Sunday, January 25, 2009

How things change

Evening to all our guests...

Another week has passed and its another week in the service of my Mystress. How fast things change in a week. It seems that after a short stay in the Mystress is going to be moving again back to town..close to friends and "civilization" once again :)

Mystress spent Saturday with a friend she has not seen in sometime and it warmed my heart and brough smiles to hear of their activities throughout the day...reminded me of the good old days when Mystress would frolic about happy and amoungst friends. Livining in the mountains sure presented a lovely spot to relax and recharge, but for a social girl like my Mystress, there were unexpected challenges. So as the wind changes our paths, so it changes and now Mystress moves again.

This means some busy weekends and such but after our chats and discussions we realized that this would totally be for the now it lets Mystress get back into the dom group she so enjoyed before.

I am looking forward to my Mystress having less stresses and worries to deal with...and i shall continue to do my best to have every visit Mystress has here to be the spa experience she so deserves.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun Times

Evening All

How are our wonderful guests doing...the blogs been quiet yet we hope our guests are still about and doing well.

Mystress and I tooled about Second life tonight...a very intriguing place indeed. Mystress has become the resident expert knowing how to build houses and manipulate items and oh the wonderful cyber Mystress that she is in real life.

Mystress has awonderful place in SL and has decked out her private areas with some interesting items. Tonight Mystress took me about to purchase...ummm...lets just say the parts Mystress had me buy are fully functional and leave it at that :) Mystress was even kind enough to give me a demonstration of how they worked...yes yes yes...very functional.

Its amazing how much interactive objects exist in SL and Mystress has said that she shall be continuing my education of the SL interactive world.

In teh real world...things seem to be lining up for some good times to come. Mystress has been determined to settle in her new place for the long term and to not worry about things out of her control. My work seems to be slowing the start of the year to something more last month of the year craziness.

All in all things are definitely looking up and I do hope Mystress shares that outlook...yum yum yummy Mystress.

Have a great weekend and week to come.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Year wowness

Yes i said wowness :)

Another year has started and its another year of lovely service to my dear Mystress. Things seem to be getting less busy with some adjustments made to best use our free time together.

Some of the presures on Mystress too seem to have found resolutions and in time will ease.

We send our best wishes to our guests and hope that everyones year has started as well as our has...for being in service of Mystress is wonderful.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years and Fun Time

Evening All

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and new years. Wow a new year already....and another lovely year in the service of Mystress.

Things look like they will slow down some in the new year...well Mystress and I hope they will. I am just letting all our guests know we are still about and things are going great...big big smiles for us both.

We hope that all is going well for each of our guests and that this year brings us all much happiness.