Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sick Pets

Good Evening all.

I hope that everyone is doing well this past Thanksgiving holiday. As always we always hope the best for all our friends and family. I for one was a sick pet over the holidays, but even being sick, my dear Mystress still included me...

Not wanting to get my Mystress sick i tried my best to limit my exposure to her but Mystress would have nothing to do with that. She even order me to kiss her even though i was sick. The sentiment warmed my heart to know my dear Mystress cares so much for me she would brave getting sick herself. Mystress pointed out, we share eveything, which inckudes the occasional cold :) How many other pets are so lucky to have an owner like that ? :)

Even when we had our little family dinner, Mystress gently insisted i still attend and that we would all enjoy the evening. Thats what we did, from enjoying a lovely lovely meal, to watching a movie to just hanging out. I spent the time with my dear Mystress, praying she wouldnt get sick, but still so happy to be apart of it all. Thank you dear Mystress for including your little sick pet, hugs.

Tomorrow i get treated with my Mystress's company, mmm i cant wait.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Times

Evening All.

So the holiday period is already upon us, can you all believe it. Wow this year as totally flown by.

Mystress and i plan to start our holiday plans this Wednesday with an early thanksgiving dinner with us 2. Then we are off to our Thanksgiving day plans to share our love with all. it plans to be a yummy time and waking up Thursday with my dear Mystress shall be a wonderful treat indeed.

After that we are into our busy christmas minth then whammo new year. But...mmm...i dont mind it at all for its the start of yet another year with my dear sweet loving Mystress.

A special thank you to all the lovely comments on the last post. We truly smile to each other when we realize how special what we have is and that others truly share that thought. Thank you all again and welcome back tot he blog Mia. Enjoy your stay.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Changing Plans

Good evening all.

Well as our luck holds, so did our plans for a trip change. Due to circustances outside our control Mystress and I couldnt get away last weekend but alas, that didnt stop us.

I kept my days off so that i was truly blessed to be able to have my dear Mystress here for a full 5 lovely long and so so sweet days. :) We spent the time longing for one another, and bonding, and spend every waking minute we could with one another. From lovely dinners out, to lovely deserts inside, the time together as always served to rest our minds and recharge our bones. The time has become so special to us i cant even begin to put words together to describe them. In a sense, we prefer our times together more than our other times.

This may sound weird to others because a typical D/S relationship doesnt go to this degree. For us however, things have progress to much more complicated relationship than either of us thought we wanted. For that i am truly blessed. I share my thoughts and desires with Mystress on this as much as i can and hope in my heart, Mystress has the faith in us that i so so do. As my ring to you says Mystress, FOREVER :), so you are stuck with me :)

Things change, and for us, its truly for the better. Take faith in it for the rest will pass, but what we have will always be.