Sunday, December 30, 2007

End Of Year

Well its almost time for a new year and i am very happy to be ushering it in with my Mystress. Its been a magical end of the year having found my Mystress and i can only imagine how wonderful the year coming is going to be. So tomorrow Mystress, her knight and myself shall be ushering in the new year together. Dinner and desert has been set and all we have to do now is countdown the hours.

Mystress and i had a wonderful conversation tonight about guidelines and if we need any. The consensus was that we didn't because we have built our relationship on a higher level...a more defined foundation that we both prefer. With a solid base we don't need a long list of guidelines because our foundation of trust, respect, care and love is much more stronger than any list we could come up with.

Its not too late but for me its time to get some rest...long day tomorrow and want to be somewhat refreshed for my Mystress....sleep well all our guests and be happy counting down the new year...


Blog Goings and Ongoings Here

First, Myne own note about those that have left in recent times that I am aware of. Brook of puppy tails, the English Gentleman and now toy. I have read other blogs where the writer's simply feel that they want to go private or that they don't have anything else to write. And I have seen those where it was obvious that things were falling apart and then they dwindled away. I suppose what has been most surprising about these most recent ones is the suddenness of the endings. It seems that none of the three of them were expected, well, at least not by us the readers. I do expect that some closer to the inner circles were not quite so surprised and I hope that those that have been of support to them will continue to. I wish all the best to all three of them, and those that are in the great ebb and flow of this most unusual cyber community. I hope that the others out there can maintain and grow so that we may all continue to learn from them.

As I have written before, and as I said to Paladin in our chat earlier today, it makes Me appreciate all the he and I have, and the wonderful circle of loved ones and friends that support Paladin and I in our unique relationship. They make it all the more joyful. Getting a poly relationship to work can be extraordinarily difficult. He and I discussed it at length before we began and he had a excellent grasp of the not just the mechanics of it, but the heart of it. There was a gap that needed to be filled, and he has done it in a totally fluid way, melting into place and bonding into our hearts. I do hope that our blog will be here for a long time to come and that we will both continue to learn from each other, and other's out there in the blogging world. I really do learn a lot from those that I read out there and each time I find a new one to that adds new perspectives and knowledge I am grateful.

As for our current ongoings...
Being in Paladin's home the past two days was amazingly relaxing - and fun.

When I last left off, I was waiting for him to come home from work. As he writes in his wonderful posting, I was waiting on the far side of the bed when he came in. He was dressed semi formal as he doesn't wear ties on Fridays.
He gave Me a smile as he went into his closet and stripped down to just his work shirt, unbuttoned his collar and cuffs. Then he came over to the bed and put on his wrist and ankle cuffs. I found it very erotic to watch him buckling them on. After he finished he knelt next to the bed, and looking into My eye, then recited his mantra to Me. I had intended to drag him into bed at this point, but smelling the wonderful pizza he'd brought, I realized how hungry I was and hence decided that twood be a good thing to go ahead and eat and play later.

And so we did. As Paladin recounts, we did a lot of talking and bonding this time. There has been something that I knew Paladin has wanted to see, and I do remember him mentioning it a time or two, so I thought I would take this opportunity to do so for him. I believe that it was something that he enjoyed quite a bit, as I have enjoyed the special things that he has shared with Me.

He yet again awoke Me while I was sleeping for pleasure. This time, it was just before dawn, which is also a favorite time for me. His alarm went off just in time for us to smile and snuggle and ignore it as we went back under the comforter, happily sated yet again and happy to be able to sleep in with him in the morning. Being able to sleep in with him in the morning was especially nice as was the nice long shower, and not having to rush in the morning for a change. This always means a lot to Me. Then as he says, a nice relaxed breakfast, a bit more pleasure, and then off our separate ways.

I did want to mention the progression the three new protocols that that I recently added to Paladin's retinue. He is doing remarkably well with them, and I believe that they have added quite a bit to his submissive mindset when he is with Me, and I enjoy it alot.

One being taken from Devastatingly's blog. She mentions a few entries back that she has Joscelin kneel to her whenever he hands her something. I liked that idea so much that I too have incorporated it into our interactions and now that he does it regularly, I love it! And so does Paladin. He has added his fealty sign to it as well, and so now when he brings Me something, he drops into his one legged kneel, right hand clenched over his heart and bows his head while he offers up whatever it is he has brought Me when tis practical to do so. There is something totally thrilling about this and I thank Devastatingly for it!

The next is Paladin giving Me his fealty sign whenever I enter a room that he is in and hold it until I release him either verbally or by tapping him twice on the shoulder, or wherever I choose. He is getting much much better at this. There is the occasional time when he forgets, but over all, he is preforming it wonderfully. I suppose its Myne own version of "attention on deck" with Me as the officer. (smile) It thrills My heart every time I see him to it. Interestingly, I don't ever see him do it, he is simply in the position when I return to the room.. obvious that he has been standing there in position waiting for My return. He did surprise Me over My last visit when he was lying in bed when I came back in from getting something and after I laid down next to him, I realized that he was holding his fist over his heart. I found this very very touching and sweet. I must admit, I had not expected him to do it in bed.

And lastly, is Paladin asking Me for permission to use the restroom. It still surprises Me when He asks... I tend to forget, but he doesn't. It's not a big thing, but it does add a bit of an extra submissiveness to him in something that he's always taken for granted. I've warned him to ask in advance, but I've not really said no in any serious way....yet. I did yesterday morning in a joking way, and then rescinded it almost immediately. It felt odd to say no. I know that I can but denying him has not been the point of it. Which is certainly not to say that I won't at sometime. In our case, it is not about anything bathroom related other then him having to ask and that in itself is a prompting of his submissiveness. He does not have to ask if I am sleeping. But anytime I am awake, then he does.

All in all I am very proud of how well he has incorporated and blended these new protocols into our interaction, it has added so much to it. I hope to find more of these small things to add into our relationship and into Paladin's training. If anyone has any interesting ideas or suggestions.. I'd be thrilled to read them.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve... and Paladin will be spending the evening see the old year out and the new one in with us. We'll spend some time in the hot tub and pet will get to hear one of our favorite New Years Traditions, which is listening to Art Bell do the Coast to Coast New Year's predictions. This is the show where Art reads predictions from listener's last year, and if its wrong he gives it a 'BONK', but if its right, then he gives it a 'DING, DING, DING!'. Don't think he's ever heard any of it before. It's been on of our few New Years traditions over the years that My Knight and I have shared. Often we're asleep by midnight since we're home bodies and not the partying sort. The best is to be up in the hot tub and listening to coast to coast am. Art has mostly retired, but he does come back for some special shows, and this is one of them. If you want something interesting to listen to, then I recommend this great show!

A final thanks to pet for a wonderful break in the week and a delightfully relaxing time.

I also join Paladin in sending out New Year wishes to everyone and hope that all have a wonderful and safe time. Like pet, I am thrilled to be starting out this year with the slave I have quested for for so many years.

Now, back to My chat with Paladin,
and best to everyone else out there,

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Super Duper Days

Thursday was again a regular visit form my sweet Mystress. We had a wonderful dinner, nothing special but still yummy none the less. We followed our usual rituals...sharing conversation, taking our bath and lounging care free int he warm waters chuckling and laughing in much joy.

As usual the evening progressed, we found ourselves snuggled up in bed cuddling together. Pleasure for both Mystress and I soon followed. Mystress has taken to teasing me beyond all limits of late. Mystress has me lay there, self restrained, and then teased me with a wicked smile to the point where i can't take it anymore. I plead with Mystress to be able to hold her, kiss her pleasure her but Mystress refuses...pushing me closer to the edge. Finally after what seems like hours Mystress grant me permission to pleasure her and boy oh boy do I. With a certain, hightened passion, pleasure is given rather more firmly than previously given. Mystress seems to enjoy this new method rather much and doesn't mind the occasional love mark.

After a wonderful night of pleasure...we cuddled up and fell asleep in one anothers arms.

The next morning was were things changed form our previous nights together. Mystress this time slept in for Mystress was going to spend the day, snuggled up in bed, and relaxing....taking a mid week vacation...recharging and all in all having a wonderful break. I made my preparations for the day and before too long i was off to work. The day proved to be very long for all i could do was think of Mystress lying in my bed relaxing.

At lunch i came home to find Mystress had cleaned up some...thank you Mystress for this. We shared lunch and chatted freely. Dinner arrangements were made and off i was to work once again. The afternoon slipped by rather quickly and before i knew it i was heading home.

Upon arriving home i made my usual preparations i would always make when Mystress comes over. This time Mystress was lying there, snuggled up in bed watching them. It was wonderful to get ready infront of Mystress as it gave her an insight into how i ready for her. Mystress fought off the desire to take immediate pleasure there and then and after some very passionate kissing we went to eat.

Dinner was fast as both were brimming with desire and couldn't resist heading off to bed for some pleasure time. Hmmm hours went by and pleasure was definitely had by both. To take a break we watched Mystress's DVD...good to see the concert after having heard the CD before but never seeing the concert. After we watched the concert...we retired for the evening...yes for more pleasure :).

Mystress and I have a rather high drive and love to experience pleasure over and over and over....lucky us i say :). Sleep crept up on us but not even sleep could stop us for long as we both woke for more pleasure before resting some more.

Some breakfast and more pleasure plus a wonderful shower together and it was time for us to part.

Some common themes from the weekend and all our times together are that we cherish all the time we share together...we love to bond, growing closer and more intimate. We love to chat and learn more about each other. Sometimes the lessons are verbal...and sometimes they are showing one another something we like to do alone so that the other now knows.

It seems the more we are together...the more we suprise ourselves with what we share and how close we have grown truly is a wonderful journey.

Thank you Mystress for a magical special time and i thank you for your demonstrations.


Friday, December 28, 2007

In the Midst of A Wonderful Time

Mmmm.. this is a totally new experience being here at Paladin's home while he is off at work. Last nite felt so luxurious knowing how much time that I would get to be with him.

Turns out that Paladin wasn't quite done with his Christmas gifts for Me. He had gotten Me couple of lovely candles (one of which I have burning now on his coffee table), and the DVD of Fleetwood Mac's The Dance that I've wanted for several years. I think we'll watch it tonight while we cuddle on the couch after dinner and some pleasure.

We had a nice simple dinner, and then our wonderful time in the bath. It was much colder then usual and I was almost shivering when we got out. Pet wanted Me to get right into bed, but I was not going to miss out on drying him off. Because I do love it when he stands with his arms stretched out to the walls of his bathroom and I slowly dry him off. But I did head off to the warmth of his lovely soft bed after that.

I did get pet highly aroused through much teasing last nite. Made him start out on his back with his hands pinned under his back. After a while and some mild begging I released him and allowed him to start giving Me pleasure, and just when he was starting to kick it into high gear, I stopped him and made him lay on his back again. He was just short of whining in frustration about about it while I teased him with the feather, fingers and mouth. I love it when he gets to the point of wiggling and begging to be able to hold Me.

There are different sorts of power exchange in this realm. And I read of the different sorts of relationships and way that power is given and taken. We Dom/mes all interact with our slaves and submissives in different ways. In our case, I find great a great power rush comes from getting Paladin to the point where he is pleading to be released from his self bondage. This is something that I have only discovered in the past few weeks how powerful this can be. When I have him self restrained and lay next to him and trail the feather over all of his body, I can feel his energy ramping up and up and up. He is used to being in control of all things and getting his way in his life, and this takes a lot of self restraint for him to be so obedient to Me.

Last nite, as I fell asleep after a wonderful release for us both, it was an amazing and totally unique feeling knowing that not only didn't have to get up and leave this morning, but that I'd be able to have lunch with Paladin, and then be here when he comes home from work.

He did one of My most favorite things yet again last nite, which regular readers know is to wake Me up from deep sleep to give Me pleasure. I have no idea what time it was, but sometime during the very very early morning hours would be My guess. He has learned very well what touches bring the most arousal to Me, and he is always quite determined to do so. And, I must admit, that I find as much pleasure returning the gift of pleasure to him as he does to Me. There is something quite satisfying about having My slave wake Me to give Me pleasure and then afterwards we both cuddle and fall back asleep till the alarm goes off.

I think both of us slept pretty good last nite. I awoke just once and watched My beautiful Paladin sleeping. He is very well made and I find it a great joy to be able to relish his magnificence. He is like a beautiful pale sculpture in the dark of nite. I like to trace the muscles of his chest and arms, knowing how strong he is and what a powerful man he is. To know that all that well coiled powerfulness is subjugated and under My control is very very erotic. Another sort of power rush indeed! Of course I love it that he is perpetually erect as well. No matter when it is, he is always hard for Me. Even when he is sound asleep. Mmmmm, I do love that, just as I love falling asleep with his nice hard cock in My hand. He says he likes the way it feels when I hold him that way as well. Tis certainly a very intimate thing between us.

This morning, he stayed in bed with Me longer then he normally does, telling Me how that he sometimes will stay in bed a bit past his normal rising time, and this was one of those mornings. Finally, he gave Me a kiss and headed to the showers. It was nice to listen to pet in the shower, hearing the water running and visualizing him washing himself.. I opted to stay in bed and keep his scent on Me, snuggled warmly under the covers. When he came out I very much enjoyed watching him getting dressed for his day at work. Normally when I stay over on a weeknight I miss this because I send him from the shower while I finish washing My hair and conditioning it. By the time I get out and dried he is normally dressed and making coffee in the kitchen. This morning he gave Me another kiss and tucked Me in and told Me to go back to sleep and off he went. He sent Me a text to tell Me it was raining.. mmmm.. perfect day to sleep in. The next thing I knew it was after 10. Don't remember the last time I slept in so late and peaceful.

Upon waking finally I made a nice cup of tea and curled up with My book for a while. While making My second cup, I decided that twood be a good deed to clean up the kitchen from last nite and let Paladin see how useful a guest I can be. When he came home for lunch I was just tidying up the trash can. He was surprised to see that I had straightened things up some, and his parting words after he'd fixed us lunch and was heading back to work was "And no more cleaning Mystress!". Mmmmmm.. aye pet. Excepting for Me. So, I finally hooked up the laptop, pursued around the net some, and then decided this was a good time to take a nice long shower so I'd be nice and fresh when Paladin comes home.

A bit ago I sent him a text telling him to text Me when he is on his way home, and that when he gets here, I will be waiting for him in the bedroom where his collar and restraints are on the bed. Because I like insight into pet when I'm not here, I told him to come in and get ready for Me the way he does when I am not here. And of course he sent back the obligatory text "yes Mystress". So I am looking forward to that. And then, I plan on dragging him into bed for a tumble and then we can re-heat the pizza he is bringing us home for dinner tonight. Something new I've not tried.

One of the things I wish I could recount sometimes is the wonderful conversations that Paladin and I have about his mother land. But because he is such a private person, we never mention it here other then tis part of the British Empire. Yet, his culture and upbringing in it greatly affect him. I find the stories and insight into his country fascinating, as well as the reasons that his family came here originally, and the many years is it taking Paladin to get his citizenship. Also the comparisons of our countries cultures, educational modes and other differences between our homelands. He has come to feel that this is truly his country now, and feels we American's complain way too much about it. Sometimes its very nice to have another's view of it to appreciated for ourselves how blessed we are. Listening to Paladin talk about the difficulties in his homeland certainly does make Me appreciate ours all the more.

Well, not too much longer now till he'll get off work and be on his way home. I have to say this has been one of the most relaxing days I can remember having in a very, very long time. I owe pet a debt of gratitude for allowing Me to be here and enjoying the peacefulness of his home so much.

I see the beautiful sword I got him for Christmas leaning against the wall and it mirrors the beautiful silver sword that he wears every around his neck. I am still so very honored and touched that he wears it all the time now. I hope he knows how much I appreciate him. I most certainly do tell him that as frequently as I can without overdoing it. I never want him to doubt it.

On that note, tis time for Me to sign off and post this as it will soon be time for My amazing Paladin to be on his way home and we'll be onto round two of our wonderful time together.

I do want to thank all those other Dom/mes and subs out there who also write about their experiences and share their hearts with us. It gives us both much to think about and allows us to appreciate our own experiences all that much more.

I wish all the best to all out there,

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Paladin managed to totally surprise Me last nite.

As he writes, we had been talking about his difficulty being spontaneous. Pet keeps lists and schedules more then anyone I've ever known, especially for a man. He says he's been this way since he was a child. That's a bit scary. I never met any child who kept lists. Pet never does anything that isn't well planned in advance. And he's never drawn outside the lines. MMMmmm, how very British of him.

In our chat last nite, we talked about the different ways that different D/s couples are with each other. Since neither of us is turned on by pain very much, we find other ways to stretch. So, teaching pet to be more 'spontaneous' of his own accord is one of those such ways. I have given him assignments in the past, having him identify different things he can do spontaneously that would please Me. And while he has said them, he's rarely done them, and nothing that I would call 'surprising'. I had done these exercises with him in the week leading up to Christmas, and then sat back to see if he would do any of them. (sigh) He didn't. Something of a failed test, but one that he had no idea of.

But... pet HAS developed his intuition considerably since we met, and he was able to pick up yesterday that I wasn't in the happiest of moods. I had determined that I wasn't going to speak to him directly about it, but to do more exercises with him and see if in time he wouldn't begin to come around and find a way to act more spontaneously. I did not desire to make Paladin feel bad about something that was so new to him still, something that he is still adjusting his mind too, and a test that he had no idea he was being tested on. But as he realized that something was amiss, he had set himself to figure it out. This I also appreciated. I have Myne own stubborn streak sometimes and I was being so last nite. But he was persistent and while he never got exactly what it was I had wanted out of Me, I believe that he got the basic idea's of it. And I am sure it will be discussed over the next couple days some. We do see to do some of our best communications while in the warmth of his big oval tub.

But.. back to the surprise.. during the course of our conversation, Paladin asked Me what My Fri was going to be like. I told him I had nothing planned and that I was off work. He then asked if I would spend Fri nite with him as well as tonight. Now for those that haven't read frequently, pet normally has a guys night out on Fri's, and one of the promises that I made to him was that I would never interfere with him in regards to those Fri's, other then once every 6-8 weeks I'd like to see him on a Fri nite for a 'long' weekend. And it's been a couple of months since I have seen him then, but I am not generally inclined to ask.

So, I was genuinely surprised when he brought this up. He has done this before, changing his Fri plans for Me, but that has been when he had to work on a Thur and so he substituted Fri. But this Fri really did surprise Me. I asked him if this was a planned change or a spontaneous one. He said he had decided when he realize that I seemed to be not My normal happy self yesterday. And I have to admit, it certainly did improve My mood considerably. And I was also very touched by his perceptiveness and his taking spontaneous action as well. I will look forward to the next couple of nites with Paladin. Things have been hectic here and the peace of of Paladin's home will be very welcome.

I meant it when I wrote and told him that a few unexpected days away with him would be one of the best gifts of the season. I shall take My laptop with Me so that I can keep in touch while pet is at work tomorrow. It will be interesting to be in his bed without him there in the morning, but I have a wonderful new Diana Gabladon book to read and the quietness of his place will certainly lend to that!

All in all, I am touched and surprised by My Paladin in this, and as such, I'll have to find ways to surprise him as well over the next couple of days.

As always,
best to all out there,

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wonderful nights

With Xmas over and family obligations over...its time to spend time with my oh so wonderful Mystress again. Mystress is going to spend the next couple nights with me and i can't wait. It will be so so so good to be with Mystress again.

Even though its great to be with family...i missed my Mystress. We stayed in contact frequently through texts but having Mystress with me in person is much more special. Each time we grow stronger together.

We are having a conversation about being spontaneous and its very clear to me now how important this lesson is to Mystress. I shall be even more aware of it now and try to do my best for Mystress regarding this desire. It seems that i have still further to go in my lessons and i shall do what i can to learnt hem all.

In quite contemplation...


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

While he sleeps...

I send him well wishes, and hope that he is resting quietly and deeply. It's been a very busy few days for him, and I know that he's had a lot on his mind, and that keeps him from sleeping well. Paladin has problems sleeping sometimes. When he doesn't sleep well, he can be prone to headaches. I always want him to be well and relaxed.

It was a very busy couple of days for Me as well and I've not slept very well either. Perhaps tonight will be better now that everything is done. New Years has nothing riding on it like Christmas does. It will be a very simple evening. But, that's still a week away.

Paladin thought that perhaps the time would pass quickly with being so busy and such, but if it was going fast before, it's going too slowly now. It's given Me time to muse and think of things in regards to him and his training. There are area's where I feel I am making progress, and other's where I am unsure of how much I am making. He is very set in his ways, and I have to be careful of My expectations of him. I know that I can prompt him, but it would be nice to not to have to. I want him to be able to stretch himself out of his comfort zone of his own accord. Then I will feel like I am being successful with training him in some of the areas that are most important to Me. I guess only time will tell.

best to all,

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Family Times

Mystress is busily preparing for her family functions tomorrow night and I will be off to my family too tomorrow. The holiday time definitely is a busy time for us all and tomorrow it all starts. Not sure of how much activity we will have on the blog but i am sure Mystress and I will try post when time permits.

To all our guests and visitors...merry xmas to all and from Mystress and I we wish you all the best of times.

Its getting late and after a busy day its off to bed to prepare for the holiday ahead.


Hectic times

Pet is right when he says things have been busy. Geeeesh, have they been!
Seems there's been barely a chance to take a breath the last few days.

Thur nite with pet was again as usual a wonderful evening. Sometimes I reflect on how far he has come from where he was. There was a time when he was very tightly wound, and had a hard time expressing his deeper feelings. And something else he wasn't very comfortable with was expressing affection in public. But he has come a very long way since then and again, I am ever so proud of him. He also expresses his feelings much more then he used to. His whole demeanor is so much warmer and affectionate now. And that is certainly wonderful.

Yesterday and today have been very rough days for him however. As he mentioned in his last posting, his work computer is on the fritz. He was doing more diagnosing of it while we were chatting earlier today, but to no avail. So in the midst of all the Christmas preparations, he has to do some hardware work on his system and hope he can get it up and running in time to finish something by morning. He is extremely competent in everything he does and I certainly hope that he is able to be successful in this project. He is prone to nasty headaches and yesterday they were certainly pressing hard upon him. I had him take a break to kneel and center himself. I know now, that he gets himself quite wound up and needs to step back and take a short break and ground himself. I know that there are certain things that drop him into sub space almost instantly, and I also know how much he relaxes when he is in that space. Even if it just for two minutes, it's enough to stop his world and center it on Me. And when he is centered on Me, then he is not stressed about everything else. Then, when he rises, things are more in perspective for him.

Ah ha... wonderful. as I type this, Paladin sends a txt saying that he has had success! That is wonderful news!!! That means he can get his project done the way that he needs to on time!

I still have to go out and finish My shopping for the kids tonight. They'll be here for Christmas eve tomorrow nite. And pet will be off with his folks. While I like the holiday season, and I certainly like the time off, like pet.. I'll be glad when things settle down again.

I am however looking very forward to time spend with pet on New Years Eve. I hope for a nice and relaxing time together. We talked earlier about the 3 of us doing a nice Reiki circle together, and My Knight is very much in favor of that idea. I think it will also be a nice bonding for us. And I'm sure pet will need it as his end of the year billing will take place and it may be a rough day for him. So I think it will be nice for him to know that at the end of such a rough day, he'll have a very nice Reiki session waiting for him.

I have more to write, but not the time right now.
I hope to catch up on more thoughts soon.

As always,
best to all,

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Spur of the moment assignments

Today was a busy day for both my Mystress and myself. Mystress had many engagements she was going to attend with family and friends and i was off to see family too.

The day started quite frustratingly for me as my work computer went down for no reason causing me much grief. As of tonight its still not fixed which casues much more stress as it needs to be fixed by the work week...but enough of that.

During the evening Mystress sent me a spur of the moment assignment. I was to go to the bathroom....adopt my kneeling position and give my fielty sign for 2 minutes. During this time i was to imagine Mystress pulling my hair back and biting my lip...something Mystress is very fond of doing and something i love too.

Why i love it...well this position and the act of Mystress pulling my hair and such puts me into a deep level of submission and relaxation. It is in this state that i feel truly blessed and am so thankful for what i have with my Mystress. The act reinforces me giving myself to Mystress and her accepting me as hers...its a wonderful reminder and each time i do it, it becomes even more special to me.

During the fielty I was to also give myself Reiki which was very calming and quite soothing for my pounding head. My Reiki is yet another wonderful gift Mystress has given to me and one i am so happy to have. The healing effect the Reiki has on oneself and others is quite remarkable.

Mystress called me on the way home and we had a short conversation on the phone...we discussed the holidays and it seemed we both love the time of the year yet wouldn't be heartb roken when its over....I myself prefer the quiter times and the holiday periods gets so busy and hectic...will be good to get to more relaxing times.

Off to chat more with my Mystress....


Friday, December 21, 2007

A Lovely Evening and future plans

Last night was agai a wonderful evening with my Mystress. Without survivor we had to change things up some and the evening ended up being more free flowing with a "wait and see approach" taken by us both as to how the evening would play out.

Some staples of the evening was our dinner together and bath. I truly do love the bath. It seems to be a spot were both of us truly relax and soak up the moment so to speak. Quite lovely.

The night was filled with plenty of pleasure for us both even after enduring Mystress's lessons some more. Nothings more difficult than to lay there knowing my Mystress is so near and not being able to touch her soft skin or kiss her or hold or or whatever else may transpire. Mystress seems to enjoy this quite immensly as do I but being released to pleasure Mystress is a wonderful moment in the evening.

We have made plans to spend new years eve together. This will give us the relaxing time together with her knight we have been looking foreard too. Perhaps time in the jaquzzi bringing in the new year...we shall see where it all goes. Where ever it goes it shall be yummy.

Back to the grind stone here...

Big Kisses Mystress


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Missed bits and pieces from the Weekend

Sunday morning we got up before My Knight did, I made coffee and took him some while he was still waking up. Since this was pretty much going to be our Christmas together since pet would be busy with family, and I'd already gotten him his present it seemed appropriate to open the gift that pet had brought Me. It was sweet to be sitting by the tree with him. In a small box was a beautiful silver horse. Looking at it, I asked pet what was the symbolism of it. And he promptly replied that it was a stallion and represented him and that it could go on the beautiful silver bracelet with the silver heart that he'd given Me when we'd first exchanged bracelets and claimed each other. I gave him My jewelry pliers and within moments, pet had the lovely silver stallion now dangling a few links from his heart. He said that we would find other charms to match landmark aspects of our relationship. I just want to say how wonderfully thoughtful that is of him!!! I was very, very touched by the thoughtfulness of his gift, for it was certainly something special that he had in mind and went out of his way to find. These aspects of My wonderful Paladin are very heartwarming to Me.

We have our own unique relationship and ways of relating to each other. But his warmth and thoughtfulness are reassurances that we are making our way and making each other and those around us happy as well.

As were were finishing our first cup of coffee My Knight finally arose to join us. As we chatted with each other, I told pet to recount to My Knight what he had said when I'd asked him how horny he was the previous day. Paladin smiled, looked up at My Knight who was sitting on the couch and told him "I said her I was 'slightly' horny.

My Knight laughed and said something to the effect that even though he was vanilla in regards to the D/s aspects, that he knew that saying something like 'slightly' to Me was surely not a good thing. S0 I then asked pet how horny he had been after I had been teasing him for all those hours, to which he replied "stark raving horny". My Knight laughed again and said 'yes, I bet you were!"

This interplay between the three of us is a wonderful aspect of our poly oriented relationship as well. Both of the men are straight sexually and get along very well with each other and enjoy each other's company. My Knight has been very pleased with the way pet and My relationship has been evolving. It makes him very happy to see Me so happy. And it gives him the space he needs for himself as well. It was he who suggested that I add another nite to seeing pet, and one that pet has taken to as well. This works well especially for those weeks when we can only see each other one day for one reason or another. I think it gives us more flexibility.

One of the things My Knight would like, is more time to visit with pet. He likes him very much as I said, but this was a busy weekend for him as well, so he was not able to be around us as much as he would have liked. One reason we did go off to pets (besides his needing to do chores and us catch up on the missed Survivor) was that My Knight was going to be out himself, so it wasn't like we were missing time with him by being at My place. But, I do hope for a slower and more relaxed weekend with the 3 of us at My place soon. The movie ended so late that we just went to bed and missed out on the wonderful jacuzzi as well. So I hope to please My Knight by rectifying this after the holidays.

The hour is late yet again,
so best to all,

Another Night

mmmm Mystress comes to spend the night tomorrow and already I am looking so forward to it...every night Mystress epnds here is truly a delight and such a special treat.

With no survivor Mystress and I will have to find some thing else to do...oh what shall we do :)

I am sure Mystress and I shall find a way to pass the evening. Mystress promises plenty of new lessons and i am looking to sharing plenty of passionate strokes with Mystress tomorrow.

I got to bed early as today was super long....dreaming of my Mystress....


Paladin Learns a Lesson - The Weekend Part 2

"How horny are you today pet?"
"Slightly Mystress".

Mmmmmm.. oh.... really pet???

So... as pet recounts... I bided My time. Little did he know the scheme I was hatching in My mind to bring him accountable for that comment.

We shopped... trimmed the tree... visited with My Knight. I had pet practice his new kneeling protocols of kneeling when bringing Me something, and I prompted him several times to give his fealty gesture when I enter a room that he is in. My Knight made a wonderful dinner which we enjoyed. Pet was attentive and helped Me straighten up the kitchen. After dinner we gave My Knight a nice long Reiki session on the massage table as his back had been hurting quite badly. And after that, pet and I cuddled on the couch and watched a movie while My Knight stretched out on the other one. My Knight was exhausted and went off to bed half way through the movie and after the movie pet and I went off to the guest room.

Once candles were lit... and the soft music playing, I peeled pet out of his clothes. I then Commanded pet to lay on his back with his hands under himself. I like this mode of 'self restraint' for pet. I put the blind fold on him, and took out a nice stiff feather which I began to trace all over his body. I made him scoot over to the far side of the guest bed so that I was laying next to him, but not touching him. He kept trying to stretch his leg to touch Myne, but I sternly smacked his leg to move it back away. I told him that he did not have the right to touch Me without permission. He asked to kiss Me.. which I also denied him. He wanted to hold Me.. denied. I kept teasing him with the feather. I added a bit of the soft flogger, and bit of sting of the harder one. I have a very soft fleece like boa that I also dragged over his aroused parts. I alternated all of those things, but in the end, twas the feather that drove him the most nuts.

Indeed... I did drag this out for a very long time. Pet was getting more and more agitated. He asked several times again for a kiss, so I finally granted permission and gave him a very quick and chaste peck on the lips. (wicked grin) this of course was not what he desired. He murmured something about asking for another one. When I asked him to speak up, he asked for a 'deeper' kiss. I gave him another peck. Pet groaned deep in his throat with frustration.

After a long while, I finally released him to hold Me.. and gave him permission to kiss Me as he desired as well. I could feel him trembling as he wrapped his arms around Me pulled Me close and kissed Me deeply... I let him do this for about 30 seconds when I drew away from him and said "back on your back pet!" He groaned again, but quickly took the position. I again laid next to him, not allowing him to reach out and touch Me and teased him more with the feather then.. dragging it slowly over his rock hard erection. I told him he was going to have to beg...and beg hard for anything. For a kiss, a touch, a hug and certainly to be released. As his frustration started to mount.. a few times I grabbed his head and kissed him very very deeply and strongly and as soon as he began to respond and kiss Me back, I would pull back again.

Over and over I would release pet from his self restraint and allow him to kiss, hold and even give Me the wonderful strokes that he so much loves to.. he writes, I only allowed him 10. When he tried to stay deeply within Me, I would withdraw quickly from him and Command him to again lay on his back. I could feel him more aroused and frustrated then he had ever been. I knew that I wanted to teach him to appreciate the granting of him being allowed to share pleasure with Me, as it is NOT a right that he has. I wanted him to feel the control of it taken away from him. And towards that, I told pet that he had lost the right to touch his cock without permission, and that now, he also had to ask for permission to use the bathroom (man's gotta touch himself then, right?) I could feel both his shock and arousal at this level of control over himself. It was very erotic. And I think I'll be doing this again too.. in fact.. think it will be a standing protocol when I am with him from now one, unless I purposefully release him from this.

All along the way I would bring up his 'slightness' of arousal and had him give Me numbers of how horny he was. My goal was to go for 30 out to 10. After the point where My stalwart and dignified Paladin had been reduced into an almost babbling, pleading and sincerely begging pet did I feel that I had broken through yet another barrier of his and he affirmed that he was about at a 30.

I lost track of time but pet is right, it was several hours of this before I did at last free pet totally from his self restraint and Commanded him to now prove to Me how much he desired Me.

He was practically shaking at this time, and his passion far surpassed any other time, and a new category of passionate 'strokes' came into being. We did finally fall asleep limp with exhaustion, with Me curled in the comfort of pet's arms.

Morning came..and so did we again and again. Finally we rose for breakfast and as pet recounts, headed over to his place. Once there, I set pet to doing his chores and in between loads of laundry we played we caught up on Survivor and took our bath and then watched the finale. After, we retired to the bedroom for a bit of a repeat of the previous evening. And then.. I had pet tease Me.. and he did as always, a remarkable job! I was so limp at the end that pet had to roll Me onto My side so that he could hold Me in his arms as I wanted him to.

We did have a wonderful and humorous chat in the after glow of our passion. It was as always, so wonderful to sleep yet again in the circle of pet's embrace.

Morning came..and pet awoke Me from a dead sleep with his caresses. He knows how much I love it when he does that! Moments after sheer bliss our alarms went off and it was time to get up. Into the shower, coffee, breakfast and off on our separate ways.

So... it was a truly wonderful weekend, and I learned some new things to do to pet. I think I'll be reminding him of this lesson for a long while to come. I loved the way pet begged to be allowed to hold, caress and give Me pleasure.

And.. out of it all came the very important conversation of understanding that pet does not like to be crass or rude, or assumptive. However, he still needs to find ways to express his true range of arousal's and passions. We've had these problems before where he thinks that by saying things a different way he is making things better, but in reality, he makes them much worse. I told him tonight in chat, that I LIKE it when he is so riled up that he says things he normally would never say. And.. that he does say wonderful passionate things in My ear when we are being intimate and I like that too. So we had quite a discussion about 'intimate communications'. I hope that the point has been made and that once again, pet learns more about communications between us.
Else.. and most likely anyways, he'll be back to begging and pleading for the honor of give Me pleasure. I find I much preferred this teasing him into near insanity rather then spanking him for it.

On a last note, I do need to acknowledge pet did earn a very special and unique success on Sun nite.. and that was to finally wear Me out. It had never, ever been done before. But. he seemed determined to this time, and when he offered Me more, I called 'uncle' and told him he'd succeeded where no one else had.. and that I was finally worn out. Granted it was only a few hours before I was ready again, but I had never reached the point before of it having been 'enough'.

We see each other again on Thur, as I decided to skip tonight since I know that it wore pet out to wear Me out. I wanted him to be well rested and relaxed when I saw him next.

We had a nice chat tonight, and Thur will be here shortly. And now, the hour is very late and time for Me to go join pet in slumber.

As always,
best to all,

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Never say slightly

During our errands on Saturday Mystress asked me how horny i not sound to eager or perhaps more so to be proper...i replaied "slightly". Immediately i knew i was in for it when Mystress repeated "Slightly" in a very stern voice.

A short discussion on the topic and a correction of my response lead to me having to reply "Stark raving horny" instead...a level i was definitely capable of since Mystress is so exciting to be around. Thinking the lesson was over the day went on...little did i know.

That night when Mystress and i retired for the evening...the true lesson began.

Mystress being the wonderful teacher she is decided that a lesson in true desire was needed and boy was the lesson a difficult one to endure...Mystress for what must of been 4 or more hours teased the living daylights out of me...with out allowing any releases. Lets just say being on edge for so long definitely made me rethink my statement and for one...i shall never say slightly again.

So techniques Mystress used was to have me self restrain myself, and tease me. Others involved allowing me to give her strokes but only to a count of 10 at which time i was denied...this happend numerous times. Mystress feels wonderful and to be denied her touch was truly painful.

The most painful part of the lesson was not being able to give Mystress pleasure. Mystress restricted me giving her pleasure all night to emphasize that because giving Mystress is so important to me...that i should never be slightly horny for Mystress...what we loose often makes one more appreciative of what we had....and i shall never want to be less than start raving horny for Mystress again.

Its now an understanding between Mystress and i that i should now be polite and gentlemanly but also to be most honest when asked a question, even if the answer may not be the most proper one but rather a truthful one.

So in response to Mystress question...How Horny Am I? STARK RAVING HORNY ALWAYS FOR MYSTRESS.


Paladin's Stances

Paladin and I have both mentioned several times the different stances or poses that I have him take as part of his protocals.

Early on, his first kneeling stance was simply down on one knee, with his hands crossed over his knee. This is also the pose that he uses to greet others that I have him kneel to.

After reading the 2nd in the Kurshiel series and I came across the 'fealty position', I modified his greeting and kneeling stance to Me to include that.

pet must also send Me a pic twice a day. Before he leaves for work,

and when he gets home and changes from his work clothes to his casual ones. Or if he is leaving from work to go somewhere, one then.

This keeps us in touch, and lets Me know where he is going, what he is doing and how he is looking. I like knowing what he is wearing for some odd reason.. well... heck.. I just like how pet looks. (smile)

We did a photo shoot of these pics to share with readers on Sun. Well, except the work one. That's just one he sent Me at some point. I happen to like him in that particular outfit alot. And the casual on is one I took of him on day when he was having a causal dress day at work.

We hope the pics are enlightening and enjoyable. And in his casual dress pic, you can see his sword collar that he wears also. Personally, I think its quite charming and makes him the perfect Paladin. I'll have him post pics of his new sword so that you can see how well it compares to this.

More later on the wonderful weekend, or how pet learned not to say
'slightly'. (grin) He's been assigned to write about it too.

As always,
Best to all,

Monday, December 17, 2007

My Paragon of Obedience; The Weekend - part 1

After our weekend, I am back...

It's always wonderful to be able to do another joyful posting. (smile) It was a long wonderful weekend and and to recount it is going to take a couple entries.

The weekend of Paladin's obedience began on Fri nite in My mind. Going over to My Lady's for a visit. I had sent him a text telling him the he was quite likely to get some odd texts over the course of the evening.

It had come out over dinner on Tue that I'd never had a drink called a Long Island Ice Tea before, and both pet and My Lady were telling Me that they are tasty and innocuous sounding. Pet said that they can 'really knock you on your ass!'. Since I was going to visit My Lady, twas decided that we'd have one over dinner. So, after I got there, I was educated on the fine art of the making of one. And yes.. they are tasty and dangerous (as they had both told Me) because they have soooo much kick to them. Well, we had more then one. But not more then 3. And nooo, I wasn't going anywhere for a while either.

During the course of the evening we sent pet a text with the request of an erotic pic from him for us. Knowing that he was off at a friends, I was flat out amazed that within in a record 4 minutes, he had sent a very nice pic of his partially clad his backside.

This was muchly appreciated by us. A while later, another request was sent to him for a picture of a more - intimate nature. Again, within moments he had send a very, very nice pic for us, which was again, greatly appreciated. All evening we shared such a wonderful text exchange, that it was very much like our dear pet what right there with My Lady and I. We had a lovely dinner wonderful evening of lady chit chat. My Lady was very impressed with pet's attentiveness to us even when out and about. And I was very proud of his exemplary behavior as well. His good nature and sense of humor greatly enhanced our evening.

The next day, Sat, pet arrived here with a smile and gifts. He was dressed in My required colors of black and grey. His only blip was that I expected him to be dressed in his black jeans I had gotten him which I consider his true uniform. If If he is dressed, I like them best of anything on him.... I did not hold this to a protocol to punish him for this time, but he knows My preference henceforth. His black 501's and any grey shirt of his choice, although I like the soft grey one I got him to wear the first day in Monterey is also My favorite when not his dress grey shirt.

I gave him a new protocal, and told him I would henceforth be enforcing one I had set a long time back, but had not prompted him on nor training him to do it.

The first, is something that Devestaingly wrote about on her blog last week, and that is having her submissive kneel when she has him bring something. I explained this to pet, and he said that he liked that idea quite a bit.

The other thing was for Paladin to give Me his sign of fealty whenever I enter a room. He understood that too.

He did make a 'faux paux' and one that was to cost him dearly latter, was when I asked him how horny he was his answer is "Slightly". Hmmmm.. 'Slightly'????!! Weeeeell then.. we'll just have to see about ramping it up 'some' later shall we pet ??? Mark My words dear readers, pet would come to regret this answer as the weekend progressed. We had a short conversation about this, and I think he begin to have an inkling that perhaps that was not quite the best response. (wicked grin).

After a simple lunch, I took pet off with Me to the local flea market. I had something very specific in mind for his Christmas present and I wanted him to pick it out. I had a list of several things to get. Paladin was truly a virtue of service. He was always within reach of Me, eager to take and hold any packages that I acquired. He was patient and gallant as we went from stall to stall. The best part for Me however, was leading Paladin to the stall that sold the gift I wanted him to pick out. It was highly symbolic.

When we had been in Montery together, in a shop, he had told Me how he had always wanted to have a collection of swords mounted on his wall. Interestingly enough, that was AFTER I had made him the sterling silver sword necklace that is his everyday collar. So.. I had endeavored to get a very special sword for pet for Christmas and I must say, watching him look at the different swords displayed was like going back in time somehow. I loved the one he picked out and it was a style we had looked on online when we first talked about the swords. It looks very much like the sword he wears on his neck.

After that was acquired, we wandered through the rest of the flea market looking at thing and enjoying each others company. It was delightful to glance at him beside Me from time to time, carrying the beautiful sword that he had picked and it brought the image of him as My Paladin into full focus. It is indeed a very special sword that suits him to a 'T'.

After we had gotten everything from there that was meant to be gotten it was time for the next part of our shopping excursion - the adult toy store.

Pet had never been in one. Pet described himself best this weekend as a VERY proper person. The store I was taking him to is a very nice almost boutique sort of store. While neither of us are personally into humiliation, I am fine with a bit of mild embarrassment and discomfort for pet at some new things that stretch some of pet's limits and past boundaries. I do rather like to see him wiggling inside where no one else can. Taking him to this was along those lines. He always says that part of this journey for him is to be forced to step outside his normal modes of control and gve it up to someone he trusts; namely, Me. And.. I take this responsibility very seriously too.

As pet commented in the past, we had looked at a variety of toys online together, chatting back and forth between us about them. I remember well Myne own discomfort then Master took Me in to this same store have to pick out a special toy for last Valentines Day. I know I was blushing furiously as Master made Me look at many of them, and take hold some truly outrageous ones. And.. I did have to pick out something and carry it to the counter where He stood smiling while the batteries were tested and such. So I well know that going into such a store with ones Dom hold all sorts of possibilities for embarrassment. After a look at some of the tamer novelties in such a place, we stepped into the adult toy area (which of course is separated from the other parts of the store.) We took some time looking at all of the different possibilities.

I had two specific things in mind to purchase but I had pet look at many different things. I had him pick one thing we had discussed in the past from one of displays after some standing and looking through them.

I did not give My opinion to him as I wanted to see which item he would pick out. He ended up choosing one of the same one's that I would have picked it I had been doing it Myself. Pet's demeanor was as attentive to Me as ever, but it was obvious that he was in high proper mode. His body language spoke volumes to Me, and his energy was a ridged but it was obvious he was doing his very best to carry himself as He knew I desired him to. He was respectful and I did not feel his walls standing between us like they would have in the past. I could feel him doing his very best to cope in this highly charged and uncomfortable situation. But pet was not only coping, he was excelling! I was very proud to be there with him.

We went to another wall of a different sort of toy. This was much more challenging one for pet. I told him to pick one and take it down. He was having a difficult time with this, so I instructed him as to which one. I had him take it down for a moment, and we discussed it and compared it. He did so obediently. I knew this was a challenge. He wanted - needed to be directed. When I asked him if he had a preference he stated that they were all really the same. After pointing out a definite difference, he agreed that they really were not. He stood, staring at the options and I could feel that if forced, he would choose one, but that this one one of those times when it's good for a Dom to show their sub a bit of mercy. So, I asked pet if he would like Me to pick out this particular item, and he nodded and answered "Yes Mistress"

So... I did. I (of course) knew exactly which one I wanted and picked it out quickly. Pet had been magnificent all day and there was still much to come, and I wanted him to know that I was a loving and compassionate Mystress,

He was very grateful, it was evident in his relieved smile. I mentioned not having seen something I had been looking for, and he immediately led Me to the display of where that item was located. I was ..... well.. . a bit surprised that he had already noted them, but not totally as he knew that was also something I had been looking for. We looked at the different options there as well, but I did not see something of the sort that I was most specifically looking for.

We took our choices up to the front and pet stood off to the side looking at some books while the clerk checked the workings of one of the purchases and then we were ready to leave.

I had pet put them in the guest room after we returned.
Next, it was time to have Paladin help Me trim the tree. It was very novel to be sitting on the floor sorting through the ornaments and handing them to pet to put on it for Me. We have a 4 month old kitten, so many of the decorations that I would normally use will have to stay tucked away this year. It was fun to show them to pet however and hear his evaluations of how much kitten would enjoy that shredding or batting that particular decoration and back into the box it would go. Pet was excellent about his placement of the decoration's and My lovely tree is a testament to his fyne decorating skills.

The pic at the top of this is Paladin giving Me his sign of fealty in front of My freshly decorated Christmas tree. Truly sorry we can't show you more of it.

Next would be dinner.. and our evening.
- to be continued -

Best to all,

Magic does exist.

Its Monday evening and i am still glowing for what was once again a truly magical weekend with my Mystress. Hmmm 48 hours with Mystress and boy did we pack in a ton of activities together...i don't know where to start. Perhaps i shall split my blog into a serires of posts each dealing with all the many aspects of the wonderful weekend so that each gets it just mention. I shall start with a wonderful overview of the magical weekend as awhole.

Our plans were to get together at noon on Saturday but some unforseen circumstances and our meeting was delayed to 1pm. A whole hour some may wait but when one is already on edge wanting to see his Mystress so badly...a 1 hour delay feels like 10. Finally...the text arrives saying Mystress is now free and before i am finished reading it i am down the stairs and in my car. With one errand to run, picking up a fresh apple pie for dinner, i was speeding down the freeway to my Mystress.

Knocking on the door with anticipation fluttering in my belly...mmmm My sweet dear Mystress opens the door and i beam a wonderful smile...Entering, i drop to my knee fish out my collar and deliver my mantra to my dear Mystress. A lovely embrace and kiss and Mystress decides to put my collar on while we got ready to go out and run the errands together as we had planned.

Before our errands Mystres and i sat down to a delightful lunch catching up on what had passed the last couple days. Its always a wonderful treat to chat with Mystress as each time it improves our communication which is very key to us. With the dishes cleared it was time to run our errands.

First on the list was an impromptu visit yo my Lady's house to retrieve a stylus my Mystress had misplaced there. The visit was short in nature but it was good to see my Lady once again. She looked cute even though she had not slep much the night before...why, well My Mystress and my Lady enjoyed a girls night out the evening before and from all accounts it seemed to be a wonderful time. So Mystress retrieved her stylus and we bid my Lady a fond farewell.

Off to do some shopping. Mystress had some items to get for friends and family so we stopped at a wonderful little flea market to walk the stores and browse for some good deals. Unknown to me Mystress had an alternative reason for coming to the flea market which turned out to be a very pleasant suprise.

Mystress mentioned sometime ago that she desired to buy me a sword to complete my Paladin persona...we had discussed it some but the right one was difficult to find. my resourceful Mystress to find the perfect as my Christmas gift Mystress completed me by providing me with a wonderful sword. I shall get a picture online for those curious. It truly is wonderful and the symbolism behind it for both Mystress and I runs very deep and strong. Thank you Mystress for a wonerful gift and i hope that it completes me in a manner you approve of. We walked the flea market some more picking up the majority of Mystress had planned to get.

With the flea market shopping exhausted, it was time to visit the next store on the list. Mystress was a beam with smiles at visiting the next store. What makes theis store so special, was an adult store complete with all one would expect to find. I personally had never been in a store of this nature before and Mystress was having a delightful time breaking me in. Mystress had chosen a very fancy store to ease the shock for me and because of this i was less suprised that i was expecting.

I kept telling myself it was merely a store for individuals with a different interest. Well we spent a good deal of time browsing the goods and shifting through the countless toys available. We could say Mystress had a delightful time having me pickup toys and analyze each to make sure it would serve our purpose. Sometime later we finally had decided on a few items and off we were...goodies in hand. Overall the experience was far more relaxed than i was anticipating, due to the fact that Mystress is very wise and knows exactly how to ease someone into something new...and Mystress knows many new HORIZONS that i talk about converning this...thank you Mystress for being so wonderful.

Later that afternoon my Mystress's knight joined us and we caught up on some lost time. With conversations back and forth, Mystress and I decorated her tree while we were all engaged in some pleasant conversation, dinner cooking in the background and what a wonderful dinner it was. Leg of lamb, assorted vegitables, bread and delightful drink was had by all. Throughout dinner once again conversation was good to chat and share the company of my Mystress and her knight.

After dinner we settled in for some movie time and relaxtion. Before the movie Mystress and I gave her knight some Reiki to both relax him and to aid in curing a sore back he was having. It definitely seemed to do the job as he was very relaxed and i hope pain free atleast for alittle while. It was quite late already when we started the movie and Mystress's knight retired for the evening part way through the movie. He had already seen the movie so decided to do some reading before calling it a night. After the movie was finished...Mystress and I also retired but not to sleep...for it was time for the hours and hours of pleasure both Mystress and I were looking forward to for days and days.

As usual the pleasure flowed for both Mystress and i but for me there was another reason behind the pleasure and at the same time, a lack of release for many many hours...a lesson in the making i shall discuss in depth later. As usual when Mystress and i are together sleep takes a back seat and pleasure is exchange till we fall asleep exhausted...

Sunday we awoke to more pleasure and a very relaxing Sunday morning. In time we arose to join Mystress's knight for breakfast and more conversation. With plans for sunday afternoon made, Mystress and i were off to spend the day at my place.

Some more pleasure later, alittle lunch, a missed survivor episode and some more pleasure, it was time for our bath...hmmm i love our baths. The water was run hot and soapy so that we could spend a large amount of time cuddled up together relaxing in the tub chit chatting away....the more we chit chat the better it is...its truly yummy to say the least.

All nice and clean, warm and was time to settle in for the final episode of was great to watch the final episode with Mystress. Some dinner and desert made the evening quite wonderfeul as spend hour discussing how we would play the game if we were so inclinded...some different approaches...yet unique to how we each operate.

With survivor finished...Mystress and I retired for the evening...yes for some more pleasure and further lessons. One can't really blame us for not sharing as it is very important for both Mystress and I to provide pleasure for one another.

Laying in one another arms we returned to some wonderful conversation ranging from stupid net videos, to how absolutely gross soggy bread is. yes we know...a strange collection of topics but they are our topics :)

With Mystress in my arms...we drifted off to some well desrved rest for both Mystress and I.

We arose early once again for the usual morning activities...a special thank you to Mystress for providng the pleasure she did this was truly appreciated.

A shower, some breakfast coffee and we were off to our own busy days.

So as you can see, just briefly touching on all that we did the weekend shows we had a wonderful busy weekend...and i am sure some more activites will come to mind. These shall be expanded on in further posts.

I hope that our readers enjoy our posts even if they are somewhat mundane in nature....because even though they may seem mundane on the surface...each activity shared with Mystress is wonderful and has its own magical to those out there...enjoy all the time you can with your special someone...for its both the special and the mundane times that as a whole...make it all MAGICAL.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

The coming weekend

There is only a day sepearting us from a lovely weekend together and i for one can't wait to be with Mystress this weekend. The weekend as usual promises to be a wonderful weekend as all weekends with Mystress are.

It seems from the post that Mystress has a full weekend planned with mention of decorations, trips to stores and much much pleasure for all. I am sure that whatever Mystress has planned will be wonderful and fun for all involved. Mystress is right again...i shall be writing about all we do this weekend.

As for being the worst punishment....for me it would be having my symbols/restraints taken away. They have become very important to me as it symbolizes what Mystress and i have together....sort of a physical reminder of were i stand and what i stand for. To have them removed and taken away from me would to me be the worse punishment. I trully hope such a punishement would never be warranted.

Counting down the hours.


Happy to be happy and other things

There are some real happy folks out there in the blog world.. and there are some that seem to be having a lot of angst as well. Pet and I are fairly new to all this in our relationship. We have much in common, but we also have enough differences to be able to learn from each other.

Things that pet has taught Me.. is to enjoy
being in the moment.
Don't dwell in the past and don't get
stuck on the future.
Expect and believe in the best that can be.
pet is one of the most positive minded
people I've ever met and I'm thrilled
about that aspect of him as well.

So with all that in mind, I have been working
to know and be aware of those things.

And I have written in the past before about
feeling blessed, and I most certainly do!
And tonight, its a simple feeling of just being happy.

Happy with with all the wonderful things in life,
and especially happy with Paladin and our relationship.
He has come such a far way in such a short time.
I am happy that he has done so wonderfully since the last time I had to spank him a couple of weeks ago. So thrilled that there is nothing that he has missed,
nothing that I have to either discipline or punish him for.

I had given him the task of sending Me a pic of his folks Christmas tree.. but as they have guests from out of town for the holidays (like so many others) they don't have one. I'd grumble about him sending Me a pic of SOMETHING to compensate for it, but he did that just last nite after we'd left his place.. so no complaint there. And besides, I'm too happy being happy.
And I want this weekend to be the same way.. happy, sensual and fun.

I do plan on binding him some and teasing him. Have never made him beg for release...yet. Generally I suppose because I like it when he has pleasure too, and that gives Me lots of pleasure. What kitten is going through this week, being ferociously teased and yet, not allowed to climax all week does give Me some wicked ideas. I'd be more likely to break then Paladin however. But it might still be fun to try at some point.

There was a question on a male submissive's site about what would be the worst punishment for a sub who had broken his Commanded chastity. A few Domme's offered their opinion. pet, I'll ask you out of curiosity ... what do YOU think would be the worst punishment for such a thing?

Not that any of this will be coming up for him any time very soon. As My dear Paladin knows.. his primary duty is to provide Me with as much pleasure as I desire. And as I just stated, having him fulfilled and releasing gives Me much pleasure. Since that is his duty, and I expect he'll do a good job at it this weekend, then I don't expect to be withholding anything from him. I expect him to do his best to satiate Me this weekend. Here on Sat, and at his place on Sun and Sun nite.

I do plan on taking him on his very first trip to an adult toy store this weekend however. The thought all but mortifies him. (smile) We're looking for something in particular and I want him to be able to see - and feel them in person rather then just as pictures on the internet. It's a nice upper scale sort of store.. no creepy guys and sticky floors, although that had been jokingly suggested by My Master. (Who by the way pet...also says that puppet shows are good clean fun!)
(very wicked grin)

I promise to have pet write a report both about
the weekend, and the trip to the toy store.

Time to wrap this up for the moment.
Best to all,

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Paladin's Hospitality and weekend time to come

As pet mentions in his entry, he was kind enough to host My dear Lady friend and Myself for dinner and..... entertainment last nite. I always like bringing her along and I am quite sure that she also has a good time. I do like being able to share spending time with him with others.

The three of us always spend quite a bit of time laughing together and pet gets this very sweet smile after he has the two of us dreamily curled up on either side of him have done an amazing job at pleasuring us both each in our own way. He and I are more.. intimate in our approach with each other, and yet, he is also able to give her much pleasure as well. It's hard not to get lost in passion with pet sometimes when she is there.. but she say that she does not feel left out, but enjoys the warmth between us. We always end up in a extended 3 way cuddle which is very very nice!

It was a truly wonderful evening.. and yes... it always is something of a sacrifice to not be totally alone with him. And he'll be seeing family on Thur, so I won't get to see him then on our regularly scheduled nite. However him being with his folks is always important, and of course even more so during the holidays.

But.. on the flip side... we do have plans to share most of the weekend together, and I am looking very, very forward to it. And one of the nicest things about the weekend, is that we don't have anything in particular planned. Last time, when we were at the cabin, I had the class to teach.. and then the cabin to get ready for our leaving. But this time... pet will come over on Sat.. and we can do whatever we desire. (smile). I'll give y'all 3 guesses as to what My 'desires' would be.

Well, I do think I'll have pet help Me get My Christmas decorations set up a bit.. and maybe a trip to the flea market.. we'll play it by ear and see. I am picking up the movie Frequency from My Lady on Fri nite for us to watch on Sat eve. And.. the hot tub is nice and warm. Mostly... I look forward to time with Paladin... no matter what we are doing, it's enjoyable!

Well, I have more to wrote, but (yawn) the hour is late, so I am off to bed.

Thank you very much to our two commenter's who have written about their kneeling rituals.. and we would truly like it if others would share there... Dom/mes as to what they have their subs to, or what the subs themselves do.

Best to all
and to all good nite...

A great time for all.

Tues has come and gone and my Mystress came over once again...but not alone this time. The caring Mystress that my Mystress is extended the invitation to her lady friend. My Lady has visited a few times before and its been sometime since she was last here so it was pleasant suprise when Mystress asked if it was ok with me if she extended the invitation. The obvious answer is that of course it was alright Mystress and that if Mystress wants her Lady to join us it will always be ok. A special appreciation goes out to Mystress for giving up her alone time to provide some enjoyment for her lady.

The evening was a typical evening for the three of us...a wonderful pleasant dinner, good conversation and plenty of laughter. In fact there was much more laughter than usual. It seems my Mystress and My Lady were in a very humorous mood with laughter and jokes abound causing many fits of laughter.

It was wonderful to see my Lady's laughing and having a good old time. The smiles were out in full force and the evening seemed to be a very good relaxing and fun filled night. Continuing the relaxation there was alittle massaging and other relaxing activites.

Come the end of the night all were smiling with happiness and it is my hope that everyone truly had a good night.

Thank you Mystress again for your sacrifice and you generous decision....i shall have to treat you well come this weekened when we get to spend the wonderful weekend together.


Monday, December 10, 2007

A pets greeting

Tomorrow my Mystress comes over once again and i get to welcome my dear Mystress. As you may of read when my Mystress arrives....i welcome her inside. Dressed in my greeting attire ( Dress shirt, collar and restraints and the rest bare along with a smile), I take a knee and with my right arm crossed, fist over my heart, and offer up my collar. When Mystress is ready she takes my collar.

At this time i recite my mantra to Mystress looking lovingly in her sweet eyes. Mystress often kneels with me at this point and we embrace but i do not release my pose. Once Mystress has put my collar on and released me from my pose (tapping me on the shoulder being the que) am i free to embrace my dear Mystress.

This greeting has evolved over time and i am sure it would evolve over time to come. As you can see its quite different and unique. But it has also been a point of do other subs greet their Mistress's/Masters? What are there procedures? What do they do that makes it special? What do they do to make it even more special?

Perhaps these questions could serve as a means to get our new or old guests involved in the blog. It would be interesting to see how others do what they do. I know Mystress finds great joy in reading other's blogs and gaining some insight from their posts. If anyone feels compelled to answer the questions, feel free to leave a comment or a simple email.

A curious Paladin

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The blog

Mystress has installed a site meter so that we can see how many people visit our blog and the results are quite suprising. The number of visits and the duration of the visits is wonderful to see. The duration to me being more important since they are generally lengthy in duration. This shows that we truly have wonderful visitors who are into our blog and spend a large amount of time reading what Mystress and I post. A special thank you to all the guests as of late.

Mystress herself has also been busy posting wonderful blogs. Who knew their would be a poem about a thigh..go figure. As usual Mystress's posts are top notch with a wonderful tone, imagery and language used in each. I still aspire to be able to write like Mystress.

Thank you for the grace on Saturday too Mystress. It was truly appreciated getting home after 2am. Your original conditions of grace have not been forgotten and i have already worked on your request some and it shall be ready for you Tuesday.

Talking about Tuesday. I look forward to having my Mystress here with me. Its always a wonderful thing to have Mystress here with each instance becoming more and more special. Mystress and i also have plans to spend the coming weekend together which will also be welcomed. Her knight is looking forward to the time together and it will be great to catch up. Its been sometime with busy times consuming many weekends.

Bed is calling and i got to dream many wonderful sensual loving and special dreams of Mystress.


Refreshing the scent.

It was wonderful to chat with Mystress today after a busy and late Saturday. Mystress definitely has a way of relaxing me and giving me the energy that i need in order to recharge. Our chat encompassed many topics one of which my shirt Mystress had left here on Thursday.

Mystress enjoys taking a shirt that i have worn so that she may have a reminder of me and my scent. Well it was sometime since Mystress had taken the shirt in the first place and over time the scent had left the shirt. So our conversation lead to what i could do to freshen up the scent for when Mystress is here next to take the shirt with her.

Ideas were thrown back and forth including sending me on a run or doing jumping jacks...when a novel idea hit us both. What does one think generally builds up a wonderful smell and is generally pleasureable for all those involved too :) Well Mystress not being here was no reason why i couldn't follow the train of thought and refresh the scent some.

So i dressed in Mystress's shirt and to share the experience with Mystress, on went the webcam. Mystress and i have shared this virtual exhange of pleasure before but its been very rare. I admit its a wonderful feeling to be able to perform for Mystress even if the physical is not possible.

So for sometime i pleasured myself for Mystress to watch and in turn i hope it provided Mystress with a degree of pleasure too. Lets just say that the activity defnitely refreshed some of the scent even though my release will be held till I see my dear Mystress again.

During the show Mystress told me to rewrite what i had the day previous. So i retrieved the sharpee, and in a very slow and eliberate manner drew an arrow with the word "Yours" underlined on my inner thigh, the arrow pointing to my Mystress's item of possesion. It was a very submissive feeling to do as my Mystress asked as well as a very arousing experience. I do hope it made Mystress happy to see the words and the action. I believe the act of labeling myself as belong to Mystress brings a large degree of pride and hapiness to Mystress which in turn brings the same to me.

With the scent refreshed, Mystress released me for the evening to finish up some chores and to relax some for the week coming up.


Paladin's Oh-So-Yummy Rugby Thighs

I never knew anything about
rugby till I met pet.
And as I have mentioned
before,was only when we
were watching England
playing in the World
Ruby matches that I realized
that THAT is where
pet got them amazing thighs.
I'd always thought they were
from his bicycle riding,
and even mention that the
first time I tied him up
face down, something about
'biker's thighs. And that
is because I know he loves
to go for bike rides.
And those were the only folks
I ever knew who had lovely,
massive thighs like pets.

But nooooooo...
It's from his years of
playing rugby.
Football player are built like
rectangles... but rugby players..
well.. I think I'd love to see
a calender of them!
Course the best thing about all this, is that pet is MYNE! And I get to stroke and play and be loved by those amazing thighs, not to mention all the rest of him. I'd show lots more of him off, but I have promised to keep his identity quite private, as I would want Myne, for as I have also said before, we are both intensely private people. But I just have to say, that pet really is incredibly sexy,
(along with his charming British accent) and I feel so amazingly lucky to own this gorgeous creature.
After finishing lunch, and
meandering around the net, just for the heck of it I
googled 'rugby thighs'.. and was amazed at how many entries came up. I think this is something we American ladies have quite been missing out on! Seems much of the world is quite familiar with this fascinating and oh-so-sexy phenomenon! Seems to be that amazing asses go with the wonderful rugby thighs!

I came across this cute poem.. and with pet's permission (conditional on his total anonymity which I think is covered in this) a lovely pic to go with it to make My point. So, without further adieu, I present the poem....
And a partial pic of My amazing Paladin.
Makes Me think there must be something
to all this about rugby thighs if someone
had the thought to write an ode to them
don't cha' think?

Ode to the English Rugby Teams Thighs
Created: 23 February 2005

Girlie sighs
English thighs
The crowd cries
Swing low sweet chariot

Tree trunks
English hunks
With tree trunks
for thighs

Hairy long
English thighs
And great big bums
form heaving scrums

Tree trunks
English hunks
With tree trunks
for thighs

Hot steaming
English thighs
Coming for to
carry us home
If you have any thoughts, ot kind comments to make about My lovely pet and his very sexy rugby thighs, I would certainly like to hear them!

(Later addition - Amazing how many folks have been finding their way to our web page ever since I posted this bit about pet's 'rugby thighs'! I would never have guessed that of all the posts, this is the most popular one. Well.. I do have to admit.. that the pic is certainly one of MY favorites of all the ones I have. Something about the curve of his backside and the black shirt.. and the restraints.. and that he obviously has his hands above his head. All very delightful I must say!)