Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wonderful Times

Hello All.

Oh What A Blast....thats all i can say about the first play party we attended in our new state that would sum it all up. Mystress did a fantastic job summarizing the party in her wonderful post. Overall, the structure of the party was exactly that and before i continue, thank you to Miss L for the invite and welcoming us like you did. The friendly and warm welcome immediately put us at ease and we enjoyed it all so so so much. Thank you.

It was a visual treat as we went from room to room to enjoy all the demonstrations and activities. They varied from sensory play to wax to tickling and bondage. Each presenter did a fabulous job giving their demonstration and a special thank you to all the presenters for the night. Around midnight the demonstrations were over and the toys and rooms were turned over to all the guests. Some definitely took full advantage of that for sure. Before long we had naked ladies hanging from cross beams moaning to the lashes of whips...others moaning to the use of fists...and others enjoying the sting of electricity. It was a fantastic experience and we are already eagerly waiting on the next party next month. Who knows, perhaps we will watch more or participate all depends on how things go but i think Mystress and I are very very happy in our new environment :)

A special grats to BnB on their 10 year anniversary. We hope there are many many more years to come and we hope to celebrate each of them with you guys. Thank you too for the visual treats you treated us to. Mrs B....the laughing was rather enjoyable and very entertaining to watch and Mr B...great use of the toys. It looks like both of you guys enjoyed it all and gratz again to you guys.

With Great Memories


In which we attend our first local play party

Good day dear friends and readers!

This past weekend did indeed see us attending our first Fet Life SAF play party event.  We've been here just over a month now and we had been eagerly anticipating it.  One of the best aspects was going to be that it was our best friends BnB's wedding anniversary and we wanted to be there to celebrate it for sure!  They have just been amazing... and socially we've fallen in almost better then when we were in CA's capitol city.  We miss devnz and our friends and vanilla families, but we gained one heck of a kinky family here.

The food theme was picnic and the play theme was experiencing new or old at various play stations.  Our gracious hostess for the eve made sure we got a tour of the place by a giggling little kitty girl who was quite adorable as she showed us the X cross's upstairs and what each room would have in it for the evening.    There was a table, tarps and wax play in the garage, sensation play and fisting by another adorable little sub girl missy....cupping with Sir James... fire play.. with I forget who... rhythmic beatings, erotic tickling, bullwhips or snake whips... some sort of cell busting thing, floggings, some needles ( which ooook me out so I avoid those) and something where they put folks in a couple of bags.   I thought it was a Yoko Ono art piece...  what did she call it.. oh yeah, bag art.  Unlike  UCTMW's Western Corespondent's report from a recent swing place, our party did not have a room with folks screwing anywhere. There was almost everything else.. but not that.  Well... not that I saw anyways.  These were more.. scenes I suppose. I did see a sub giving some nice oral sex and we didn't make it to the fisting room with so much else going on.

And.. I was in on a secret... our friends... BnB... he's a Dom and she bottoms to him.. but she is not submissive nor a bottom.  Yeah.. just like Paladin is not a sub, but he submits to me.  Anyways... she had planned to give him a sub to play with for the evening, one he'd had his eye on for a bit I gather.   I knew there was a witching hour when this would all come down... but until then, Paladin and I wandered about, watching, meeting and learning all sorts of folks and things.   Some adorable sub girls around.. enough to make my mouth water. mmmm.    We watched lady B get tickled... and the fellow had a tool like nothing I'd ever seen.  He'd taking a glove and inserted those rotating toothbrushes through each finger.  A super kinky toy that made us roar with laughter when he waved it around.  Once our friend was securely bound to the bed (clad in cute bra and panties) he began learning her spots.  When he got to the part where he pulled out the toothbrush glove, and went between her toes with it... I thought she was gonna come right off that bed.  The shrieks of laughter were infectious and I've never head that much laughter... anywhere!  

After that....she went downstairs for a bit, and we chatted with her other half upstairs.  Soon, she came back upstairs carrying their toy bag, and with the lovely hostess in tow.   As they went into one of the rooms, her husband watched and was almost drooling when he said it looked like they were going to have some fun.   I smiled to myself, because I knew.. he was about to have some too.   Finally, he couldn't stand it anymore and we walked over to that room, and his wife came came out..and took him by the hand and led him in... we followed.  The lovely hostess's was chained by her arms to a beam overhead, clad only in her panties that almost matched his wife's.   B let her hubby to the hostess and told him "Happy Anniversary dear.... you get a subby to play with!!!  I thought Mr.B was gonna cream with joy right there.   Ms B. had laid out all of his fave toys and floggers, and he was very slow and methodical as he worked over the hostess.  Then.. they took her down, and put Ms. B up on the chains.  She has just started teaching swim classes and competitions for the season, so she is very adamant that she can't get any marks or bruises till after the season now.  He did use a meat tenderizer on her feet, and I thought she was gonna kick him like a horse... but he was fast, and it's hart to fight when your arms are chained up it appears.  that didn't leave any marks.    All in all.. it was quite an amazing evening.  everyone was so friendly and warm!  We got to meet more great folks and witness things neither of us had seen in person to this degree.  

One of the things I had set up in advance, was to ask a lovely Domme we had previously met if it would be okay to send Paladin to her for bathroom permission.  
>very wicked grin<  Since he always has to ask me for that permission.. and he had a few demerits stacked up, I had told him that to work them off, I had arranged for him to ask some other ladies for that permission.  I do belive he rolled his eyes at me.   Mistress Cher and Ms B. being two of them I told him.  So when the time came.. and I think he held it pretty well as long as he could.. he literally had to go searching for Mistress Cher in this big house.   It was a cute bit and he blushed quite charmingly. And she.. following my suggestions ... had made him repeat himself a few times before permission was granted.   >teee heeeee

I think it was around 1 when we finally packed up to head home... We had a great chat about the interesting things we'd seen... and...I put him on notice.. that next time.. I'll be putting him up on the X cross to see how it feels.  I would have this time but I didn't have the right clips to do so.   Got a txt from Ms. B on Sunday, that they had gotten me the clips needed to hang him up.  Yaaaaay!!! So pick a pair of skivvies you like pet, cuz you're gonna go down to them.  >grins

I'll have Paladin post his thoughts on his experience later.  
Best wishes to all... 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Views

Hello All.

Mystress is o so has been ages since my last post and i must apologize. Things have been so super busy and hectic getting us to our new home and settled in. So many things to do and what always seems like way too little time to do it. I think, approaching 1 month in our new home, i think we can say that things are finally settling in and things are starting to run on schedule. Utilities and the neccessary transitionary steps in our past, means we can now concentrate on exploring the new world before us.

The first thing i must do is send a special thank you to BnB. They have been so wonderful in welcoming us and helping us get acquainted and adjusted. How many folks do you know would show up on a Sunday morning at the crack of dawn to help setup furniture after only meeting you once before? Not many i am affraid yet there they were...bright and early and eager to help us out.

Also, socially, without BnB, we would still be very much in the dark socially but now, things are so much better for us. As Mystress says, we are socializing with a new group here having being introduced by BnB and it goes very well. Infact we go to our first munch with them all tomorrow and in two weeks, our first party. With BnB there celebrating and us celebrating their anniversary, i am sure our transition into the group will continue to go smoothly. We rely on their guidance rather heavily right now and hope we can return such a wonderful welcome in the future to come. So thanks again guys for all your support in this new beginning.

As for our new group members, i am not sure if any of you have started to follow our little blog, but if you do, we look forward to being part of the group and thank you all your wonderful welcomes at coffee. We plan to attend as much as we can and look forward to meeting you all again. Please say Hi, and no, we dont mind if you forget our names :) We will be happy to re-introduce ourselves :)

As Mystress also mentioned, its my duty of late to make sure she takes care of herself. Why can Mystress's be so stubborn at times? They care so much for their pets but sometimes neglect their own well being. So yes, i risk a spanking everytime i speak up but i hope my Mystress is aware that i only do it for her well being. For now, the medication is flowing and things will improve and that is what we keep in mind.

I now go to sit next to my wonderful Mystress, to enjoy her company and to smile from ear to ear that i belong to her.


A Better Week

Greetings Readers and Friends,

Backing away from the situation that put me in an emotional tailspin last week seems to have helped. I am still there.. and supportive, but I can't.. and won't put myself in a situation where I let myself be hurt when trying to help someone else. I can't try to help then when they don't want it. I have my own mental fish to fry so to speak. And getting well, and being happy, is primary to that. It's in those sorts of times when Paladin takes his job of looking after me mentally and physically even more seriously. He does not like to find me so upset by someone else, and he reminds me that I really do have to look out for my mental well being while it's still a delicate matter. He's even threatened to spank me if I get out of line. WHOOOOA... just wait here a minute stud boy..... that's a .. ummm NO. In fact... I reminded him... that he always gets to take any spanks I might have earned. And in fact.... he could spank himself for me. A nice solid wooden hairbrush is good for that... and I've got a really suitable one just for the job. *nods* yuppers. And he does NOT like its sting one little bit... so I think he's withdrawn that idea for now. But... he's said more then once he'd be more then willing to take any spanking for my well being. Dang..... how can I argue with that logic?

On a brighter note, we are meeting more folks and continuing to socialize through the local Fet Life group, and having a wonderful time. We got invited to a catfish fry up at a local lake with (we'll call them BnB) the great couple we've linked up with from our first visit down here in Jan, and then they came and helped build all our bedrooms. Amazing friends!! And they had a couple up there camping with them that we met and liked a lot as well, also part of the local Fet Life group. And tomorrow nite, we are going to a munch at a restaurant to see some of the folks we've met before and some new ones. Then on the 21st we go to our first local play party. We've always preferred to watch and socialize for starters, and it's our good friends BnB anniversary, and it will be fun to watch.... as this will be the last time she can do any impact play as she teaches swimming and can't have marks on her till the end of the season. awwwwww.... Lucky for me... Paladin has no such restrictions. Although it's been a very long time since I left any marks on him. Hmmmmm...

This week.. on Mon.. I went to my first MST group at the local Vet Center. Some very nice ladies there. One of them was attacked on her birthday in 2010, and her Bday is coming round again this coming Sat, and she's invited us all over for a party.. to try and make new, better memories. Paladin insists I go, which is good, because I can tend to pull in and not socialize, but I agree that's its good for me.. and certainly I hope will be good for this new friend. It's down in Houston, where I've not driven by myself yet, so I hope it won't be too complicated to find.

On making that easier though, my old iphone's GPS was always a bit behind and I kept getting lost here. So a couple weeks ago Paladin took me to ATT and got me a Galaxy Note.... wow!!! What a great piece of technology this phone is! And it's GPS is great, so I won't be getting lost anymore. It even speaks and tells me which directions to turn and such. Makes driving soooo much easier. He wants to upgrade his phone to one of these but he's got a while to go still.

Lastly.. teeth.... pain.... bad. Started on Fri nite... shooting through my eye and top of my head with terrible pain. So Paladin sent me to the dentist yesterday. Diagnosis - Not good. I know I had a couple of broken back teeth, but I've developed an infection and so am now on both antibiotics and pain pills. I am not a fan of pain pills.. I hate the way they make me feel. But I was up to 6 ibuprofen and not getting better. The dentist was really nice and is going to try and hook me up with a local dental school that helps out veterans to get much of the work done for free or on a sliding scale. So I am being dutiful and taking the antibiotics and Tylenol with codeine. Yuck. but it has dropped the pain to being bearable. Much thanks to Paladin again... who just keeps getting better and better as a pet and partner!

Well.. that's about it for right now.. I told Paladin last nite that he's waaaaay past due a posting here, and so after Survivor, I'll be having him fill in about his perspective of TX and our new life.

Wishing everyone out there all the best...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Note... this has nothing to do with Paladin and I... we are.. splendid.. however...

Sometimes... you try to help someone... and while it seems to be going rough, sometimes.. there is progress.... and there are successes. But then... there are the times that that rock you are pushing up hill.. trying to help it get where it seemed to want to go... well... it gets heavier then you are.. and rolls right back over you, squishing you. Flattened when you least expected it. What do you do then? Do you get up and try again.. or at some point, when you feel shut out, do you just shake your head and wipe the dust and grime off and let it go to it's own devices? That is where I am now. I had been part of a team helping someone, and the last few days have been very very tough. Yesterday in particular... and at the end.. when I thought things might have turned a corner... well.. perhaps they have, but now.. it's not my responsibility anymore. I am sorry for that.. and I'll miss the interactions.. what I had perceived as team work is not really. I've done all I can the past couple of years.....on an almost daily basis connecting.. and worrying and sending all the good energy I could. But things change..... life changes. And in this case... access changes. Being shut out by choice is their choice. And now... I feel tossed away. I had a very very very bad day at the VA yesterday.... a worker lied and I was stuck for a couple hours fuming.. watching others who came after me get checked in and leaving .. and .. I didn't stand up for myself and correct the wrong... had a breakdown in the car after...shit shit shit.....just when I think I am getting stronger... the VA still set me back mentally and emotionally to the years of abuse at the military's hands. Took me a while to get grounded... got home finally.... and then found this other situation in a big mess... did my best to help.. thought I had.. but was then shut out. So... the only thing holding me steady today is knowing that no matter what or who else shits on me.. Paladin .. doesn't.
and today. that's all I have