Monday, December 27, 2010

Xmas times past and New years coming

Good evening all out lovely guests and friends. We hope you all had wonderful christmas times with family and friends.

What a lovely time of the year to spend with those you care for, be it christmas or new years. its a wonderful time to reflect on all our relationships and to count our blessings for having them. Some blessings are counted more than others, like my dear sweet Mystress. Every day i count my lucky stars and thank Mystress for being myne.

Unfortunately my dear Mystress hurt her back this past Thursday reaching down to adjust the blinds, and a terrible injury indeed. Mystress immediately went stiff and could only move to collapse on the couch and texted me. Luckily i was omw home to prepare for a trip so i diverted to Mystress. I had to pull the blind on the window as my key wouldn't open one of the locks and climb through to find my Mystress in pain on the couch. I felt so bad and could only do my best to get her into bed and as comfy as the pain would allow. Luckily some medication was near and available later in the evening to blunt the pain and keep it bareable. I felt so bad to leave Mystress with her company but prior engagements with family had to be kept.

We kept in touch all weekend getting updates and sharing our times with each other. It was lovely to be in touch with Mystress yet unpleasant to know she was in pain. Atleast Mystress could spend xmas tucked up on the recliner with family so that was good.

On Sunday i swung by to help Mystress adjust her bed to get more comfy and to grab some dinner for her. The pain had subsided to the point where movement was no possible yet with much pain and discomfort. Mystress would need to spend a few more days in bed much to her disgust. Mystress doesnt do good holed up in one place for too long because she likes to keep busy. Well all thats possible is to relax and let the back heal and watch movies. Not the best way to spend her vacation yet it must be done.

We hope her back is better enough for New Years and will make plans accordingly. The most important thing is you rest dear Mystress, recover and mend your back, even if its terribly unpleasant to be apart. We shall be back in the swing of things much sooner than you think if you can bare the boredom for a few days more. Its much better than the alternative and a re-inhury dont you guys all think?

So please take care my dear Mystress and allow yourself to rest and mend.

With much love


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cold Travels

Good evening all.

We hope everyone is snuggled up nice and cozy on these cold weekend days. Its definitely been a very wet and cold weekend which luckly i have avoided by being inside all weekend.

My Mystress in the other hand has been travelling and now finds her lovely self in an even colder and whiter area. Mystress having informed me its started snowing a little while ago and all i could think of was BRRRRR after i though about my Mystress traveling. Please please drive very safe dear Mystress. Take extra days to get home if you must but whatever you do please take it careful and safely.

Other than my nagging to drive safe, i have urged my Mystress to enjoy it all from the road trip to the company to the times ahead this trip promises. Its a wonderful reason for the trip and again , KUDOS to my sweet Mystress for being so thoughtful and caring to do all she has done so far and for all she plans to do in the future.

With much love, and care for Mystress


Sunday, December 12, 2010

XMas Times

Good evening All.

The Xmas times have started and so have our wonderful traditions. This weekend Mystress and i took part in our yearly xmas tradition of getting all the decorations setup and the tree made up. We do this each year to of course spend time together but to also promote a wonderful xmas environment for all. So we spent the day arranging decorations and selecting themes for the xmas tree and generally having a wonderful day. By the afternoon all was setup and the lovely cozy xmas environment was set. Very cozy and a lovely place to have the family xmas this year. Mystress ounds like she is going to have many more family over this year which is a lovely thing indeed. I am sure she will be stressed getting it all ready but the rewards will be oh so wonderful so please enjoy it.

After the tree we played some kinect on Mystress new super duper big ass tv. Wow it really is a wonderful tv and even bigger than mine. Do enjoy the new tv Mystress, now regular tv is ruined for you :)

This week is the week before Mystress delayed trip north so the excitement for Mystress is still there and she is very excited to go. The trip is even better now however as more people are going so it is officialy a group trip and re-union :) Please drive safe Mystress but enjoy it all. Take your time for you have the whole weekend to get back. Hugs and be safe.

Love Paladin.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wonderful Mystress

Good evening all

Almost the end of the year yet its still a wonderful part of the year. Holidays and celebrations and happy times for all and whats more important than spending times with all those we love. Mystress and i have made some plans for pre-xmas activities and tree building which should be a lovely time indeed.

My wonderful Mystress goes up north this week to travel down with family. Such a wonderful thing my Mystress does. Travelling all the way north to turn around and drive all teh way home. It will be a wonderful bonsing time and i will send reiki the entire time for a safe trip home. Kudos to you Mystress for doing what your doing.

Today was a day of flapping like a chicken on xbox. Hours go by before you realize on the new Kinect :) It sure makes for a good nights sleep :) Time to shower...damn kinect makes one sweaty to :) and prepare for yet another work week. I will think of my lovely Mystress in the shower indeed :)