Sunday, October 30, 2011

Planning Continued

Evening All.

We hope that all are doing well and that the future continues to treat all as well as it can. Mystress and I are also planning the future...

Our future trip is set for next weekend as for when it will happen and i just know we are both looking forward to it immensly. Mystress is working on picking her destination and once thats done the next phases can continue. Whereever Mystress chooses i know it will be by the sea as its one of Mystress favorite destinations.

Its been sometime since we have been fortunate enough to take a trip for a variety of reasons. I am sure this fact will weight heavily into us enjoying this trip fully and to savor the experience as much as we can for sure. I also personally hope that it can also be the start to a few more trips on more regular basis. It will definitely do us well to bond in strange places :)

Looking forward to planning more with Mystress.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday Continued

Good Afternoon all. We as always send all the best wishes and happiest thoughts. We always hope that as time ticks on, so do the good times for all.

Well Mystress's birthday weekend is in the past and it was a truly wonderful time together. We went shopping for Mystress's treats, spent some wonderful time together, and enjoyed a new dinner experience at a new place in town :) Mystress always craves finding new places to experience and she hit a home run with the new lobster place she found. Yummy indeed and i am sure we will be back again.

Even though the weekend has past, the birthday treats continue. We are now working on a trip out of town together. Its going to be so wonderful and its coming at a time when we both could definitely use a break indeed :) Mystress is doing her research and picking the spot but either choice wil be wonderful indeed. :)

So far the weather for us is also being stubborn. Mystress and i both want the cold rainy days with the doors open and cuddled up yet the weather is determined to continue the 80 degree days, pffbt. We hope it will turn for the final time soon.

With much hope and love


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sick Ones

Good evening all. Mystress and I hope that all our friends are well and that time treats all well.

Mystress and I are both getting over some colds. It definitely makes one feel down and poopy but with each others care and good energy, we definitely help each other get through these little yucky times rather well. We hope this isnt a sign of the winter to come, we much prefer to avoid the plagues s best we can :)

Next weekend is my dear Mystress bday weekend and i am so blessed to have my Mystress staying ere for the weekend. I am so so sure we are going to have a blast and celebrate such a wonderful occasion together.

Mystress and her knight are off to have dinner with their good friend and i hope they have a blast. Enjoy the company and times dear Mystress for they all serve as wonderful distractions.

Back to the sick couch i go...

With all my love to dear Mystress


Sunday, October 2, 2011



Yes its that wonderful time of the year, its Mystress birthday month weeeeeee. I've convinced Mystress through pleading to keep my celebrations to the one day but for dear sweet Mystress, we celebrate it all month, wee. I have never heard about his method of celebration before but Mystress through her wonderful teachings brought it to my attention. Why celebreate only one day when you can celebrate the whole month :) So please take your time our dear friends to wish my dear sweet Mytress a happy birthday month.

And what could be even better? Starting the birthday month off with oh so wonderful rain :) MMMMMM rainy season. The next few days have rain on the radar so Mystress and i plan to spend the evenings cuddled under a blanket with the doors open and the rain falling, yummy. I ask you, whats better than cuddling up with ones Mystress on a cold rainy night....mmm

Mystress has her friends visiting today for some lessons and girl time. I wish them the best and to have a blast. Mystress sure is a wonderful Mystress full of tricks to teach. Have fun sharing your knowledge dear Mystress :)

With much love.