Sunday, March 28, 2010

Helpful and lovely Mystress

Evening All

Mystress spent the weekend here and mmm we had a blast :) From cuddle times to pleasure times to helping times...we spent a lovely weekend "putter" about as Mystress would say. Mystress helped me get a computer up and running and soe office furniture up Mystress the "Aphid" slayer was out and about protecting the roses :)

What a lovely weekend but as it passes to my bed calls for good sleep. Thank you so much Mystress for the wonderful help and till tomorrow...


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Help! Lost our blog roll!!!

Hello all...

So..... here I am. adding in Thina's new blog to the list.. and then I decide.. well. while I'm at it, I know some of the blogs were now dead, and other's have become private. I'd been putting of trimming off those that have changed and so figured now will be the time do to it. It's that whole spring is here, time to clean things up.

Clickity, clickity click....

I'm on the third one.. I go to it, it's gone private.. okay.. readers will only get frustrated if they get that, just like I do sometimes.. so delete.. and then, on to the next one... the next one.. oh my gosh.. THEY ARE ALL GONE!! I try to back up. gone. All gone... Doah.. I hit the wrong delete button. Now I have to try and recreate it.

I do have a few bookmarked.. and well.. you all know how that goes.. you come across a good blog, or someone tells you and you add it to your blog roll, and you ( or at least I) forget to add it as a bookmark... and of course that's the great side benefit of a blog like this, its a list of good reading. Until you do something silly like I did and hit the wrong darn button. *sigh*

So, this is a plea, to those of you who knew you were on our blog roll, if you don't see yourselves there, please, please send me an email to And if you read us and have a blog, please do the same.

Ah well.. and so it goes... but at least now, I've got some re-added.

So.. on ward and upward.. Thanks in advance for the help!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome to the family

Good evening to all our wonderful friends and visitors.

Oh the lovely little family we have has just grown by 1 and with a special welcome i welcome kyttin to our little lovely family. Its always so special when Mystress invites a new member to the family for Mystress does not do it often, so it means that there is something special about the new family member. Something special for Mystress to have seen and to have wanted to take the next step with. We welcome you with open arms kyttin and we hope you will love your place in our family as much as we all love our places.

It also makes me very happy that you are a skilled member of the SL world for i know how much mytress loves. It brings much smiles to my face knowing that Mystress can explore the SL world with caring and loving family members at her side. I look forward to the updates Mystress gives me about all her adventures with you guys...and the way Mystress describes your dancing....oh la la :)

Feel free to make yorself comofrtable, to be happy beside our Mystress and to always think of our little family with such happiness and love.


Spring has Sprung a girl on a Pole

Happy Spring to all our readers,

Appreciation to Paladin for letting me chomp the heck out of his rose bushes. I think they hadn't been trimmed in a very long time. But now, they are all nice and neat. We'll be getting some food for them soon as well so they will be even prettier.

Thank you to Paladin also for a wonderful dinner out last nite. We both love asian, and the great little Chinese place across the street was yummy as always.

With spring, comes reflection on new things.. new plants and weed eating and gardening. My past Master and his son are coming today to help with some garden work. He is still recovering from his grievous staph infection that caused him to lose the use of his right shoulder for the things he always had used it for in the past. Its been a long while since we've seen him out and about, and so while there is work to be done.. (mostly by his son who we assisted to go to a much desired Anime festival in return for yard work, and todays the day we collect) it will be a nice time to catch up as well. I will be showing off some of the things in Second Life that are so amazing and enjoyable.

And speaking of Second Life... ah yes. the bit about the girl on the pole. And the picture..taken at our new home there.

Her name is Thina.. but her nick name is kyttin. She is what is called a Neko in Second Life. She look mostly human, but she has a cute tail that swishes around .. and little kitty ears that swivel around and twitch from time to time. And she purrs.. which is sweet. And. yes. she is the newest in our family. Been a couple weeks now. In SL, pets seem to gradually melt away, much like other online conversations and relationships. So it has been with me... and I've been sort of looking for another girl to shop and spend time with there. So.. late one nite (isn't that how it most often seems to be) I was passing through my list of D/s clubs (about 3) and at the last one, was one lone girl, only one in the whole place.. granted it was midnight. but usually places in SL are busy even at that time. She was pretty, and I liked the way her tail swished around. I had just been at a sci fi place before, where all sorts of creatures we enjoying each other's company, so a girl with a tail and ears was quite 'normal' comparatively.

She greeted me sweetly.. I read her profile, she was looking for a Mistress.. (welllll fancy that!) so I sat and chatted with her a while. I mentioned that I had a dancing pole as it is one of my fave things to do in SL.. is watch a pretty girl dance. I don't like it in rl interestingly enough. but there. its.. well. in the right place, and especially private, its very nice. We spoke about her trying out the pole one day. Then I was off to bed as now it was much later as I had lost track of time and had found myself quite charmed by her.

The next day, I IM'ed her, to invite her over. but alas.. she had been collared after I had left the previous eve by someone she already knew. Ahhh well. so it goes, in SL as in Rl...

A few days later. one of us IM the other ( I think she me) and I asked how her Mistress was.. and she said a difference had become obvious to them both and they had parted ways. She seemed unsettled, so I invited her for a chat. As you can gather, one thing led to another and now she proudly wears my collar.

She has met Sir Robert several times already (and his partner Jen) and I hope to have her and Paladin meet soon as well. She surprised me greatly one day by telling me she had bought a piece of land where we could have a place that we shared together. In this manner, this is a first for me there. I have a house. and I like it there.. but I wouldn't truly call it a home.. I have the Reiki Center.. and Hospice Gardens.. but those are what I call my 'public lands" different from the other places where I have a private residence. I guess the difference is... this is different. sharing a house with someone who 'lives' there. She said all she wanted was a private room to decorate, and when we looked for a house to put on the land, we shopped till found one that we both liked a lot. Which we did. It has a perfect private room for her that she seems quite happy with. So now, we have placed it and are starting to decorate it. She is also a builder and made me a present of what she calls a sky garden.. like a permanent twilight time. deep blues and purples, its breathtaking!

In the next post, I'l include some pics of girl and the new house. In the pic at the top, I had taken it just when Paladin had come home from work, and was watching her dance over my shoulder smiling. So he has seen her to some degree.. but they've not actually 'met' .

I send out another invite to any out there who'd like to come to Second Life and have a look see as to what is about and what you can do. It really is a wonderful place. I've been taking some building classes and gone to some fascinating discussions ... last one was BDSM and spirituality.. I give Reiki on Sundays there.. so if any reader also would like to come get a nice session, they are welcome to do that as well. In level 2, we learn 'Distance Reiki'.. and can send it to any time and place... and it seems to work exceptionally well in SL.

Anyways. so that's an update from all of us. oh. except *applause* Sir Robert got a job as a welder for U-Haul.. so that's excellent family news!!!

Best to all,
from our family to all of you and yours..
Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thank you Mystress.

Evening all ourr readers. Time always seems to fly by and with that dreaded DST stealing another of our hours, the hour has become late already without one even knowing. Hopefully it doesnt drag us all down to much for its only a single hour.

Just a special thank you to Mystress for tackling my rose bushes of death, they look so much better now and even beter because they have Mystress's sweet touch.

hugs and kisses.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mystress the expert

Good evening all.

As always Mystress and I hope that all our wonderful friends and family are having a good time and that the year is treating them all well so far.

I had the priviledge of hanging out in SL some today with Mystress and watching Mystress work. Wow wwhat an expert. Mystress took some SL builing classes over the weekend and wow amazing....she is building whole multi story buildings now and they all look so amazing. Kudos to my Mystress....she is such an expert at everything she does...inluding being my Mystress. I count my lucky days each day in service...thank you again dear Mystress for being so amazing to me.

Even during our "mundane" tasks Mystress is amazing. I shall no longer refer to them as mundane for anything with my Mystress is very enjoyable....hugs hugs hugs and so many kisses.