Sunday, July 18, 2010

Celebration Approaching

Evening All.

I hope, and Mystress too, that all our lovely friends are doing well in the world. Time is flying and as the saying goes, time flys when your having fun :)

Next weekend Mystress and i spend a lovely weekend together celebrating our anniversary....mmm i cant wait. No fixed plans yet but i am sure we will come up with some great ideas :) The important thing is we will be together and enjoying our special time together :)

One thing i can be somewhat sure of, there wont be any stomping :) We spoke about it, and although we believe in each to their own, we dont get it and it doesnt look like its in the cards :)


Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hello Friends and Readers,

What pray tell you ask is that subject line, and the pics about?

Well.. Those are some I took in Second Life today. Met a sub in a place.. chatted a while, and when I asked him what were some of the things he liked in SL, he said foot fetish (Okay, thats REALLY common and plenty of furniture and such to do that) and then he said 'stomping'. Stomping? Like, being stomped on??? 'Yes Ma'am' he says. Really? I mean.. Really???

Well.. okay.. I've not heard of this. well.. there is the place where they shrink the subs into tiny people and then walk on them. Hmmm now that I think about it.. this guy might like that place.

Anyways.. so I have him teleport me to some place to show me what he's talking about and so.. there I am. standing on him.. actually, the animation is having me sort jump up and down on his chest. I ask him "do you find this arousing?" he say "oh yes, I do!" well.. okay then.. My Knight looks over at my screen and chuckles... "perhaps he just wants to look up your skirt'.. yeah. maybe so. I don't get it... what so arousing about this? Well. I dunno..*grins* I think he just likes having someone stomp on him. it was so novel, I figured I 'd just had to take a pic of it and put it here to share to give folks a view of some of the odd D/s things that can happen in SL.

Since he likes the kissing foot bit.. okay.. I do a pose of that for him.. he likes that alot.. Hmmm.. Paladin has never mentioned a foot fetish.... don't think that's one of his things.

And then there was this pose. where I get to use him for a chair. Okay.. I can do that... and it looks kinda cute too. Oh.. and a toast to the ever lovely Lady Muse, who gave me the wonderful champagne goblet yesterday. Seemed an appropriate thing to sip out of while sitting on this slaves back.

I landmarked the place so I can go back. and maybe take Paladin to it. I understand him much better... and perhaps he can give me some insight into it. *grins* He's never said he wanted to stomp on him. but then like me.. he's never heard of it before. And I know he'll like looking up my skirt. *winks*

They also had many other pose balls to click on for different things, but I didn't know this guy, so I kept it pretty mild. The sitting on him like a chair was quite different and actually enjoyable though.

Soooo.. that was part of my adventure in Second Life today. Just when I think I have seen it all there, well, something else comes along and I learn something new. And I do like to do that!

As for our approaching anniversary.. time does seem to fly. And I do feel so lucky each time his mantra pops up at noon on my cell phone.. or he comes in from work.. with his laptop slung over one shoulder, all executive looking in his dress shirt and tie.. puts the laptop down, comes over and kiss's me hello, then pads down the hallway to his room.. and the re-emerges naked with his collar and restraints... .. kneels then offers me his collar and says his mantra....mmmmm...such a charming transformation. Yummmmy!

I'm not sure what all our anniversary weekend will consist of yet.. but being together, is always wonderful. And, his air conditioning has finally been fixed, so now, it won't be 89 degrees in his bedroom at night. Yahhhhyy!

Well, on that note.. best to all out there,

Almost time for anniversary

Good evening to all.

Time passes and so does the time in lovely service to my dear Mystress. Ou anniversary fast approaches and we are looking forward to a lovely time together as usual. Wow time flys and one suprises oneself when you look back and see years of service. It makes one proud to know that finding the right Mystress makes all the time in service so pleasureable and cherished.

A special gratz to all those that have shared a similar time of service and we wish the best wishes to all to continue in such service. For those looking for such service I emplore you to keep searching. As we have posted in the past, its a difficult search and tough rode but the rewards are so so worth it.

Much love to all.