Friday, July 11, 2014

It's Official

Dear Friends and Readers,

This started on the morning of June 4th.  Pet is very good at asking me out of the blue what I am thinking. He asks because he genuinely wants to know.  And he can tell if I am fudging. It is one of our sacred rules, open and honest communications.  So, when we were heading out to breakfast, and I was thinking of, numerous things, but one thought had just crossed my mind and I was mulling it over when he asked.  I had been thinking of our talks about buying land together in the future.  We had spoken of marriage since moving to Texas, and since my divorce from my past Knight.  So, at the moment Paladin asked me what I was thinking, I was thinking, that a long engagement would be nice. I have some things I need to get in order before I am really ready myself for actual marriage.  But over time, finding a non-kinky term to refer to my relationship with Paladin has been a challenge.  We are not roommates, we have never been 'boy friend/girl friend'. We are partners and significant others in the eyes of the vanillas, but neither of those terms really fit the depth of our relationship because of the D/s aspects, yaknow what I mean?  Owner and slave is so much more then those other 'lables'.  But I had found myself using the term "fiance'" as the closest legal/relationship term.  In fact, when I went to check out the ferrets at a local store, I had used the term fiance' to refer to my expedition on his behalf, and we'd had a conversation where he said that was a fine term to use.  But, we had also had discussions in the past, where he had said he never wanted to get married.  He had never seen himself as married.  

Anyways.. so this special morning, he asks, and I say "I was thinking about a long engagement".  He makes a noise but doesn't reply.  In a few moments we are at the restaurant and seated. Coffee comes, and I order my fave breakfast, eggs Benedict. It arrives and I am thinking about our short conversation in the car.  Not one to let something go when we have started our communicating,  I mention that he didn't say anything after my response.  He says "I already thought we were". I look at him and reply "Hmm, well, you've never actually asked me pet". Without missing a beat he says "Then, will you marry me?" I belive I actually clapped my hands and bounced up and down while saying "yes, yes yes!"  

So today we officially announce, most happily, our engagement.  On the advance of our seven year anniversary.  Whoohooo!!!

Feeling blessed indeed,