Sunday, June 26, 2011


Good Afternoon All.

Well summer has officially showed up :) 100+ days and the familiar sound of the AC unit, what a lovely time it is. What makes this summer truly better is watching our projects prosper.

This year as you all know, Mystress and I officially got the yard setup and back into top notch order. And now we get to enjoy the rewards of our work. The flowers are blooming, the herbs growing like weeds and everything dark and green. My folks were over, and they both commented how wonderful the yard was. For that i have my dear Mystress to thank for she is trully the green thumb :)

Next year, or perhaps later this summer, we plan to start a black and white garden. Black and White??? yes Black and White :) When we were last at the nursery we both instantly locked on to these wonderful black violets. The were very striking indeed. Mystress being the researcher she is discovered a whole variety of different black and white plants and the whole concept of a black and white garden. So we both decided to get one setup for they are truly marvelous to see. This shall be yet another wonderful project for Mystress and I.

Do we have any guests with experience in Black And White? If so please feel free to leave your comments as any advice is always welcome.

In Loving Service of Mystress

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Changing Times

Good Afternoon All.

Here it is, the last evenng of a super fast weekend, why do they always go so fast ? :) Dont wory, Mystress and i are still working on our time machine so we never loose time together and i am sure we will share the plans with all.

We hope that everyone is still doing well out there. Our blog is a quiet one but we know from our tracking, that we still get many readers and thats all that counts.t Its changed from when we started yet change is most always for the better.

Mystress too is changing, well more like spreading her wings. Mystress has started to share her reiki on a broader basis, bring it to those that need it most. Its wonderful to hear how excited Mystress is about this change and it tickles me pink, well maybe not pink, that Mystress finds such enjoyment in her adventures. I do my best to keep Mystress motivated and flapping her wings to soar ever higher. So far she has gather some followers and in time Mystress will have all the people she can handle in a single day.

Hugs to my dear sweet Mystress. So proud of you for following all your desires and wants.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Growing Times

Good evening all. Another week goes by yet a lovely week it was. It was cold and raining, yes cold and rainiy all week in June in Cali, and Mystress and i just loved it :) Right before the rains started, last weekend actually, Mystress and i started out back yard garden.

Mystress started growing some seeds before her trip and this past weekend we made a trip to the nursery, hunting for the perfect compliments, pots and other assorted garden supplies. Wee so much fun :) We spent all memorial day digging up soil and trimming roses and planting flowers, herbs and anything else we could think of. Now the yard is starting to look totally awesome and i has Mystress's wonderful touch all over it. Now part of my duties include updates and pictures of how the little plants are doing and making sure our wonderful work together prospers, just like Mystress and I prosper.

Today also included a lovely treat. I got to spend a good many hours with Mystress in SL. I got to meet her lovely new subby, and let me say she does dance rather well. After that we spent time at Mystress's SL Reiki Center giving reiki together. Its rather slow and passive yet very rewarding to give one reiki. It was yum and a wonderful treat indeed.

Now i sit and count the hours till i sleep, and see my dear Mystress tomorrow. Be well all and may the best of everything come to you all.