Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mystress and her suggestions

Last night my Mystress took another step with my suggestions. Before Mystress has made some mental suggestions to ease my headaches when they come on or to be more open in general to my be more sensitive and express my emotions easier. I felt they were definitely very helpful.

Well last night Mystress made some more in particular i never thought would take hold. Ever since i can remember i have hate my belly button being played with...its always felt so incredibly weird to something was boring its way into my stomach...yes...that weird :).

Last night while in space...Mystress made the mental suggestion that when my belly button is touched from now shall no longer feel so uncomfortable...but in fact it will now feel like the total opposite...that it would feel very one was receiving a wonderful blow job...well...i stand proven wrong. Not only did it not feel truly did feel very enjoyable...maybe not like a blow job...but very enjoyable none the less.

It made me think and ponder...if something that was uncomfortable for me could be taken and changed into something so enjoyable...what else could be done by someone one trusted.

Have any of our readers ever experienced anything similar? I would be very curious to know as as Mystress had said...i was very skeptical and hesitant at first...but am now pleasantly suprised.



Enchanted Ranger said...


Enchantress has taken me under Her trance many times, and re-framed things/events and feelings. It is BECAUSE i trust Her so much that She is able to penetrate so deeply into my psyche and body.

imho, you are very fortunate to have one who will do this with/for you. I would enjoy hearing more about what experiences Mystress and you have been able to share with Hypnosis as part of it.



Paladin said...

Hi there ranger

I was hesitant at first but trusting my Mystress made the step much easier. It has been months and months now and the suggestion still holds.