Sunday, April 25, 2010

Summer Time Fun

Evening All

Summer has officially started as its cooler outside than inside my place these days :) We hope that everyone has many fun plans planned fo summer. Now that volcanos are not disrupting travels our friends can once again spend time together. We hope this visit is a long happy one indeed.

Mystress got ready for the summer too today getting a new jacquzzi....its definitely one way to spend a summer evening indeed and much fun. Do enhoy it dear Mystress and soak all yuor tensions away. It sure has spurred my desire to get us one too...will see what the future holds.

Hugs to sister and handshakes to brother...i hope all goes well with you guys too.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Adventures with Mystress.

Evening all....

Time ticks by and the happiness gros each day. We hope all our guests and friends are doing well and a special wish to Lady Muse and her pet....we hope things ho smoothly in the near future and your reunion goes well...who can really trsust a volcano these days.

Last night Mystress went to dinner....all i have to say is Mystress has a wonderful nack to fidning all the wonderful spots. From the outside one wouldn't think the treat awaiting inside was so delightful. The food was wonderful and left us both filled and happy. Thank you again dear Mystress for the lovely dinner and the new spot. We will definitely have to go again and try all the lovely sushi they had.

Much love to Mystress

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a lovely treat

Good evening to all our lovely guests and our little family. Mystress invited us all to see a special particle show in second were we all suprised. What a great idea and so wonderfully executed. From the light show to the mixing of the pictures along with the particles dancing across the screen to music, it was all so pleasing. It made us all tap our feet in time with the music eager to see the what the next selection of music and particles would bring along. The one segment to the music from Dark Knight was particularly entertaining. From all of us, thank you dear Mystress for the wonderful invite and i am sure we'd all like to do that again soon.

It also brings me much joy to see that Mystress and Thina are doing so well together. I find much comfort in knowing that Mystress gets to explore and enjoy SL to the fullest and to enjoy the time there with Thina as much as she does. The picture of you two with noses together is so adoreable...lovely indeed. To the future and the good things it holds for us all.


Life in Second Life

I wrote a few weeks ago about My new girl pet in Second Life.
Things have been progressing along very well. I greatly enjoy the home we have together. Each eve online ends with her normally dancing a bit, and on her new restraint/display device, and then a bit of cuddling before I go. I thought I had pics of her up on it, but as I can't find them these pics of us shall suffice for now. The top one was taken in a photography studio that is hidden in the mountain of our new school.

The next, was taken in her little room in the house, complete with her wee kitty bed. And the last, is the way most of our evening end, with her dancing for Me while I watch from our cuddle couch.

Thina has been a wonderful pet and companion in SL. She is a busy girl with many friends, and is a Mentor, teaching some other girls the art of submission. It was suggested to her that she should have a school for it.. and after we looked for land to place such a school, I realized that I almost never used My land that had a tiki house on it, and so after consulting with Sir Robert, we decided to surprise girl by converting the land from My house, to a school for the slaves. Thina liked the idea of a classic Roman school, and as I have always liked the architecture of it, it has been a project we have all worked on, and it's come about to be a lovely place.

We have some staff already, Myself as Head Mystress, Thina, as Mystress' Girl, her two girls bri and chris are Senior Slaves. Sir Robert serves as Head Master and Protector, and thina's sister, Helyn also serves as a Protector of the Gardens. Paladin shall also server as a Protector.

The new place is called Thina's Training Gardens, so if any of you happen to be in Second Life and would like to see the place, feel free to drop by. We also have a place for public discussions that we'll be posting as events in SL later.

A favorite thing I love to go to is a wonderful particle show, which is particle art set to music. Simply amazing! I've taken girl, Sir Robert and our friend Angel as well . I'll be insisting that Paladin join Me as well the next time the show coincides with a time he'll be online. I would have yesterday, but he was visiting a friend, and I didn't want to make him leave to come see it. I know how important his friends and time with his friends is. It helps him to recharge and be a better pet for Me. The same actually is also true with Thina. I know each nite after I go off to bed, she spends time with her friends, and this keeps her happy and well.

So, time in both worlds is pretty good.
I wish the best to all in both,
and hope life brings you more smiles then tears,

I love Restraints

Good day all,

Tis been a couple of weeks since I've written, so here is an update on things.

First a belated congratulations to the Dominant Muse, I hope things with your new sub are still going well, and I am glad to hear that girl will be on her way back to visit you again before too long.

Things with Paladin go along wonderfully as usual. We do have something of a routine set up. And we are slowly making progress on the house. After the great whacking of the roses and war of the aphids, the garden is starting to come along nicely. Have been feeding the plants Miracle Grow and now the dear little lime tree has blossoms upon it, and the roses are starting to bloom too.

In conversation the other nite, Paladin 'complimented' Me by calling Me a 'geek' after I made a comment about Mordor when mishearing a commercial. It was pretty funny how he explained it all to Me the difference between dorks, geeks and the like. Personally, I took it as a compliment, although some might not have.

As for him, he still weekly has to 'assume the position' after getting ready for bed. And when I was cold the other day and he teased Me about it, I made him get and stay naked except for his collar and restraints for a while. Hmmmm... usual summer attire just before the start of spring.

So, speaking of restraints, here a a couple of pics of him in his I took the day he was building his new computer. It's been almost 3 years now (end of July) and they look as good on him now, as they did the day I first put them on. And it never fails to thrill Me still to see him in them. And they are so handy for binding him to his bed, so he cannot move. It's good for him, and something I do believe he needs from time to time.

So. things go well here, and in Second Life with My new girl there too.. and that. .will have a entry of its own along with some pics following this post.

Today, a big storm moves in.. a perfect day for writing, and playing and ..... dang it.. laundry.

With that, I go off to finish some chores....

Best wishes to all out there,

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Lovely Mystress

Good evening all.

Oh what a treat....i sit here on the computer listening to my Mystress on the radio...yes the radio :) Mystress is doing a lovely interview on a book she has co lovely indeed to hear Mystress delivering her message.

We hope all out friends are doing well and the family too.

Much love to all and especially dear Mystress