. so not too surprising. And they were grand flowers.. just no tasty seeds inside the shells. :(

But. that's been the only 'disappointment'. Otherwise, things have been just charming. Pet is his usual sweet and obedient self. Fun to play with and delightful in giving pleasure. We have worked, played and cooked together and caught up on some shows we record like Deadliest Catch and Hell's Kitchen. Watched the movie Red Riding Hood.. and that was pretty good too.
And watched part of Kingdom of the Blue Whales last nite.. set it to record and we'll finish watching it tonight. Since pet gets up so very early on weekdays, I like to make sure we are in bed early enough to enjoy time before he has to go to sleep. Today, I have to go up the hill and work for a few hours, then back to spend a regular Mon with pet.

This is the last week of my going up the hill.. after so many years.. it will feel very very odd to not be making that journey. My new job is just a few miles from my home, and so that will save me tons of gas. Plus.. now. when I leave work, all the worries stay there, and it won't be my sole responsibility anymore, thos 7 lives I've had on my caseload for all this time. And that too, will be a HUGE relief. Not quite as free as Molly and Mick, but no more being called in the evenings and weekends, with a client dropping their lives problems in my lap to fix. Nope.. not my prob any more!!! So. here's tipping my had to Mick and Molly, and myself. and all things that seen new with less stress!!!

i am off work tomorrow, and think I'll play around some in Second Life. It's still a great escape and way to relax. Am setting up a new house next to the beach, always fun!

I wish everyone out there all good things as always..
and a smile and a wink...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Keeping in touch

Evening all.

Half way through summer and the hot days keep on ticking :) Before we know it, the clouds will build and mmmmm the weather will change to cold and rainy. Oh i cant wait.

Mystress is out and about today tweaking on her lovely garden. Mystress has such a wonderful green thumb. The plants she got in the newly turned soil last weekend have already doubled in It takes me forever to get a plant to grow and Mystress doubles hers in a week..a little jealous :) But all is good because i know Mystress has her touch on the garden here as evident by the giant roses in the backyard.

Next weekend Mystress and i planning a great weekend together...mmm cant wait to have Mystress here. We have such a blast together and Mystress is such winderful company...mmm


Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Special Treat

Good Evening All.

Today was a special treat for me as i got to spend the day with my dear sweet Mystress. Mmmm so yum. I do so love each time we are together for its truly wonderful to work on projects with my dear Mystress.

Today we were at Mystress's place turning over some soil and installing a drip irrigation system....sounds super duper exciting doesnt it :) I know its not all lights camera action but for us, its a wonderful time to be together and to strengthen our team owrk together. So for the day, we toiled in the soil and setup a rather handy dandy irrigation system to water all Mystress plants more back breaking work for my dear Mystress. We decided we shall use this setup as a blue print for our future projects here at Mystress's other gardens. It sure will make all the upkeep for them all so so much easier.

Whats even better, is now i only have to count a handful of hours before i see my dear Mystress tomorrow...mmmm

With such happiness and dedidcation to Mystress