Sunday, August 29, 2010

Visitng All

Good evening all. September is almost upon us and the cold weather approaches. This weekend we were treated to 75 degree days and cold nights, mmm what a tease. I can't wait for 50 degree days and the rain...and of course the cuddle time that goes along with that :)

I spent some time with Mystress in SL and the others sure have a tremendous skill when it comes to SL and creating their worlds. I am very impressed and enjoy my time there very much. Dancing slowly with Mystress was a big treat indeed. I also had the opportunity to run into old friends. I send my well wishes and words to them on this blog often but its been sometime since i was in SL to see there. I hope you guys and girls are doing well too.

Now to go count the hours till tomorrow, and seeing my dear Mystress's smile and experiencing her dear company.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Pleasure

Evening all.

It was my pleasure as always dear Mystress to stop and say hi. I love bringing smiles to your face and if a suprise visit would do that then i am happy to oblige. Beside, it did allow me to get a wonderful goodnight kiss and hug which allowed me to have wonderful dreams :) Mmmmmm Mystress was so yummy in them.

It has been busy indeed and it looks to be busy for a couple more weeks and then some quiet times to follow. It will be great to have some non-busy times and it should be coinciding with the coming fall. MMmmmm love fall, but i am sure you all know that. Thank you Mystress for noting that i do keep to my course, no matter how busy they are. Its very important to me to keep a balance in all i do and when the busy times hit, one need try extra hard to keep the rest in balance and i am happy i have managed to accomplish it. Soon the busy times will pass and i can spend more time on the other aspects, namely yummy Mystress.

My best wishes to our friends who are going through rough times. May they pass soon and allow you to progress to the next chapter in your lives.


Catching Up and Dead Links

Greetings all,

This entry starts out with a thank you to Paladin for stopping by on Fri nite, on his way home from time visiting with his buddies. He musta sensed how much I would have liked for him to do that. I was shocked at the doorbell ringing so late, but sometimes it the neighbors or something.. and yet.there it was.. him. *sighs happily* I DO love surprise visits like that.. things off schedule. He looked and felt tired though, so I didn't let him stay long. It was a treat that he stopped by as late as it was, and as early as it was that he got up.

I was in the midst of trying a new recipe for microwave fudge sauce. He was aghast that it had a whole stick of butter in it, plus a cup of sugar. milk, vanilla. Though it was the butter that was the most shocking. Still, it came out very very good, and little goes a long way. Pet got to watch me doing candy testing on the mix as it boiled, until it got to the soft ball stage.
It was fun to have him around while I was doing it. But it was going to take a while to cool enough to use it, so I sent him on his way with more hugs and kisses.. Thank you again my dear Paladin.. your thoughtfulness tis much appreciated!!!

On other fronts.. things have been running smoothly. Paladin has has a couple of work things that have kept him busier then usual, but that never affects his going about his duties. It can't be said too much, how much I appreciate him. His, steady nature and always optimistic outlook on things. When the world swirls around so much, he never does. He has his lists and goals, and by gosh, he manages to just plow ahead, strong and steady and accomplish them one after another. So I am grateful to have one as him.

Which leads me to mention that he had another birthday since the last time I posted.... and I always enjoy celebrating it, even if he doesn't. I am glad he is in this world, and like to make it known. He did take his birthday spanking quite well. *grins* So, again, I do have a gladness for his presence! Owning Paladin is a lot like owning the very best toy on the block, and being aware enough to know it.. which I am.

And that appreciation gets deeper, when I know of those that didn't make it. Even after years. And that grieves me deeply. 'They' are gone now... and yet, I've not had the heart to take down their links from here. So if you click and they go no where.. that's....why. When I click and it just goes to a deleted page.. my heart drops. And it makes me want to clutch my Paladin closer... but.. I take a deep grounding breath. and know... I don't need to. He is honest, and loyal.. and. always insistent on no holds barred communications. Since he gave me the special ring on our first anniversary, I have no doubts to his allegiance and devotion. And in that..
I know I am very very lucky.

I'll continue to send all good thought to all, and hope that they may find the same happiness that we have.

Best wishes to all..

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Missing Mystress

Evening All...i hope that everything is going better with our guests. Even through the rough times, its important to remember that everything gets better, even if its painful when it happens. Mystress and i will send reiki to all and hope for a speedy recovery.

Last week was a busy crazy week with many late nights, infact i only saw my Mystress for 10 mins when i crawled into bed at 2am one night before heading back to work the next i definitely miss my Mystress. We have grown so accustomed to our evenings that when we miss them, which is very very seldom, it definitely is something thats not pleasant indeed. We just adore the time together no matter what form the time takes...mmm cant wait till tomorrow till i see my dear Mystress.

I return to SL with Mystress now. She summoned me to provide some Reiki and i feel happy to oblige when i can. Thank you to Mystress for proving such a wonderful service in SL. Its such a wonderful thing to experience.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sweetness Is

What is sweetness????? Sweetness is my dear Mystress in so many ways, even those that make her blush :) I dont know why, but i just had to share how sweet my service to Mystress is. We are now officially well into our 4th year and mmm the servie for this year is already as sweet as the years before and i assure you...the rest of the year and years to come will be just as sweet. :)

It was a wonderful cool weekend too which is wonderful. It signals that summer is nearing its end, the scorching hot days soon to be a thing of the past, and our lovely autumn season will be here soon.

Mystress and i love autumn and winter and look forward to it every year, probably more so every year. Why? Well as you all know we love the rain and spending a weekend in bed while the rains falls outside, the rain drops carrying their melody in through the open windows...mmm so sweet indeed. We have already asked the rain gods to make sure it rains more on weekends this year :)

So i spend the evening counting my sweet stars that i have my Mystress and wish everyone a wonderful evening.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yummy Anniversary

Good afternoon All.

STUPENDOUS.....let me start with that :) Mystress and i celebrated our 3 year anniversary last weekend and oh what a lovely lovely lovely weekend it was.

We spent the entire weekend together going from one function to the next, whether it was a friends birthday on Friday to anniversary dinner Saturday to a spur of the moment dinner on Sunday, we were out and about enjoying each others company. When we were not out we were home, again enjoying each others intimate company.

It would be very diffcult to express how lucky we each feel in our relationship and count our lucky stars each day that we are together. Thankful that after 3 years we are still going so strong and look forward to many more years together experiencing all the wonderful journeys we face together. I emphasize together for whatever the journey that comes our way, we will always experience them is our promise to one another.

I go now to wait for my Mystress who is going to treat me to another day with her today sometime. She has some errands and socializing o do then Mystress will be here...wee looking forward to it all.

In anticipation.