Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Duties Revised

Mystress has asked me to update my duties so i do as my dear Mystress orders.

My daily duties as they stand now include the following.

1. I must text Mystress three times a day. The first must be as soon as i am awake, the second at noon, and the last before i go to sleep. This duty has evolved over the years and now i constantly txt my dear Mystress even just to share a thought.

2. When i wake and before i got to sleep i must practice my positions. This includes 2 min in the Bracelet position, 2 min in my Kneeling Position and 2 min in "The Position".

3. I must keep the blog going and keep up my posts.

4. I must tease myself and get as close to cresting without cresting twice a day.

5. I must send a picture of myself in the morning in my work clothes and in the evening in whatever i change into.

6. At noon every day i am to txt Mystress my Mantra. In return Mystress sends me her mantra which lightens my day beyond belief. My txt mantra is as follows.

"I am your Paladin, your protector, and i bid my obedience and submission to you, my dear sweet Mystress, guardian of my heart."

7. Whenever my Mystress leaves me...upon her return to the room...i am to give her my sign of fealty and acknowledge her wonderful presence.

8. When i bring my Mystress something...i am to drop to my knee and present whatever i bring to Mystress.

9. I am to ask Mystress for permission when ever we are together to use the restroom. For my penis belongs to Mystress and i need her permission to touch it.

10. I am to tell Mystress whenever i feel even the slightest headache approaching.

11. Upon Mystress arriving at my place or whenever we get together..i am to greet Mystress by taking my kneel position, naked, with my collar in hand, give her the sign of fealty, and deliver my mantra to Mystress.

"I am your Paladin, your protector, and i bid my obedience and submission to you, my dear sweet Mystress, guardian of my heart."

12. I must wait patiently and only eat/drink after my Mystrss has taken the first bite/sip.

13. I must keep up all the chores around our house. To keep the garden clean and watered.

14. I must always do my best to make my Mystress the happiest she can be. This involves checking in with Mystress very often to make sure all is good.

15. In bed, i muust assume the position and hold still and wait for my Mystress to come to bed. I am only allowed to move once released from this position.

Finally...its not really a duty...but more an intense desire...and that is to be the best pet i can be for my dear Mystress.

With much Love



Mystress said...

Dearest Paladin,

Came to re-read your duties for Myself as I had given robert the command to do the same and wanted to refresh My memory as to how you phrased things in your descriptions.

Tis quite obvious as I re-read these that you have quite a few of them.. and that you do an amazingly wonderful job with them! Most times you run like a well oiled machine and I am always pleased to enjoy that machine.

Now tis time for robert to begin learning his new protocols as well.
He will be using yours as a foundation with a few changes here and there.

You are an amazing sensual Paladin dear one and your services and attention to details is always greatly appreciated!

With warm thoughts,
Your loving

Paladin said...

I have added a few and update some previous ones as of today. All my duties have really become second nature to me and i try and always follow them.