Monday, March 31, 2008

Divine times

As always we had a magical weekend. We snuggled and took a very easy saturday...enjoying a wonderful bath and some amazing snuggle time. Mystress definitely knows how to make one relax and her company is very very soothing. Don't get me wrong...not all the time was soothing :) with wonderful pleasures had by both.

Sunday was a very good day too with a friend of Mystress's from out of town spending the day and evening with us. It was great to enjoy the chat and watching Mystress and her friend catchup. They both have truly wonderful personalities and kind words. It was agreat day and the evening proved to be quite pleasureable...Mystress went on a wonderful wonderful ride tied to the bed for hours and hours...She was amazing and looked amzing writhing in extasy...we all enjoyed watching Mystress riding wave after wave of pleasure.

Mystress and her friend are enjoying a evening with her Knight and my new little sister...i wish them the best for the evening and hope they all have a wonderful time.

Thank you again Mystress for a wonderful weekend..truly wow and amazing.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekend anticipation....and.. thoughts of My pets...

Greetings all,

It feels like it's been a long week. I've had a busy one, and so has Paladin. His work hours have certainly been a lot longer then Myne. The long hour two week work project is finally done however, and hopefully, this next week, things will be back to 'normal' for him. This morning, he was up toooo darn early for a Sat after such a long work week and off to help his friend move again.

Not having seen him all week was not My favorite thing for sure, but as he likes to say, that will make our reunion this evening all the more wonderful. I am looking forward to him kneeling before Me.. and My being able to take the control of him that he so badly needs. The only decision he is making is that we are having pizza tonight. Everything else that happens from there on out, will be My choice and decision and he won't have to think of anything... which is exactly what he needs. And.. he will most certainly be getting that reset button hit again that he also needs.

So today... I am waiting.. to see him this evening. And to enjoy all the wonderful things that happen when in his company. We will have a lovely chance to catch up and to relax, take our nice long hot bath and then snuggle..and.. well.. everything else as well.

Tomorrow around lunch time we go to the airport and pick up a much loved friend of Myne, who I will refer to as 'Sir' here. Sir was sweet enough to treat pet and I to a wonderful room in Monterey for My birthday last Oct. He will spend Sunday afternoon and evening with Paladin and I, and then he and I will come back to spend time with My Knight and I on Mon.. and our new dear little pet devyn will get to come and meet him on Mon evening. She has her 'orders' too for what behavior is expected from her on Monday evening. She will be soft, sweet.. and erotic so that we can tease the 'menfolk' some. (wicked grin)

Sir was the very first person to ever teach Me about D/s well over a decade ago... and he was a very gentle and loving Master. He lived a far distance from Me, and we never got to see each other much except online, but we enjoyed ourselves very much when we did. He never spanked or anything like that..... he just liked to tie Me up and give Me lots of pleasure. He is like Paladin in that way, in that he gets pleasure from giving pleasure. He is very big on just 'watching'. And while I don't want anyone to 'spank' Me anymore.. I DO like the being tied up and given pleasure bits quite a lot though. Well.. okay.... a WHOLE lot! I think that there is a good chance that Paladin and Sir will have Me tied up and both use some different things on Me.. mmmmm.. .must admit, I am looking forward to that as well. He has taken My 'switch' very well. And I guess while I am not truly submissive anymore.. I can do some 'bottoming'... but not too much!

I want to say that I have been very pleased by the joining of kajira robert and devyn here as well this past week. Their comments have been greatly appreciated by both Myself and Paladin.
It seems that My little family is becoming a bit bolder with their comments and that makes Me very happy. I am so glad that all My little pets get along so well here. And that I know they would all get along well in person too. devyn and Paladin already do and I like it that he considers her his 'little sister'. They have never served Me together, but they will sometime in the not too far off future I think. Each of My pets is alike, and yet, different and they all serve in different capacities.

Robert is the poet of the group I think. He is of course at the disadvantage of being so very far away and strictly cyber. But. .he has a wonderful imagination and he tends the fires of My mind very very well. He is extremely creative in some of his ideas, and is good at ratting out Paladin's 'Leo' sides... I can only begin to imagine what sort of services he would provide in person. He makes Me laugh all the time with some of the ideas that he comes up with.

Paladin is My 'stallion'... My protector, confident and pleasure giver. He knows all of My deepest secrets.. more then anyone else now. He lures those desires from Me with all of his considerable talents and skills.. and he is every faithful in all of his daily tasks and duties to Me. He is the essence of submission to Me, and only to Me. And that also makes it very special when he kneels to Me. The intensity he brings to My service still chokes Me up with pride sometimes. The sheer strength and power that lies coiled up within him that he have given over to Me to control is still amazing to Me.

devyn.. is the sweet girl pet of the family.. but make no mistake.. she can also provide wonderful pleasure as well.. just quite a bit different from Paladin's.. which is as it should be. She exemplifies giving service when she is here with us.. and My Knight loves to see us cuddled together on the couch watching Boston Legal or movies together. She is always quick to see if there is anything that I need from the kitchen or to make sure I am covered up and warm here. (smiles) she is very very dear to us. Paladin takes the same care of Me when I am in our home there that she takes care of Me in My home here. I am so lucky to have two wonderful pets and two wonderful homes where I am loved and tended to. And.. I like to make sure that My pets are as happy as they make Me.

Well.. on that note.. time for Me to go and get ready. I have some shopping to do before I head off to see Paladin and the beginning of our weekend together and the arrival of Sir. Both Paladin and I will be posting after the weekend, and I expect My other pets will chime in as well.

Best to all out there!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sat Approaches

Its late...well not really...only 10pm but for me after this definitely feels much much later.

I am glad the weekend is here for i get to see my Mystress once again...a wonderful thought and something thats kept me going this week for sure.

Looking very much forward to it...and mmmm has Mystress left some wonderful images in my mind today as she teased me quite delightfully today.

Off i go to pass out and slumber...Night dear guests

and a wonderful evening to you Mystress...looking forward to tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Question for our guests.

Evening all...

There has been a number of comments about familys and what role we each play in them...for example in my Mystress's family i tend to be her protector, confident and pleasure giver. Its a role i love to do...i love to serve my Mystress in this capacity.

My new little sister has asked what her role would be and Mystress has told her and given her the role she shall fullfill. One can read all about them in my Mystress's comments to her.

So my question to our guests is as follows. If you are part of a D/S family...what role do you play in the family? If your not in one...then what role would you love to fullfill in the family? If you do not consider it a family..then what role do you see yourself fullfilling in the relationship you are in?

I hope that a discussion on this would provide much information for those interested.

A Sleepy Paladin....

Missing Paladin

Missing the nites that we normally have together is a bit of a challenge. But.. he is right, in that we have many nites to reflect on and to smile about.. and many future ones to come.

Time with Paladin fulfills what I never realized was missing before, to the degree that I miss it now.
His gallentry and instant obedience. One of My favorite things to hear him say is "Of course Mystress!" to some request that I may make of him. Things that I think perhaps I should not ask of him, he replies that way to. Of course.. there is the flip side to that.. which is "yes, it's fine Mystress' to something that I would like much more enthusiasm about. But.. that is rare and far between.

This is indeed another rough week for Paladin.. not being allowed home for lunch and having to eat dinner at work.. make for long, long days. I know how tired he will be at the end of this week, and I hope that he will not have to just 'bear up' on Sat evening. I expect he will be quite tired, and I wish above all that he could simply sleep in late and veg out all day Sat by himself. But. he is supposed to help a friend move some then. At least I can control his Sunday, and make it as pleasurable as possible.

On that note.. time for Me to head off to work.

Best to all,

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thoughts to pass the time

Mystress is right in that times have been very busy as of late and look to be busy for time to come. I guess its the inevitable cycle one goes through...busy then not then busy again. Its not a very easy time either for my Mystress and I...we both miss one another and when we are back together wow its a magical reunion to say the least.

During the difficult time apart i often think of my she smiles and laughs and and enjoys her orgas....ummm releases :) Its these thoughts that get me through the tough times and i hope Mystress uses some of the same thoughts to help get her through them.

I have said it before...that the time apart does serve a good function...and thats to ramp our ethusiams and desire for one another up 10 fold...and when my Mystress does come over times...we don't even make it in the door before passions fly...a truly wonderful experience.

So during this time...i relive all our wonderful experiences and plan for many more to come...

Missing Mystress


Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Observations and More

Good evening all,

Paladin gives a good description of our wonderful weekend. He neglects to mention that he pretty much fixed My ailing laptop. It took him a while, but he is persistent! Some sort of CMOS thing that still needs to be straighted out, but at least the touch pad and keyboard are working again.

I always wondered what Paladin looked like when he works. He is very passionate about it. And it was puzzle that had him hooked into finding the answer for. Watching him lay back on the couch and puzzling over this really illogical computer mess was actually enjoyable.. although I'd rather have been doing things in another room.. but none the less.. I did enjoy watching him use the net on his laptop (good quote from him "It takes two computers to fix one these days.") to seek out the drivers for My poor sick machine, track down postings and such about the problems that that Myne was demonstrating. It was later in the evening while at the hospital visiting a friend that he sent the text 'its fixed'. Yeeeehaawwww!

Favorite moment of the weekend? Hmmmm.. gosh.. there were really several. One on Sat nite was very very intense when I told him I wanted to feel him without any of his normal restraint. That I knew he had a lot of very strong and deep passion and I wanted him to fully express it.
He... did that and more. Whew....

Because of the intense control that Paladin has had to have during this intense project he is working on, I knew that this was one of those times when he was absolutely going to need a good, strong restraint session. And so.. I did.
I had him bound, blindfolded and ear plugged for quite a while. I used many things on him... this time, I had taken a washcloth and had it very hot in a bowl.. and then I had to ice in the metal cup that Paladin would love to hide from Me I think. It's a small, innocent looking cup. Thin metal. Put a few ice cubes in it.. give it a few minutes to transfer that chill to the metal. Now.. imagine.. blindfolded what that feels like suddenly sitting on your tummy. Or nipples. Or.. yes.. slid very slowly over other parts. Intense reaction from him.. arching up against his bonds... by now, the washcloth is still quite warm, but not searingly hot.. that.. suddenly flopped down over the recently chilled spot. He dropped back down onto the bed. More flogging... cropping... ostrich feather... etc, etc..

This certainly led to My other favorite moment, which was was after I untied him... took out the earplugs and took off the blindfold. He rolled over and wrapped himself inside My arms, shuddering and trembling for a long while. I petted him and let him shake.. told him how wonderful he had been, how much he had taken... and how proud I was of him. He tightened his arms around Me and pulled Me so tight I almost lost My breath. It was wonderful.. and.. as always.. he thanked Me.. and as I whispered in his ear how much he had needed this.. needed this total loss of control, total sensations overload.. and reset. He nodded into My arms agreeing.
And again... he thanked Me. And it made Me smile... knowing his special secret and how he says that no one that knows him would ever believe that he does need this... that before Me.. he didn't know he needed this.

We had many wonderful moment together. I love that Paladin now considers his apartment also My home. There is a special peace that is there. And it is always like I said, getting away to a magic spa.

Now.. as to Paladin's last post.. and the comments with Robert.. (smile) we are both glad to have his interaction here as well. He is also a very smart man, and I've 'owned' him for years and years now. Never met him... but ... I do 'know' him quite well. He's always been of great support and enjoyment over time. His sense of humor and quick wit as well as fascinating mind has given Me ages of entertainment. He was definitely the pre-curser of Paladin. He was something of a ... um... reclamation project. (smile). One could almost say he's been My truest training wheels for Mystressness. Paladin reminds Me very much of Robert.. whom I have called My 'kajira' for a long time.

Paladin is indeed having another very rough work week, followed by helping a friend move on Sat, and hosting some company from out of town with Me at our home there on Sun. I hope that seeing Me on Sat nite will give him some renewed energy. At least the next week should be close back to normal for him and that will be very good for him. He's still helping his friend move for a couple more weekends.. but then it'll be time for him to hole up and have one of his deep relaxing all alone weekends.

So.. with that.. I sign off for tonight, wishing everyone all the very best,

Under Orders

Evening All...

My Mystress being the wonderful lady she is has ordered me to go and veg after posting a short blog. Another buys week and it definitely has not started easily.

I want to bring the interaction between my Mystress and her online Leo to light...its wonderful to see such interactions and back and forth interactions. I also welcome our guests to get involved with one another and to spark some wonderful conversations.

It is all wonderful and it would be great to foster such wonderful interactions as we grow this wonderful blog more. As one can see..Mystress has spent some more time getting a comments section going so one can easily keep up with the comments now. Thank you Mystress.

Off to veg...

Sunday, March 23, 2008


What a wonderful and spontaneous and relaxing weekend. Wow. Last week was avery very long week and i was so happy that my Mystress was coming over for the weekend. Many many 13 hour + days and i was expecting i'd have to suck it up, and put on a brave face to get through the weekend, to scrape the bottom of the tank for fuel but boy oh boy was I worng. I picked my Mystress up from a local hangout spot and the second i saw my dear Mystress i was immediately refueled. Energy flowed through me and immediately i was re-energized for the weekend to come.

We grabbed some Indian food and headed to our start our wonderful weekend together...mmm and wow it was magical. Not seeing Mystrss the past week, we were both hungry for each other and it didn't take long for us to be writhing together in each others arms. Friday definitely was a passionate night of getting in touch with one another again.

Saturday was move inline of what Mystress and I normally do...our rituals, suspended the last week, immediately came back to us, like there was never a break. Wonderful breakfast and more conversation...some more pleasure....oh boy do we love our pleasures...then it was time to try fix Mystress's laptop. It did prove quite a challenge and after a number of hours the laptop was put away for the night as we headed off to take our bath.

Passions...thats all i can say about our Sundays pleasures. They were filled with such intense passion for both of us...they were truly wonderful and sensual experience that i am so so lucky to be able to share with my Mystress. After such an intense session we took our wonderful shower together before i took my Mystress home for her evening's engagements.

I shall definitely use this wonderful recharging weekend to get through the week to come as another long week starts for me very early tomorrow.

Well I apologize for the short post and i shall return to expand on some of the wonderful moments of our weekend.

With fond memories.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

a Wonderful Surprise!

Paladin is right.. it's been a rough and busy week. A good one for Me, but busy.
And.. I am thrilled to be seeing Paladin tomorrow nite. A FRI night even! I really hadn't expected to see him until early Saturday after I knew that he most likely wouldn't be doing what he thought he would be. I figured he'd see his friends on Fri nite as usual.

It wasn't actually, till My laptop froze up on Me tmid morning today that I knew I was seeing him on Fri. (BTW, kudos to Paladin for texting Me through getting My laptop to at least run in 'safe mode' so I could get My latest business docs and pics off!!!) He said something about needing to actually see the laptop and for Me to bring it with Me tomorrow. Tomorrow???? "2moro is fri not sat" I texted him. 'u not coming fri?" came back. 'i was hoping to c u'. Well..gosh... get My computer fixed by a tech genius AND be with Paladin all at the same time? Heckkkk yeah! 'I'd be thrilled to c u pet!!' he writes back 'wee!.' And so... with that, we're on!

Pet earns lots of bonus points for his spontaneity and surprising Me on this one!

I have released him from his blog a few nites this week after a 13 hr day. We have spoken every night but tonight as I was out with our dear female subby friend.

Which.. by the way.. brings Me to something of an announcement that I should make here as it is a part of My... mmm......'Mystressness. Our dear subby friend is going to be joining Me and My pet and Knight as a part of our odd little family as our dear 'little girl' pet. She and Paladin get long very well and they both have respect for each other. The two of them are becoming friends and he will be her 'big brother' sub. I have told her that he has many things to teach her. He knows the most about Me. I am sure she will also have things to teach him. She lives much closer to us and will now be here much more often for visits and such. Her company is very much enjoyed!

She is much loved by both My Knight and I and she will serve as a wonderful adornment to all of us. She has been mentioned several times along the way... Paladin working on her computer a couple of times, her setting up the D/s energy workshop....Paladin helping her move last summer... and us all being at the Libra and Energy play parties. She is also a level 2 Reiki Practitioner.

She and I have known each other much longer then Paladin and I have known each other. The timing just wasn't ever right before.. nor was I ever ready before. And yet.. she has waited. She has wanted a 'family'... Always she has been there. There have been some difficult times between us . For a long time, I had doubts about how I could handle her.. she is different in many ways from Paladin, and I needed to be in the right place mentally and able to feel stronger and more sure about who I am and sort out the sort of Mystress that I am. I also needed to be lots more self confident in Myself. She also had many things that she has gone through and relocations out of state and then back during the years I have known her. But, she has returned to live in our city again, and we have been rebuilding after some difficult times in the past. We have solidified our friendship, and now, it seems the right time to see how it feels to move it to the next step... one the we considered years ago, but again, I simply was not ready. But now, with Paladin's help, love and support.. and My ability to feel free to practice what I like and don't like..I feel able to be successful and to fail in some ways as Mystress. All the while being able to feel...well... adored by My slave.. no matter what I did. What mistakes I may make. He has had enormous patience with Me. (smile) I know... I CAN be exasperating at times, and he had handles it with much aplomb. The long and short of it is, that I feel more able to pick up her leash now and give her some of the things she has most longed for.

Anyways.. I am sure that as time passes, you'll be reading more about her as well from time to time.

I have to say... I am one heck of a lucky Mystress... very very very...
and I am blessed as a person, to be so well loved by so many!
And.... for the opportunity to love all of them.

And.... I owe it all to My own Knight... who taught Me to break down some walls.. and to realize that love is NOT a limited commodity. That there can be happy poly relationships when we all communicate clearly and lovingly, and never lose track of who we are and what our priorities are.

I wish all joy to all,

Busy times and happy rewards.

The week has been long and tough for both Mystress and I ... but good things happen to those that are good...well good most of the time. My plans for the weekend have fallen through so my Mystress and I will be spending the entire weekend together...mmm wonderful.

Initially we were not going to see each other for two weeks and this weekend has really been a pleasant suprise. I am sure we will fill all you guys and gals in about our wonderful weekend.

So very excited for it...

Waiting in anticipation...


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Whats a mark?

A wonderful complete post dear Mystress and i apologize for making you toss and turn and posting at 5am. That was not my goal when i answer your questions dear MYstress. I will keep that in mind.

What is a mark? There are many types of marks and Mystress has posted a number of examples of what she has received and also what she has done to mark me in turn. But which type is more important than the a bruiser more important than a scratch? is a bruise around the wrist from being held so tight better than a bruise on the inner thighs from a rough pasionate session? Is a small almost unnoticeable mark on the shoulder from ones Mystress less important than a suction mark on the chest?

To me a mark is personal with each choice having a special meaning. The degree of the mark and the WOW factor does not impress me at all. The fact that one may love many bruises on the inner thighs while another may prefer a small suction mark on the chest means the same to me. They both signify a degree of passion for ones master/mistress. The degree of commitment is not measured by the seriousness of the marks. Its just they way i think about being marked at this point in our relationship.

Now don't get me wrong...i love getting marked by my Mystress in the throes of passion. A deep red scrath across the back, or on the back of the arms...or across the chest...they all make me so proud and serve to remind me of the intense connections my Mystress and I share. Its great to wake the next morning to be reminded how much pleasure my Mystress experienced the night before which is evident in the marks. These are the marks i do love.

Marks to be remind that one belongs to a Mistress/Master is different. To me i do not feel the same connection that others may from these types of marks...I much much prefer the weight of my bracelt and my necklace. The weight of both serves as a constant reminder to me. Each time i touch them i smile thinking of my Mystress. A mark fades over time but the weight of my collars are constant and always present. They are tangible and i can touch them and feel them. This to me serves as a much stronger connection to my dear Mystress.

As elle posted in her comment...perhaps because it is so new to me that its just my current state of mind...and that in time this may change. As some of our guests may know from reading the takes sometime for me to adjust but for the most part i do. Knowing this means so much to my Mystress has forced me to think on this topic and as Mystress said...we will definitely being having our usual wonderful chat about this in the future.

With love



Paladin and I had a talk last nite that I woke up thinking about and now I can't get back to sleep. So I thought that perhaps if I got up and wrote about it.. I'd feel better.

Back when I was a submissive... and slave... I always loved it when My Master marked Me. This was for a couple of reasons. The first.... was that He loved it. And of course...anything He loved... so did I (pretty much...I will admit.. He loved spankings much more then I did.) His marking Me...always meant a lot to Him. Sometimes....He would do it on purpose. Other times... it was simply a result of His.... enthusiasm for Me... and our power exchange. I always felt it was my 'job'... that if there was something He loved....or wanted... then My job was to love it and want it as much if not more then He. I suppose I also saw them as something of a 'grade' The more marks I had... the better job I had done. I know that He also enjoyed marking Me as His 'possession' He loved knowing those marks were there....and so did I.

Now.. when I say 'marks'.... these were normally some minor bruises... often some scratches... and occasionally some bite marks and shall we say.. suction marks. None of the marks were horrid awful painful ones, although they could look worse then they were sometimes. Master's watch word was to "Never damage the precious property", and I have always followed this guideline with Paladin as well. Some of them were ... well... certainly marks of great passion. The bruises might come from being held very tightly.. Master was a strong man then... and when He gripped Me.. well.. often there would be marks from that. And.. He would also get carried away... and I loved those marks too.. again.. it came down to doing My job as a slave and inspiring Him past His usual calm and logic into pure animalisitic passion.

Another other reason that I loved it when He would mark Me.... was that I cherished the fact.. that I could please Him enough for Him to be that... 'enthusiastic'. This meant... that I had inspired Him.. and given Him great pleasure. As a slave... I felt that to give him pleasure.. was My greatest duty.. and .. those marks were the lasting proof that I had done it exceedingly well.

But.... the biggest reason that I loved those marks.... were because they were a link.. between He and I. For those times we were not together.. and yet... the marks remained. However they had gotten there.. on purpose.. or as by product of pleasing Him... either way... I always cherished those marks very, very dearly. If for some reason, I did not have marks at the end of a session, or the time came to part..I would beg Him to give Me some sort of one before He left. He never ever had to ask Me to do this.. it was just something I loved, wanted.. and.. needed. If I did not have some mark from Master upon Me... I felt...truly naked no matter how dressed I might be. His marking Me... was very important to us both.

I never thought much about what someone would say if they saw them on Me. I suppose they would have assumed it was from My own Knight... and He never said much about them.... other then to say with a smile....I must have made Master quite 'happy'. If someone else had, anyone (including My parents or friends or whoever).. I suppose it would simply have been marked down to 'great passions'.. and that.. would have been something of a compliment. That again.. I could inspire that in someone.

Ever since I have been with Paladin... I found Myself in the position of My past Master. I loved to mark him. Sometimes... I would get carried away just a bit. Sometimes... I did it on purpose. Other was just the result of ......extreme passions. And sometimes.. I did it.. so that those marks would be there later. Personally... I loved knowing that after I was gone... My marks were still there.

But.... it turns out.. that Paladin is not nearly as happy with them as I am. The last two times I saw him last week, I waited to see if he would ask to be marked without My signaling him to.
He didn't. And when he did ask after I signaled him to, and I denied it once... he did not ask again as he is supposed to... and I did not pursue it. I was.....disappointed... but let it go. I AM striving to stay as well balanced as possible and I did not want to let it over affect Me.

In My last posting... I mention having him do the mark on his thigh. This meant writing YOURS.. as he has for Me many times in the past. Since the idea was that I wasn't going to be seeing him, I wanted this to be an ongoing reminder of My presence to him. When I asked him last nite on the phone how he felt about it.. .he was considerably less then enthusiastic about it. His answers was "It's fine Mystress" But something in his tone struck Me... as not being very happy about. Lack of... enthusiasm shall we say. So... upon further query' turns out... that he is worried about someone.. anyone... seeing them. He feels that what is between us is very private... and that it is no one else's business. And so.. he's not comfortable with having Me do it 'just in case' someone 'might' find out. Yes... I suppose they might.


This... makes Me kinda sad. is only one facet of us.. but.. to Me... well.. it meant a lot..and it was important to Me. Of course... I could still do it.. but... there are few things I like to force him into. And... well..... I don't know why I had mistakenly thought that he felt the same way about marking that I did and liked it as much as I did. But... as it turns out... he doesn't.. Not really. None of the reasons that I loved it as a slave are reason's that surpass his concerns about someone finding out. And unlike the Me that was a slave.. he doesn't really feel the 'need' to have Me mark him. When I did beg Master to mark Me in the past.... I really really did 'need' it.. and I meant it.. and I knew how much it pleased Him.

For Paladin though..I'm afraid that his overriding concern is the chance that someone might see it..his parents.. or friends.. or who knows whom else.... and then he'd be embarrassed about having to explain something he never wants anyone to know. He'd said the other night that he preferred the marking with the pen, that way he could 'wash it off' if he needed to. Oh. I see. Hmmmm. I would never have thought of getting rid of Master's marks that way if He has seen fit to ever mark Me that way, although I suppose if there was an emergency and there was a chance of someone I didn't want to see it, seeing it.. well.. I might. But stiill.. on the other hand... that someone wanted Me enough to have Me write that.. I think I'd just use some humor and say that 'Someone really, really likes Me'.. and to Me, it would still be a bit of a compliment. But he did have a point.. the pen could be washed off or faded quickly. So while it was not My preferred option.. it was still one. Until last nite. When again... he was considerably less then enthusiastic about it. It's the same reasons as the physical marks. What if someone sees it? So... I told him that he can come up with some way to do it that might not bother him so much.

But.. the more I thought about it as I tossed and turned last nite was... what the hell's the point to that???? This is not something he looks forward to, or enjoys My doing to him or having him do. Granted that there are things I have him do that he doesn't like. But.. I suppose.. therein lies the rub. Because.....

It occurs to Me.. that with My Master I always found the marking part a strong and positive aspect to our bonding. Whether he was doing something that was going to leave a mark, or by the feel of the grip I would know "Oh... now THAT's going to leave a mark!".. and it would make make Me smile.. and be happy for it. Again.. both that he enjoyed it.. and that I wanted it. And the purposeful marks.. well.. those were truly deep bonding. Knowing...that he was doing this strictly to proclaim his ownership of parts of Me in certain ways. I loved it! It was always extra special. And.. .I am sure that there are times he waited for Me to ask him to mark Me. Because I could see that he was watching Me sometimes in certain ways. And it would cause Me to think and wonder.. and then.. if it was like near the end of the visit.. that I had no mark yet. And I would ask him to please, please leave Me with the mark of His ownership before He left. And he would always get a wide and happy grin at that. And He would always agree. I don't believe He ever made Me truly beg for it.. although it would have been very easy. He'd get that look in his eye.. and move close to Me.. and then He would most often leave a suction mark on a breast. Always below where the neckline of My garments would fall.

Up to this point... I have always felt like that with Paladin. I loved, I mean really LOVED being able to do the same thing to him. To have him pick where he wanted Me to leave that mark. But to realize now.. that it bothers him so much is quite disconcerting to Me. I suppose learning that at this stage has even shaken Me just a bit. But I am working on getting over it.

Now... To be quite fair to dear Paladin, he does wear the sword necklace and bracelet all the time, those are certainly both symbols that he belongs to Me. And.. I do love that he wears them.
and whenever he is home, he wears his restraints. I suppose I have to accept that those will be the signs of My ownership of him....but you know what? They are still not quite the same as the kind of marks I had in mind. Nor are they as much fun. (wistful smile)
While I can control what he does, or doesn't do, I can't control how he views it, or feels about it. And that he doesn't enjoy it as I do, is sad and somewhat disappointing. I suppose I'd always hoped that My slave would want Me to mark them as much as I had wanted My Master to mark Me. That it would be something that they would love.. and cherish and desire the experience of.

I do want to take it all in consideration. All of the wonderful things that he does.. and who he is. There is so much more to us then just this aspect of us. I have to try and keep it in context. And... I want to do what's best for him and his peace of mind... and well being. His happiness is vital to My own well being. Being as balanced and fair to him as I can possibly be is very, very important to Me.

So.... for now... I'm suspending My requirement that he mark himself, and I suppose even My marking him as well. This means now.. I'll have to be careful.. and pay attention to what I do..and don't do. Just about the last thing I want to have to do as Mystress.
But..I''ll do it..... sadly and with a heavy heart. Something does feel tragically lost to Me in this.
He likes Me to be happy.. but at this moment in time... I am not happy in regards to this difference in how we feel about this, and My decision to no longer mark him in any way for now.
But for now.. it feels like the right thing to do for him.

I'm sure that he and I will revisit this in conversation and we'll see how things progress. As I said a moment ago, Paladin does always want Me to be happy with things.. just as I want him to be happy with things. And even though I am the 'boss'.. I do try to keep things balanced between us. I don't want to make him uncomfortable with this specific thing. Either he wants it and will enjoy it, desire and crave it and truly beg Me for it..... or it won't happen anymore. . He said last nite that at first, there were things that he was uncomfortable with that now he likes.. and that this marking part is still new to him. So perhaps, now that he's lost it he'll find that he valued it.

I don't wish to dwell on this.. I did however want to make sure that I made really communicated clearly to Paladin how I felt about all this. This often a large part of our communications. We can write here at length from our sometimes hidden's a 'free zone' Either of us can say what we feel. I want to keep in mind all the positive aspects to us and have them be more important than anything else in our relationship. But this particular aspect of us will need some compromise and resolution. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to communicate.. and again, I'm sure we will about this. I can't help but wish that what other's thought, or what might happen didn't matter quite so much to him.

But for now.... as I suspend all marking....
I'll...miss it.. and all the things it once meant to Me..
and for all the things it doesn't mean to him right now.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busy Weekend

And indeed... it really really was! Between helping with a wedding of town, and wonderful company today.. it HAS been busy.

But.. Paladin has never been far from My thoughts at any time. We have stayed in pretty close touch via texting. He did forget to ask for grace when he spent the night at a friends after all the late nite moving, and didn't get a chance to post to his blog. I had rather expected him to ask for grace last nite... but it was his first message this morning. I certainly knew how exhausted he was when he crawled into bed late at his friends last nite. He did earn bonus points by sending a wonderfully amazing picture to Me at 1:15amthe previous morning. I had asked for one, but around midnight ( I think) I had told him to simply do it in the morning. But. he still chose to do it then.. and it was obvious that he had gone to a lot of effort to do a really extra-special one for Me. It was truly drool-able!

Being Paladin's Mystress means taking all things into accordance. And for Me.. it's important to make sure that he follows the rules.. but.. to also give him all the credit that he deserves for all the wonderful things he does.. and for the effort that he always puts out. Sort of like an average I suppose.

The next two weeks are not going to be the same as we have been use to. We have both done our best to prepare us. Much of what we do is also energy exchange.. that means a lot to Me. But.. much of what we do is also mental and emotional as well as physical.

A while back, I wrote about 'balancing', and the difficulties of it. Right now... I am feeling pretty well balanced. But then.. Tue nor Thur of week 1 has passed. Nor do I think we ever set it up that we simply would not see each other for that long a time. It was more...'most likely' we won't. I am somewhat...uncomfortable with the finality of this. I didn't get to 'choose' it.. but I am dealing with it.. and most importantly.. making sure that Paladin is not over stressed during this time. This is a vitally important project that he is involved with at work, and he will need all of his faculties about him and all the best that he can be, and as well rested each day as well.

We know..that the next time will come along. And.. after the two weeks, I do get him for a whole weekend again. It will be the 4th Fri again. So.. I will keep that in mind.

In the meantime... I am proud of Paladin for his kindness in helping his friend move. And all the long hours and hard work that he'll be doing in the next couple of weeks as well.

I did give him one requirement for the next two weeks... or until I see him again. And that is.. that he is to perpetually have 'YOURS' written on his thigh at all times. And I want to be able to have a pic of it when I want it.. And that it always be there until the next time I see him. And then.. I will wash it off Myself. And replace it with My preferred 'marks'.

So.... that's it for th time being.
Hope that all are well out there..
and best to all,

Crazy TImes

Well the crazy times have definitely begun. Spent the whole weekend moving a friend and all before a 2 week stint at work thats going to involve many long days. All i know is having the thought of my wonderful Mystress in my mind will get me through it.

I know it will be hard for my Mystress too as she has expressed that to me. As Mystress has done for i have done for Mystress...well atleast tried...and thats to give Mystress some suggestions that will help her in this time. I really hope my Mystress comes to use them as often as i use hers. They are really simple but have many impacts that can be rather strong in force. The one i like the best is "Hearts" and Mystress knows what it means..both to her and I.

My Mystress is visiting with her friend today and i wish her the best time there. Hope your having fun after your busy weekend too.

With all my Love ... for my dear sweet Mystress


Friday, March 14, 2008

Hope to all

Afternoon all.

First a public thank you to all our guests for the wonderful comments you all leave my Mystress and I. As i have said many times before, its so flattering and heart warming to receive such wonderful comments. Please do not be strangers and if there is ever anything our guests want us to post about please feel free to leave us a comment and if we can we shall have a conversation on your topics. Although this is my Mystress's and I's blog, we do love to share it with all our guests and will do what we can to make you all apart of it too.

To those that seem to be saddened by reading our blog...i extend a comforting hand for I too took many many many years to find my Mystress...and although at times it may seem must do as my Mystress did and as she suggests...just keep on going...keep searching...a good thing is hard to find and a perfect thing is even harder but if you keep searching you will find what you are looking for...just be strong and know...that it can be done...we are proof of that.

Have a wonderful couple days of social engagements dear Mystres and have fun...promise you will have no..shall we say...slip of the tounge...chuckle.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Practice Gives Confidence

As Paladin writes... Our Lady joined us for another delightful evening last nite.Dinner.. conversation.. and yes.. some practice. I did indeed give her the title of MIT.. Mistress In Training... and Paladin... was the practice pet. She spoke about the past weekend with her husband's female slave in attendance and some of the things that occurred. The slave assists our Lady in a gardening project.. and afterwards, felt she was too 'self directed'... and it was too much like 'hanging out with friends'...

So.. I did indeed give her a few tips. I showed her Paladin's kneeling sign, which of course, she has seen numerable times, since she began going to visit him with Me occasionally since last fall. And they took their Reiki Level 2 training together as well.


So.. I suggested that the sign works well because she can drop the slave to her knees from across the yard if need be... and Paladin agreed that would quite enjoyable to a slave and help one feel owned and submissive.
I had m'Lady practice 'dropping' Paladin again.. this means standing to the side or behind him with one's hand tugging on the slaves hair.. heavy or light pressure, Paladin immediately drops to his knees. I had her do this again, several times so that she got the true feel for it.

The night continued with her 'Commanding' him.. (with a few prompts from Me). She (like I was before Paladin) is very unsure about 'telling' someone what she wants or needs. Neither of us are the sort of women that 'boss' other's around.. and I told her you can still be polite to your slave.. I do always thank him. and much of the time I do say please..even though he knows its non-negotiable. As I said yesterday to some one.. and I meant it.. Manners are the foundation of Civilization. Just because Paladin has given himself into My service.. is no reason for Me to treat him in a way I different from anyone. The fact that he is My most cherished possession.. well.. makes My treatment of him all that more important. And.. again. I am very very proud of him. As I told m'Lady.. he has trained Me perhaps more then I have trained him. In many ways and things. And I keep learning from him as well.

As the evening progressed, she practiced.. and I enforced a bit. This was the first time that she had ever Commanded him herself.. and I think not the last time either. And he was his usual charming, quick, courteous and affectionate self. He has come a very long way.. and it's gratifying that she can feel him getting more and more comfortable with her.

I don't think she'd ever had a man kiss her feet before, and I told her he would stay there until she brought him up. (smile) he was.. very.. beautiful while he was doing it. and she was.. tickled.. and then finally stopped him.

All in all it was a wonderful evening.. and we'll look forward to more 'training' time with her. I gave her a variety of suggestions and Paladin also told her what works for him as a submissive that I do to reinforce that.

Paladin indeed mentions his busy schedule. So tomorrow will be our last known time together for perhaps a couple of weeks. That sounds..... daunting. But.. we will have txt and phones.. and we'll see how his time and work goes. We shall practice again tomorrow nite our methods for dealing with it.

On that note..
best wishes to all..
and to all..
a good nite.. or morning.. depending on where you are in the world.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wonderful times.

Evening all.

As one can see as always Mystress and I have been have a wonderful time of it the wonderful 2 weekends past or our normal days together..they have all been so wonderful.

Last night my Mystress and her Lady were over for dinner. We had a marvelous time sharing some good conversation and funny funy stories. My Lady is what my Mystress calls a MIT, a Mistress In Training. My Mystress has taken to showing her the ropes some as my Lady has the opportunity to experience the lifestyle with her significant other. Knowing how wonderful my Mystress is and that so many admire the ways she does things makes me very proud. The fact that Mystress is so willing to share her ways and that my Lady is open to learning them shows that our unique style can be shared by others and that others are into our version of the lifestyle as much as others live their own different version. So last night i had the extreme pleasure of being the practical that my Mystress could show how we do things, and then allowing my Lady to practice them on me over and over. As my Lady will take time for her to get used to it all but under the guidance of my Mystress things will come quickly as Mystress has a wonderful teaching style and one learns very fast from it.

After the lessons we retired for some pleasure then after my Lady left for the evening Mystress and i retired for the night. Of course we had our own pleasure and once again as mornign arrived before going our seperate ways for the day. So So wonderful i tell you.

Starting next week i have a very busy couple weeks at work and will probably not see my dear Mystress much. Big time bummer for sure...i know we will still txt and substitute phone calls for meetings as much as possible...but its going to be a difficult time for us both. We have both prepared for this time as best we can..some mental suggestions for us both...and some future plans already set.

Off to chat with my Mystress and countdown for tomorrow.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Playing

Evening to all our guests.

It seems that our last topic of conversation has sparked some very sweet and appreciated comments. Thank you to our guests for all your wonderful words. I did not expect that the topic of role playing would garner such a response. Its been truly a suprising event to view.

Mystress as always has done an amazing job at delivering the details for our guests to share. One can see that Mystress delivered far more details than I...infact I did not reveal any details other than what we did. Not sure why exactly...probably because I am a touch embarressed about it i guess. It was the first time i had ever done anything even remotely close to this and definitely something i would never have considered myself.

Mystress definitely did choose a scenario that atleast i would be somewhat confortable with since it is an era i do have some interest in. It definitely made doing it much easier as it allowed me to atleast rely on something i was somewhat familair with. Now if Mystress elected to play as aliens from another planet, well ... not sure how that would of gone :) I have not had much experience with Alien sensuality :)

As the evening wore on and we were both playing our did get slightly easier and at one point i thought to myself...just relax and go with the flow...see what its all about. I am glad i did...for it did turn out to be a very interesting and enjoyable learning experience.

As always...i can rely on my dear sweet Mystress to introduce us both to new and wonderful things...and i can assure our guests who keep returning...there will always be new and wonderful lessons to read thanks to my Mystress.

Now that this has sparked some conversation...i was curious how many of our guests do role playing? Done it just once? A regular thing? My curiosity is peaked one could say...


Role Playing -revised

(I found I had a bit I wanted to add after I had posted it)

We did have a remarkable weekend.. so many yummy things.. but for now.. I'll focus on this aspect. I'm not sure why Paladin found this remotely embarrassing. He took to this surprise remarkably well.

Hail Caesar indeed! This is what he means by that.....

To enlighten our readers... I gave Paladin the scenario that he was a Roman Commander that My 'army' had captured ( which I chose as the only ones that the Roman's were ever intimidated by, the Celts).. ..along with some of his men. To win the safe freedom for he and his men.. he has to submit to Me totally and do anything I would ask of him, (except for revealing 'state secrets) for an evening. And take everything I threw at him. Mmmmm.. he did quite amazing job as an arrogant Roman Commander..

I started the 'Commander' out wearing only a shirt, blindfolded and attached to the door with door restraints. I offered him the 'deal'.... and he reluctantly took it. But it took some negotiations.. and a bit of helping him 'feel' his situation and fully realize how vulnerable a situation he was really in. Well.. considering the little bit that he was wearing at the moment.. and.. the fact.. that.. well.. he couldn't move... I do believe helped to speed along his inevitable agreement. In the end however.. he did not agree for himself.. but for his men. And.. I certainly threw the lives of his men at him several times. Twas on them that I really had him, and them that caused him to finally agree to My 'terms'. Of course.. I knew that...... I did take a bit of time with him strapped to that door. For most of the 'conversation' he was blindfolded. It was not until after he had agreed to the terms that I took the blindfold off.

I had turned all of the lights off, and had only candles lit.. (grin) I had some Celtic music playing.. a bit of Nag Champa incense going... I'd say the 'scene' was well set...

We then proceeded to 'dinner' for a bit. It was interesting to talk to him as this 'character'.. which he did amazingly well. I know what a excellent mind Paladin has, but I also knew, he'd never been in a situation like this. But I had chosen this time and persona, because I know that Roman history is a personal favorite of Paladin's. He would be able to draw on his extensive knowledge of the people and the time...and I...well.. I was just going to wing it. I am already a somewhat whyld Celt Mystress.. so easier for Me then for him. His 'character' did not trust Myne at all.. but .. had no real choice seeing as they were all being held captives. It was either trust Me and do as I Commanded of him.. or ... they all die. And I chose Myne.. well.. first because I AM a Celt.. and second.. the Roman's truly didn't know how to deal with screaming, naked blue men throwing trees at their lovely organized shield defenses. (grin) And no.. I was not playing a 'man'. In fact, one of the questions he asked Me was how I had risen so high in Command.. A bit of know how.. and how to know what I needed to do to be successful. (smile) We both knew what that meant.

I am not sure if we had finished eating or not when I had him take his shirt off during the meal..touched him here and there... tweaking him a little bit. I then made him turn around.. bend over one of the other chairs, spread his legs..
I asked if he'd ever been spanked. He said no in an a very strong formal tone. I asked him if he'd ever spanked someone.. and he reckoned as that he had. While I was asking this.. I was rubbing his now totally bared and exposed backside. So.. I began spanking right then and there..indeed.... something very hot about spanking a Roman Commander... ummmmhuhmmmmm... He was not humbled by it at all however. No.. that came a bit later... He did sting when he sat down however.

All the way through, his 'character' was very arrogant and almost combative. He hated admitting that My Celts has bested his Romans. MMMmmmm... and that he himself was a captured prisoner. Paladin has a very strong 'properness' to him as it is.. multiply it by Roman hubris and you get an idea of what fun this really was for Me. (wicked grin)

After dinner, I led the stalking Roman Commander to My bed.. and told him that I was going to Command him to do all the things to Me... that he had only 'Commanded' others to do to him. I asked him if he had indeed done this, and.. he .. reluctantly...admitted that he had.

I then made him lean over the bed, I kicked his leg apart wider... and told him to count the smacks. I forget at what point I had him stop counting.. and had him simply.. thank Me for them.

He took quite a lot... and.. I gave him quite a lot.. I asked him several times how he was... and he said he was alright.. and that yes.. he was enjoying it. Finally.. I told him to say 'yellow' when he needed to.. I think that was his clue that it was going to get a bit rougher.. and.. I spanked him until he finally said it.. And then.... I gave him just a few very hard ones past that. I rubbed his backside.. and I told the flushed Commander that I was quite impressed with him. It was the hardest I have ever given him.. It was fascinating to have him in this persona...taking it as he did. It was around now that the 'Commander's' hubris had not crumbled.. but certainly cracked.

And.. there was some power rush.. in the Commander's humbleness..having to admit he'd taken all that he could. It had been a long long spanking. With as I said.. lots of rubbing in between. (btw, The area was not tender and there were no marks the next day, so it wasn't too bad)

There was a bit of sensuality after that.. turns out the Commander has some wonderful 'techniques'. And all that strength. But.. he did... submit.. and do EVERYTHING he was told to do with such a ridged bearing.. it was amazing fun. I was very pleased with how well Paladin did in all of this. He was quite amazing!

Then we flipped the roles the other way.. and he tied Me up....THAT was pretty darn amazing as well. He can tie Me, blindfold Me... do or tease Me anyways sexually..or with any of our toys. But. he is never allowed to 'spank' Me... and only rarely does he get to use the ice and/or wax. Mostly.... we only use the blindfold and restraints though. Still.. in this scene.. I was the captive.. and he the captor.. and he did indeed get Me to ask him for all the things he said I would.. that I had at first refused. We'll be doing that one again too! He was very, very.. convincing. And it was very fun!

I think that I am going to keep Paladin's new 'character' around for us to develop more. I think it's one Paladin might even grow comfortable to be in.

In fact... As a last thought.. it occurs to me.. .that the Commander's last words... were something to the effect that Romans would have betrayed us in the end, and killed us all if we had been foolish enough to set them free.. and I think killed us quite gleefully. I think that by now.. the Commander has the idea that his little slip may well cost the him his freedom altogether and the lives and well being of his men. as well. Unless.. I decide to be merciful of course.... He might be able to strike another deal with Me.. and if he will continue to depend on his.. submissive behavior.... and serving and pleasing Me as well. But he'll have to really, really convince Me why I shouldn't just dispose of him and his men. Mmmmmmm..

And don't let Paladin's shy words fool you readers.... he is VERY VERY good at this!!! Yummmy!!!

So.. there is just a tad of quick insight into what his 'Hail Caesar' means!

Paladin.. your turn to comment in more detail for our readers now. From.. your perspective.
Thoughts and feelings pet.....

Best to all,

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Curling Toe Weekend

What a wow fanatastic weekend. I am sure those that have ready our posts before know exactly what sort of weekends we ahve and how they are so wonderful. This weekend was no exception. It started a touch later as i had dinner with some friends before heading to my Mystress's place.

Our Lady friend was already there as the two lovely ladies were having dinner together. I arrived at the tail end of their dinner and they were chatting awaya with smiles form ear to ear when i arrived. They really do have a wonderful time together and it is wonderful to see and witness.

After their dinner we retired to the living room for some relaxation and some menatal suggestions. Mystress has of late take to using mental suggestion and it has truly been quite a positive thing. The suggestions Mystress has made to me especially the one for my headaches have proven to be quite amazing and the frequency of my headaches are way down. Special thank you to my Mystress for this. Mystress played a wonderful relaxing introduction for our Lady friend to set the foundation for future suggestions. After the suggestions and conversation our lady friend returned to her home and Mystress and I retired to the bedroom. Some great conversation and pleasure and we were off to sleep late that night.

The next day Mystress and i awoke kind of early but didn't get out of bed. We simply relaxed and vegged in bed for the entire morning. Mystress had a goal to make Saturday a pants free and worry free day for her pet...and she succeed with both. My Mystress's old dom lady friend was coming to lunch. It was months since i saw her last and we had a wonderful lunch. Mystress sure is a wonderful host and the lunch spread Mystress put forth was quite lavish and very very tasty.

After lunch we reitred to the living room. Mystress and her dear friend were chatting away and i was on my knees giving her lady friend a good foot massage while they were chatting. Then things went a different direction Mystress and I both were not expecting. Whatever the reason, Mystress and her lady friend decided to experience some pleasure and before we all knew Mystress had many many releases and 4 hours of pleasure slipped by. I am sure none of us were complaining and it proved to be a very entertaining afternoon.

The night had come and it was time for Mystress and I to be alone once again...this is always a wonderful treat. This night Mystress had something else on our plate...something i never ever expected. Well i am not sure how many people have done any roleplaying, i know i have never done any...and this is what Mystress had planend for our evening. I must admit it did feel slightly awkard but as i told my Mystress before, I'd try anything once...or maybe two three times before i make any decisions :) I'll save the details of the experience to lesson my embarresment :) but i shall definitely did lead to hours of enjoyment with roles switching a few times throughout the evening. Rest assured, it probably won't be our last bit of exploration with this and i am sure in time more and more details shall posted for our readers to enjoy...HAIL CAESAR

Daylight savings time robbed us of an hour on Sunday. We enjoyed some lovely pleasure, a very shearty breakfast and some more pleasure before i had to get going and run some chores.

Thank you dear Mystress for a wonderful weekend and as always...thank you for all you do to keep us growing.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

A forgot TXT

Yesterday i made a boo boo and forgot my erotic thought for the compensate Mystress has ordered me to post something embarressing to me. Mystress suggested that i post about wearing my restraints in public and how embarresed i felt about it...but i didn't really feel that was just something i did and accepted it.

I guess what i do find embarressing the most is Mystress sharing my horizon expanding with her dear friends. I have never told Mystress to not share our relationship with her friends for i would never want my Mystress to withhold information from her friends. So my mind asks itself...what has Mystress actually shared...has she shared what we have already done? What Mystress has planned for the near future? Or where things will go from there? I do not know and my mind thinks about it occasionally. Its quite a funny situation, my Mystress and friends sitting in a circle discussing what to do to me and how and such.

This does embarress me but not as much as the thought of someone watching...that would be truly emarressing but for my time and at a comfort level...i would do much for my Mystress.

Talking about the new seems many are very interested in it and its one of the reason my Mystress took the toy show it off so to say...

Till i see my Mystress and Lady tomorrow....


Being restrained

Last time my Mystress was here we were lying on the bed cuddling up and a grand old time...Mystress told me she would be taking our bag of toys this evening and to get them i did...well Mystress also told me to include my door i got them out too.

When i placed them on the bed, Mystres looked at them and then with a wonderful smile..ordered me to move to the door...once in position...Mystress proceeded to bind me to the door...a position i had been in once before but not in sometime. What made quite different this Mystress had me blindfolded...well let me was quite the different experience.

Being blind folded and tied and totally vunerable immediately hit me...I so trust my Mystress and know she would never hurt me...but being blindfolded was quite intense. I never knew what was coming...where the next strike of the flogger would be...where the vampire gloves would squeeze next...overall it was alittle unsettling and strange. Normally i am bound on the bed and blindfolded...but just something about being stood up made it all the different. Perhaps it was because i could not got limp and let it happen for fear of tearing down the door...who knows really why it was so strange. I think primarily it was that it was new...and it often takes me sometime to get comfortable with something...this i am sure will be no exception. Mystress did seem to enjoy herself and that is most important.

Thank you again Mystress for expanding my comfort zone again...and i am so so so looking forward to the weekend to come.


Paladin's Boldness

I had wanted to post a special note in regards to something quite different that happened with Paladin this past weekend.

Last year, a few weeks after we had met, when Paladin had come to spend the weekend with My Knight and I here, and go visit some of My friends. When the time came to go to the store, he hesitated and asked Me to remove his training collar.

Now one may or may not recognize it as such if they didn't know. It is fairly thin black leather, of the rolled style with a buckle at the back. His previous one was much looser as I had gotten it before knowing what his neck measurements were. The one he has currently fits much tighter and doesn't have the buckle swiveling around to the front like the other did.

What I found so fascinating this time, was that before we left to go to My submissive friends for him to work on her computer, and then to the energy workshop and play party, I asked if he wanted Me to take off his collar, which had been on him since we'd come home from dinner out the previous evening. He said it was up to Me. Hmmmm... very very different. I fully expected him to say 'yes'...that he didn't want to go out in public in it, as he knew we had a stop to make at a store before going to My friends. But no.. he didn't. So.. I opted to leave it on. He walked beside Me and didn't go out of his way to try and hide it. While I was at the check out stand then he wandered over to where the freebie car sales magazines were and looked through one while I took care of business. But.. this was still a HUGE step for him..
and I don't think I ever got around to telling him just how proud of him I was for this..
so .. I do now... thank you My Paladin.. I know that took a lot of courage on your behalf.. and I thank you for it!!!

Tis a very subtle collar.. and perhaps, that's one reason that we both like it so much. It could be a decorative neck piece.

In fact... at the play party one of the Mistress's next to us asked if She could look at it up close.. and She expressed great admiration for it, how classy looking it was and how much She liked it.
(soft smile) I like things like that... and knowing how good Paladin looks in it.

So... his choosing to wear it out and about. .Is HUGE... really, really huge in the line of how he's always been before about it.

And again.. I just want to say.. how proud I am of him..

Best to all,

Mystress's Duty to Her Paladin

I will add a bit to the situation that came up on Sat night. I had wanted to wait until Paladin posted his experience and thoughts before I did My own.

First off... the Mistress that he writes of, is the same Mistress who had the slave doing whatever it was that he was doing to Her hand... licking, sucking, eating.. And also took Her boots off with his teeth. A rather smallish fellow.. with piercings. Not quite homely.. but I could not call him handsome either.

We had both been watching this pair with quite a bit of fascination through out the evening. I had been impressed with this slave's intense focus on his Mistress, for he almost never looked anywhere then at his Mistress. He was very attentive to Her and obviously quite well trained in his knowledge of Her and what She liked. If he was not actively involved with something She had him doing to or for Her, then he was sitting in a kneeling position directly in front of Her, looking only at her. Both Paladin and the other male slave who were seated, were faced outwards into the room. That is when I did not have him facing Me to do some energy work. Anyways.. it was obvious that this pair was connected to each other, and that he knew exactly what it was She wanted from him, and he was very quick to anticipate and obey.

They had left the room at one point while the birthday spankings were going on and we had been so busy watching that, that I don't think I had really noted that they had left.

I was surprised when a bit later the Mistress came striding in quite purposefully with something definite in mind, sat down next to Me, extended Her hand and introduced Herself to Me. When She asked if I was into 'forced bisexuality'... I was indeed taken aback for a moment.. and I was confused as to what She meant. My response was "I'm not into forced anything".... and then She did indeed clarify.. that it was not Me She wanted.. but to 'borrow' Paladin for some forced bisexuality with Her male slave.

Weeeellll... hmmmmm... Now... while Paladin is not homophobic...he is EXTREMELY straight as men go.. and I've known this from the start.. and I fully respect that in him. This has not been an area that I have ever considered taking him into. When I glanced down at Paladin who was kneeling beside Me.. and his vivid blue eyes were very, very wide and I think he might have been a shade or two paler. When the Mistress asked Me this question.. if Paladin was 'bi'.... I did not hesitate when I answered Her that no... he wasn't.. and when She asked if She could use him for some 'forced bisexuality'... My exact response was to reach down and pet his head... look at Her and say "No, I'm sorry... but I couldn't do that to him". She was very sweet as She smiled and said "Okay.. thanks anyways" and off She went.

Paladin still had a shocked look on his face from this encounter. I reached down and hugged him to reassure him. I believe we were both just a bit stunned by this encounter.

Just as it is Paladin's job to protect Me.. so is it also My job to protect him. Now.... when I recounted this to some friends.. a couple of them joked that I should have delayed just a bit before answering Her about Her request. But... My reaction was totally spontaneous in response to My knowledge of Paladin and our situation at the time.

And.. I was not sure what She had in mind... although My guess was that She wanter Her slave to perform oral on Myne. I gathered that he had never done it before.. and if one is going to have to be forced to do something like that.. well.. Paladin is certainly a handsome and amazingly well built man for such a thing. Although (smile) he is rather large for a 'first time' experience.

I will admit.... that later in the evening, after we were home.. .I did muse some about what might have happened if I had said 'yes' to it. Would he have allowed it? I'm not sure. It is different being the suckee rather then the sucker I think. And some rather kinky backsides of My mind think it could have been really hot to watch.. seeing Paladin doing something I KNOW he wouldn't want to.. to this extreme out of sheer obedience to Me. When I spoke of these musings to Paladin.. a definite chill developed in the air.. and he was not remotely appreciative of My musings. But... I found them interesting. And it did lead Me to consider other alternatives to that.... things that I could have him do at such a party... how we could be more 'involved' then what we have been to date.

While at the play parties so far.. Paladin has had no actual sexual encounters, or exposure of any sort.. only energy encounters with Me. Neither of us likes spankings... and although I've not unveiled his magnificent body to any others at these parties... I can see the minds of some of the other Mistress's.. who I think are curious as to what hes 'packing' under those clothes. (smile) Little do they know the treats that are truly there. And this I know.. is NOT just from Me.. because the two lady friends of Myne who have seen Paladin sans clothes have been very very impressed with all of his lovely aspects.

I have had it in My mind to consider having him stripped and attached to the dual chains and flogged with our soft flogger the next time. I know that would not hurt him.. and is something that he rather enjoys the feel of. It would be our 3rd time.. I would use other things on him as well... but I would allow others to use only the soft flogger.. for no matter how hard you use it.. you can't hurt the individual. I see each step as one more down the path of his submission. And I do believe in general, I have taken it pretty slowly. And... I am very protective and careful with him. I don't generally hurt him.. much. An occasional spanking.. or swat or two with the crop.. but I've never driven him to the point of using either his safeword or asking Me to stop.
I try to check in with him enough to where he doesn't have to do that. I want him to know he can trust Me.. for My duty... as I see it.. IS to protect him.. and make him feel safe, and loved.

So... that was our interesting blip on the radar at the party. Although the encounter lasted less then a minute... the repercussions I think will last much longer. I won't however, ever make him do anything that he is so diametrically opposed to as involvement with another man against his will.... and that.. is My duty and promise to Him.

Wishing all the best,

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mystress saves the Paladin

Mystress often calls me her protector and makes it one of my duties to protect her...Be it caring for Mystress when she is not well, or simply providing a shoulder to lean on...its generally been my role...but this past Saturday...boy oh boy did the tables turn.

We were at the play our corner, me on my knees by my Mystress's both people watching and making some wonderful conversation about all we were seeing. Across the room walks another Mistress, dressed in a full body latex dress, and on a mission it seems.

She walks right up to us and sits on the chair next to my Mystress, leans over and introduces herself. I immediately thought how wonderful, a Mistress introducing herself and chatting with my Mystress. She followed what i guess to be the rules in that she only addressed my Mystress and referenced em through her, sort of like following a Mistress protocol. Well things became interesting rather suddenly.

She asked my Mystress, "Are you into forced bisexuality?". Hmm i thought to myself...she likes my Mystress :) Well my Mystress doesn't like to be forced into anything. My Mystress expressed a short time of confusion then she addressed the question... "Well i am not into anything forced really" was my Mystress's reply..."No not he bi and can we use him for some forced bisexuality" was the rebuttle...Huh what who where why when ME? was the first thing that cam to mind and for a second my mind started spinning. I am not that way inclined, and although flattered over the offer...i had no inclination to do it. Well, a seond was all it took for my Mystress to come to my aid and to save me from the situation. My Mystress in a very polite manner declined the request and thank ed the MIstress for the offer.

There i was...on my knees...shocked and stunned...yet so happy that my Mystress came to my Mystres did not hesitate for a second which made me so so happy.It reaffirmed that my Mystress and i have very similar tastes and inclinations and i was so proud my Mystress was there to protect me. It definitely assured me that if we do got to more party's...i know my Mystress will protect i protect her...and by protecting each other...we become again..much much stronger.

In gratitude for my Mystress's protection


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Party Part

As Paladin recounts.. the party was quite an interesting experience.

A few things I would like to add about it.

Firstly it should be explained that the first sub that Paladin mentions who was stripped and spanked, well, it was his birthday. He was in his late 30's. He was first spanked by the Mistress that he was with, and She was using a paddle that was padded with black lambskin on one side, but certainly had a nasty looking, stingy sounding, black leather looking other side. I believe that 3 Domme's spanked him. There was lots of checking in with him, again by both the Mistress that he was there with, and with the other's who spanked him. He was asked all the way along if he was okay. He seemed quite strong and determined to take the spanking that the ladies were dishing out. His protocol seemed to be that his shirt was removed right after the class started, and he was then also seated on the floor in front of his Mistress. He also spent quite a bit of time massaging the Mistress's feet and She seemed to greatly enjoy running Her hands through his thick dark hair.

Laster, he was put back on the spanking bench and caned. Owwwwch. Again, the Mistress was very careful with him and even though he never asked Her to stop, She did as She said that She didn't feel She knew him and how much he could take 'yet'. Paladin is right about the needles however.. and it was Her being right next to us with the long needles going up and down in his chest (there were 4 of them) that made Me feel queasy enough to need to leave. I do in fact have a needle phobia and I just haven't been able to wrap My mind around the 'pleasure' parts of this that I have certainly seen enjoyed at the party.

As for the other slave... he started out the evening dressed and kneeling next to his Mistress, but at some fairly early point, disappeared for a bit, only to return naked and wearing a wide black collar with ring in the front. He then crouched next to his Mistress and proceeded to be either eating out of Her hand, or what it more looked like, sucking on Her palm. Hmm.... that was a bit odd.. but as Paladin says.. to each their own. He also had piercings... both nipples and.. below.

I did find the part where he removed his Mistress's knee high boots and then Her knee high stockings using only his teeth with his hands behind his back quite an exercise in focus. He then spent quite a bit of time.. I think licking Her legs.

She did lean down and whisper to him frequently and spent time stroking his head while he was doing whatever it was that he was doing to Her hand.

Stroking our pet's heads did seem to be a common thread of the evening. As I did the same thing with Paladin.

There were many other quite interesting folks at the party.. including the 'serving maids'.... who while not submissives per se, were certainly helpful. And.. although they were also males.. they were... shall we say, not dressed as men.

Now.. as for Paladin.. Mmmmmm.... he was quite exquisite looking in his dark grey shirt and black 501's, black rolled training collar and black restraints. I could see him looking around with a calm exterior, but something of an awestruck inside. He was the only male sub who remained dressed throughout this evening.

There was also a females sub whose birthday it was, and she was also spanked by several of the Domme's. She retained her top and panties, but lost her black leather skirt for her spanking.

Although I was offered the opportunity to participate in the birthday spankings, I had no desire to and simply desired to sit near Paladin and observe the going's on.

There was another interesting bit of interaction that Paladin has been Commanded to write about that directly concerned him and the desires of a Mistress to 'borrow' him for an 'activity'.
I am a bit surprised that he did not included that in this particular entry, but am sure that he will get to it on Wed nite. I will in fact, make sure that he does. He has been told to write about it, and his thoughts at the time and his feelings about it and My responses to it as well

Paladin is also correct about us doing some energy exchanges. I had him kneel before Me, with his hands up and put My hands about two inches away from him, and we ran energy back and forth between each other. This is something we had done at the last party as well.

This time.. I also added in having him do his energy orgasms.... in that I made him look into My eyes, and I moved one hand up in front of him, and counted down from 10 to 1 in sign language.. and then told him to 'cum NOW' in sign language.. and... cum he did. Over and over and over.. eye to eye...
I don't think that any one else was at all aware of what we were doing. At that time, we were tucked over in a corner and everything that transpired was very, very subtle and everything I said to him was whispered into his ear. But... I could see the sweat breaking out on his forhead.. and his blue eyes widened.. and how he wavered a bit on his knees.. and above all.. I could feel the waves of erotic energy emmenating from him as the energy orgasm's hit him over and over. I asked him if he needed to sit down at a certain point when he was looking a bit wobbly, and he said that he did.

I let him sit for quite a while then, stroking his hair and enjoying the comfort of his nearness while watching the going on's around us.

Paladin was indeed an excellent submissive, attentive to My every need and keeping a close eye on Me, especially once the needles came out. He was asked a few times to help with things, and he charmingly pitched right in. And I was very grateful for how good he looked after Me once I started getting dizzy and nauseous from the sight of the needles. For it wasn't just the male slave with four of them... but two other women who had a whole series of them in both of their breasts. Sitting across the room was difficult enough for Me however, and when the male sub next to us was being done...that was IT for ME! I was more then ready to flee. I wanted nothing more at that moment to be alone with Paladin in the comfort of his arms and sharing our own versions of what we enjoy the most alone. Getting settled home in the darkness and quiet energy of our own room was just what I needed to begin feeling better. It was best for Me to sleep for a while and then awaken feeling Paladin's touch arousing Me from slumber. Mmmm.. such a lovely way to be awakened!

I have to admit a bit of anticipation in that it turns out that Paladin does not have to help his friend move on Sat, and he's decided not to see his folks this weekend as he saw them last week.
This means that Paladin will arrive after his time with friends on Fri nite, and we'll have all day Sat together to simply.. hang out and relax. He'll head home early Sun to brave his shopping and chores..but I am very much looking forward to a relaxing Sat alone with My Paladin!!

I am going to sign off now as the hour is late and I'll be seeing Paladin for our Tue nite together.

Good nite and best wishes to all,

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Submissive Observation

Evening all.

Well as my Mystress pointed out, we went to an energy workshop and play party Saturday. We were both looking forward to the energy work shop very much and it turned out to be a very good experience. We listened to the other Reiki Master give her lecture and class work, participated in her activities and overall, i think we enjoyed the class very much so. My Mystress is a Reiki Matser too and some of her views were similar to the other Master's...but my views are much more attuned to my Mystress and we had a very good conversation about the energy ethics portion of the was an interesting class and lead to some good conversation.

After the class, Mystress and I stayed for the play part. Lets just start this topic with saying that the evening proved to be a very intersting and suprisignly fun evening. This was our second party and it proved to be much more relaxed than the last one we went too. I guess we were both more comfortable with the environemtn and both enjoyed the evening people watching, sharing some energy play...and had a wonderful time.

In total there were 3 male submissives at the party, myself and 2 others. It was a very intersting observation for myself when i looked at the three of not in that way...just in how we both represented different approaches to submission.

The first male sub was very much into pain and satisfying his Mistress in this manner. As the evening commenced he was stripped and bent over a spanking bench and boy oh boy...did he receive a hell of a whooping. I guess he took them very well...much better than i would of...not so much for the pain...but because i am not really into this aspect nor do i think i could have it done for me...Of course my Mystress has spanked me...not this this degree...but Mystress is the only one i would evet allow to do this. After the spanking it was on to the needles as his Mistress pierced his flesh with some substantially sized needles....another aspect i have no desire in nor does my Mystress share this desire. So overall this sub atleast to me was in it for the pain aspect.

The second sub was on the opposite side of the spectrum. Even though i did see him getting his fair bit of spanking...the majority of the night he was on his knees kneeing in front of his Mistress serving as a foot stool for his Mistress. If he was not being used in this manner he was being talked down upon by his Mistress, grovelling, and eating out of his Mistress's hand. From what i saw...and i don't ant to jump to conclusions...but it seemed this sub was more into the humilation aspect than the other. He seemed to enjoy what he was experiencing and as i say, each to his own.

I was the third sub there this evening. I too was on my knees by my Mystress's side but rather to give my Mystress a foot massage. I ws there to get my Mystress's food and drink and to serve my Mystress. Since it was only our second party we were still taking it easy. For the most part i was there to serve my Mystress like the second sub but for now in a much more subtle manner. I was also there to protect my Mystress. When my Mystress started to feel not so good...I was there to take her home and care for her. I was also there share our energy give those who needed it Reiki at my Mystress's order.

So one could see, there are many aspects to submission and each of us portrayed a different aspect. It was a very good evening and from my obseravtions, a very educational one too. I have many more observations from the weekned to make but ... i shall leave the rest to your imaginations for now.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mystress's Short Review of the Weekend

It was a wonderful and busy weekend. Like Paladin, My brain is mostly mush. We ran lots and lots of energy.. and there was much that was going on.

A quick review would be... Paladin's wonderful arrival on Friday evening. A bit of short cuddle time before going off for dinner at a friends house. My Knight had a difficult evening as he was not feeling very well.. and Paladin was of wonderful service to us both keeping an eye out on My Knight.. and charming our friends. He was solid and helped to keep Me grounded and balanced throughout the evening. He certainly helped keep the evening on an even keel and our friends were quite impressed with him.

After we arrived back home, he and I both gave My Knight a nice Reiki session and then tucked him into bed, and then Paladin and I retired to the guest room for the evening. It was late, and I was exhausted.. so we simply tucked into bed ourselves and I slept curled next to Paladin.. waking occasionally to hear the soothing sound of his rhythmic breathing.

Saturday was another wonderful day.. with some time for morning passions and a nice breakfast before heading over to a friends house for Paladin to help her with a computer problem. He was not quite able to fix the problem that she was having.. but.. he was able to find a way around it.. and she was very happy about it.

The the 3 of us headed off to the D/s energy workshop.. which was very informative and enjoyable. The evening was... interesting.. and I'll write more about that at another later time.
There did come a point however when I was feeling a bit queasy and with Paladin again ever watchful over Me.. guided Me out the door and home.

Another tired evening.. and a wonderful time of Paladin awaking Me for passions around 2:30am..we played. .and talked... and then drifted off to sleep till around 10ish. Up for breakfast with My Knight.. then back to bed for several hours of finally some real time alone.. a nice relaxing shower.. a short shopping trip.. and then Paladin was on his way home.

This is just a light skimming of some fascinating.. and some profound moments of an amazing weekend. Of it all.. I think Sunday afternoon was by far My personal favorite.
I'm sure we all know how sometimes... weekends can be so darn busy.. and this one was one of those. I much prefer the simpler ones with Paladin.. passions into the night.. waking up to more.. some food.. more passions.. perhaps a movie.. a bath.. more passions. Simple.. and relaxing.

Next weekend, My Knight will be out of town for the weekend, and Paladin will stay here with Me on Fri nite after his evening out with friends, and we shall see how his Saturday evolves. For this is a totally spontaneous weekend where he may well have other plans.. but he has promised to spend Fri and Sat evening with Me whatever else he may be doing. I am open to whatever he may need to do on Sat.. and I have no plans Myself but to relax after the busyness of this weekend. I am hoping he won't have to be too busy as I know how much he needs to recharge. But of the couple of plans that he may need to do on Sat, both of them are closer to My home then his, so at least I hope to be able to save him some driving. And My Knight is very glad that Paladin will be here to watch over Me while he is gone.

Well.. on that note..I am off to rest Myself... and I hope that My Paladin is sleeping soundly.

As always,
best to all,

A short teaser

Evening all

I was planning to make a complete blog entry tonight...but lets just say...Mystress is fanttastic and has left me in a very brain dead state if you know what i mean.

The weekend was wonderful, from Friday when it started till late Sunady when it concluded...every single minute was so yummy and absolutely wonderful. I have a nymber of posts coming for our guests but i just had to post a short message and say hi...sort of a introduction and short teaser.

Our guests can of course expect a wonderful post from my Mystress and i shall make a few related to our weekend activities, proposals and wonderful bonding my Mystress and I did.

Have a wonderful evening