Thursday, February 25, 2010

Never really Mundane...

Greetings all,

A couple of post's back, Paladin referred to some of our time as doing 'mundane tasks'.. but that is never seemed to be 'mundane', and he is so very very right!!

Even when we are out at the office supply store, mulling over glass desk vs black wood, it's never just that. For one thing.. Paladin always has to be 'Commando' on weekends when we are together. And he was in jeans, which is rare for him on weekends but as we were going put for dinner, he didn't want to dress too casual. Mmmm.. pet commando in jeans. A wee bit of rubbing and well.. things get interesting quickly.

Paladin has a hard time finding ones that fit because of..... his rugby thighs. *grin* They really do cause him a problem, and I had not really realized until that day that was why he had such a hard time with jeans. One of the fun parts of being with him is that I can whisper things in his ear that make him grunt and I'd swear the tips of his ears get a bit red. He's learned it really is best to just nod and say 'yes Mystress' to any of my off the wall comments. To challenge me. is to perhaps find it happening before he has a chance to think. And that's pretty tough, because he reviews and evaluates everything like the humming computers he spends so much time working on.

All in all, it was a fun day all the way around. From the office supply stores, to the Ikea..I did have to stifle some of my desires. Like wanting to make him recreate the scene in 9 1/2 weeks where he has her lay on a bed in a furniture store and spread her legs... mmmmm. yes.. indeedy. I could just see the flush on his face as I made him do such a thing. OMG.. and in a public place.What a lovely, wicked thought. Ahhh.. but. the place was far too full of families for me be able to have him act that out. Lucky for him huh?

Like many other D/s couples who shop together. the kitchen area is also one of my favorite places to think creatively. Ohh.. I did get caught once though.... going past a very long shoe horn.. as Paladin walked on, I couldn't resist picking one up and slapping the flat end smartly against my hand a couple times. I looked up to find a teenage girl looking at me. I just smiled and shrugged as I put it back in the bucket and hurried to catch up with Paladin who had missed the entire interaction. It did have a bit of charm to it as the girl looked a cross between surprised, and curious. So.. I can't say it was a mundane day by any means. *grin*

Especially ending as he said at the wonderful sushi place. There were so many things I would have liked to try, that I hope we go back again soon! I got the biggest piece of salmon I ever have in any restaurant. It really was HUGE! So much I couldn't near finish it. It was a good thing we got there early too, because the place became packed fairly quickly, it being the Sat nite before Valentines Day. Oh, and dear pet got me a wonderful Stevie Nicks concert from last year I've been dying to see, so we'll watch that sometimes this weekend.

And.. I also want to express appreciation to Paladin for not grumbling about my hijacking his tv to watch the winter Olympics. I love 'em.. can't help it. All of them, summer and winter, but I like the winter the most I think. It's been the only time I've sent Paladin off to bed without me while at his place, to watch till midnight, long past his bedtime. And I'll do more of it this weekend I think as well. Paladin will be working in the garage, and I'll be helping some, and also hoping to trim the rose bushes if we don't get rained out on sat. But at nite, depending on what's on, I'll be watching some Olympics. Certainly on sunday for the closing ceremonies. But that is the flexibility we have. Yes, I own him. and I can 'Command' him what I want to do.. but that's not really my style. I try to be polite .. and yes, I often put things in the form of a question, but we both know the Command is underlying there.

And that exists now matter where we are, or what we are doing. His absolute obedience and my appreciation of that. So, how could any part of time with him ever be just,

Best to all out there,

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wonderful Friends

Evening all

Mystress and I hope that all our wonderful friends are doing well and that time treats us all well. I am very happy that Mystress is out with her good friend today all day. They have been off to breakfast then a fare and now Mystress is giving her sume lovely Reiki. I keep telling Mystress in the most subby like tone i can that she is so lucky to have a good friend like her and that they should be doing as much to see each other as often as possible. Such good friends are so hard to find.

Enjoy the time Mystress, and make sure you guys make plans for future visits :)


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happiness is a day with Mystress

Good evening all.

Mystress and I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Valentines Day. Its definitely a day to enjoy and to spoil each other rotten :)

Yesterday Mystress and i spent a wonderful wonderful day together.....oh it was so lovely. I admit i was looking forward to the day so much all week, not because it was going to be some new sexual exploration or a new activity in exploration...but rather a day of rather mundane tasks, but with Mystress even the mundane take on such lovely delights.

We started the day at 11 with plans to spend the day doing some exploration and searching. Mystress and i were off to look at some furniture ranging from office desks to tv stands to king size beds. Sound mundane enough ? :) Well to Mystress and i it was a lovely day of searching together, critiquing the items deciding which would be best to get and fit into our castle. It was great to hear Mystress's thoughts and ideas and what she thought would work and not. By 5 pm we had looked at nuches and had a rough idea of which would work best and it was time for a lovely dinner.

Mystress and i went to a sushi restraunt and right after walking in we knew we were in for a lovely dinner. It took us 15 minutes just to decide what we wanted to order :) Was it well worth the wait i tell you. From teh lovely sushi to the biggest salmon steak i have ever seen on a plate. We assualted the meals and left full to the brim..mmmmm A lovely meal indeed. Mystress sure has a nack for picking all the best restraunts and each time we go to a new one, Mystress makes a home run in the selection.

On the way home we made a last minute stop at another furniture place and Mystress and I agreed, we found our desks. A plus for sure before we got home.

At home we settled in to a comfy night at home. Before i could change, Mystress shared her valentines gift. A shiny new pair of PJ's. I love the Pj's Mystress has gotten me and i do spend probably 6 out of 7 days a week in them :) And now i have two pairs :) Thank you very much dear sweet Mystress.

We settled into a lovely cuddly evening on the couch watching some olympics, sharing hugs and kisses, a few touchs and shivers and then we were off to bed to cuddle up and sleep cuddled close to each other.

So after the weekend i am curious if any of our guests lovely to share even the mundane activities together? Do you all find that even what one considers rather plain, like shopping for furniture, can lead to some wondeful enjoyable ? I would be very curious to hear your opinons.

With such gratitude for my dear kisses and hugs


Friday, February 5, 2010

An Amusing pic from Second LIfe

So, here are a couple of pics that I have taken in Second Life.

This first one, is my avatar as she looks today. The variety of outfits available is quite amazing.
I couldn't resist taking this next picture a few moments ago of Robert and a friend of his who are visiting at my sky pavillion that robert built for me there.

He is showing me a new avatar of himself as a silly robot. She suggested he pull out a fan, and so he did. The result was just so amusing to me that I couldn't help taking this pic and
sharing it.

SL really is an amazing place!!!

I think I will take some pics around my place here and post a few, to give readers an idea of what it can be like. The next time that flower is on, I'll take a pic of her too. and Sir Robert in his normal regalia.

Best to all,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our hands

Good evening all,

The very first night that Paladin and I met, I put my palm out for him to match and closed My eyes for a moment. I wanted to feel his energy and go deep to find out what his core was like. As an energy worker, it is the most important component when I meet someone I am going to be close to, to get a feel for them on that level.

Deep, quiet, peaceful, strong - yet also a deep hum of coiled energy vibrated through him. After I opened my eyes...I also observed his hands. Really quite lovely, not as in pretty.. but as in long, strong, and elegant. And capable. And there are calluses' on the knuckles from punching a body bag. Something like an extra bonus! But what really stood out, was the difference in the size of our hands. I don't have particularly small hands, but as you can see, there is quite a size difference in the size of ours. I had been thinking for a while of taking a pic.. and we took several, but this one.. I liked the most...

I like the way his fingers are so much longer then mine. It is like many things about him that make me feel extra safe when I am with him. I did not feel safe for large chunks of my life, so to have that now, is a very peaceful feeling.

And that wonderful energy that hummed through him that first nite, still does. He has learned to use it in different ways since then, and sometimes. many times, those hands of his are incredibly erotic... mmmmmmm.

With that note, I'm off to rest, wishing all of our readers good thoughts.

A wave to flower who will be rising as I go to sleep,
and a smile to Sir Robert.. I'll see you in Second Life at our
appointed time.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On being an 'Owner'

Good evening all,

Having a pet at one's beck and call is a luxurious thing. The sort of relationship that binds us to each other. I hope that I will always remember to express My gratitude to being in this place with the relationships that I have. There are many things that I am proud of in My life, but of them all, Owning My pets... is something that I am still in awe of sometimes.

It is not a relationship that most folks out there can understand. And.. why they choose us.. to give of them selves.. to take a knee, bend their head and hearts to Our will? What puzzle pieces tumble through time and space and bring us to fit together?

And.. sometimes.. we fit at one time.. and then....things can shift and change and the fit is not what it was. Life is like that.. we all know that. Some of us.. are able to brave the storms of the world and cling to each other staunchly. Other times.. those winds can buffet us and loosen us from the grasp of each other. We each have to find the balance of what we feel is right for us.

We Owners.. make the rules.. sometimes, our subs get to offer input, but in the end, it is to them to obey whatever rules we set in place. That's a lot of responsibility as Owner's.. to set rules that another agree's to live by. To be as fair as we can, and yet maintain our self respect. In reading an essay on the Tao Te Ching today, it says to practice being like the majestic palm trees that survive storms because they can bend almost to the ground in tropic gales. But when does one bend, and when does one remain firmly rooted? I think its a sliding scale moment by moment. What I may feel like one day.. I will not feel the next.

Robert and I were just talking about it in Second Life this afternoon. I am generally a nice person.,. but last week a neighbor there was very rude about something, and in having Robert change the walls that border her lands, what had once been transparent, when replaced with something smaller to not block a certain view for her, I told Robert to leave bare plywood on the other side. Sadly, I was in a temperamental mood after this neighbors haughty and self righteous attitude and let it influence My behavior. . I all but crossed My arms and stomped My feet.

The next day. Robert quietly told me he had changed the other side of the wall back to invisible. "Mystress, your just not that way.. and I knew you'd change Your mind..." and yes.. he was right of course.. I had already been feeling bad about leaving plywood instead of invisible and was on my way to change it when he told Me. *smiles* He does know Me so well.

So.. how I had been feeling one day, the next I was not. and dear pet knew this well enough to anticipate it. Sometimes I feel more like enforcing a rule then other times.. and sometimes I just want things exactly as they should be.. and other times.. eh.. okay, I'll let things slide. But whatever I decide.. its up to .. . Me. As Robert is so good at telling potential subs in SL.. I am the Queen of the Queendom...and as Myne.. high things are expected. I do maintain a high expectation of My pets. And they all know it. And they all know the rules and how to function as a family by now. And as head of the family.. I have to be the one that makes sure that I stand strong when I should.. and bend when I should. And when the gales blow.. if the heart is pure.. we'll all huddle together and hold on tight... and weather yet another storm, whatever that may be.

Being an Owner is difficult... and wonderfully rewarding. We can grow and teach our pets to as well. It is a two way relationship, that twines around each other as the vine climbs the tree.

And for a quick SL update...

There is a new potential sub in Second Life.. an interesting girl. She met Sir Robert today. and the three of us had a very good chat. We both like her a lot.. she is European, so in a quite different time zone. She has been here and read this blog.. and so here's a hello to her.... she who I named 'flower' .... Potential.. yes we'll see what she'd got.... many have come and gone.... and some are simply amusing.. other's end up going different paths in their submission. Only time tell's. I'm less inclined to say much these days until it seems that there is a trend towards being consistent. One Domme friend sticks by the '3 month rule'... that if a sub is around after that.. then it just might work out. That's about how long it takes for one to get tired of the idea.. or for mis matches become more apparent. Blessedly, My pets and I are long past that mark. With new ones these days...I always hope for the best.. and (as Paladin has taught Me) go with the flow..

Like Paladin, I wish all good things to our reader's old and new.
Keep looking if you are, and hang on to what you've got if it works.
Best to all,