Monday, March 30, 2009


Hello friends....tis a sad day... 

Friends near and far knew the tail of Wolf.. the tiny girl chihuahua that our son found mostly dead by a river a about 3 years ago now.  His big cats would eat her, and dogs were not allowed where he lived.  So.. he asked us to take her till we could find a home.  Well, after a few days of being very quiet curled up on the couch... we decided to keep her ourselves. She was so tiny.. 3.7 lbs.. so we named her Wolf.  She was smaller then our older kitty who though she was a measly but un-irritating  rat.  But. they came to love each other. And when we got kitty Leo.. he was tinier then even she was, crawling under her tiny belly. 

well.. Wolf had a heart problem and had been especially ill the past few weeks, but we hoped the antibiotics would help her.  But this morning.. she sat outside in the sun for a long time. Then she came in,  and standing next to her food bowl she just... fell over. My Knight and I knelt and gave her Reiki as she took her last breaths.  *sad sigh* and now.. she's buried by the river.. full circle.. back at our son's house.

Robert was in Sl, I was chatting with him when it happened, and then when I came back.. He stayed with Me as long as he could. and also came dear Lady Muse and chyld... and they sat and comforted Me with much love and let Me play all the utube videos I had that fit. and it turned out I had several.. and so.. above is the pic I took of that... 

I had just posted last nite about Second Life.. and the connections there. I am so very grateful
for the chance to be with those that are so dear and kind.

To Wolf.. who I hope is running happily through fields of carnitas.

to all.. 
squeeze your pets for us tonight, and appreciate their magical qualities.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Second Life

Greetings dear readers,

In My post last time I mentioned Second Life, ( and so does Paladin in his.  Above are a few pics of My property there.

 For those that have not been there, it is quite an amazing place. It has allowed for wonderful flexibility and creativity for all of us.  It has certainly enhanced the 'online' experience and given a much higher level of access and creativity for sure.  It is a free 3d environment that can truly bend space and time. 

Today, robert and I worked on building an meditation place.  I learned to build a simple floor and put whatever texture on it.  And I turned a red tent into a crystal one. *grin*  It was lots of fun to shop with robert for the textures and the come back and apply them to what I built.

Something else about Second Life, is that it lets you express different sides of one's self, and to find other's to share that with.  *smiles* and that too is of great joy. 

 The meeting of friends in Second Life has turned out to be of quite a lot of extra enjoyment.  I have only met Lady Muse and Her delightful family there so far from those in the blog world.  It has been a very... educational experience and I've enjoyed it immensely.  Such a great place to spend time and share new experiences.  Some of them very intense. 

One really can do anything there.. fly, swim, ballroom dance, joust, and there is any place in the world (and out of it to see kajira's astral pyramid, with all the cosmos floating around inside of it).   I've travelled in Egyption tombs and museums, and Star Trek exhibits, ridden a centaur with blue hair and lovely breasts *grin* played in fairy gardens and wandered some places that made Me glad it was only cyber. But of course.. I wouldn't have been there if it wasn't. I had a drunk chick run her car into My house (some things are the same in rl or sl it seems) although in this case, My house was deep underwater.  So.. it was indeed odd to watch that happen. She was  nice enough, so she came in and had a sit and we chatted for a bit.   

I have made some very nice friends there too.  Of course there is the side that you really have no idea who it is you are talking to.  Back when I was looking for an online girl sub, I spent a day with a fairly nice subby girl. At the end of the day (after I'd even bought her a couple of sets of 'silks') she decides to let Me know that not only  is she submissive, she isn't a she either. 'She' is a Master just playing at being sub to 'mess' with another 'Dom's' head.  Humph... it seems folks are rude in both places.  But... I didn't let that experience stop Me. And luckily.. now I have dear little nuri.

It does lead Me to wonder, if any of our other blog friends out there have Second Life avatars.  If you do, well, drop Me a line and I'll let you know My avatar name there! Any comments or questions that guests have about it would be fun to read and answer as well.

Wishing best to all,

My new stylus holder

Isn't that a great backside???
And so handy too!
(and yes, it was slightly warmed)

One nite a few weeks ago, our dear Lady friend and I were exchanging text messages.  Paladin was feeling quite saucy and kept wanting Me to sent a text that I didn't really want to.  I told him if he wanted it sent, he'd had to do it himself. And he did.. and it cracked her up a lot and made Me blush.  Well.... during one of  the messages, while I was using the keyboard on My pc phone, I found a new use for Paladin's very very cute bum. 

I took the pic and sent it to our dear Lady.. and she loved it.   I told him that I was going to post that pic here.  I am sure that he is mortified.  But I am also sure that no one can recognize him from it.. and that if anyone did.. well.. THEN he has something to worry about!

So there you all go for your viewing pleasure!  Hope the other ladies that visit here enjoy it as much as our dear Lady and I do..and the men.. well.. you can just cover your eyes.

Smiles to all,

The Family

Evening all.

Our wonderful little family seems to include one more of late...a special welcome to the family to Nuri. Your addition is most welcome and already a very very wonderful addition to Mystress's attentions. Mystress sure is growing into her dom role fully...this morning she told me she'd spank some bikers who live around me for working on their noisy bikes at 8 in the morning. I can just picture Mystress having them all on the hands and knees...butts exposed...walking up and down the line with a paddle...wacking them all for making noises so early....quite the image.

We have only spoke briefly Nuri but remember what we discussed and all will be wonderful and happy in the world. From what Mystress has told guys sound like your having a blast and thats all that and enjoyment for all.

Thank you to Mystress to for fixing up my looks in SL some too...i look halfway like a person and not a block of skin anymore...thank you.

Enjoy the rest of the evening and may happy times follow you all.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Greetings all..

Been a while since I have written.. although the ever faithful and delightful Paladin has done a good job keeping his weekly posts up, for which I am grateful. There are times when I am not sure what to write about.

In My last post.. I was looking for a girl. And thought I had found one...but.. things did not go as I had hoped, and with the continued unpacking and settling in, I have not been as motivated I must admit.

Much of what I was looking for, was an online companion for those nites when My Knight is working late (which is most nites). As Paladin writes, we still have our two nites a week together, as well as the weekend that we can fit in every month or so.

The other nite.. I was in Second Life, on My way to somewhere when I passed a lovely girl with long electric blue hair. I commented on her beauty as I passed, and shortly thereafter, she IM'ed Me to ask if the horses I knew about were only pony girls, or were there real horses in SL. I told her that there were indeed 'real' horses there.. and she said she was looking for a centuar avatar. Well.. I knew where one of those was and asked if she wanted Me to show her. She, I went and then tp'd (sent her a teleport to where I was) her there. She looked at them and after some discussion, during which a lovely submissive side of her was revealed to Me, she picked a black one. She then got a 'saddle' to go with it and offered Me a ride. Well. gosh.. I wasn't going to turn THAT down. Never ridden a centaur, so of course, I took the opportunity. (smiles) It was a lot of fun too! Turned out the riding 'trail' we were on, was an obstical course, so she had to learn to run and jump in her new avatar with Me on her back. More fun.

So.. during the course of the ride and talking, it came out that she was a sub looking for an Owner. Well.. fancy that! And here I was an Owner, looking for a girl sub. Click. And we did click.. very well. She is very sweet, polite and a joy to be with. So.. a day or so later..after further discussion.. and agreement, I collared her there in SL. And we've had a very enjoyable time since then!

She has gotten to meet Paladin there, as well as kajira robert, and Lady Muse.
Only today did I send her the link to this blog.. and she said in a letter that she wrote Me, that she liked being written about. (waves at nuri) Well.. *smiles* here you go girl! I hope that you will enjoy the blog, and perhaps, even feel comfortable enough to post a comment here. She (like dear Paladin) does not want her virtual self to be connected to her 'real' self at all. And of course, I understand that and will protect her as I do him. They are My responsibility to look after and protect in all ways.. both in play, in real and in cyber.

So I hope all will welcome little nuri here to the blog, and again, I hope she feels safe and comfortable enough to add her own comments in time.

As for My wonderful Paladin.. and My kajira... mm.. they both continue to serve wonderfully, and now.. they finaly have a sister sub to play with, under MY Command of course.

On another note.. in conversation with a sub about the differences between real life subs and cyber subs. Yes.. there is a difference in the physicality of it all. But.. have no doubt, that a cyber sub can and is as well loved and apprecited as a rl sub. Sometimes more if that cyber sub is more obedient and well behaved then a rl one. And to say that one is more then the other, well... I don't really agree with that. I have owned dear kajira robert for well over 6 years in a strictly cyber enviroment. I still love and cherish him as much as My beloved Paladin. Having him here this past summer was something I had never expected to happen, but it was of great benifit to us all. And.. for those cyber subs that have the chance to serve their Owners in person some day.. well. they should feel very lucky and NOT take that for granted, nor look down their nose at those subs still cyber. I find that extremely distasetful and even mean. Yes, real life must have great importance, but a relationship is not built just on that.. there are many more aspects to it.. and sometimes ... the cyber life is turned to when the real life is not so great. So if you are a real life sub and live with your Owner, and your Owner spends lots of time with their cyber sub.. better look at yourself and ask why.

Humph.. *steps off soap box*

Now.. lets all go out and play and have a grand time of it,
shall we?

Best to all,
Happy Owner of
Paladin, kajira robert and nuri

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lazy Day

What a lazy day...and thats not a bad thing. Mystress and I are running about in Second Life. Mystress is showing me around and upgrading my looks the number of choices in second life is huge and dauniting. Thank goodness i have a sexy tour guide.

Thank you to Lady Muse for showing me around too while Mystress was out. It was much appreciated.

I hope all are having a great time and that things are going well for everyone. Our best wishes for all.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The good old weekends

Evening all

The weekend is winidng down and Mystress and i spent a wonderful weekend together. Just like the good old days. Plenty of laughing, conversation, soaking in the hot shower and much much

it has been a few weeks since our last weekend together yet this one felt truly wonderful...just like the good old days. Nothing to worry about and just us in the was truly wonderful.

Thank you Mystress for sure a great are so yum and special.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Resting And Recharging

Wow .. having a weekend off without having to work in over 3 weeks is great. Much needed and the time to recharge is much appreciated dear Mystress.

Mystress rested some too and we both had a very lazy sat....and even convinced each other to treat ourselves to donoughts today :)

Things are going well for us and things look rosey for us indeed. I get to see my dear Mystress tomorrow and yum...we shall definitely enjoy our time together.

We send our best wishes to all our guests....keep visiting and be happy,


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Staying in Touch

Hello all....

Mystress and I hope that ll goes well with our guests. Time has passed and Mystress is still settling in to her new home. Slowly but surely things are returning to normal yet even in the crazy times...Mystress and i still keep up with all our wonderful rituals and times together.

We have moved our nights to Monday and Wednesday. Mystress was very understanding about that and as my sweet Mystress does...very considerate and accomodating in the change...Thank you Mystress.

That means i only have to waiting till tomorrow to see my dear sweet Mystress ... yum

Well i am off to get some food, then relax...and then to dream of my Mystress

Happy thoughts and best wishes to all...