Monday, September 16, 2013

Time Flies and We take on a New Hobby

South Padre Island, TX

Greetings Readers and Friends,

Yes, time certainly does fly by.  We had visitors from Germany for a couple of weeks, and I got to go on a wonderful trip with them to S. Padre Island (if you want some beautiful Texas coastal water to swim in, this is the place!  The La Quinta was a awesome hotel and right on the beach - literally. Walk out past the pool and your in the ocean.  It was sooo amazing.)  Our friend D loves to swim in the ocean like I do, and we spent all Tue from right after breakfast till about 5pm swimming in wonderfully beautiful water. I was sorry that Paladin couldn't get out of work to come with us.  We also then went up to San Antonio and enjoyed the beautiful River Walk and the tour of the Alamo.   It was nice to see more of my new state, and find some places to take Paladin to when he can get away.

San Antonio River Walk

Life with Paladin continues to be awesome.  Sometimes I stand at the top or foot of the stairs and simply marvel at my life here with him.  I have never lived so compatibly with anyone - ever.  So many times we say the same thing at the same time.  Arguments are almost nil, and not because I get to trump everything.    Frankly, I can't remember anything we have needed to argue about.  I'd say we go along with the same mindset about 98% of the time.  

We have taken up a new hobby that I had started in Calif, but had not pursued since moving.  We got re-inspired by our visiting friends, as they practice their hobby all over the world, and that is Geocaching.  Thur on our way to a local munch, we planted our first cache ourselves, and were delighted tonight to see it got published.  And then, on Fri, on our way to dinner, Paladin asked if there were any cache's in the area.  Sure enough, there looked to be an easy one right around the corner from the restaurant, and so off we went after dinner.  It was a lot of fun, and it's had us giggling like kids.  Here are a couple of graphics I came across today that  I liked a lot:

Since we both consider ourselves geeks, this 'sport' fits us perfectly.  We both love getting out in nature a lot and this adds a great new dimension to it.  I went on several cache hunts with our friends while they were here, and got introduced to some nice parks that are not too far away I didn't even know existed before they came.  Now there are 3 really wonderful ones for us to go to, some with lots of forest and trails to wander around in.  It's nice to know that if I don't want to go too far in after something I can send pet in to do it.

Lets see.. what else.. oh yes.. next weekend is our local Fetlife groups party. Its gonna be a tailgate party theme, and everyone is supposed to come in some sort of team or favorite sports attire.  Paladin is going as what he was, a Rugby player.  Got him some running shorts because all the rugby ones in his size were sold out, and a great rugby T Shirt.  He's griping about how short the shorts are, and Oh My... they are.  YUMMMY!  I find there is so little beefcake at the party most of the time.  I mean the half naked girl subs are cute, but most of the guy subs tend to be kinda thin and very scarce.  I've had more then one lady, including subs, ask me to play Paladin just so they can see him.  Cuz like YEAH, he's pretty hot.  He's a big man.. muscular and I'm tellin' ya ladies, we American's have really missed out on the whole Rugby thigh phenomenon. He normally wears jeans or khaki's to parties. But this is still summer here, and he's gonna be in the short short shorts.  His T-shirt is almost longer.  I'm going as a Dommy referee and going to put some yellow penalty cloth on one of my crops as well as having some penalty flags to throw around.   Should be a blast.  It's been several months since we've been to one and we are looking forward to it bunches.

On other fronts, I am still waiting for the VA to decide on my unemployability.  Last month was a year since I filed for it.  I have been getting great health benefits from the VA though and feel very fortunate.  I went for 12 years with no health care at all, and feel profoundly grateful for it now.  We're getting a new VA in our little town (turns out there is a huge population of veterans settled here) so I'll have to drive less then 2 miles as opposed to the 35 I do now.  Weeeee! And it opens next month. I just hope my new docs there will be good ones.  I like my Gen Phy, she's okay, but I really don't like the 'pod person' shrink. She's a twit.  She tries to be nice, but I can't get past her telling me she didn't need to read my file or talk to me, I just needed to take the drugs. UHGGGH!

On another happy note, pet and I are also looking for a little travel trailer.  We both love camping, but have come to the realization that we're past 'tenting' it now.  We'd like something that we can be warm in at night, and cool in during the summer.  We think we'll go out a lot more if we can just pull up on a Fri nite and be ready for dinner and a campfire. And then just pull up and drive off on Sun morning. He's been working on getting his recycled army truck ready to roll by early next year, it's gonna be really great once he gets it done.

Something I have noted in our new life here is that\it's been fun and amazing to learn how much more past the kink that we have in common!  

Gosh it's late and I better get to bed. 
I wish all well out there!