Thursday, November 14, 2013

Texas Renaissance Faire Bondage Camp 2013

Was AWESOME!  Some 11 members of the House of Swan all camped together.  I have a pic of the House Flag that I'll upload tomorrow and add.  The last number was 121 kinky campers for the weekend.  And it was great fun!  Our campsite had only 1 Dom and the rest was Dommes and male subs.  Mmmm...that made it extra special.  One of  our kinkster friends invited us over to come see his place when he got it set up. He set up 6 easy ups, covered them with a 50x50 tarp, put a ground tarp, carpet padding and then carpeting down, taped it all together with a couple of heaters and an X cross centrally set up. It was awesome!  A large contingent from our camp went to watch some great scenes, including one from our own group, a Domme with her male sub. Yummy!  But then someone started smoking inside, and then two others, and then we left.   There was a extensive out side play area, and we could see the spin of the fire floggers across the dark from our camp site, nestled in a nice corner on the outskirts of the camp.  I didn't want to be any where near the middle of that craziness.  Let me go visit it, then go back to my peaceful corner and watch the herds of 'nilla's walking by.  On Sat nite, someone got a great Celt band to come down and play.  Add in the fire flogging.. oh my gosh. that was pretty amazing. Just imagine fire flogging to Celtic drums and bagpipes.  That and Lady A's amazing hot buttered rum and we were all in heaven.  Truly some amazing scenes, even if it was chilly.

I HAD planned to tie pet up between a couple of tree, but the temperature got down to 42 degree and I just wasn't up to it. Dang it.  Even got a great new green and black flogger from Faire. It was Pirates weekend by the way, which made it all the wilder and crazier!  But oh it was sooo fun!   We had some camp visitors who didn't spend the night, but came up for a visit. Could hear the sounds of spankings and orgasms throughout our area, which WAS set up as an adults only area.  No one under 21 was allowed to camp in our area, and the boundaries were strongly enforced, which was also great.   And it was also Paladin's very first Ren Faire, and it was fun to watch his head swiveling trying to keep up with all the bouncing boobies.  He had to have a costume and I think in the end, he was glad of it. It was a simple one, and mine was a simple Scottish lass.  All of our company except sub j was in costume and he was Commanded to get one by next year.  The House of Swan had a marvy time at bondage camp.
 All in all it was a great adventure and we look forward to a bigger and better bondage camp in 2014!

Paladin has decided this is our last season of tent camping though.  Turns out we both grew up camping and love it.  But tent camping is a lot of work.  So, we're going to be getting a small travel trailer for camping in, then the cold won't matter.  Nor will the humid day heat up by the lake.  We have spent several weekends over the past few months going and looking at trailers.  We got a really good idea of what we want.  He has to finish working on his big green army truck to haul it around though.  In two weeks we go camping again for Thanksgiving, and I'm really hoping that the weather will be not too cold.  They do have power and we do have our heater and electric blanket....its that walk to the bathroom at 2 am that gets me. Brrrrrrrrr!  So next spring, like beginning of March, we go trailer hunting! WEEeeee!

On another front, folks that read my other blog will know that I have my Compensation and Pension evaluation from the VA coming up on Dec 4. (Thank you for your ever sweet comments there too dearest Swan!!!)  I was told to file last year by my Vet Center and VA doctors and so I did - last August.  There is much anxiety connected to this as it will decide if I can get on with life, that the VA will fix the teeth that those asshats in the Navy busted all those years ago, or if I will have to file an appeal and continue to fight them for what's right.  I'm praying that this is it.  Its very hard to try and get past anything when one is in pain from what was done and you can't get it fixed. Paladin keeps telling me that financially it doesn't matter, that he will always take care of me. And I know that.. but.. I want to be able to help much more then I can, and the 100% will more the double my current disability payments.  I want to be able to spoil him like he spoils me.  I don't want to have to keep putting thousands of dollars into dental work for what the VA should fix!  For my birthday, I got a crown.  For my tooth.  I paid for the $900 root canal, and darling pet paid for the $700 crown. Dang..  It just irks me that the VA gets out of paying that when by all rights they should have.  But I can't get re-reimbursed  for it. Grrrrrr. waiting for that date has me all antsy now, I'll just be so glad when it finally all over!

 Paladin as always, has been amazingly wonderful.  He was on a work trip to CA and came back last Sun sick as a dog and got me not quite AS sick, but enough to cancel everything this week in hope of being better for the great play party scheduled for Sat.  Its been sad since he's been so sick. I can't play with him at all.  He's coughing like crazy and going to bed early as he's too busy at work to be able to take any time off.  I do hope that Thanksgiving will be a time when he can really relax and unwind.  But.. his work is picking up... he is in charge of a new system throughout the corporation and business and he may have to do some more travelling to do training's on the new system.  I miss him like heck when he's gone, but he is good about wearing his M on his thigh and sending me yummy pics of it. And he stays in close contact while travelling.  We have friend near by who keep me company and check in on me, so I feel pretty safe although I sure miss his yummyness.

Looks like Paladin's family won't be coming out for a visit this year, and I don't have anyone either. But we have our wonderful local family we have now.  I am really hoping for a Christmas Miracle and getting my 100% right before Christmas.  It could happen!  

I wish everyone out there the best as we head into the Holiday season.  And I celebrate another year of joy with my amazing Paladin!!!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Time Flies and We take on a New Hobby

South Padre Island, TX

Greetings Readers and Friends,

Yes, time certainly does fly by.  We had visitors from Germany for a couple of weeks, and I got to go on a wonderful trip with them to S. Padre Island (if you want some beautiful Texas coastal water to swim in, this is the place!  The La Quinta was a awesome hotel and right on the beach - literally. Walk out past the pool and your in the ocean.  It was sooo amazing.)  Our friend D loves to swim in the ocean like I do, and we spent all Tue from right after breakfast till about 5pm swimming in wonderfully beautiful water. I was sorry that Paladin couldn't get out of work to come with us.  We also then went up to San Antonio and enjoyed the beautiful River Walk and the tour of the Alamo.   It was nice to see more of my new state, and find some places to take Paladin to when he can get away.

San Antonio River Walk

Life with Paladin continues to be awesome.  Sometimes I stand at the top or foot of the stairs and simply marvel at my life here with him.  I have never lived so compatibly with anyone - ever.  So many times we say the same thing at the same time.  Arguments are almost nil, and not because I get to trump everything.    Frankly, I can't remember anything we have needed to argue about.  I'd say we go along with the same mindset about 98% of the time.  

We have taken up a new hobby that I had started in Calif, but had not pursued since moving.  We got re-inspired by our visiting friends, as they practice their hobby all over the world, and that is Geocaching.  Thur on our way to a local munch, we planted our first cache ourselves, and were delighted tonight to see it got published.  And then, on Fri, on our way to dinner, Paladin asked if there were any cache's in the area.  Sure enough, there looked to be an easy one right around the corner from the restaurant, and so off we went after dinner.  It was a lot of fun, and it's had us giggling like kids.  Here are a couple of graphics I came across today that  I liked a lot:

Since we both consider ourselves geeks, this 'sport' fits us perfectly.  We both love getting out in nature a lot and this adds a great new dimension to it.  I went on several cache hunts with our friends while they were here, and got introduced to some nice parks that are not too far away I didn't even know existed before they came.  Now there are 3 really wonderful ones for us to go to, some with lots of forest and trails to wander around in.  It's nice to know that if I don't want to go too far in after something I can send pet in to do it.

Lets see.. what else.. oh yes.. next weekend is our local Fetlife groups party. Its gonna be a tailgate party theme, and everyone is supposed to come in some sort of team or favorite sports attire.  Paladin is going as what he was, a Rugby player.  Got him some running shorts because all the rugby ones in his size were sold out, and a great rugby T Shirt.  He's griping about how short the shorts are, and Oh My... they are.  YUMMMY!  I find there is so little beefcake at the party most of the time.  I mean the half naked girl subs are cute, but most of the guy subs tend to be kinda thin and very scarce.  I've had more then one lady, including subs, ask me to play Paladin just so they can see him.  Cuz like YEAH, he's pretty hot.  He's a big man.. muscular and I'm tellin' ya ladies, we American's have really missed out on the whole Rugby thigh phenomenon. He normally wears jeans or khaki's to parties. But this is still summer here, and he's gonna be in the short short shorts.  His T-shirt is almost longer.  I'm going as a Dommy referee and going to put some yellow penalty cloth on one of my crops as well as having some penalty flags to throw around.   Should be a blast.  It's been several months since we've been to one and we are looking forward to it bunches.

On other fronts, I am still waiting for the VA to decide on my unemployability.  Last month was a year since I filed for it.  I have been getting great health benefits from the VA though and feel very fortunate.  I went for 12 years with no health care at all, and feel profoundly grateful for it now.  We're getting a new VA in our little town (turns out there is a huge population of veterans settled here) so I'll have to drive less then 2 miles as opposed to the 35 I do now.  Weeeee! And it opens next month. I just hope my new docs there will be good ones.  I like my Gen Phy, she's okay, but I really don't like the 'pod person' shrink. She's a twit.  She tries to be nice, but I can't get past her telling me she didn't need to read my file or talk to me, I just needed to take the drugs. UHGGGH!

On another happy note, pet and I are also looking for a little travel trailer.  We both love camping, but have come to the realization that we're past 'tenting' it now.  We'd like something that we can be warm in at night, and cool in during the summer.  We think we'll go out a lot more if we can just pull up on a Fri nite and be ready for dinner and a campfire. And then just pull up and drive off on Sun morning. He's been working on getting his recycled army truck ready to roll by early next year, it's gonna be really great once he gets it done.

Something I have noted in our new life here is that\it's been fun and amazing to learn how much more past the kink that we have in common!  

Gosh it's late and I better get to bed. 
I wish all well out there!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Six Years..

So,  this past Sat was six years since I collared Paladin. 

It was on a Fri night... 

He had answered my ad and we had written back and forth, and then spent a weekend chatting for hours on yahoo. We met in person the next Wed. I knew the moment that he walked in, that he was all he had seemed to be online. He had come from work at the corporate office and so was dressed in slacks, blue shirt and blue tie. Drool worthy. I mean.. really. I had never been with anyone younger then myself since high school. Yet his seriousness made him seem years older then was. It was a amazing meeting that has led to an amazing life with him.

Here is what he wrote about our meeting:

First Meeting

And his


We were very happy we get to spend the with good friends and family! Pet's bday is on was on Mon, so  he got his bday spankings at the party on Sat. 0.0 He said 'but, it's not my birthday Mystress'. Humph... Seemed appropriate to ME anyways.  The ladies enjoyed the lovely beefcake that is pets rugby ass.  Yummm!   A great cake was gotten for us, and also for the birthday guests, of which there were two.

Next week our friends from Germany arrive for a couple of weeks... we'll miss the come back party we had been looking for, but  we did have a good time Sat night with friends on their X cross.  And pets new restraints that have bars to hold on to work really well.  The other two subs that went up on the cross used them also and really liked them. :-)  

Best to all,


Friday, May 24, 2013

Spite Trolls

Good evening to all our friends. Its been ages since we posted and for very good reasons :) Living 24/7 together is amazing and we get so distracted so fast with one another, a month can pass in a blink of an eye. Those that have the same situation as us must surely agree that we are a fortunate bunch. We hope and pray that all our friends and guests looking for something similar find what they so desire for its truly a blessing to live it.

So my Mystress filled you guys in on our little Spite Troll...what a fucktard. Why would you randomly visit a site and feel that because you don't agree with a post, you get to spew hate and malice....well Mr or Miss Brazil...go jump off a bridge. We don't judge others and don't expect to be judged in return. If your looking for attention go someplace else and be the internet tough guy you seem to want to be. Thankfully this has been our first truly negative comment and we have decided to let it be water off our backs. Thanks to our friends who agreed with us ad concurring that this ass munch is doing it purely for attention..well your 5 minutes are over and on we move.....

Its Memorial weekend and thanks to our service men and woman for your service. We will remember all your sacrifices and honor your service. Along with our gratitude comes a wonderfully busy weekend...gala dinners, BBQ's shooting and if we can cram it in..some lazy time and relaxation :) Mystress is so so right in that we are way more busy here in TX than in CA. Why...we aren't really sure...likely its the open welcome all our new friends have extended. We happily accept the invitations and shall stay the busy happy couple :)

Well was good to write again..i am sure we will be paying more attention to our blog :) We apologize for our absence but its for a very good reason :) Thanks again for all the great comments and be well and happy to all.


Sorry, I'm not Dead...

And life is most excellent.  

Late last night I deleted a nasty gram comment here from someone who said called me nasty names and said they hoped I was dead.   Sorry to disappoint you but, nope, not even close.  You can blame it on Paladin.  He made me promise not to commit suicide and I won't. :-)  

I hadn't realized how much time had passed since we last posted here.  Seems living the perfect life together is even better then we thought.  How awful aye nasty A?   We have been pretty busy with company and life. 

 It is interesting that I hadn't come here in a while, popped in early last night thinking I needed to come do a post, and then when the pain in my jaw wakes me up in the middle of the night and I check my email, and there is the nasty gram.   Really? WTF prompted that spewing of meanness?   I forward it to Paladin this morning and he says "What an ass thing to do. That's someone just being a fucktard." And he's exactly right.  Especially anonymous.  I am sorry for whoever is feeling so bad about themselves that they have to come vomit on a blog that's been quiet for the past few months.  

 Sooo.. to catch up.  The divorce from my ex was final at the end of Jan.  He and his girlfriend came for a two week visit in Feb and we had a party in their honor that was awesome.  We have our very own X cross and spanking bench in our upstairs 'medieval' room. It was a blast.  We have a House on Fet now, which allows us to invite our fave and most trusted friends over to party and play. We've been to a wonderful kinky camping trip with bunches of other folks running nekkid and half dressed everywhere.  My best friend from elementary school came to visit for 5 days, and we had a blast together.  She had not had the chance to meet Paladin before, but she likes him and says she so glad to see me living so well.  It was the very first time in ages that I hoped whoever I was with wouldn't embarrass me by being an asshat in front of her.  Paladin is never ever an asshat. And good for him, and I!

I have been doing posting on my other blog as the VA has had me busy with my MST group and psyc.  We did a showing of THE INVISIBLE WAR  at the Vet Center and I was the guest speaker. It was one of the hardest things I've done, but I was soooo blessed in that I had the most support there. I had five folks who love me come out and sit through it.  One of them, dearest sweet D was hit particularly hard by it.  She knew it was going to be a difficult movie to see, but she was not prepared for some of the brutality of MST and how victims are treated afterwards if they come forward.  I was touched beyond words that my family of choice all turned out to see the movie and support me as speaker.   

From that showing, I made an awesome new veteran friend and she is guiding me to be an advocate to help other veterans in our boat.  I am still waiting for the decision on my unemployability.  My teeth are really messed up and one of my biggest triggers.  Since I lost most of the teeth on the left side of my mouth, my teeth have shifted that way and now I have (whats to me) a huge ugly gap between my teeth that's only getting worse. My new veteran friend says not to worry too much as the VA will fix it all when I get the 100%.  I sure hope so.   And before more teeth fall out.  

 I also got an awesome civilian therapist who has helped me bunches.  I can make appts with her via the internet and I can't begin to say how great she is.  She is also kink friendly and we have talked about my journey from sub to Domme.  Yes, I can see why being a Domme makes me more comfortable, but I also see what I was re-creating for myself as a sub, but in a safe and consensual environment, which actually helped me deal with my MST past. 

I lost my really great psyc at the VA, she was a very proactive to try and help me get as many things done as the VA could to help make up for the terrible things that happend... she  got replaced by a pod person... who is trying not to be one quite so much, but whom I don't trust.  They didn't tell me Dr. H was being replaced and the day I went for my apt and this other person was there.. I just sat and cried for the whole half hour I was there.  The doc changed up my meds and said she didn't need to hear my story, I just needed to take the pills.  *nods* Pod person indeed. Losing her did inspire me to hunt out a civilian therapist who the VA couldn't control.  Found her via Give an Hour a organization of professionals who donate time to veterans.  Awesome!  Found two lady therapists in my area, and picked the one closest that I liked on first meeting.  Been such a huge relief to be able to see here when I need to. 

What else.... Paladin will be posting later this evening... I've told him to a few times and he's forgotten.  He best do it tonight or else..  I mean really.  :-)

I am using time today to catch up on the blogs we are linked to.  I have been very busy with two other causes near and dear to my heart, but this Blog... still has meaning too.  It is different living with Paladin full time far away from our families.  We are certainly busier socially here then we ever ever work in CA. Whew.. we have to turn down things to have some time alone to recoup.

Tomorrow we are going shooting together, then a gala hosted by one of the local Fet groups.  Mon we go spend Memorial Day with our new veteran friend for bbq and swim.

And on that note, pet is home early for the holiday... weeeee!

Best to all,


Monday, January 21, 2013

An Anniversay Reflection

This is my FetLife journal Entry for today.

I started this journal out as a noting of our new life together in Texas. So it seems highly appropriate to do a entry reflecting back on our time here to date.
I first learned about FetLife from a sub friend in mid Dec of 2011. When she found out I was moving here, she immediately said I had to join here to get to know folks where I was going. I was totally clueless. I didn't really use social media. In Dec of 2011, there was the one Happy Birthday post on my Facebook page when that same friend left a post for that year. She noted I didn't post to Facebook. My cousins and friends, on my good-by tour made me promise to use it to keep in touch, and so I have. And I've used Fet to make new friends and family.

Last year at this very time, Paladin and I were here on a short house hunting expedition. We had only a few days to find the as close to perfect home as we could. It had only been a couple of weeks since both our worlds had turned upside down and we were faced with a sudden relocation from our separate homes, to together here. First the recommendation for my VA treatment and then two days later, his work's relocation both turned out to be based just north of Houston. What are the odds??? So we left behind all our family and friends on our adventure into this new life together.

I am sitting in the house that was our fave on the internet first time we saw it in mid Dec. We loved it both on the net and in person way above any other, and made a (obviously successful) bid on it before we left. And oh my gosh, there were some real misrepresentations going on with some of those internet house pictures. And we love our house, we really really do! And we've loved sharing it with our friends and family!

So much has happened in our lives since that trip. And it's all gone pretty much according to plan. Well, except for kitty Leo making an escape that first morning of the drive out and we got delayed chasing him through neighbors yards for an hour. But we got him safely back in his cage. God bless my dear Lady Dawn, who agreed to ride with me from CA to TX... with a cat in the back seat that she was quite allergic too. She ate allergy pills all the way. She is coming for a visit at the end of Feb through mid March. Yummy!

Other then that... every thing has been amazingly perfect. Paladin has a strength in making long term goals and plans - and then making them come about. I know I am well blessed to have a man such as he in my life. All my Lady friends in Sac adored him. In fact, I don't think I've met one person who doesn't like my Paladin. And more then one likes to drool a bit sometimes. Including me. Love them rugby thighs!

Back in California (no longer home) We had several sub and Domme friends and participated in the Sacramento Domme group, it was a much smaller group then SAF. Perhaps total about 20 Dommes and subs. There was only one small room that was the 'dungeon,' and we never got a chance to play in it because of A) the long lines. B) We tended to be much more private.
But they did have some fun parties and demos there too.

On the 31st of this month, my divorce from my soon to be ex will be final. (Thanks to all the helped out in my legal thread, that pointed me to where to git er done!) I got the signed papers back last week. Whoot whoot! And then, on the 6th of Feb, he and his sub fly in to visit for two weeks. This visit is both to give them a bit of a vacation and as thanks to them for cleaning out the duplex we lived in after I had my breakdown and couldn't manage to do it myself. Bless their hearts, they got it packed and emptied and cleaned. And we all know what a lot of work that can be. Meanwhile, I had been ensconced at Paladins and in some pretty intense therapy and being told to avoid stress. Paladin was quite avid about my not being stressed either. He was in full protector mode. So they really, really stepped up and took care of it all and we both deeply appreciate it. Funny, it was my ex Master M who helped Paladin move my stuff from my duplex to Paladin's house in his truck. Since Paladin lived only 6 miles from me at the time of the move it was easy to move my stuff from my place to his as his work was paying to have all of Paladin's belongings moved to TX. I mean.. seriously.. can it get any more convenient????.

And Life with Paladin... is .. idyllic. He is really very easy going and a lot of fun to live with. We kept our days to some degree of my Mon's and Tue's when we specifically do whatever I want, and his online computer nights of Tue and Thur when he plays his online games with his friends back in California. Paladin likes schedules routine and so do I. My ex God bless him.. is highly .. eccentric. Much like Eisenstein, brilliant but little common sense sometimes, and less then none financially. And he is perpetually late. And loses things.. gets locked out of places and runs out of gas. On and on.. absent minded has his pic next to it. Paladin on the other hand, is both logical and spiritual and well grounded. It was he who rescued my ex from many foibles over the years. We were an interesting triad. But now.. things have evolved as it feels they should for all of I. We are all still good friends and I'm glad of it. My ex says he always meant to give me to Paladin... he just didn't know when. But it was certainly the right time when it came.

Paladin and I have both loved Texas since that first visit here, and only more so since then. Everyone has been sooo wonderful and welcoming to us. There were many things we didn't get a chance to do last year as we were just settling in that we hope to do this year.
This is also a thank you to all the wonderful friends and family we now have here! We expect 2013 to be the best ever!

Everything about this move, this place and life with Paladin is just simply amazing!!

Best to all out there!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

In My Awesome Absence

Good Evening All....

Yes its i haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Its been sometime since my last post mainly because i have been distracted by the lovely wonderful fantastic 24/7 life with my dear Mystress.

Its been a year almost to the date since the first time we came and saw our new home. 365 days of pure bliss and magical times. From the journey out here to the picking furniture to the waking up each morning with Mystress...pure wonder i must say.

Last night we went to a party at our new group of friends  Mystress even stretched her Mystress bones slapping me up on the chains, stripping me down, and using every one of her floggers, crops, whips, and even fake flowers to flog me into sub space. Its so wonderful to go to sub space with Mystress. Her style isn't like the others. She prefers not to beat her slaves into sub space but to rather, through blindfolded sense, tease and overload ones senses until there is no choice other than to enter sub space. Once there, Mystress keeps the riding going alternating toys and feelings. From hard and thudy, to light and stingy. All the toys serving a purpose. To remind one who is boss, to keep one in space, and to enjoy the ride with ones Mystress. Trusting her explicitly while so exposed and vulnerable is now second nature to me now. I am sure this wont be the last time Mystress chooses to exhibit her loving slave.

We now end our January and await the next set of visitors. Mystress's old Knight and his sub come in February and a fellow Lady of the house comes after that. We shall have a full and busy house but we look forward to sharing our new home with all our guests. We plan to do a bunch of vanilla stuff but Mystress is also putting together a very interesting party to treat our guests too. We hope they shall enjoy the show we have planned.

With all my love.