Thursday, August 1, 2013

Six Years..

So,  this past Sat was six years since I collared Paladin. 

It was on a Fri night... 

He had answered my ad and we had written back and forth, and then spent a weekend chatting for hours on yahoo. We met in person the next Wed. I knew the moment that he walked in, that he was all he had seemed to be online. He had come from work at the corporate office and so was dressed in slacks, blue shirt and blue tie. Drool worthy. I mean.. really. I had never been with anyone younger then myself since high school. Yet his seriousness made him seem years older then was. It was a amazing meeting that has led to an amazing life with him.

Here is what he wrote about our meeting:

First Meeting

And his


We were very happy we get to spend the with good friends and family! Pet's bday is on was on Mon, so  he got his bday spankings at the party on Sat. 0.0 He said 'but, it's not my birthday Mystress'. Humph... Seemed appropriate to ME anyways.  The ladies enjoyed the lovely beefcake that is pets rugby ass.  Yummm!   A great cake was gotten for us, and also for the birthday guests, of which there were two.

Next week our friends from Germany arrive for a couple of weeks... we'll miss the come back party we had been looking for, but  we did have a good time Sat night with friends on their X cross.  And pets new restraints that have bars to hold on to work really well.  The other two subs that went up on the cross used them also and really liked them. :-)  

Best to all,