Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 3

Day 3 started with wonderful cuddling and relaxing. This day Mystress and i were in no rush by this point in th eweekend...the full relaxation mode had kicked in we were relishing the moment. A little before 11 we rolled out of bed one after the other...taking a showerafter each other in the little cozy shower.

With the TV on as background noise...we had a small breakfast and i prepared the sandwhiches for our hike to come...after breakfast..we packed up all our goodies and off we went to explore the woods.

The twisting road took us north and before long we pull off onto a small side road...the path twist and turned and after a few miles we at our little spot...well nothing little about...just huge Redwoods and much grace. We decided to take our hike before lunch so off we went...having to climb a log over the river...we made our way into the woods hand in hand.

The trees were truly majestic and full of energy. Thanks to Mystress's i was much more aware of it..infact...i was aware of the energy for the first time ever. A very very intersting feeling for sure. We walked the woods on a twisting path and after sometime...ended back at our starting spot. A great hike for sure. After the hike we settled into some good tri-tip sandwhichs and chips and ice cold water...very refreshing.

After the first grove we spent the day moving from grove to grove, site to site and gift shop to gift shop....a very good time and very refreshing. After some afternoon ice cream...we made our way back to the cabin.

We cuddled on the couch for some tv and had an an early dinner...interupted by the fire me...a loud and distracting experience :) We drank some hot chocolate and readied for the i said...Mystress has me quiet hooked.

That evening we cuddled in bed...had a very touching and sincere chat of which will remain between us...some cuddle time later and it was after 1am :) so we dirfted off to bed.

The next morning we rose to ready ourselves for the trip back home. After checking out and making a last minute gift purchase...we started our journey home. Mid journey we stopped for a wonderful lunch under the shade, very tasty. We did get delayed on our trip, parked on the freeway for over 1.5 hours....a terrible accident ahead of us. Mystress was shook up due to the energy but we wished them the best and continued our trip.

All in our guests can see...we had an amazing time and i am sure we have missed some parts...on purpose for some by accident for others...but know that it was truly magical and very special for us both.

Thank you for listening about our trip...and do have a wonderful visit...

Thinking of Mystress


Friday, May 30, 2008


Kudos to Mystress...and to muse in her comments too. It is very attractive and something one can be very proud in to stick to ones guns and to not falter on your views. What i am talking about is both your opinions that since your pets belong to you, you will do with them as you wish, as you define things to go and not to just do what others think should be the normal means of protocol.

We each want something different from our relationships...and why should we have to adopt all that is the "norm" with the relationship when we do not want it all...why can't we tailor them to what we want...negating what we don't? Where is it written in stone that if we want this lifestyle...we have to follow the 1000 rules written in stone without altering them...I think no where.

Please do not take this as an attack on the established truly is not...its just an opinion and one seemed to be shared by a few others. We all get to define how we will interact, the protocols and methods of behavior...and because we will be the principle parties involved, they are customized to our tastes. Its just a personal perference...and one that need not be judged as wrong or inappropriate for it is not the "normal" way to do things or the expected way...its just different.

So kudos to my Mystress again for sticking to her guns...Mystress has defined her own rules and standards and these are what she thinks to be important...and if they differ fromthe "norm" then so be it...very proud of my Mystress for sticking to her guns.

Love Paladin

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My pets are Myne and they follow MY rules!

The subject line today comes from an conversation with a Dom last nite in Second Life. He was telling Me how My pets need to behave there since they are 'slaves'. Paladin is always most excellently behaved and he is never ever disrespectful. He is a very proper person anyways and the little bit of correction that he has ever needed is to say 'yes Mystress' instead of 'yup' or 'uhhuh' or some other affirmative response. And the same with 'no Mystress' when asked a question or prodded on a response of some sort.

Kajira robert tends to be more of a ... well...'smart ass' then Paladin and he is not as yet trained (even though he's been around more years cyberwise) to give the proper response. But then... I've not yet had the chance to give him the very real physical reinforcement that I have to Paladin. (smiles). But I do expect to one day, and I'm sure that will quickly fix things. (wicked grin)

What I did find in the conversation last nite, was how much I resented anyone telling Me how My pets are to behave when they are with Me. The Dom said that they HAVE to kneel at all times unless they are defending Me, or serving Me. My response is that they have protocols that I have set for them.. and those are the ones that they must obey. Be it cyber, or real life with Paladin. And I don't like anyone telling Me what I HAVE to do with them. wasn't that the Dom pissed Me off.. it was the rules of expectation of others. Now, I do understand that he was saying that this was especially in effect in 'Gorean' or "BDSM" areas. Okay... My answer to that, is I simply won't go there unless I really wish to. And to be honest, I doubt that I will. For Myself, I like the strength of My slaves standing behind Me, both of them taller then I. This give Me a feeling of safety that I enjoy. If I am sitting, then yes, I do want them always kneeling. And sometimes, even when I am standing.. but it's by MY choice, and not some one else's. I do understand the rules of certain areas... but if My pet has a collar on, that means they belong to Me.. and I am their Commander in Chief and they are responsible for behaving as I desire.

All of these 'rules' are what kept Me from being a Domme before I became one. Because so many folks said what I was going to 'have' to do. Have a contract, make sure they had a safe word, hurt them till they used it so that they would know and so would I. But as a sub Myself... I never had a contract.. and 'stop' was a good safe word if I ever needed it...which I didn't.. (although there was once I should have and didn't.. and I learned) I always figured if I was going to be the boss... then I would get to make the rules and not have to follow someone else's idea of what those rules were going to be!

Paladin has shown Me, and allowed Me to learn what sort of Domme I really am and he has accepted My rules, mostly without comment or complaint. I have had to change a few along the way as I have learned the practicality of them. Like wanting him to be 'commando' at work. (smiles) Paladin is built such that when he is shows no matter what he is wearing, and as much as I do love the idea of that at his work, it's not practical for him to not be able to stand up or go into a business meeting when he needs to. (sigh). So some rules that I might like to have, I have to let go. But.. then, like this past weekend, where he had to be commando the whole time do rather make up for it. Well....mostly. (grin)

So last nite, I stood up to this Dom and told him that I thanked him for his imput.. but that My slaves would do as I command of them, and that I wouldn't be taking them into those areas where someone else would be telling Me what I had to do with them, nor taking a risk that someone else might try to interfere with them. Kajira robert has free rein when I am not there to go as he wishes, but when I am there, then he must stick with Me unless I otherwise specify. Same with Paladin. Just as in real life, he must never be further then I can reach to touch him unless I tell him to be.

The Dom was being polite and helpful.. and I do appreciate that. But I did find it fascinating how quickly My hackles rose at being told what I had to do with them. Nope. Myne means MYNE and that means MY rules.. and no one else's are in effect unless I choose to allow it.

So.. from being a submissive... I have grown and I find I am growing ever stronger all the time.
And I am possessive and hardheaded when it comes to My two slaves, be they cyber or real. And I expect the both of them to always behave in a way that makes Me proud of them, for their behavior does reflect on Me.

I bid everyone out there a good day and hope all is well in their worlds.
Tonight, I go to Paladin's.. and we'll catch up on Deadliest Catch and soak in the tub,
and have an early eve as Paladin didn't sleep well last nite due to a car alarm going on and off all nite. So he won't be posting this eve., but he should be tomorrow.

Best to all,

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 2

The morning of the 2nd day we awoke rather lazily...the trip and the promised relaxation had started to set it...the clock read 10am but it was still very dark in the room...we both chuckled and agreed that it would beso easy to over sleep we rose..reaied our bags and piled intot he car to start our second leg of the trip.

We were both looking forward to breakfast...yet the small little towns had nothing that caught our eye..infact we drove almost the whole way to our destination before we stopped for some late breakfast...none the less the lunch was very good...and we ate our full.

The trip like the day before was lovely and tender...we chatted and smiled and held each other the whole way...pointing out different landmarks and other interesting observations.

The cabin Mystress had gotten us was lovely...two beds and a kicthen living room and bathroom...very very nice and cozy too. Mystress said...the beds were very we found out that night.

We went for a drive...stopping at some gift shops and landmarks...making our way further north...on a mission for some hot chocolate. It was rather cool the day we arrived and the thought of sipping hot chocolate on the porch while the sun set with Mystress was lovely..and when it happened that was even better. After our dinner and hot chocloate we slipped in the jacquzzi for a soak...Mystrss has gotten me quite hooked on the jacquzzi and its very very relaxing to sit and soak...and even more so because i get to look upon my sweet sexy Mystress.

It was after 10 now and we retired to the room for the night...a very very cold room :) So we snuggled up close under the covers and warmed each other the best way we know how :)

Cuddled in each others arms...we drifted off and enjoyed our second night of cuddling and deep the relaxation continued.

With fond thoughts of day 2


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh Mystress is so right

The weekend was wonderful just like mystress described it. If the guests would like i'll spend a couple posts describing our lovely weekend.

We left Friday afternoon...and after a quick dinner we were on the road to our first destination. Mystress had shared the destination before but i was excited to see it first hand.

The drive was long but with Mystress and I chit chatting and holding hands...the time passed very quickly. We spent the trip chatting and builing up the excitement in each other...and both of us were smiling from ear to ear.

We arrived at our destination and after checking it....settled in to our room. The trip was now in full swing and both of us were starting to get into te fully relaxed mode. As Mystress computers nor cells for the whole trip meant a whole weekend of pure vegitation.

Settling into my attire...collar and restraints...Mystress hoped in the laying on the bed waiting for Mystress. After a week apart we finally got to cuddle some and the makeup was shall we say...yummy. The passion was intense and very very enjoyable for all.

As the evening wore on we cudded...and finally drifted off to sleep....oh yes...the bed was super hard :) and the pillows paper thin...but with Mystress by my side...hardly noticeable and the evening passed with much relaxation and comfort.

Morning came and some more cuddles hushered in the next day of our wonderful trip....

As the first day started after work it was shortened but our connection in that short time was already stronger than before and we knew that the entire weekend would bring many many more wonderful moments.

Happily thinking of day 1...


Monday, May 26, 2008

A Remarkable Time in the Redwoods

And so it was.

I had given Paladin blog grace this eve, but I see he has posted anyways... so I shall post a bit about our wonderful trip.

We left town Fri evening and there was little traffic.. headed to a small town called Willits. It was supposed to be a three hour drive, but Paladin did it safely and smoothly in just over two and a half. Our room seemed freshly redone and it was very nice. My favorite part was coming out of the shower to see Paladin laying on his stomach accessorized only by his training collar and restraints just as the line "rise a Knight" twas being said on the tv.... his fave movie.. and My favorite line from it. And with that.. the tv went off.. and the Knight rose. (smiles) Over and over.. mmmmmmm.

The next morning we were headed to a wonderful little resort in a place called Redcrest at the northern most point of the Avenue of The Giants. We had a cute little cabin.. The nearest grocery store was another 10 miles up the road but we were having a craving for hot chocolate and so away we went. This was a fortuitous outing, because we ran into the guys at the store just shutting down their bbq and we managed to snag a nice hot juicy tri tip which we knew would make great sandwiches on the morrow. We grabbed dinner and then head back to our charming little cabin. The resort also had a good sized hot tub and when it was empty a 9, away we went for a soothing soak in the warm waters.

We had been the first one's to arrive at the resort, but now we had a neighbor as the cabins share a got it..... bedroom wall. HMmmmmm..... So.. the only challenge was that the room had a brass bed..a very squeaky brass bed. and the neighbor ladies bed just on the other side of the same wall. So we did lots of whispering and giggling when the bed decided to be too noisy and (grin) we managed to get creative (and extremely enjoyable) alternative methods to the creaking bed. Guess its a good thing I had no inclination for any crops or spankings or such. Which I didn't. I don't know if other Dommes ever feel this way.. but.. I had no inkling to do any of that to Paladin. He does truly serve as an amazing Knight to Me... and while he might receive a sharp slap on the ass for something when he likes to be stubborn about something or a wee bit of smart ass.. I was not in the mood for anything else other then his providing delightful pleasures and strokes. It was so very quiet there.. and I think we both slept very well this second nite together.

We slept in the next morning.. and it was wonderful to have such a leisurely time together. A shower, some chocolate and a bottle of yogurt smoothie for breakfast. One of the things that continues to charm Me about us is how well we just naturally fall into a way of working together. Everything flows so well. Pet made yummy tri tip sandwiches and we packed the little ice chest and backpack and we were ready for our day of adventure together.

We then headed off to see the largest redwood on the planet. Oh.. did I forget to tell Paladin it was a bit of a rough road? Well... not too bad.. but it was a slow drive down a lovely redwood lined narrow road. Once we got the right place.. the river was up and covering the 'seasonal bridges' that folks normally take to get over the river. So.. over quite a long downed tree trunk spanning Bull Creek. It was a ways down. Paladin put his hands behind him, and I rested Myne in his.. and so together we went across it. We had a wonderful hike through the redwoods to it.. and I had Paladin put his hands on the tree and drink in its energy.. we talked about being able to feel the power of the tree in our hands.. and how ancient the forest was.. and that we could also feel it. Then we hiked back and over the downed tree again.. Paladin was a true gentleman helping Me up and down over the rough places. The rest of the day was spent in a leisurly drive down the 31 mile Ave of the Giants. More redwoods and hiking...and a bit of tourist shopping. At the end of the Ave, we headed down to Garberville for gas and an ice cream.. and then back up hwy 101 to our little cabin. A wonderful steak dinner and watching some tv before heading off to bed.

After more giggling with the bed.. we cuddled and had a very sweet talk.. it was 1am when it seemed everything was said and we finally drifted off to sleep for our last nite of the trip. This morning.. more pleasures... and I headed off to the showers (it was a tiny shower and while we normally shower together, this one simply didn't have the room) and when I got out, the ever efficient Paladin had packed everything up and everything was tidy. It was amazing.. I am so NOT used to that as I am normally the one who does all of that. And I appreciated it enormously!!! Thank you My dear sweet Paladin.

And folks.. he was.. without fault, stunningly amazing. Moving ever so smoothly he anticipated all of My needs, sometimes it felt like before even I knew I needed something. I loved how he knelt at My feet and took off My hiking boots and laid his head on My stocking feet. I petted his head and relished this marvelous time with him. He made this trip so relaxing and enjoyable.

I thank him enormously for his charming company and amazing help on the trip. He drove there and back. .and it was a long trip. It had been a terribly stressful week for Me and if ever I needed to get away, this was one of those times. Paladin made sure I didn't think of work at all.. and yet when I needed to talk, he was aware of it and wouldn't let Me not talk.. which for Me, is very important. He says that we can always communicate and he is right. It is another mode of his service to Me and one that is irreplaceable in its calming effects for Me. I hoped that Paladin also got nice and relaxed. As I posted before we left, we took no computers.. and we didn't even have cell phone service where we were and that was also very different, and that was very relaxing for Me also.

I hope that all of our friends also had a relaxing weekend.

As a extra note..... This was Memorial Day weekend... and as a US Navy Veteran.. I thank all the other Veterans who gave all that they did as well.

May we all live in peace.. so that there may not be
need for us anymore..

Best to all...



Our trip was magical and totally amazing. Thank you to all the guests that wished us the best of times for it surely did turn out to be an amazing special time and we shall share all we can with our guests the next couple days.

Just popped in to say Hi and wish everyone the best memorial day...hope everyone had fun.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Less Than 24

Wee the time is so close...looking forward to our super weekend now very very much. So sorry to our guests for beating a dead horse...but mmmm excitment tends to do that....i just have to share my excitement with otehrs....

Mystress and i have pledged to make sure that neither of us think about anything important and to spend the whole weekend in vegitate mode...a super recharge mode if you wish...the only energy we will expend is for much much cuddles and pleasure.

Looking forward to seeing my Mystress very much


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The excitment is here for both Mystress and I...I know I for one woke up very excited :) Its onlt two days now till our trip and the time is ticking by. Its been almost a week since i saw Mystress and it will be wonderful to see her smiling face and to touch her soft cheek...mmm lovely.

Mystress and i enjoyed some time in second life interesting place indeed and Mystress had found some very interesting laces to show me. Entertaining to say the least.

Under orders from Mystress i am off to veg some...and to think of my lovely sweet dear how lovely she is.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Tonight Mystress and I chat and play on the computer...yes on a Tuesday. It defiinitely is different from our usual Tuesday rituals but being in contact with matter the form is still a blessing.

Mystress had a very tough day and i hope that her evening will serve as a source of relaxation too. Remember you said tonight...things happen..we just have to roll withthe punches and know they will work themselves out.

We both are looking forward to our trip so very much so our usual nights will be used to recharge us for the amazing weekend to come. I know i am looking forward to it very much and the time with Mystress will definitely recharge us both...well spiritually for i feel physically we shall .. shall we say.. be tired :)

with so much love for my dear sweet Mystress


Monday, May 19, 2008

A balanced Mystress

My Mystress always suprises me at how much she has changed herself. Tonight Mystress informed me that we will not be together this week because of our trip this weekend. Why..for a few reason i being that Mystress wants me well rested for the trip because i will be driving us there...and be on the top of my game when it comes to our wonderful cuddle times ahead of us.

It is this thoughtful compromise my Mystress has grown into...out of a compassion and care for her pet...and her gesture does not go unnoticed dear Mystress. Some may think why i have this compulsion with me its simple...all good things experience in moderation (sometimes with intense feeling) allows one to experience it for so much longer instead of going flat out...and in a sense burning out..thereby doing more damage than good. This is not as easy as one thinks as it takes some discipline but if achieved is rather special. This is something my Mystress has grown into quiet lovely and its very very attractive.

Call me weird :) but balance to me is very important.


Sunday, May 18, 2008


Morning All.

Due to my Mystress's wonderful care i was granted blog grace last night since i arrived home rather late but only under the condition that i post before noon today so by my word to my Mystress i post this with much gratitide and thankfulness.

As Mystress has said next weekend we go on our trip north and as with Mystress, I am looking forward to it very much. I myself have never been there and Mystress is looking very much forward to showing me around...and how lucky will i have my own sexy tour guide....mmmmmmmmmm. We will be staying at 2 different places and will get a very good look around and see much. Mystress has been there before so I know my dear Mystress will take us to all the best spots.

It will be good to spend some more time with Mystress, relaxing and unwinding and enjoying each others company. I know we will make the trip truly lovely and rememberable.

With much excitement


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Flash back - Paladin's First Story to Me

Good Morning All...

Thought that I would post this short excerpt from Paladin's
first letter to Me. Since I mentioned it in My last posting..
and then upon rereading it.. decided to share it with our readers here.
It was so different a response then from everyone else
as it was truly chivalrous. Most of the others were highly sexual
in quick manner, and while yes, that is a component, tis not
the main focus of what I was looking for. In all the letters,
in all the months...
Paladin's was the only one that was even close to being what it was
that I was most seeking.

So.. for your reading enjoyment, here is a peek into one of our
earliest communications:

Story time.

I see my Mystress as a woman of power...sitting on her throne. Me
being a
knight of the court...sworn to obey my ladies command
and do as she bids.
Hopefully over time my lady would see me as
someone special and worthy of
her company be it merely for
conversation or what ever else the lady wishes.

My oath to serve would be unwavering.

If i was asked by a commoner to describe my lady, i would
let the adulations
flow forth with hindrance. I'd proclaim
her as the most stunning lady in
all the land, and your
wonderful portrait confirms this. I'd say she is

caring, kind yet forceful and knowing exactly what she
desires. She also
has no fear in asking for what she wants.

I had asked him for a short fantasy in regards to how he saw himself,
and how he thought he wanted the relationship with his Mystress to be...
and that was the answer that he wrote back. It was short, simple and
yet, as I said before.. very romantic and sweet.. not the sort of answer
I'd ever gotten before. It did give Me a good idea of the state of his mind..
and what it was that he was looking for. And it has certainly worked well
for us.

Well.. off to contemplate other things.. including the idea that
next week at this time,we'll be up in the redwoods.. mmmmm..
that will be so very lovely!

Best to all out there...

Friday, May 16, 2008


Evening all.

Just got home and had to take a cold shower due to the incredible heat we had today...eww triple digits.

So while i cool off some I've come to say evening to all our guests and to post a short post about my amazement at my Mystress. You just have to read my Mystress's last post to be so stunned at the magical words that come from her mouth..they flow with such grace and beauty that it can only serve to inspire others.

And that it should...Mystress did a wonderful job describing our search for one another and eventhough it was hard..we kep up the search...not to let the search get to us...but to stay determined...and in time the determination pays off for the deligent.

So our guests that are still seeking their ONE...keep up the dear search for the reward is so truly wonderful.


Taking risks by opening doors

Good evening friends..

This is somewhat in response to a post by Dominante Muse about opening the doors and taking something of a risk for herself while seeking a sub for herself in real time.

Coming from anyplace to some place else means taking a risk. For Me, going from submission into Domination was taking something of a risk and from cyber into real life means taking some even more drastic risks.

Paladin and I were just discussing it last nite. He is an intensely, intensely private person. His British style cultural upbringing was that one did not step outside of their family circle unless they must. Last nite as we lay in cuddling repast.. and as I was stroking him rather absent mindedly, as one will do with a dear pet .. it suddenly occurred to Me just what he had done when he had stepped outside of himself to look for a Domme.

It came out somewhat strongly, because, now knowing him as well as I could see with great clarity what a big step that had been for him.. and I said "you must have been really driven!" "Hmmmmmm?" came his question... "Well" I said... you are such a private person. You must have really, really been driven to search for a Domme for you to actually reach out and answer an ad from one.. that took a lot of courage on your behalf" His voice was husky in the dark "yes Mystress" His arms tightened around Me and he nuzzled My neck, and I snuggled even closer to him. Thoughts of Paladin in the past.. so much stiffer and proper then he is now. So many walls..keeping Me at a distance and My having to break those walls down. And the risks he has taken in allowing himself to be more vulnerable, and to show his feelings so much more. And Myself.. so much more sure of Myself then I ever was before. No longer do I 'hope' something will come to pass.. I expect it to.

Muse mentions the pain that can come from this sort of thing.. as it can from anything in life.
Yes, it IS a risk to reach out out to meet someone from the cyber realm. But as I commented to her on her page... it IS worth it. And the worst would be the possibility of missing out on that right one. My advice is to take the time, make sure as best you can before you do. I believe that there is a 'knowing' when it will be right. There is no little uneasiness in the tummy over something that's not quite right that you might be compromising on when you should not.

Over the years I have written, chatted and gotten to know people from the cyberworld. I have been blessed to meet some wonderful people. And.. relationships change sometimes too.
But.. overall, I have maintained wonderful, wonderful relationships with others out there. They may not be who they were in the beginning, but then neither am I. But, they are loved.. and they will always be a sort of family. So even if a meeting or relationship doesn't turn out to be what you thought it would be, does not mean that it can't be some sort of friendship or relationship.

Paladin knew what he wanted in a Mistress.. and I knew what I wanted in My submissive.
I believe that we were both determined to find what we wanted and not give up nor compromise. Paladin says that he had responded to two other ads, but the responses were not in alignment with what he knew he wanted. Just as I knew that those before him, were not the right ones.

By the time he answered My ad, I had already written and chatted with many subs. Some of them were closer to what I was looking for then others, but some were way, way off. Enough for Me to stop looking a few times.. but.. I hoped that if I kept posting.. that sometime he would finally show up... and of course.. he did. (smiles) His first letter in response to Myne was written in a way that fell into place with My desires for what I was looking for exactly. The short fantasy I had asked him for Me was perfectly chivalrous and sweetly romantic as well. After our first chat (which did end up being several hours one Saturday) I was almost euphoric at how well we seem to have clicked. And our first meeting..... well.. I'd say from there for Me.. there was no doubt.

But.. none of this would have come to pass if we had been afraid to reach out to reality.
And I know that we are all very happy with how well its worked out.
So, I encourage all those that are still looking... even when it seem so frustrating
and so difficult.. again.. to not give up... to keep seeking.

Wishing all the best to everyone..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well as always Mystress came over yesterday but there was a pleasant suprise. Our lovely Lady joined us for dinner and was the first dinner of 2008. It had been sometime since i myself had seen my Lady and for my Mystress sometime too but not as long.

It was a wonderful evening with a superb dinner supplied by my Mystress...the bread..let me just say..was near orgasmic..weird i know but i like bread. We sat and chatted and caught up and enjoyed a wonderful time around the table.

The night progressed and being the proper one i am...i'll not devulge too many details but lets say that no one left without a smile on their face. The night ended late and with Mystress and I cuddled in bed....a lovely evening indeed.

Now I count down the hours till i see my Mystress again...mmm a lovely thought indeed.

With many many smiles and happiness and love


Monday, May 12, 2008

Looking forward to tomorrow

Tomorrow my Mystress comes over and I am looking forward to it very much. As always we will follow our wonderful rituals and enojy some wonderful company together. Mystrss said she will bring dinner and my Mystress has a wonderful taste when it comes to food. I am sure whatever we have the company and our rituals will make the evening complete..oh yes and the pleasure :)

Back to chat with my Mystress...


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Amazing Closeness

Evening all...

Its been a few days since i have had the opportunity to post on our blog..and for a very very very good reason...I've been with my Mystress and its been wonderful.

Thursday was our traditional evening together...with a slight reshuffling of our nightly ritutals. Mystrss and I had a very busy Thursday and when we finally got together, we were both pretty much brain fried. We knelt in each others arms just holding each other..noticing how warm we both felt and how low in energy we were...So we decided to flip things up and have a cool bath..yes a cool bath...luke warm at best. It was very very relaxing and very rejuvenating.

After our bath we settled in for some cuddle time before getting ready fro some survivor and steaks....those that know Mystress and I know we love to watch reality TV and its always good to settle in on the couch and watch our shows together.

After our shows we settled in for the night...well with some more pleasure...and off to wonderful lala land snuggled together.

Friday was a mere interlude as as we went our ways to work and a day off for Mystress with our plans for the night already set.

After work i made my way to my Mystress and her knights place for an evening together. Arriving with a smile on my face...Mystress and i sat in the kitchen after our greeting ritual and got back in touch...sipping a glass of cold water while my Mystress prepped the did smell lovely and look delicious too...but plans change and we have both learned to roll with the changes.

At the last moment it was decided to go out for dinner so we packed up the dinner and off we went to Thai...Mystress sure knows of some good places to eat and dinner was very yummy. We ate at a mom and pop Thai place and enjoyed the meal before heading back home.

Mystress's knight had an errand to do so Mystress and I settled in on the couch and cuddle some before popping a movie in and spending the evening relaxing in each others arms.

It was after 11 when we got done but pleasure still awaited us...and by us i mean the triad that we share. Its been a very long time since we have had the opportunity and it was wonderful. I won't go into details but as Mystress would say...YUmmy.

Late that night we finally cuddled up and went to rise the next morning for some more cuddling :) Yes we cuddle alot.

With both Mystress and I having plans for the early afternoon...we hoped in the shower...spent a wonderful time soaping each other up and getting clean before dressing and having some breakfast.

Then we went our seperate ways to fullfil other obligations...with very very fond memories of the time together. Oh and the memories fueled many many wonderful thoughts as the day went by.

Thank you Mystress for a wonderful time and mmmm it was wonderful.

Love Paladin

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


was totally mmmmmm as always. It was wonderful to see Mystress again and as i flirt with beating a dead horse....i just have to say that it was amazing as always. Sorry if i keep expressing the same feelings over and over but i can't help it. Our times together are always so special to me and my Mystress.

The evening also is flying by which means Thursday comes so much faster...mmm. The countdown is quite exciting and full of anticipation.

Mystress and I have been looking for mothers day gifts tonight..chit chatting and comparing notes and sharing ideas. Mystress has some wonderful tastes when it comes to giving gifts...her choices are very very nice.

Back to chatting with my dear sweet sexy and loving Mystress


Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh Yes

Three times in a week...mmm. Yes I will get to see my dear mystress three times this week and each time will be amazing as always.

Mystress is off early tonight after our chat and i will be hitting the couch shortly. Just had to say hi to all our wonderful readers. Hope all you guys are still enjoying the blog.


Paladin's requested presence...

Paladin has as usual.. done an excellent job keeping things up here. Between more company, work and volunteer work, things have been very busy for Me.

Paladin apologizes for missing his blog on Fri nite. It is something that we have discussed several times. It is so rare for him to make any mistake.. that I don't often get the chance to 'discipline' him. And.. I do take into account all of his other...perfections. And how smoothly he runs along on his own as a submissive. There is nothing that he is lacking in. But I will still find someway to tweak him for missing on Fri. I asked him if he needed Me to pay attention to such things.. and like a good slave.. he said yes. I like to take everything into accordance with him.. the average of
perfect obedience to screw up's.. and the screw up's are so few comparatively, that I find it hard to discipline him for missing one thing.

Today's subject line today is due to Paladin referral to us seeing each other 3 times this week. Indeed.. our regular tue nite.. thur.. and at My Knights expressed request to have Paladin spend an evening with us before he and I go on our trip. So Paladin choose this Fri nite to be here.. with us.

kajira robert asked Me this morning (in a round about way).. how well does Paladin serve Me here. That is.. does he fetch My water and such. And no.. not really in the past. Paladin has not spent much time here with My Knight and I. Because I see him on weeknights the most.. it is up at his home which is much closer to his work and therefore easier for him to go to work from. I work up the hill from him.. and so his home cuts down on My commute time in the morning, which is nice. And I will readily admit.. that it is much more like a vacation when I am there at his place then here, and sometimes, what I need most, is that getaway. But I do expect.. that he will serve both My Knight and I this Fri here. Part of his.. continuing training shall we say pet?
We shall see how well he does on Fri eve. I expect he'll do as well as he does with everything else that he does. He knows that he is too look after us both when he is here, and I expect that he will do quite well at it, as well as anything that My Knight asks of him.

I hadordered My favorite movie, Amazing Grace and Chuck last week.. which is not on DVD.. so I've had to order a VHS of it.. and I will burn it onto DVD. Neither My Knight nor Paladin have seen it.. and it has just arrived today, so I can share with the two of them on Fri!

My Knight desires to spend more time with Paladin.. as he likes him quite a bit. And he desires that we spend time as a triad together. There is a Lake that My Knight desires to take us 3 to sometime in the future.. and he likes the idea of us all going there together. We will discuss the plans for it soon.

I also want to make a special note..that Fri nite is Paladin's night with his friends. It is a nite I have promised to not ask of him. But because My Knight has requested his presence.. and Paladin himself has chosen this nite to be here... and it is MUCH appreciated. I do expect it to be a very nice evening of the three of us together.

We will both have things to do on Sat ( My Knight and I are going to our first Geo Caching picnic event later in the day and Paladin has a friend to help on Sat).. so we 3 will be together Fri nite and Sat morning.. and then we will all head different directions for the rest of the weekend. Sunday being Mother's Day and all.

At the end of the month, will be Paladin and My trip to the Redwoods.. Avenue of The Giants. It will be the first time he will have ever seen them. And I look forward to it very very much. I am going to make him hug one.. and feel the energy of it. I never thought that there was anything to all that.. until a friend talked Me into doing it. And it IS true. there is something to feeling the energy of something so very much older then ourselves. And yes.. trees do have energy in them that you can feel. And this is a part of what I desire to teach Paladin. My duty has been to teach him many other things besides D/s, just as he has taught Me other things. Which to Me.. is a part of the beauty of our relationship. It is not only one dimensional. We can share many things together, and that keeps us growing and learning.

So, I wish all the best to all out there...
and hope that we all continue to grow and evolve for the best that we can be..
for ourselves.. and our loved ones.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

A great Chat

Mystress and I both had a busy day of errands and chores around the house. Through out the day we keep in contact and enjoyed the special connection between us even when we are apart...its quite a lovely feeling to feel Mystress like that...knowing that she is cleaning the pool or the kitchen while i do the same...maes it rather enjoyable.

Next week is going to be great too for it seems like i will get to see my Mystres 3 times....mmm yummy. We shall have wonderful times as always.

Sleep well my Dear Mystress...


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wonderful times past

The week finished with a flurry of business but through the busy times I always think about the precious time i spend with my Mystress. The time itogether is so precious to us both and for serves as fuel to get through everything else that i face.

As always...we are both looking forward to the next time we are together again. Mystress and i both have some social engagements this weekend to keep our minds buys and to hasten the arrival on the next time together.

I must apologise to my Mystress for forgetting to ask for grace from my blog last night. Mind was distracted and we got to texting back and forward. Its no excuse so i will accept the punishment Mystress is thinking up as i post this.

Do enjoy your lovely day Mystress and smile smile smile...