Wednesday, February 6, 2008

An Experiment in Trance Commands

Well.. talk about a SUPER TUESDAY! It was certainly another amazing evening with My fantastic Paladin. Often when I have seen Paladin on a weekend I skip seeing him on a Tue so he gets some alone time. I offered that option to him, but he insisted that he still wanted to see Me.

One of the new things I have been working on with Paladin is hypnotizing him and giving him suggestions of greatly increased arousal. The results of this have been quite astounding. He now has two 'cue' words that drop him into a very deep hypnotic trance.

This takes a great amount of trust on his part for a couple of reasons. Firstly, he was resistant to it because in our earliest discussions about it, he was quite concerned about letting go of control to sink into this place, and secondly, having enough trust in Me to let be able to follow the Commands given to him in that state. We had talked about this early on, but at that time, he was some what resistant to it, so I had let it rest. A few weeks ago we are having a conversation about Me wishing that he could be trained to cum on Command. He felt that as a male, this was not something that was possible. I suggested that perhaps he could be trained to do it under hypnotism. Because he wanted to be able to do this for Me, he agreed to see if we could do this.

When he finally agreed to this, I promised that I would always have him remember everything I told him, and that I would only give him Commands that I would if he were awake. I have strictly abided by My promises to him.

So far, this has been working very well. Pet does indeed seem to be able to cum within a very short time of being Commanded to. Now I don't always like to use this, but it has been quite arousing to use it from time to time.

Last nite, it occurred to Me to try an interesting experiment with him. I previously posted about how sqiggy pet gets whenever his belly button is touched. Just My hand near it had been enough to have him get all uptight in anticipation of My touching him, and My finger actually there has given him great discomfort.

Last night, I put him into trance, and gave him a two part command in regards to this. The first part was that whenever I touched his sword necklace, he would beg Me to touch his belly button. The second part, was that now, instead of such great discomfort, he would find this incredibly arousing and beg for more and more of it.. It would feel to him as though I was giving him oral sex. I also Commanded him that when I touch his shoulders, he will beg Me to mark him ... and when I touch his nipples, he will beg and plead to kiss Me.. and the more I deny him, the more he will beg. Also touching his nipples will greatly magnify his sexual arousal by massive amounts. Each Command bumps up his arousal levels to new heights. I tell him that all of this is very pleasurable to Me, and makes him a better pleasure slave. On the count of three and a snap of My fingers and he awakes.

I am most curious about the belly button Command. I wonder, can this really work? Can this hypnotic Command overcome his intense squeamishness of when I touch his belly button?

One he is awake again, I touch his sword. He obediently begs Me to touch his belly button "Please touch my belly button my Mystress, please..". I grasp his wonderfully beautiful semi hard cock with one hand, and tentatively begin to circle his belly button with the other. Amazingly, his cock jumps and hardens and pet moans softly. "More Mystress, more, please, please!" then even more amazingly, his hand is on Myne, pushing My finger deeper into his belly button and he begins thrusting up against My finger. His head is thrown back and he writhes in ecstasy, thrusting more and more against My finger, his cock is now rock hard and jumping in My grasp. He begs for more and more. I touch him other places and he responds with the Commanded behaviors. "Mark me please Mystress, mark me..." and "May I kiss you, please my Mystress.. may I, please.. please?" Mmmm... I LOVE it when Paladin begs Me.... Again I touch his sword, again he begs, again I touch his belly button, again he writhes in pleasure. So fascinating to Me, but he takes it in stride so matter a factly.

The night passes in a haze of pleasure for us both... ramped up to new levels.

This morning, before we get up, I touch his belly button, I am curious to see if the effects of My Command are still present... he groans in pleasure. Mmmmmm....Smiles...

Just now, as I write this,(early this morning) I send him a txt 'touch your belly button and tell Me how it feels pet'

"feels yummy" he txts back.

As Spock would say - fascinating.

Best to all


unspeakable axe said...

Wow! How on earth did you learn this?

Now I need to add something else to my long list of things to try.

Paladin said...

My Mystress is full of wonderful tricks and wonderful ideas...and as my Mystress says..sometimes they can be quite wicked.

Mystress said...

I learned this a long time ago, but only recently thought to try it out with Paladin. It has certainly been an interesting experience.

There are several places on the net that have info for doing hypnosis, but one has to be quite careful of what they decided to do, and trust and agreement between both as well.

And yes, it's certainly something fascinating to experience!

Best to you in your own pursuit,

David said...

I was fascinated and intrigued by this post Mystress, when you showed it me. I felt privileged to be able to read of your special relationship and I look forward to reading more.