Sunday, July 31, 2011

Angle Of The Dangle

Good evening all.

How are all our wonderful guests this nice warm summer eve? We hope all are doing well and life is treating all well.

Mystress has had a busy 4 days visting with friends from out of the country and doing the tour guide thing. She sounds like she is having a truly wonderful time which is so so wonderful to hear. It please me to such levels to know Mystress is having such a wonderful time.

So on Monday Mystress gave me an assigment for the week i had to do and report my findings tonight. Mystress want me to monitor for the week which of my testicles hanged lower than the other and to note whether or not it changes. Well Mystress, i can report that the left is lower than the right and no, it doesnt change. Another observation is that it also hangs from left to right. I hope this information Mystress finds usefull and amusing :)

I eagerly wait to see my Mystress tomorrow. It will be great to hear of all her adventures of the last four days. Looking forward to it much.

With much love for Mystress


Sunday, July 24, 2011


Good Afternoon all our wondeful guests and friends.

Its time once again to pronounce my super high level of happiness at this time of the year. Why, well its officially 4 days into my 5th year of service, 361 day to go till 5 oh so magical years with Mystress. Our friends always express a delighted suprise when they relize how long its been, sort of suprise to them, but a pleasant suprise. It certainly isnt a chore and its truly a delightful time indeed. I do look forward to many many more years to come. I always tell Mystress, "I aint going anywhere and she is stuck with me" :) Dare i ask how many years some of our guests have been in service to their doms? I am kinda curious as to what sort of times others have had in service? Tomorrow my dear Mystress is coming over and i am sure we will celbrate our times together :)


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Its that time

Good evening all our dear guests.

Summer is ticking on by as it always does. Mystress is up in the hills tonight with her knight and sister in-law. Its her birthday so Mystress and her knight are treating her to a wonderful time up in the mountains. Its reall a wonderful location and a great place to spend some calm and relfecting time just relaxing and recharging. I hope they truly have a grand time.

This week is also our anniversary week. Weee 4 years in the service of Mystress with each day more special and rewarding than the last. As i mention, time flys, but it all leads to years and years of time together. Mystress and I are truly blessed to have so much time together with many many more years to come. The truly sucky part however is i have a business trip this week and i leave on our anniversary day :( The truly sucks and i cant apologize enough to dear Mystress. Mystress says we shall celebrate when i return and i hope to take her up on her sweet offer.

Well i go now to do my daily garden duties. As Mystress mentioned, our garden is looking marvelous so i do my due deligence to keep it sparkling and thriving for my dear Mystress. I have a feeling Mystress cant wait to bite into our fresh tomatoes. Next year, who knows how big our garden will get :)


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Of Lawns and Cars

Hello Friends..

Been a while since I posted. When I got back from my vacation, I had some rough news regarding my work, and I've been beating feet ever since. Paladin as always, has been a tower of strength, and a beacon of calm reasonableness in his moral and even financial support in this overly rough time for me. He runs very solid and constant, and when so many other things are changing, I am glad that he is just the same. He once wrote about being like a weeping willow grown from a bolder.. and he is like that. I can cling under his protection when storms around me rage, and he is always unflappable and reasonable, yet he is also deeply passionate and adoring. His first inclination when anything is wrong, is to send the peaceful an relaxing energy of Reiki to me, and I can feel it helping me to get a grip when I might otherwise lose it.

He writes about our garden, and indeed, it is doing amazingly well! The herbs have all been growing gangbusters as have the sunflowers. Although Paladin feels his are not quite up to par since only one is growing to the right size. The rest have been much shorter. But they still have bright, happy faces to me!

He had also redone the whole back yard lawn with fresh sod when I returned, and has been fastidious about being sure it's watered properly. Some long time readers.. may remember when he bought his house near ours a couple years ago, the lovely green lawn he had seen when he agreed to buy it, had seemingly been un-watered during the 60 or so days of escrow and was dry and brown that first day when we went to the new home with the key fresh from the realtor. I remember looking up at him and saying "Pet....I don't think grass is supposed to crunch.' He made his characteristic stallion snort about it.. and set off to bring it back. Which he did.. then he fought a long and loosing battle with the plethora of weeds that had sprung up when he got what grass there was to grow. So.. he decided to kill it all.. and then spent a few months carting all the dead stuff out in his green waste container. And.. while I was gone.. he undertook to do the fresh sod.. so when I came back, it was now, a pure, lovely green oasis. We've had a couple of very nice weekends chopping the huge rose canes back so we can use the walkway around the grass without being torn to shreds.

And his help with the car.. was wonderful. He's done the brakes on his mustang a few times and has all the air tools and such organized like any good engineer and while he got pretty filthy doing it, it was all done in less then an hour I think. Again, much gratitude.. brakes is one of those things shops love to do, and then tell you all the other things wrong, and charge you crazy prices to do it. Brakes and rotor done under $100!

All in all, things are pretty well. Some emotional family drama has kept me a bit off my regular solid footing, but I hope for the best, and keep one foot in front of the other. I've not had much focus to keep on the blog here, or our dear friends out there, but I hope to be a bit more grounded in the new few weeks. At least Paladin keeps things running smoothly while I am away or busy. He is ever the well trained protector and pleasure slave, in contact all day with texts, always checking in to see how I am, which is a heartwarming especially when things have been so.. challenging.

Well, I have several chores to do today and wish to get on my way before the day is too warm.
Best to all,

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Special Treat

Good Afternoon enough for everyone? It sure is nice and toasty here. Its not our favorite weather thats for sure but its a nice change of pace. The countdown to the rainy days have already began so we will continue to count the days down :)

Today was a special treat for me. My dear Mystress came for a vist this morning....weee. I helped her knight with a few motor vehicle chores and we had dear Mystress up and rnning asap. It was a wonderful treat indeed and i enjoyed it immensly. Mystress is off in her newly re-tuned vehicle to visit with a friend this evening. Have a great visit dear Mystress.

While they were here, Nystress had to show off the garden. Her knight was truly impressed. We have a wonderful garden going and it sure doesnt look to be ending anytime soon. In fact, i am off to give the little guys their showers and fresh does of miracle grow...hopefully they will all grow up to be the mutant plants Mystress seems to grow :) Mystress has some sunflowers over 6Ft tall now and mine ours here are maybe half that size....i will have to learn all Mystress's secrets.

With such love and care for Mystress...