Sunday, March 27, 2011

Road Trips

Good evening all

First quarter done and here comes April. Wow the year is going quick but Mystress and i cant complain for April is the month of road trips :)

Mystress has a very long road trip with her girlfriend planned for the end of the month, and when i say long, i amean all teh way across the country...whew thats a long drive :) I really cant wait for Mystress to go on this trip, not because i dont want to be with my Mystress, but because it will be a number of weeks with Mystress on a girls time road trip. Whats better than two ladies on a raod trip across the country? I am sure there will be plenty of banter and girl bonding time :)

On friday Mystress helped me pick a new car too, nothing special just something to commute with, but it also now gives Mystress and i a reliable option to do some trips for ourselves. I know Mystress has been waiting for sometime for it and i hope that the trips we plan will be all she wants. I look forward to them as any time with Mystress is a wonderful time. I will have to pull out my notes and hints chart and see what fits the bill for us as soon as possible :)

Thank you again dear Mystress for all your help this last week too. You made the entire search and process so much more enjoyable.

In happy service of my dear sweet Mystress.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wee back to normal

Good Evening All

Well its a wekk later and i am happy to report, Mystress and i are back to normal, well 98% normal :) Thank you to all our friends and guests who wished us a speedy recovering. Your well wishes and pleasant energy definitely helped us to get back into the land of the healthy. No longer do we have plague central here :)

Well the first quarter is already done, wow time flies but its also a great time. Mystress is in deep plans for a few all girl road trips in the near future :) I am sure they will be wonderful times indeed. Oh to be a fly on the dashboard during those trips :) Mystress will be gone quiet sometime so I will miss my nights with Mystress but will make up for it when dear Mystress returns. I am sure we will be in constant contact during her trip, exhancing pics and keeping each other updated full time.

We as always enjoy our friends and guest who visit. Mystress just loves keeping upto date with all the blogs linked to us, she finds them to be rather educational. :) Its a great little ring we have with each of us contributing someting rather unique to it. Hopefully we can all learn alittle something from each i know my Mystress really wants a set of boots now :)

To all our friends and guests, keep smiling, having a great time and may the time be good to all.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Catching Up

Evening all.

Well the past week has been a series of coughs, sneezes, sniffles and general yuckiness...yes a technical term for feeling crappy. Mystress and i have been sick, together :), and have spend the entire last week huddled up in, as Mystress calls it, plague central. During this time each of us has taken turns caring for the other, with hot teas being made for each other, and blankets pull up tight, as well as many many reiki to help fight the horrid colds we had. Evening though we were sicker than dogs, the full time stay by my Mystress was a lovely lovely wonderful treat and one we both enjoyed, even if it was a strange way to spend time together. We truly do have so much in common and during this time our choices for remedies, and activities to pass time and all together everything we did seemed to mesh very well. Hopefully we get to repeat the time toegther without being so sick in the future :)

Today was a special treat for my Mystress as she got to spend it together with her lovely lady friend. They make such a great pair of friends that everytime they are together it warms my heart knowing that they are both having a truly wonderful time. I've mentioned it numerous times to dear Mystress how important it is to maintain girl time, probably to the point of being a pain :) I do believe it to be very important for balance and hope that Mystress and D keep up such a wonderful friendship for both their cases. Big hugs to both you sexy ladies.

Mystress makes a very good post regarding Japan, and i urge all our guests to join us in sending good energy to the people of Japan. Mystress and I thought the world was coming to an end when we were sick, kinda dwarfed in seriousness compared to Japan. All we can do is pray that it all gets better in time and that nothing more happens to Japan. Hopefully our good energy will serve to ease the suffering a touch and make things a touch more barable.

With happy thoughts of Mystress, and good energy to Japan, i take my leave


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Prayers for Japan...

This has been a terrible tragedy.. and our hearts go out to all the people there. Especially the workers at the nuclear plants that are working so desperately to save their country, and our planet from something that has terrible possibilities.

Thursday night I was in Second Life, giving distance Reiki to a veteran, and the earthquake had happened just as I was signing off and heading to bed. I took Paladin's blue Reiki bear with me, and fell asleep sending Reiki to the veteran, Paladin who was coughing in his sleep.. and Japan.

I woke to Pet's 'oh shit!' around 7am from the living room and when I asked what was up, he said pics of Japan. Oh yes.. now I remembered, but I was literally sick and tired.. and I fell back asleep for a bit.

Later after I was up, while huddled on the couch with the flu, I watched the tsunami come to my state's shores, wiping out our best fishing port of Crescent City, and the Santa Cruz docks. Saw the giant whirlpool... and cried.. still am.. sending all the prayers, good thoughts and energy that I can. At least, being able to send distance Reiki to the people there is a blessing to not feel so helpless. I have messages from other Reiki groups online and I know all over the world, people are sending their love and positive thoughts there.

So we pause for a serious moment as the struggle to get those nuclear plants under control wages on, and salute the heroes there that are sacrificing their lives for the greater good of all. Rods are melting, water to cool is gone.. how scary is that???

May they be successful...for all of us.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reporting from Plague Central....

Uggh... We've been slimed!!!

Last Fri before I went to my clients house, his wife calls and asks can we stay there till she gets back from the pharmacy with some meds for their 8 year old daughter. Okay... sure. *smacks head with palm* What was I thinking???

So I get there.. and my client answers the door, he communicates in sign language that we need to wait for his wife.. I respond that I know, she called me. I come in to wait. From the back area of the house, I hear a sick little voice greeting her 'Auntie... " I call back to her and let her know I'm not coming down there to see her as I don't want to get sick. Her Dad is now trying to getting his shoes on and as I turn to get a good look at him, he gives up and sits down on the couch. Oh me gosh.. he's almost green... he's got it bad too! Suddenly alarms and klaxons are going off.


I tell quickly that him I am NOT going anywhere with him today, he needs to stay home and get well. He signs 'well.. okay, but I don't feel that bad' followed by a coughing fit. HUMPH! So, I write a note for his wife since she is driving and I don't want to call her. So I do and leave, hoping I have escaped as I didn't get close to either one of them. Of course the title of the post gives it away.

Ahhh.. but the pen.. someone must have used the pen he had me use... because mid day on Monday, after a totally delightful Sunday outing with pet, and holed up comfortably at his house.. my head.. starts to pounding.... and the itchy throat, erupts violently.. the lungs start to wheeze.. oh poooooo... I'm coming down with something, When Paladin gets home on Mon, he's starting to cough as well. I call my Knight Tue morning to let him know that I am sick, and that he might want to stay at his sub's house and not get it from me when I go home. I know that they will both like that idea. But.. then he tells me that roomie is back from out of town, got in the night before, and can't I just stay at Paladin's where the plague has it's talons in and keep the home castle free from it???

Dear Paladin is amenable.. and so.. here I've been all week. I was lucky enough to be able to get off work as my clients and I have a long standing agreement that we don't meet up if we are sick. No spreading it around. In fact, my Thur client called on Wed afternoon just as I was having a coughing fit.. I finally stop and manage a 'hello.. I'm sorry for that'.. After a moment of silence I hear the client say "Uh, can I see you next week instead of tomorrow?" *chuckles* 'yeah, that's a pretty good idea'

Today my Knight brought over some extra clothes for me, and left them, a corned beef and a ham on the door stoop for us. Kinda funny. Who I feel the worst for is poor Paladin.. a close relative of his boss died on Mon and since he is out of town, Paladin is in Head Techie in charge. So off he's gone off to work hacking and coughing. Bet he's popular at the office. And neither of us is sleeping very well. Too eerie to hear one's lungs rasping like an old coal miner. This coming weekend is one that we had planned to spend together, and since last Sunday has lasted the whole week, it's officially the longest stretch we've had together. I do have a Reiki Class I am supposed to be teaching on Sunday, but I'll have to have stopped this coughing before I'll risk infecting anyone else.

Paladin plays computer games with a buddy on nights that I am not here, and so I've sent him off to do that both Tue and tonight. Tonight I made bacon and pancakes for us for dinner for something simple and comforting. Guess we'll have the corned beef tomorrow.

It was kinda funny on Tue nite, when Paladin was in the office playing on the computer and I pick the show Pawn Stars to watch in in the living room as its something I like to watch at home too. Paladin comes out, looks and the show and tells me that's the same thing that he picks to watch too when he has the office tv on. Considering that he has just about every cable channel you can have, including paid, I thought it was kinda sweet I pick the same thing he would and had no idea. *grins* Can't tell you guys how often that happens with us. Sometimes I accuse him of stealing stuff out of my head.

Sniff, sniff, cough, cough... ugggh.. wish he cold get the stuff clogging up my head out of it. But that would be pretty icky. Well, on that happy note I'm going to sign off..
Wishing all good health..
safe paths,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shangri-La Power Exchange Training Academy and Gardens... in Second LIfe

Greetings Dear R/readers...

I've had some questions from friends about this place I spent time at called Second Life. I've written about it several times before and posted pics as well. But I was asked by a friend to post some pics of it and Shangri-La, so I decided to something of a travel log/staff recruitment.

On of the things I do there is participate in a 'Training Academy' for submissive's with a friend, Mystress Rage. We are currently looking for interested staff. And we do offer a nice cyber benefit package in SL in case any at the UCTMW group need a side line or a virtual home to roost in. *grin*

We have a staff 'consultant', my past slave Thina.. whose blog is still here. She's an amazing builder and had helped a lot with things. We also have several girls in training there. She built the great staff board that there is a pic of later on.

So, here's a visual tour of some places in SL.

This is kajira Robert.. or 'bobby' here now with me at my Reiki Center. There are 'animation overriders' that let you position your avatar in a variety of ways. And collars and 'huds' that let an Owner control their slaves in a wide variety of ways too. Quite fascinating!
There are also all sorts of interactive adult 'parts'. *grin*

This is a view from high up of the 'sim' that my land is on. Where the blue water with waves is, is the area of land where the training academy is, you can see the ampitheater is, the big tree adn a pond on the left. The bright green flat areas in the distance, is where the Reiki Center is, on the right, and the Memorial Garden over on the left patch. The little house over on the left belongs to a neighbor.

A shot zooming in. The tan amphitheater is a place where we can hold larger classes or discussions

Seating in the amphitheater looks like Owners and slaves have seating.

A shot of the stage for presentations, discussions or class.

Standing down on the dock looking across the water. The red pillows on the dock have different positions for chatting and cuddling. I have added water and nature sounds too. Its one of my favorite places to sit and relax.

This is a waterfall and pool that also has many poses with it, including for massage and D/s positions. My lands there are public, so I never know who I might find. This fellow is from Egypt and was admiring the area.

A pretty dance area over a pond with swans that kajira robert made for me.

This tree is also a fun place to sit. It also has all sort of D/s positions available. If you look, you'll see two balls, a white one and a blue one. They each have a different position and this tree has about 120 different animations for couples that it does in one heck of a variation.

This is a view of our administration building from above (obviously)

This is the front of the admin building, which we call Castle Sanctuary.
My horse Sultan is over on the left.. I have a hitching post there for him.
Some great riding trails in SL for sure!

a better shot of Sultan..

Me in front of our sign...

The lower level of the admin building

the Staff board... lets folks know whose online.

My desk in the castle

Our conference room.

Another view of the conference room.

This is our collaring and graduation room. The colored circles on the left wall each represent a level of training that our slaves go through. Graduation is based on reading and demonstration of knowledge as well as actual in-world behavior at the Academy.

This was a candid shot of Mystress Rage advancing our dear girl Naughty to black silks.
She has since earned her way to red silks, and is First Slave of Shangri-La. A delightful girl to be around to be sure!

This is the upstairs, which serves as a social area as well as library. We have dances and social activities and we all study there as well. We also have a board game popular in-world called 'greedy' that kajira robert and I can sit and play for long periods. Its simple, but fun. The dance floor in the middle of the room moves and its really pretty cool looking.. I did some layering to get the effect I wanted.

This is one part of the actual library. Mystress Rage has done an amazing job in designing a curriculum for the students. We have Dom/mes who come to read and visit as well. We are always glad to have visitors! One of the girls contributed the interesting lamp.

This was a pretty pic that I found to add some art to our lovely place. The girls all liked it very much since they are sisters here together.

This is a snapshot I took a while back of several of us visiting together. On this day, I had black hair and am seated on the far right. Mystress Rage is in the middle and Master KJ is to the left.
The red head in front of me is my girl mikka... and naughty is to the left, back when she was in yellow silks. I forget the name of the boy that Rage had there at that time..

This is Rage and I relaxing and chatting.

And the view of the full library behind us.

Naughty invited me to a dance she was at last nite, so I decided to join her. Unfortunately she wasn't 'rezzing' and is the cloud in front of me. She finally did materialize in some very pretty silks.

I have a memorial garden in SL too.. and above that, in the sky on a big crystal, I have a store. Sounds pretty wild huh? Well, yeah, it can be alright.
This kind lady really liked my stained glass windows and bought like 8 of them. So I flew over to meet and thank her, and gave her a free box of my round rugs. Both have been very popular and help keep me in Lindens (the term for currency there.)

Away from the 'business sim' where the Reiki Center is on one side and the gardens and Academy on the other, I have another tiny piece of land, on the snow sim. I dearly love it there, and that is my private home and cabin that I share with kajira robert and mikka. They have pet beds down stairs, that even have animated blankets I can pull up over them after they are curled up to sleep.

My little cabin in the snow.

The back deck

The downstairs.

Its fun to be able to decorate in so many ways.
kajira made all the wolf pictures.

These are their pet beds. kajira's on the left and mikka's on the right. Kaijra mentioned once that he'd like it if I had a rocking chair by their beds.. so I got one. Gives me an animation of knitting and a scarf to be doing if I want to. So.. I tuck him in and rock till he poofs off line.

The private bedroom

And although there is lots more..this concludes our travel log of the world of
Second Life for tonight.

This is a completely free place unless you want to own land, or buy things that folks charge for. There are lots of free things in world. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

We do invite you to explore the fascinating world. And if any submissive's, slaves or Dominants would like to join our community at Shangri-La, why we'd be thrilled to 'meet' you there. We are always looking for good staff and subs. We also have free housing for staff members. Will show those pics next time along with the Dominate playground in the sky...

If you are in a long distance relationship, then I strongly suggest you check this world out, as it really gives a wonderful way to interact with each other. It's been so nice to be able to interact with kajira robert in this mode, even though he lives miles and miles away, in-world, we are in the same place.. and that's magical!

Here's useful links..

I like the Phoenix viewer for it better then the Linden Labs viewer 2 though

And if you wanna see what shopping can be like, look here:
(that's also where my stained glass windows and rugs are for sale.. a virtual virtual store)

Best to all,

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Paladin as Counselor and Confidant

Hello R/readers,

I don't talk much about my regular work here. Suffice it to say I work with a challenging population. There is a reason I am paid to work with them, but that doesn't mean I can let them run my life or be disrespectful of it. Of all of them on my caseload, there really is only one who specializes in making me nuts. Add to that multiple years of pay cuts from the state for doing this challenging work and I'm really about ready to find something else to do professionally or at least a different agency then the state.

The past few years, one of my clients has been more and more challenging to work with. In the last few weeks, it's gotten worse. Added to the new roommate that's just plain nuts (but she's a family member so we have to be as patient as we can), has had me feeling stressed more then normal. *Insert deep breath here*. This is where Paladin comes in. He is always very calm and thoughtful and as a fellow healer he's able to help me work through these difficulties.

Paladin has many jobs as Myne, and he is something of a Swiss knife of usefulness. AsI have mentioned in the past, while he was quickly willing to be my slave, he took more time to consider the position of confidant. He ponders things a long time before he make a decision for the most part. But once he agreed, he threw himself into it as he does everything else. And over the years it has helped me to grow and learn to communicate better and better. Before Paladin, I had many more bouts of 'Celtic moroseness' (aka depression but not as romantic sounding). I used to just shut down and worry these things over in my mind, but he doesn't allow that to happen, and another job of his is to intervene if he thinks I need it.

Last nite, I needed it. So, we had a very long chat that helped on more levels then I can say. In a life that is often tinged with insanity of the other participants, Paladin is truly the only sane one in the mix. And one of the things he is most persistent about is making me talk about things that bother me. All the things that feel mean and/or petty.. things I don't want to say to the folks that inspire them. Or the feelings of frustration that can be almost overwhelming sometimes. He is the only person on the planet that I'll say these things to, and then they are able to be released in an environment of acceptance and love. And he's right, I do always feel better afterwards. Much more at peace with things. And he gives wise counsel as well. I have deep respect for who he is as a person both personally and professionally. I admire his devotion to his friends, parents, siblings... and Me. So with his help, I am set in a new direction and some new business idea's. Checked out the craigslist some tonight to get some idea of what's out there, and found a few things I could apply to, so looks like its time to do a new resume, cuz I've not had to do one in 21 years..

On another note.... we got to have lunch together today, a rare occurrence. I was done working early and he was taking a late lunch, so we met up at a the KFC in the town he works in on my way home past it. It was nice to see him in his business attire, it gives me all sorts of evil thoughts. Like making him go to the restroom and take off his undies, just like the girl slaves are made to do sometimes. But... well... he'd be a bit more obvious without some sort of covering if he happened to get aroused. Oh yeah.. that does give rise to more wicked thoughts... but... as much fun as it could be, I am very careful anything I might do that would affect him professionally.

He was covered in work energy.. could see his programming mind still running over his project at work, almost hear those gears clicking. When things are like that, I don't like to break that focus, he has a lot of responsibility in his work and I know he needs to stay focused to do it. It's only after hours that I'll actually indulge in all those yummy wicked thoughts.

He was also extra sweet when he hugged me and kissed me on the top of my head on our way back to our cars, highly unusual for him in public, and even more so on a work break. It's not that he's not normally affectionate, he is extremely, but only in private. He is generally very reserved in public, guess its that British upbringing. Made me grin all the way home. The boy is showing progress!

Well, that's it for tonight,
time to get some rest,
safe paths to all,