Saturday, April 30, 2011

Travelling Update..

Greetings Friends and Readers...

First.. that sign. Didn't realize what kinda store I was in till I looked at the clerks shirt and did a double take. Then I noted the sign on the wall. They seem so be a very helpful corporation as there are many stretches cleaned by Kum & Go. Teeeeheeee.. stll gives me a chuckle.

From Colorado Springs, we went onward and spent the night in Hays Kansas. Windy as all get out. And a tiny bathroom, only 2 tiles wide for the 'seating area', I kid you not. From there it was to Stewartsville, MO where my best friend from HS was. We got there just in time for dinner with her boyfriend and a couple of her adorable grandkids.. and two wonderful feline fur baby's, one of whom opted to get up with me at 4:45 am (central time now) to watch the Royal Wedding. I'd watched his parents get married the year I got out of the service with some friends, and for some reason, I just really wanted to watch it live. Both my friend and traveling companion opted out. But Furbaby was in. At least I didn't feel so bad after hearing that 8,000 folks in Kansas City got up for it to go sit next to Diana's wedding dress. Well, excuse me, only 3,000 only got to be next to the dress.. the other 5000 were out some place in a building NEXT to where the dress was. So I didn't feel quite so funny to be curled up on my friends couch with a purring kitty watching at happy love story unfold. Them Brits sure can throw a wedding, I'll say that! And I thought Harry was a kick.. like a mischievous kitten.. just waiting for something fun to bat at.

I started watching just after Kate was in the car at 4:45... and watched till 6:30 when they went into Buckingham Palace. I did througly enjoy it I have to admit. Then went back to bed for a few hours. We were up and out by noon and onto LeClaire, where the show American Picker's is shot. Interesting store, but much smaller then we thought. Then it was off to Chicago. Boy was it windy! We drove by Millennium Park and around a bit before settling into our hotel for the evening. We are about 13 hours from our final destination and plan on a long drive tomorrow to make it on Mon.

Pet has been in constant contact with me. He spent the today working on painting some trip and installing the new sprinkler system in preparation for possible sodding the lawn next weekend. He sent lots of pictures, and I greatly appreciated. Didn't feel like I was missing on all the yard renovation fun. Am certainly wishing him well in his projects.

Well, time to sign off.. long ass drive tomorrow.
Best to all,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Onward the Journey - getting to meet virtual friends!

Greetings Dear Friends and Readers...

I have been doing Reiki on a fellow veteran in Second Life for several months now.. at least back before my birthday in Oct when her Master brought her to me asking for help. On my birthday, she made me a wonderful outfit which has since been one of my very favorites. Well, on this cross country trip, we had the opportunity to take a swing up to Colorado Springs to meet this charming lady and her daughter. My traveling companion was tired after her share of driving up from Santa Fe. So I went off to meet her on my own. It was a delightful time. Her daughter is a a very cute little chatterbox. I can say it sure was nice to smile at my cyber friend across the table and to have a face to go with the avatar. She showed me another outfit she has made for me in Second Life, which is quite stunning. I'll have to post a pic of it here at some point.

After I got back from the yummy dinner, and being online for a bit.. as I got ready for bed, I looked out the window.. and oh my gosh. it was snowing! My friend who was asleep when I got back, woke up as I was looking out the window, and moaned that she had left her camera in the car, and she was afraid it would freeze, and while I was out fetching it for her.. well of course.. I had to get some pics and a vid. Geesh. that woke me up for sure. Out in the blizzard in my 'jamies and tennis shoes, snow blowing sideways. took me a while to get relaxed after that. This will be the first time that I have tried posting a video.. so we'll see how it goes.

Pet mentioned that we got some time to cam. Which we did. This leads me to the fact that pet had finally (although accidentally) named his errr.. 'private parts' for me.. and the name is..... Amusements. How did it get that name? Well.. I had told pet that I was going to want to 'watch' him some on cam while I was gone. *wink wink* He knows what I mean. When I asked him what I wanted to see on cam the other night, he said 'amusements'.... so.. hence he is right. and that's the new name. Cute huh?? And indeed.. I did get to see Amusements tonight.. and he is looking quite healthy. Unlike Mick over at UCTMW, Paladin doesn't have any schedule for cumming, unless it's for me on cam. *grin* So in some ways, although Amusements isn't caged up, he's not getting any relief either.

Tomorrow I get to see my bestest high school friend, and I am pretty excited. From her place, we head on east, but I don't know exactly which route. The weather is pretty scary and we are tying to dodge tornado's. We are headed on to Maryland.. any suggestions?

Best to all,

Mystress Time. Wee

Good evening all.

Today is a Mystress day and although Mystress isnt here, we still had the chance to have some time together. Mystress was so kind to chat with me on yahoo some while i cammed for her. It was good to get some fast communication between us :) We text tons and tons through out the day, yet depending on where Mystress is, they can be rather snail pace. We tried to chat and cam last night but the hotel Mystress was in had really slow internet, so the cam was choppy and messages way dealyed.

Mystress is making good time across the big country and tonight is the last hotel night before staying at a friends. This plan was alittle up in the air but i am glad Mystress managed to finalize her plans. Mystress said its been 6 years since she last saw her best high school friend so i am sure there will be tins of catching up. Mystress thinks she will try to extend the stay there by a day and i really hope she manages too.

Mystress has tasked me with some tasks so off i go to get them taken care of.

Have a wonderful eve and days to come dear Mystress. So glad the trip is going well for you.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter in Sedona

Yes... Sedona is a long way from Montana... our original destination. But weather and plans got changed, so as Paladin mentions.. we went thru Las Vegas on our new route. And indeed, got to see our normal 'summer' visitor in her home turf. Had a kick ass seafood 'extravaganza'... which for me was 3 plates of crab legs that Capt Phil woulda been real proud to haul in.

From LV, we headed to Sedona... thought I had never been here, but it turns out, that I had been to Chapel of the Holy Cross on a trip I took here with my folks back when I was in high school. Sedona was not the new age attraction then that is it now. Turns out the chamber of commerce here does have these nifty GPS Ranger's they call em. For $27 bucks you get them for the whole day. We had ours from around 11pm till about 6:30. Had wonderful list of places to see, and narration and videos that it plays .. sound comes thru your radio on 107.7. After we had dropped it off, we rather missed the nice voice telling us all the things that we were passing by.

Tired... oh gosh.. am I tired tonight though. Got some rubber legs from all the hiking. Think I'm gonna have an ibprophene and chocolate pudding. and get some rest.

Tomorrow we head to Santa Fe, and then on to Colorado Springs from there... and then on east to Maryland. Think we are stopping in St. Joseph, Mo to see my best high school friend for a night. Other then that, now that our route has changed... we don't have much of an idea of where we are stopping each nite. My friend can't do much more then 5 hours in the car... so it's taking us some time to get where we are going. But.. we are having fun along the way.

I do miss my Paladin.. and do wish we'd made it to Phoenix to see Robert... but the east coast is still a long way away.. and my flight won't change on the 9th.. so best we get a move on.

Wishing everyone all good things..

Happy Updates

Good evening all.

I hope that everyone is doing well and that the coming warm weather is exciting for all. Mystress and I prefer the colder rainy days but summer does afford us sometime to putter around the gardens together, making them bend to Mystress's will and her wonderful mental images. Mystress sure can put a lovely garden together. When Mystress gets back, i am sure we will have a bunch more things to do.

Mystress is well into her trip and wow it sounds like a wonderful time indeed. Their plans changed last minute, well the path travelled more, due to weather concerns. The new path has been a blessing so far for Mystress for its taken her to Vegas to catchup with a good friend. Having met her before, i know that Mystress is going to have a grand time. Today Mystress was out and about on a GPS tour. I found it interesting that one could actually rent a GPS device from a city, with a pre-planned tour in in and off you go....kudos to them for a good idea. Maybe Mystress will find many more places like that. It sure makes planning a trip or excursion easier :)

I have Missed my dear Mystress and our times together, yet i am very happy Mystress is on her trip. Its not often that one gets to go on such a trip with a good friend. Keep enjoying your time dear Mystress and know that your pet is always here and waiting.

With all my love for Mystress


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Upcoming Road Trip

Greetings Friends and Readers...

As Paladin as been mentioning, yes, I am headed out on a cross country road trip. Literally. All the way from our northern California abode to Maryland. The prompting for this trip, is that my ex-Mistress, but still dearest friend needed someone to ride with her as she is going to visit her Uncle and Aunt, the Uncle she is legally responsible for, and has developed Alzheimer's and family care situations have changed. His wife has been ill and sometimes cannot take care of him. A new plan to handle things must be devised and so she is going to stay back there for a while. The plan is we drive out now, I fly back from Boston on 5/9.. then maybe around her birthday in mid July I fly back and we drive back again, depending on how things go.

So, our plan it to go north. Wed, 4/20 we are on the road hopefully by 1 or 2. First stop is her mom's home, someplace God forsaken in Nevada. Next, we head for Montana via Twin Fall's ID. In Montana is my very first slave P... a hunky Viking who I was not quite mean enough for, although his dear and very lovely wife is. They got married about a year after My Knight and I did, and they had come to our wedding. We all visited a few times, but its been about 6 years since they moved to Montana. They have been issuing invitations ever since. Mistress C knew him then too.... so I think he is in a bit of excitement of the idea of THREE Mistress's at one time. TeeeHeeee.. he's got a great ass for spanking.. and dear Mistress K, his wife is always gracious about sharing him. She's a pretty hot number herself. yummmy! He says I am still one of the best Mystress's he ever knew. *grins* And I've only gotten better, especially since collaring dear Paladin.

So... after a weekend in Montana, I believe we head for Yellowstone... and then to Mt. Rushmore. From there we wander off towards Chicago... and then down towards Maryland. However.. its all dependent on weather, and free housing offers from friends (hey in this economy, every dollar counts, right?)... in somewhat interesting places. ;)

So.. if any of our fellow bloggers are out there along the directions we are heading.. please let me know.. I'd be thrilled to meet you. If we don't make it on this pass, perhaps the next one.

This weekend I'll be with Paladin, trying to get my fill (impossible but fun to try) of him and as much obedient sub as I can. Too bad sub P and Mistress K are so early in the trip.. I may be going thru withdrawals by Chicago.

However... I am taking my laptop... and Paladin has been instructed that he'll have to amuse us when we can't find something more amusing to do in the evenings. Mistress C got to meet Paladin early on.. and she's the one who came to his place to teach him how to do manicures in the summer time. *grins* She gotten to warm that cute ass before too, although it's been a while. Anyways.... the point being, she's quite fond of him and knowing we'll have him on cam at our command when we want will be great fun!

So that's the lay of the plan so far.. I've never been East of Florida (where I spent my Navy and collage years) except for our daughters play in Pittsburg about 10 years ago. I'm especially excited to go to Washington DC and some of the monuments there.. and Monticello..for some reason, I've always wanted to go there. and Mistress C wants us to take a visit up to NY as well. I'd like to see Strawberry Fields.. and maybe see Superman if its still playing.

Any suggestions anyone has about places to go and see or things to do (I am in search of the giant ball of yarn) would be greatly welcomed!

Thanks to all and best to all as well,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time Is Near

Good evening all.

Time ticks on by and the time for wonderful trips approachs. This weekend Mystress and i share together before Mystress goes off on her wild girls only road trip :) Well maybe not as wild as some of you guys are picturing :)

I am so happy Mystress gets to go on this lovely trip with her good friend. They have been planning for ages and have everything setup and ready to go :) It is very important to me that we all stay close to each other, our friends and family and this trip will certainly keep Mystress and her friend close indeed. Knowing each of the ladies, i know they are going to have a blast.

It will be a long 2.5 weeks without my Mystress's touch but as always we will always be in touch. Be in txt or phone or something even more interactive (Mystress has some wicked orders that involve cams and audiences). We shall share the trip together in the constant communication we shall have through out. Do enjoy it fully Mystress and know that i shall as always be here when you return. I look forward to all the stories and updates :)

Have a wonderful evening to all our friends and family...i count the minutes till i see my dear Mystress tomorrow.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Soecial Treat

Good Evening All

Another week, and another week under the belt of service to my dear Mystress. It was a rather hectic week but any week, regardless of the craziness, in the service of Mystress is so so wonderful.

Tofay was a special treat for me. I got to see my Mystress today and help her teach a reiki class. A treat for sure. I have only seen my Mystress in teaching when i had my attunement. Today i got to see my Mystress in full swing teaching a full class of 5. Let me just say, Mystress sure does know her stuff. She answered every question thrown her way and with all the details the students wanted. It was a wonderful treat indeed. There were rumblings of more course int he future and perhaps i will have the chance yet again to see my dear Mystress in action.

Well i will keep this short. Having a small issue with my eyes, so off i got to use my wonderful reiki skills, care of dear Mystress, to releive them some.