Monday, June 30, 2008

Early NIght

Well Mystress has sent me off early tonight so i go and obey. Mystress has given me an assignment for tomorrow..think of a new position for Mystress to tie me i have thought about it and have some in mind...we shall see what Mystress thinks...i am sure Mystress will have some more in her wicked mind :)

OUr plans for Friday have also been set..they have changed our weekly plans but for the better i think. We both agree that Mystress should be there for the arrival of our new friend. So that means a slight adjustment of our normal plans but we both do so happily.

Well off i go to vega nd think on my assignment and my plans for Friday...

So Happy...


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Arrival Plans

Mystress and I planned to have a small arrival BBQ for our new member this Friday...nothing more than a welcome to the group meals and conversation...yet the excitement of the event has grown some.

Today Mystress told me that we will have 5 others joining us to welcome Robert and the numbers may go it looks like our little quiet welcome BBQ is turning out to be a real occasion for celebration.

It definitely promises to be an occassion we shall all remember and the excitement over the even is much appreciated.

I myself am looking forward to the long weekend and saying hello to friends not seen in some time.

Mystress and i will make more plans Tues...


Saturday, June 28, 2008

A creative Mystress

My Mystress is so creative i just cant count the ways she suprises me. She sees such alternative uses for the mundane that its scary at times :)

Mystress spent Thursday at my place after she got off work Mystress puttered around spending time on the computer just relaxing at her spa. Little did i know sitting at work that puttering around spurned some wicked thoughts from my Mystress which after talking to Mystress...she spent a good part of the afternoon planning.

I arrived home and we stepped right into our evening rituals...slightly modified yet still those we have grown in love with. The evening went on as usual except i noticed my Mystress smiling and chuckling to herself more than i asked Mystress what was up and she said time will i bit my lip and waitied patiently.

After our bath is when Mystress changed the course of the evening. Mystress blindfolded me and led me to the the other room. Confusion was rampant as there was nothing in the room that we have any interest in but trusting my Mystress i went with the flow. Inside Mystress had me turn around and guided me backwards by my shoulders.

I felt the cold touch of the workout padding and knew where i was but not why...then the familiar clinking of the restraints made things alittle clearer...and when Mystress reached up and clicked my restraints in them...the picture Mystress had been enjoying all evening came to mind.
So there we were....using a mundane item in a manner i never ever thought would used...We spent sometime there...Mystress moving me about and taking her wicked time...ramping me up and overloading my senses...enjoying herself immensly in the moment.

After some time we retired to the bedroom and chatted about Mystress's wicked ways.
I told Mystress i would never of thought about what she just did...yet it took only a moment tfor my Mystress to see a very interesting use in something mundane. This is something that is so sexy of my Mystress...she will walk around a store and see a hair brush and think...thats a great will work great on my hari...and oh yes...the texture of the brisstles will drive pet crazy when i rub it on him. Mystress has done this on a number of occasions and as of yet...i have not had the same thank you Mystress for finding all the fun ways to use items.

In time i hope that i will learn a small portion of this as i have learnt many things from Mystrss that in time perhaps i can suprise my Mystress with a use not intended :)

In Awe of Mystress's creativity

Different Punishments

As Mystress has posted...there was a need for some behavior correction the other night. As you know Mystress likes to see me on cam when we chat and i do try but at times when the computer gives me crap.. i tend to not try very hard to avoid the frustration. This however had the effect of upsetting my Mystress decided to correct this behavior.

Rather than resort to some traditional punishments...Mystress had found something alittle different for sure. So instead of leading me to the bedroom to get a spanking...Mystress rather led me to the another room...which confused me somewhat.

Mystress handed me a towel and had me fold it..then lay it at the base of the wall...more confusion. Then Mystress told me to kneel on the towel and lead my head forward to the wall. Aaaah i see...Mystress wants to spank me here. So i braced for the spanking...nope not to come. Hmm now i was confused.

Out of nowhere comes this quarter...a regular old quarter. Aaaah now i remember....Mystress had mentioned this punishement before but exactly how it had transpired so far. So there i was quarter in hand...and told to do my punishment. So i assumed the position..holding the quarter to the wall with my nose...hands behind my Mystress stood back to watch.

After a few minutes Mystress left the room...leaving me to train remind myself to turn on the cam questions asked and no frustrations allowed. So i kept telling myself in mind to do that and only that. Behavior correction in a very gentle manner. After a few minutes Mystress returned and ended my punishment.

We sat on the floor...and cemented the lesson...Mystress reinforcing what i had learnt and the reasons for it. In reflection, this little punishment shows that there are other ways to punish a pet. And that alternative methods can be just as successfull as an ass whopping. Variety tends to always generate the most success and with behavior correction this tends to hold true too.

So i thank my Mystress for being so open to a variety of reinforcement be so dilligent in her ways to correct my behaviors and to thank her for making me the best pet i can for her.

In remeberance


Friday, June 27, 2008

Amzing times

Oh the last visit of Mystress's was amazing and totally unexpected. Mystress sure has a creative mind and as she says...quite wicked at times. Its late and i do not want to rush my post so i will do it tomorrow as Mystress has allowed. Got much to share with all our visitors.

Sleep well guests...and to Mystress...hope you feel well and sleep well tonight,


A New Perspective on a Old Possession

Good day all...

On one of the Domme lists that I am on, the topic came up about sensory deprivation.. and I added to it the other half... sensory exhilaration.

Our regular readers know how much that I enjoy binding and blindfolding Paladin.

When asked what I think about if one should do blindfolding for sensory deprivation.. I'd most certainly say to blindfold!!! And bind... and.. the first time I did try out ear plugs on Paladin, he said that it 'ramped things up a lot more'. He noted that when he's tied and blindfolded, its as if his whole body can become an ear....listening for the slightest hint of what is going to happen next. Sometimes I want to take that all away and leave him in simply dark silence... and other times, I leave him his ears.

This works to My advantage... I WANT him to hear certain things.. to know what is being found. For instance, I know that simply shaking the wartenburg wheel next to his ear will send shivers down his spine and just about curl his toes. The only thing that does it more may be the sound of candles being lit... or the worst for him, the chink of the ice in the metal cup I like to rub on him. (very wicked grin) All done as a dance.

Then... all of the different textures of things that I like to stroke him with. Soft ones, scratchy ones, smooth silky ones and prickly ones. You can find amazing things at the dollar store! (smiles) I'm just so sure that Paladin thanks devyn in his mind every time I use the homemade vampire gloves and the lovely soft flogger she gave us. Which is still My most favorite thing to use on him. When all the senses are cut off, these little things take on very much more meaning and potency. The skin is all that's left, and it becomes extremely heightened to all things. Ice simultaneously on the bottom of the feet will lift Paladin right off the bed every time! Mix that with a bit of hot wax and the poor boys not sure if he's coming or going.

With the ear plugs in.. things are even more intense in a different sort of way. Then, there is NO idea what is going to happen next, and each thing used on the body is multiplied in intensity and feelings.

Case in point for sensory exhilaration..

As mentioned in My last post about My plans for Paladin. Some of you knew about it before he did. In fact.. the lovely Mistress Grace posted of wanting to know Paladin's perspective on things, which I mentioned to him just before dinner. He was.. puzzled at first.. and I said that it referred to something I had written in the blog today while he was at work.. something our readers knew was going to happen, but he didn't know about yet. (first wicked grin of the evening was provided by this exchange as well) I could see him itching to run for his computer to read what I'd written. But I told him no... you'll just have to wait to read it. He literally twitched.. Mmmm. that was cute!

I did indeed have plans for Paladin that he was unaware of. He had no idea that earlier in the day while he was at work I'd gone in and attached his ties (These are nylon dog leashes that I got at the dollar store and they clip easily onto his leather restraints.) to the giant metal frame in his office that his heavy bag is attached to. It has a place for pull ups and leg lifts and other body building things like that. I had attached the ties to the pull up bars over head, and the heavy metal foot braces as well. I'd experimented and found that one feels more vulnerable with their feet on the outside of the braces then the in. (smiles)

I'd had the door shut since he'd come home, and he'd been forbidden to enter the room,. He actually had to ask Me to repeat Myself and when I said "what do think I said?" he replied "that I can't go into there without permission???" And I told him yes.. that was exactly what I had said. It was a pretty cute expression to watch cross his features then. (very wicked grin) This of course now had him very curious and also had him on edge all the more through dinner, a show we watch, and our bath. I could see his brain working.. wondering what on earth I was up to now. To Me, this is also part of the sensory buildup. Giving him an idea that something is up.. but not letting him know what it is. It heightens everything because his engineers brain is spinning like a top. He is always so in control of everything else in his life that I am a total anomaly. I am.. the exception to all of his rules.

After our bath, I told him to put his restraints back on, get a glass of fresh water and meet Me in the bedroom. He'd seen the blindfold on his pillow earlier.. so he knew that was most likely going to come into play.

I had him stand up, and then I put the the blindfold on him.
He was unsure of exactly where I was guiding him but he followed with his hands on My shoulders quite trustingly, pretty sure he had a good idea, but he had no idea as to what I was up to.

As I turned and backed him into position between the arms of his exercise frame, I knew that he could feel the cold metal on his body and knew now, exactly where he was. Surprise was reflected on his face as I lifted his arms and snapped his restraints onto the clips. I then picked up his feet and moved them to the outside of the metal foot braces and clicked those restraints onto his ankles, and pushed him back against the back pad. I did think about plugging his ears at this time, but I was enjoying whispering to him, and getting his feedback on what he was feeling. The metal was cold, the pad was cool, his legs spread and restrained and his arms were on the arm rests, but his wrists were restrained. A combination of temperatures and textures..and body position.. and I hadn't even started yet.

I asked how he was feeling and he said he was okay.. but was curious if this was for a reason. And I told him no.. this was not a punishment and I wasn't going to hurt him. I could see him visibly relax at that. I did want him to enjoy himself and not think he'd done anything wrong. Nor that he was going to have to steady himself to be hurt. This was more about the senses then anything else.

I began going over his body with a huge ostrich feather first. I find that this heightens the senses quite a bit. Brings all of the skin alive. I then moved on to the floggers, light canes and crop which I used across his body in a variety of ways. And more so when I untied him, and still blindfolded led him around the side of the frame to the body bag, faced him towards it and told him to embrace it as I put his hands up on the chains that hold it in place, moved his feet to the marks I'd made on the plastic mat earlier in the day... and then flogged him some more with all of those things. This was not a beating for pain.. it was I would say the thing that we most enjoy is all of the senses being filled. He had no idea what to expect next from Me... what would be used.. how it would feel. I asked him if he'd ever thought of being tied to his frame before, and he said no. Hmmm... well... now he'll never be able to look at it the same again either!

It is often (understandably) hard for him to stand or focus after I release him from this. I brought him down to sit on the ground fairly fast as can sometimes be bit wobbly from endorphins and sensory overwhelming as I finished. One the blindfold comes off, he tends to melt like warm butter on a hot day. This is also when after care is so vitally important..even more so then in other times often because of the loss of senses, when they are brought back can be overwhelming. Especially after such an intense experience, he simply needs to be held and rocked and comforted till he comes all the way back.

I loved surprising him by doing this to him.. it was delightful and I am sure he will find himself spending more time on his exercise frame and think of it quite differently from now on.

So..there is My wee bit of thinking of sensory deprivation and exhilaration!

Best to all,
Mystress Swan

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Learning a Lesson... and a surprise for Paladin

Grettings to all...

I suppose the irony of this post, is that it is being writting on Paladin's computer while he is away at work.

Yes readers.. I am tucked into Paladin's Pleasure Spa for the afternoon and the evening. My afternoon client cancelled on Me, so although I was up the hill early, I also finished early enough to come home to Paladin's at lunch time. This is the first time I've ever used his computer, as I've always had My laptop, or My cell would be sufficient, and ALWAYS I have a book to read. Good.. .usally. Right now I am reading a book My Dad gave Me to read on Mother's Day called Atlas Shrugged. No idea what its about yet. Your welcome to comment on it if you happen to have read it. I do love to talk about books... well. er.. yes.. as you can see.


The title of this comes from some of the time during our wonderful Tue evening that Paladin didn't happen to mention. No.... he's a bit shy. And because he is such a perfectionist.. and a positive thinker.. he doesn't like to dwell on those more difficult moments. But.. this was important and I know when he reads this, he'll agree. It is something I want to share with our readers... I know that there are Dom/mes and subs who read this, and so I wanted to share thsi experience with our readers. So since Paladin didn't, well.. I will then. And he'll still have to as will be mentioned later.

I know that there are a few out there who look at Paladin as one of the 'Grail's' of the 'strong' male submissive. Personally I also choose Axe as another, and Joscylin too. Both males subs I admire in many ways. (smiles) And as for Paladin... yes... he actually IS one of the great ones too.. and I know it. And I in all ways appreciate it.

A couple of weeks ago now, I gave Paladin the Command that he was to have his web cam on when he talked to Me. There are some computer issues with it working right with the computer and Paldin simply tended not to use it before the Command. Although.. I think I might have phrased it as that "I'd like you to use the web cam when you are on." Not exactly a Command.. but ... yeah. its one. I would prompt him to turn the cam and he aways would right away. Some times I let it pass.. but I mused about it. And then.. decided.. twas time to deal with it. And I knew exactly how I was going to do it. (wicked grin)

We did all of our protocals and sat down to a wonderful dinner. Paladin's cooking has gotten better and better over time. He's making some wonderful dishes these days. During dinner, I reached over and stroked the tip of Paladin' s nose. "ummmhummm.. yes.. that will do just fine I think" or somethng akin to that. Paladin looked at Me with puzzled eyes. "oh, nothing right now pet.. just thinking about things" .

While Paladin was doing something in the kitchen, I wandered down the hall way to his office and looked around it very carefully. I noted where I would do what I had planned.

When I came back I told him he would need to get a towel. As he went down the hall, I said something about it should be a fluffy one. He returned looking a bit wary. Pet is smart, he knew something was up. I checked out the towel.. took it.. folded it into a medium sized rectangle.
Then I stood up and and rather slowly began looking through My purse for My wallet and began getting some thing out of the coin purse. I could feel Paladin watching Me with curiosity. He couldn't resist asking what I was doing, and I said "just getting something we'll need.

Robert mentioned a couple of says ago that he didnt' think I grabbed Paladin by the collar very much. We'd both say, he couldn't be more wrong. Now I didn't do this for robert..and in fact.. I relished it all the more because I did it exactly the way I LOVE to do it anyways.

All in one motion I reached up and grabbed Paladin by the front of his training collar looked him in the eyes for a moment and practicaly drug him down the hallway to his office. I tossed the towel down at the foot of his chair and told him to kneel. He did. I looked as his height, and the height of the chair.. and thought mmmmm nope.. that wasn't going to work.

I then turned to the wall across from his computer, took the towel and then tossed it at the base of the wall and pointed to it. He moved onto it quickly.

I then took the quarter that I'd had in My hand, and put it on the wall in front of him with My finger. "Put your nose on that." "yes Mystres" and it took a bit of manouvering, but he did. Then I told him to "Put your hands behind your back!" And he did. He asked what it was for. and I knelt near him and said. "What do you do in here?" he said "chat with Mystress?" and I said "yes. And...what do I like to see pet?" and he said "Me on the webcam Mystress?" and I answered "yes pet, I do.. very much! You know how much I do, don't you???" "Yes Mystress'. I continued..." I mentioned the other nite, you have a bit of a block about it. So I want you to kneel here, and think about it." "Yes Mystress". And there he knelt... his nose holding that quarter to the wall, his hands folded at the small of his back.

I ran My hands over his lovely naked body, excepting for his collars and restraints. Scratching My finger down the length of his spine. Plucking at his hairs here and there. I spoke softly.. "I dooo so love to look at you pet.. you KNOW this.. and it pleases Me to be able to see you. From now on.. I want that camera on when you are on. Do you understand?""yes Mystress" He answered obediently "Good, now just think about it, and I'll be back in a few minutes."
And I walked out of his room and into the living room. And sat down noting the time.

I did not plan to leave him there long. The moment I had dragged him down the hallways, the change would be made.. but.. I AM the Mystress.. and I need to remind us both that sometimes.
And.. I wanted him to experience a different kind of discipline from Me. I am not quite sure what the difference between punishment and discipline is exactly.. but this was more of a training.. a re-enforcing then a punishing,or at least, that's how I wanted it to be.

I walked very quietly down the hallway and peeped in the door. There he was... very calm energy coming off of him. Good.. sometimes he needs this quiet controlled form submission. I took a silent picture of him... so incredibly beautiful...wish he's let Me share it, but he so very private.....and this is something I feel I have to honor. Every pic on here he has agreed to. He leaves it to My final decision.. but he sure wishes I wouldn't post it, so for now, I'm not.

I watched him for another few moments. The length of time that Paladin was to spend there kneeling was not as important as the fact thate he WAS kneeling there, and how it had all come about.

Then again I knelt next to him stroked him again and made sure he'd gotten My point, which he had.. then I gave him the quarter and told him to keep it on his keyboard, as a reminder to turn his cam on. And indeed, there it sits.

I then pulled him over to Me on the floor and we cuddled there for a bit before adjouring to the bedroom for a while. The lesson was very well learned I think..and Paladin is Commanded to write his side of it at the next opportunity.

The way I had read of this particular punisment being done was on a hard floor with rice under the subs knees and left there for 10-20 min.

I wanted him to learn a lesson and be a bit uncomfortable.. but I didn't want to injure or even hurt him in doing this. I am sure this is something he won't want to repeat.

Now.. on to the surprise..

I have been in Paladin's office many times ever since the arrival of the heavy bag that attached is to his huge workout machine. A big heavy thing for doing pull ups and leg lifts and things like that along with the punching bag. On Mons, Wed and sometimes Sun's Paladin does his workout on it, and I get to watch it on the pet cam.

But. today... being alone here in his office for the first time, I really got a good look at the machine. Hmmm... it actually.. looks.... and feels.. like a big. heavy.. metal.. high tech.. X cross.
Yessss.. its got waaay high arches of thick dark metal bars.. and the foot rests are also quite thick. So.. I moved around it.. put My arms and feet around agot the feel for it.. Gosh.. how did I not pay attention to it before.??? I mean, I do belive the fleeting thought crossed My mind at some point.. but today. it really sunk in.. and so now.. I can't wait to feel how its going to.. you got it..tie Paladin to it.

This is gonna be interesting. (wicked grin) Tonight after he gets home, at some point in the evening.. I am going to bring him in here.. perhaps blindfold him first.. and move him around and tie him into interesting positions on this thing.

At this moment, I'm sure he's not expecting it.. but I'll ask him if he's ever thought of being tied to it. I'm betting that he won't have.. but it would be kinda fun if he had.

I'm going to have him embrace the heavy bag while I flog his back some..its heavy...he can hang on it some. Male him spread his legs... use the crop too... mmmmmm going be sweet. Paldin needs to be kept feeling submissive, and I think tonight is going to be a good one for him in that manner.

So this is one of those posts where all the dear readers get to get both caught up, and let in on a secret of what I am going do to Paladin before it happens or he has any idea of what is going to be happing all in one post. And I will of course, have him write his experience as well. I like to give him these things to write and share with our patrons here, so that perhaps they can learn something or be inspired in someway, as they often do to us.

Well, off I go to finish some things up to get ready for him.

Wishing the very best to all out there,

p.s. I do want to add acknowledgment to Dominante Muse and her pets for the difficult time they are having right now. Me and My pets wish them all the best and do hope that things will smooth out and they willl all find support and joy in the relationships that they have woven together. Hugs from us all!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wonderful Visits

Mmmmm its almost time for my Mystress to visit again and i am as always eagerly counting down the hours. When Mystress visits her spa..its an amazing evening for us both...and a very very relaxing evening.

We both soak up the energy between us and recharge our tanks...and each time we forge a stronger and stronger bond. A lovely lovely bond.

Mystress's knight is chatting with my new brother...working out some details..and i wish them the best with that...i'll send reiki to the situation and hope that all goes well.

I did geta shipment stub today s tomorrow i will pick up an parcel..i do hope its the one i am waiting for...we shall have to see tomorrow Mystress.

With so much love for Mystress

Monday, June 23, 2008

Not talking to Mystress

Today i am not talking to Mystress... no not because i am mad with her :) not at all. Tonight is a special night for is her and her Knights aniversary and they are off to have a wonderful evening tonight.

So i take this moment to send my Mystress much congrats and a wonderful happy evening and may there be many many more for you dear sweet Mystress.

Less than a month now till we have our first and i look forward to it very much.

With a big smile for Mystress and a special congrats to her and her Knight...


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Starting a new countdown

This morning Mystress and I as well as our new memeber of the circle chatted for hours upon hours...we were all very happy about the plans to come and how they were moving on...Each of us very very happy to be apart of these lovely plans.

we will have many many more chats on the topic this next week or so while the meeting day approaches. We have tentaviely planned a celebration BBQ for the 4th and if all goes well we shall be celebrating soon enough.

So with this change of plans...Mystress and I get to start a new countdown...a longer one than we are used to but a special one indeed...Mystress shall countdown for the arrival of another sub and I shall countdown for a fellow brother..a fellow Knight Of Servitude...


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy to hear the news

Well i had heard of the plans in motion and Mystress and I had spoken about it...yet it wasn't my place to mention anything about it. Today Mystress posted a wonderful confirmation of the plans and it makes me happy to see them.

As Mystress said..this will be a big positive step for us all..and the less stress for my Mystress is my biggest happy point about it. My Mystress deserves to be stress free and happy and this step will give my Mystress both aspects.

I am sure we will chat more about this and to my brother Robert...happy to hear the happy plans are now in place. Looking forward to saying hi and welcoming you to the little circle.


Making it Offical

This post is inspired by Paladin's parting words to kajira robert at the end of his last post. To clarify to our readers what those plans are that Paladin refers to, are the plans for robert to relocate to our town and to come live with My Knight and Myself us as our kajira, and service slave. He will serve both My Knight and Myself, and be little brother to Paladin and I am sure quick to be beloved by many of our other friends, Mistress's and subs in the area.

Several things have prompted this. Firstly... robert has been living under very difficult circumstances in latter years, and in fact, has suffered much abuse at the hands of one who should instead love and cherish him. she is not mentally well... and she has in the last many months totally betrayed him, and broken his heart, and wounded him most severely and stolen the profits from the sale of his home. He has so desperately wanted to escape, but it has been the how and where to do so. He has run everything in their home like clockwork and bent over backwards only to receive cruelty from her. Suffice it to say that they are very unsuited for each other at this point, and yet, he has stayed and done his best to make it all work, and only been hurt at in return.
Enough is enough, it is time for him to leave.


In latter months, My Knight has become ill and not able to do the things here that he once could, and I will admit, it has been a heavy worry for Me to keep up with work and home and I see it only getting more and not less difficult. Many times, My Knight has said that he wished we had a service pet to come live with us and take care of things. Over and over he has said this. (smiles) I think he though perhaps more of a winsome wench then a male, and yet, many of the things that need doing are the more classical male oriented things, such as the heavy yard work and the pool as well as the car mechanics My Knight once did so very easily.

This sort of service is not what I searched for when I sought out My Paladin, and not the sort of service I want from him. He is My protector and My sensual servant and My deepest confidant. He has been ever unwaveringly supportive, and I know how he has been concerned with the state of My stress levels, and his 'spa' has been the sole thing that has allowed Me to deeply relax so I can continue to support and uphold Myne own household. My Knight has known and greatly appreciated this service that is really to both of us.

On the other hand, being a service kajira has been what robert has always striven to be, and it is exactly what HE has always wanted to be and live as. But he was instructed to stay and try to make things work out for the best where he was. However since the final financial betrayals, it has become vividly apparent that this is not going to ever resolve itself. After he had hurt his back and she said she hoped he'd never walk again..... well.... that was it.

So, it has been agreed that we can each offer what the other needs. My Knight and robert have become friends as have he and Paladin. Between the four of us, it has been understood that this would be good for all of us. He will be loved and appreciated for all that he does. He is hardy and strong and he will take all of the physical burdens off of My Knight, which will allow him to focus on his profession without worrying about the things he cannot do without causing himself more pain. And robert will take up the domestic chores as well that hold no allure to Me, and of which I often feel quite overwhelmed.

My Knight is also a very social man.. and very well read. He loves company and good conversation. He and robert share many of the same philosophical interests and both have quick and witty minds. I expect that they will get on quite well together.

We have already established a 'chain of Command' if you will... with Myself and My Knight at the top.. and Paladin as the 'alpha' slave and robert the beta. While Paladin will be allowed to give robert orders either on My behalf or in My best interests that he would be aware of, robert will not be allowed to order Paladin. Paladin will also be instructed to teach robert some things that he may need to know about Myself, things that I may not think of and that Paladin is aware of from his service to both My Knight and Myself in real life.

We have never met robert in person.. and there is a backup plan for him to go to his mother or sister if we all turn out to be horrid trolls or totally incompatible in real life. None of us expect this to be the case however. Five years is a long time in any relationship these days, and robert has been there through many events in My life, as I have been there for him.

robert has never actually served in this capacity in person.. but then.. neither had Paladin.
(smiles) So dear readers... we are all quite excited by this turn of events. We hope for robert's arrival in the beginning of July. We expect this will be a very symbiotic relationship for all. robert has already written to My Knight of their 'boys nites' on the Tue and Thur's I share with Paladin, and I am glad to know that My Knight will have an ever smiling servant here to look after him and he will take away much worry from My heart. And I can promise, that robert will suffer no more abuse... perhaps a bit of pain.. or to beg for his release after a long bout of teasing..(wicked grin) but never the abuse either mentally or physically that he has gone through in the last few years.

At this moment in time, I feel amazingly blessed.. to have the love and support that I do.
I have been stressed and quite overwhelmed, but.. help is on the way, and it tis bi-directional as well. We can help as we will be helped... and that I think dear readers, is one of the best things that anyone can do. I have been helped to relocate in the past by dear friends who did all that they could to help Me escape dangerous situations... and now is My chance to pay it forward to dearest robert. He need only get himself here and it appears that the pieces are falling into place for that to happen.

And a special note to roberts dearest friend who is helping him... thank you very much E... for being so kind to My kajira when he has needed it, and for cheering his heart with your music and your support. I never knew of you until yesterday, but I am so glad that you were one of the few friends not chased away.. your loyalty and devotion speak highly of you.

With joyful anticipations,
wishing all out there the very best,

Friday, June 20, 2008

Lovely Mystress

Home kinda early myself tonight...was a long day so going to call it early. My dear sweet Mystress is off to a showwith her knight and i wish her the best of times tonight, do enjoy yourself dear Mystress.

To Robert...we have spoken about the plans in motion...and it does sound like a wonderful plan...i will hope for the best and a speedy conclusion to the plans.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Tree

During our chat on Saturday Mystress asked me a question...what sort of tree am I? Well i was confused at first...a tree...i don't get it...Well...Mystress wanted to know what type of tree i think i represent and why...

I laid there for alittle...thinking of trees...a hard thing to do with my MYstress near as i'd rather think about her...then it came to me...A Weeping Willow

No not because its sad sounding...not at all...but rather for what it represents to me...first they are rather big..and in being big...strong...aspects of me atleast i think. Their branches are wispy and free flowing...sort of like me...i like to go with the need to fight stuff. Their branches also overhang a great distance...creating a sort of safe spot beneath the tree...there to shelter anyone lucky enough to stand beneath protect them...something i try do for my Mystress as much as i can.

So these are the aspects of the Weeping Willow that seem to fit me and hence why i chose it. So now after our chat...i think of myself as a giant Weeping Willow...perched on a giant rock in a vast lake...there for my Mystress to rely on and to find solice and shelter.

So what other sorts of trees do we have out there? Would love to hear from our guests.


Monday, June 16, 2008

A Rock Indeed

When i started my long search for a Mystress i did it with the intent of finding the right one...a Mystress i could commit to and never have to look again...and after a long search i found my Mystress...and from the first day...i committed myself to my dear sweet Mystress.

A commitment i did not make lightly but a commitment for life. That is the commitment i made to my be there for her be a rock as Mystress so termed...a rock Mystress can always rely on to be there...never moving always solid and always reliable...a long term foundation for Mystress to build a house on...and a foundation Mystress can trust.

As Mystress said...we had a very very intimate conversation about this on Saturday...and i am sure we will continue the conversation in time...for as Mystress has taught me...we often need to have the tough chats to make very big steps and to make what we have all the more stronger.

Permantently belong to my Mystress


Pet Rock

It is so truly wonderful to have Paladin home from his travels!! I missed him more then ever, and he is quite right about the time difference.. I don't know how others do it for protracted amounts of time.

We did indeed have a wonderful reunion. Fri nite pet was much perkier then I would have expected for longer then expected, but at 9:30 when his eyes began to droop, it was time to pour the poor boy into bed. And he was asleep in seconds. I did get up to read for another hour and a half or so and then went back to bed. In the morning, he awoke Me in his marvelous ways. (smiles)

And for our Sat entertainment, we owe much thanks to kajira robert who had sent Me the 10th Kingdom and we spent the day watching that. We had a very good time with it. It was on 3 disks so we took breaks between them.. a bit of wonderful afternoon pleasure followed by a nice short afternoon nap after the first one.. and then our bath between the next one.

The subject title today comes from My reflections on Paladin. He is My Paladin.. My protector first and foremost.. and he is also My pleasure slave.. and his strength as such is very strong. Like a rock.. rock. (smiles) Catchy huh? He is reliable to Me in ways that no one else ever is. I have come to trust his word. He is the most honest and loyal person I have ever met. And now, more then ever, I have to be able to count on him, and believe all that he ever says to Me. I have immense respect for him in innumerable ways. I know that in all My life... I will be able to count on him. Whatever happens, he will be there, ever ready as My sub to serve Me. He is also My friend, and deepest confidant. He has given himself to Me heart and soul... and he is a precious, precious jewel to Me.. I do find Myself so much like Golum with him... "MYNE, MYNE, MYNE"... MY precious.. and I would fight to keep him just as ferociously as Golum ever did for his ring of power.. and pet IS like the ring of power.. for I feel powerful in My ownership and possession of him. We had a long and deep conversation about it very late Sat nite. We both got highly emotional. I have never seen him that way before, but it was a good thing for us both. I needed to know his place in My life honestly, and Myne in his and he was clear about it. And I accept it.

I shared some things with him that I never had before, and I know that some of it was difficult for him to hear.. he said it made things make more sense to him. The gist of it was.. the he will always be in My life, and I expect to be the same with him. He planted himself as firmly as any huge and un-moveable bolder in My life and I will take him as such.

Thank you Paladin..
for being...
My pet rock.

With love equal and as long lasting as yours...
Your only ever

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wonderful Reunion

Oh wow mmmm... an early and wonderful reunion and wow it was amazing. It was deivine to see my sweet Mystress again...truly divine and i had missed her much during my trip. The time difference was thereal painful part for even when i was free the time difference made it very difficult to get together and chat...yet we always found a way...short calls here...longer calls there...our always present txts and for the most part blog interaction.

Friday evening was a night full of cuddling dinner and some relaxing infront of the TV. I was determined to get myself back on cali time but my eyes betrayed me and i was out in seconds after hitting my pillowalittle after 10...Mystress read quietly on the sofa and relaxed for some more before joining me in bed.

Sat as we agreed was to be a day full of relaxation recuperation and reunion...and a wonderful reunion it was. We cuddle, snacked, watched some TV and got back into our wonderful rituals. Our bath was cut alittle short due to a hot water issue.

The reunion was amazing. And it definitely reinforced how special my Mystress is to me. I missed my Mystress very much and seeing my Mystress made me smile from ear to ear. It was wonderful to touch her and to hold hands...cuddle with Mystress..share a kiss and just be with my dear sweet Mystress in all manner of activities.

Thank you dear sweet Mystress for such a wonderful welcome home reunion...i missed you very much and i am glad to be be close to my Mystress once again.

With love forever


Friday, June 13, 2008

Early Reunion

Hello all....

3:04 Paladin is on the ground at the airport early. I thought another 1.5 hrs before he lands.
My precious pet is home safe and sound.

I had not expected to see Paladin until tomorrow noonish perhaps. But with My car in the shop and maybe not done till Mon or Tue, Paladin texts from the airport how things are.. I am.. well.. honestly.. stressed and sad. No car to get to see him tomorrow.

No problem he txts back, he will pick Me up and take Me with him. And drop Me off on his way to see his dad on Sun as he goes right by here.

Amazing.. he is.. .truly... amazing.

I have 3 fat yummy books to read while he is sleeping so he not need to take any care of Me.

So we'll both be off the radar till sometime Sunday.

Best to all,
(and Her exhausted but safely home Paladin)

The Long Journey Home

Started for Paladin last nite at 12:30 pst (well, I guess that would officially be this morning). Up at 3:30 est. His schedule is to meet his boss at 4am and then off to the airport. 12:35, I get My 'good morning Mystress' txt.. and at 12:48 his perky looking for that time of morning pic. And that's with no coffee. I go off to bed now, knowing he is awake and on his journey home. 2:17, he's waiting to board.

5:11, he's landed at their layover place. I wake up and txt with him a couple times till he insists I go back to sleep. And yes... the very best of pets DO sometimes give their Owner's a push to take care of themselves. 6:02 he sends kisses.. and sometime after that, he is off into the air again. Now he's out of communications until around 4pm pst when he lands back in our river city.

I have given him grace for todays blog.. don't want him having to think he's gotta do anything but sleep once he drags his very tired and oh-s0-sexy backside home today.

He's been very diligent this week staying in contact. Sending pics he thinks I'd like and calling twice a day. before and after his dinner time there as he's been out with his boss every nite.
They got done early yesterday and went to the beach and he sent some lovely pics.

As for Me... tis been a busy and stressful week that got cut short by My car suddenly flooding water on the hwy and My having to be towed home. thank goodness for AAA plus!!! No news from the car shop had Me quite upset along with some other things that had dear Paladin calming Me down last nite. Sometimes life seems to throw a variety of challenges our way and we simply have to deal with them. I have come to rely on Paladin during those times, and with his calm manner and sweet voice and good sense he always manages to bring Me back to ground safely. I wonder.. . how many other subs help their Owners in such a way? I hope many. I don't know if its as prevalent for female subs as it is for males... any comments from readers on that one? I know that when I was a sub, I did always try My best to be of any assistance I could be to My owner.

In the meantime, I would be reticent if didn't mention how wonderful kajira robert has been while Paladin has been away. Online more then usual, filing his reports with his usual verve.
Keeping Me company in Second Life during the times he knows I am usually chatting with Paladin.

Well.., so thats this post for now..
Wishing everyone out there a wonderful weekend and all the best
Warm thoughts to all

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Missing Days

Well its Thursday today..the day i missed earlier when i spoke to Mystress. I guess i was making the week go by faster...but it didn't seem to work. Well...either way...the week is close to over and soon i shall get to see my dear Mystress.

Off i go to my last meetings...hopefully to get done early...

Thinking of my dear sweet Mystress


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


As i mentioned in my comments before, the time difference is definitely the worst part of this trip. Infact, yesterday on the phone with Mystress, i was making plans and even skipped a whole day :) A day i felt had already passed...strange to say the least. All it means is another day from my Mystress,,,,but as Mystress posted before...the reunion is what keeps it all bareable.

So i bid our guests a good morning and then off to meetings.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Tuesday

Its an early morning for my Mystress still and today is a Tuesday...our day. I will miss seeing my Mystress today and so look forward to getting home and our reunion. As i posted yesterday, the hardest part is he time makes it difficult to plan any correspondence but so far we have managed it.

Do have a wonderful day dear Mystress and i do hope you enjoyed your dinner last night with our Lady.

MIssing Mystress


Monday, June 9, 2008

Time is short

Morning all...and a very early morning to Mystress. Time is scarce for me this week so i've woken up early to post my blog.

Thank you Mystress for the well wishes and wishing me a safe trip. Took the whole day but finally arrived. My schedule looks rather hectic but as always Mystrss..i promise to find time for my dear Mystress.

Gobbling down some bfast before heading to a morning meeting. Hope to chit chat some today and I have started my countdown to a wonderful reunion Sat...mmm lovely i thoughts indeed.

A busy Paladin

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Question for our guests

Evening All.

Making preparations for a trip and a question suddenly popped in my mind. How do others deal with their times apart. I know i have read a few comments on our blog about others that at times have been apart from their relationships...and it didn't dawn on me then...but it has today...How do others deal with their times apart?

Do you make more calls? Chat more online? Let the time pass? Keep ones self busy and not think too much on it to avoid the discomfort?

If our guests would be so kind as to share their thoughts it would be much much appreciated. Its always comforting to hear from others than share similar experiences so that I and my Mystress can learn from our guests.

Awaiting some responses....


Friday, June 6, 2008

Happiness Dear Mystress

My Mystress has a tendency, which happens rarely these days, to sometimes dwell on something unpleasant. Like my trip next week. Mystress dwelled some on the time apart and how long it was to our next visit. Well i can totally agree with Mystress, a week apart is unpleasant and like Mystress i miss our visits and look forward to them very much.

But i know that there will be a wonderful reunion...a time that WILL always happen and as always promises to be wonderful. My mind thinks on those that had something special..and perhaps now don't have it that would be something to dwell on...but for us dear Mystress we do not have that fear. Our bond is so strong and special and as i said before Mystress...has many many years in it.

So yes Mystress..the time apart is not nice...but the alternatives are worse. Like Mystress posted...we will stay in contact and text and IM...and even some extra exhanges to pass the time...and before we know it next weekend wil be here and we will enjoy our wonderful reunion.

So i give my Mystress much much credit for how far she has come..and how rarely Mystress does dwell on i said last night..its part of you...just like some of my more anal we accept it and move on...both improving on the characteristics...growing with each other...improving each other and making each other much stronger.

With so much admiration of my amazement....


Thursday, June 5, 2008

To Own Pets...

And to be responsible for them, is to Me a big responsibility. And not one I take lightly at all.
I am very lucky to have two such pets.

One of course is My amazing Paladin... and tonight I'll be spending a last night with him before a busy weekend for him, and then as he says, a trip out of town for the week. I have gotten quite used to My lovely 'spa' time with him. I know that as he says, we will stay connected while he is gone on his trip. Thank goodness for cell phones and text messages as well as MMS messages. Pet will have to send Me all of his regular pics plus a few extras to hold Me over till he gets back.
As always, I expect our reunion to be quite pleasurable.

I will also have kajira robert to keep Me company when Paladin is away.. and while cyber isn't near the same thing as reality.. his mostly quick obedience (even when its sprinkled with his quick wit) is amusing. We do have a rather good time flying around in Second Life and visiting new spots. And I like to tease him about when he finally does come to our town for a vist.. all of the things he'll have to look forward to. (wicked grin)

It has been going on 5 years now since I 'collared' kajira robert online... and a year for Paladin in real life. I have learned alot in that time.. but I have truly come into My own in the year since Paladin. He has taught Me who I am to Myself.. and what I want and desire. Like in My last post.. I speak of how what I want and what others say we are supposed to be are often two different things. I am blessed in that My two subs understand and support My way of being.
They are both strong willed men who choose to submit to Me. And I am always grateful to them for that.

I told Paladin the other night, that its not always easy though. There are still often things I want that I know he is uncomfortable with. And so, how much do I stretch him? Sometimes I will grant him grace on something...and then.. wish I hadn't. I do get some very wicked ideas.. and more often then not, when I ask him how such a thing might make him feel, his answer is 'very submissive Mystress." Which is exactly the answer that I do want. I want to stretch him some.. and make him uncomfortable some too. And sometimes.. I want him to do something that will please Me unasked... something he knows I'll like... just to surprise and please Me.
He's often a shy pet... and that can lead to some whimsy on My part as far as having him do something out of his box that I know he doesn't want to do. And matter how much I want him too.. its not 'proper'. I don't care... but he does. And its those times I have to realize how much he already does for Me... how far he has come in this almost year of time.
To look at where we are now, and where we started... and no matter what I want..
Like any responsible pet owner... I have to be that.. responsible to him..and take care of him, and look after him.

But.... I can still hope he'll have th courage.. and the adventurous heart to do something
totally outside his box on a whim for Me.

I'll still pet him and love him, even if he doesn't...
but as Amazing Grace said...

"but wouldn't it be nice...."

Best to all,

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


MMm close to seeing my Mystress once again...the excitement is bubbling up. I will be out of town next week so i will soak up as much of my Mystress tomorrow to get me throught he week to come.

Mystress and I will work our magic and as always figure out a way to keep our bond strong and ever so special..

Thank you Mystress for being my Mystress


Monday, June 2, 2008

My Sweet Mystress

Evening all ... I hope that everyone is having wonderful times in their lives. I know i am and am happy happy as of late. Its amazing that being my Mystress pet is such a happy experience. I am sure others who share my position can be as grateful and happy.

And gratitude i have in Mystress and have spoken since i got home with break for dinner...and my Mystress has deemed i have had enough computer time for tonight so she ordered me off the computer to veg. So here i am obeying my Mystress's order...and going to go veg on the couch for some...but before i can i've got to do my post for the evenig...happily and with much ethusiasm.

So i go to veg and count the less than 24 hours till i see my dear Mystress...mmmm. Mystress will be taking a hot shower to relax in a few .. so i will let my mind wander around that beautiful thought.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Protocols

Evening All

Been a long day of chores and a little relaxation but as a Sunday goes it was pretty decent. Mystress had a good afternoon with our Lady. Its wonderful when my Lady's are together for they do enjoy their compay immensly. Mystress made a comment that they should do it more and i couldn't agree more. Its always good to get out and about with friends.

Tonight Mystress instituted some new protocols. The protocol is that i shall have to now turn on my webcam and give my Mystress my feality sign whenever we are apart and are in communication. For my Mystress this is an extension of my fealty to my show my commitment to my MYstress. As always it makes me very happy to adopt a protocol for my Mystress. I know they give my Mystress immense hapiness and i will always try to make my Mystress bery happy.

Tomorrow will come and go quickly and i know that the time will pass fast so that Mystress and i get to see oeach other again...

Happy Thoughts