Friday, February 13, 2009

Catching up on a cold rainy night

Evening All....

Wow its raining hard and damn cold out there...good to be indoors and settling in...just like my Mystress in her new more need for a fire to keep warm or to feed the endless animals in the cold or the early mornings because a dog barks in your ear a mere few feet as Mystress said...its back into the "old' ways and to get back into the flow of things...yet the old ways seem to be changing some....

I am glad to read of Mystress's new quest...for it is something Mystress has hinted at at times in the past...very subtle hints yet hints non the less...Mystress did a very good job in explaining her desires in her last post...and what she is looking for.

We have a very wonderful open relationship with us sharing all we know and want yet i can totally agree with Mystress's comment and i quote.. "As I told chyld.. .a female sub can share things with her Mistress that her Mistress cannot share with Her male subs." a phrase...girl talk. I do my best to offer Mystress my ear whenever she needs but as Mystress says..there are times when only another girl will understand the circumstances, the flavors, and the subtle meanings that only another lovely lady can know...I guess i fail in this way...yet fail in a good way i hope...for Mystress really doesn't like sissy guys :) I hope my ears are helpful in other areas and that i can relate to Mystress in those areas where perhaps a lady can't...who knows.

So as your loving pet Mystress...i urge you to partake in yor find that addition that will fill the part you seek to enjoy the search...and to know that good things come to those that deserve me and my Mystress...

Oh more thing before i head out....WOW...and BOING...i guess thats what comes to mind reading Mystress's little "bit"....i know the feeling...and Mystress feels just yummy


Welcome.... and a new quest officially begins - again

Greetings all...

And welcome!

A special welcome to any new readers that we may now have, including some recently invited guests.   I hope that you find our blog a peek into the window of an unusual relationship in a nest of unusual polyamory  relationships.  Please take your time to read through, especially the 'significant posts' on the side.  This will give you an idea of our style of relationship.  

Like all relationships, we go through cycles.  Some are more 'exciting' in a D/s manner, and others, like last week (and covered in a previous post) , are much more domestic like.  

Tis no secret to Paladin, and some other friends as well as My Knight, that I have been seeking a female submissive. I recently placed an add looking for one, and have had some interesting responses.  Because I have so much knowledge posted here, there will be a select few that I will give this web link to.  Some I've told  more about then others, and for the less informed, this gives you a chance to read at your leisure, and get a feeling for the sort of Mystress that I am, and see how I interact with My existing submissive.  (smiles)  I'll also write in this post some of the answers to some questions that some of the submissiveness have asked.  For instance, do I want a stable of slaves?

Simple answer - NO! certainly only one man, and that of course is Paladin.. unless kajira robert ever decides to return.. which we all hope he doesn't because that mean's he's happy in his life now.  (but I digress) and a most likely only one female subby, because I want to be sure to have enough time for her.  

Another asked, why if I had Paladin, I would want a girl subby.  Well... that too is an easy answer.  Provided sort of by the dear Persephone... that boy subs are like large protective dogs (although Paladin is more like a stallion/lion) and girls are like cute little lap dogs.  Something like a Papillon I think in My mind.  One's cute and cuddly and to sometimes giggle with, and other times make her cry out in passion... teasing her until she can't help lifting her hips to try to reach My touch. Mmmmmm... Much like when I tease Paladin that way.  He's not the sort to ever whine about anything... (wicked grin) except when I tease him. 
Although to be fair, its not so much a whine, as a groan of frustration.

But more about My search for a 'girl'...
  It was about two years ago now that I came very close to it, but in the end, the sub and I had different methods and needs, and hence we were not really compatible in that way, and decided to keep our relationship as friends.  After that.. I pretty much gave up looking seriously.  I focused on Paladin, and enjoyed continuing his training and experiences.  That was until recently.  I have to admit.. that chyldofnorns has been a strong inspiration.  Having had the opportunity to spend some time with her in Second Life made Me realize all over again, how nice it  would be to have a very special submissive pet to cuddle and spoil..and Command.  And tease.. Mmmmmm.  I want one just like her.   One that loves her Mistress with all her heart, and is many more faces to Her because of her femaleness.  As I told chyld.. .a female sub can share things with her Mistress that her Mistress cannot share with Her male subs.  So, that's what I want.

Now, those that have read here for a while know, My Knight (aka husband) has a female submissive.  I like her alot.. in fact, I met her first though an old Master of hers.   But she and I never really clicked.   And My Knight, who had steadfastly refused to do any sort of Domming for many years found himself compelled to with her.  

And it's been working out very well.  Especially during this time up in the hills.  Readers know that for the past several months we had changed location 35 miles away in the foothills (and where I work), while My Knight worked down in the city.  His long and early hours made a nightly commute both illogical and too tiring for him.  So, for the many nites he was down in the city, his sub looked after him, and I never had to worry about him, knowing he was in wonderful care, as Paladin, who lived closer to the foothills, went the extra distance to look after Me.  

I'm glad they enjoy each other.  She is good for him and he certainly for her.  But.. she is not My style of submissive.  Her energy runs at too high an rpm for Me.. as well as she just doesn't really strike Me as that much of a submissive in her attitudes.  I will growl at her from time to time and spark off a Command... but Paladin has Me spoiled.  He is instantaneous in his obedience, where as she always wants to ask questions and 'talk' about it.  Geeeesh!  She is not Myne.. and I don't think she's exactly suited to My style, nor I to hers.  

So... I want a sweet, well behaved girly sub of My very own that I can train as I desire. And she may well serve Me at the same time as Paladin, but as I recently wrote to a prospective sub, I am not going to 'share' him with her in any way.    And the same goes for her interaction with My Knight.  Paladin and My Knights sub have no physical interaction between them, although they are both present sometimes,  while each of us gives directions to our subs.  I will start out with no interactions between her and anyone else, and that of course also depends on whatever relationships that she has in her life.  Just like My finding Paladin. (or he Me) I know that all the right pieces will fall into place, for all of us.

My Knight would not dom My female submissive, other then to ask her to get him something perhaps if she was present, as he does with Paladin. But then, one of Paladin's jobs is also to look after My Knight, and he has sworn his fealty to him as well.

So I am actively looking for a female submissive now that I am back in the city.  I want her to be comfortable with all that I am, My style, and My dear odd little family.  She will be welcomed by all, and yet, her interactions will be decided by Me..and whatever her hard limits will be.

Another asked where and if there would be one there besides us. 

├ůs far as that, any interactions would be carefully discussed before hand.  This is not something I want to 'force 'a sub into, nor even take her there if it does not fit in with
her world.  So that would depend. It might.. it might not.

And for tonight... I'll end with this cute bit..

Another asked if I could 'host'. (Smile) yeah hon.... I can host. (grin) Now.go stand there in front of the door... ... yes.. put your arms up.. yes...Let Me hook the restraint.. yes.. just like that, now, spread your legs  wider... yes.. yes.. that's a good girl. (wink)
Now.. does that make you horny girl???  Lets check....
Oh.. My.. it seems it does!

So.. that's My bit on looking for a female submissive.  

On that note.. I wish the best to all,

Immense Gratitude

Greetings all,

Yes, I am finally settled into the new place.   Was a move we'd never been able to make without Paladin.  For a 16 very long hours (and it counts double that he got up at 7am on a Sat to come help Me load the car before My Knight got there with the truck and our adult son.) he toiled  loading all the things onto the truck and trailer.  Paladin was determined to get Me moved back into the city, and the poor dear actually limped off into the midnight hour on his way home.  Both My Knight and I are eternally grateful to him for his amazing service... certainly above and waaay beyond the call of a pleasure slave... but... (soft smile) certainly in accords with his service as a Paladin. 

It has been a hectic week since then, as all folks who move know. Doing all your regular stuff, plus trying to sort out where all the new stuff goes. Mon and Wed were My first ones with Paladin since moving and it felt wonderful to be back into something of our 'old' routine. Getting done with clients and coming to see him.. getting into his town a bit early on Wed gave Me the chance to shop around and find a suitable Valentines present for him.  And I liked what I found. (smile). 

Alas... I must admit, I did not miss running back up the hill to muck stalls and feed horses before rushing down the hill to Paladins, inevitably 30 to 120 mins late because of My own work before the ranch work. 

Another benefit of our new place is that the drive to his home from Myne is also shorter by about 15 mins now, which is also very nice.  

We were both still very tired from the move and unpacking, so it was a rather quiet and domestic sort of week for us. I brought dinner on Mon nite since beef is his favorite food, it was bbq brisket and ribs) , and he cooked wonderful scallops for us on Wed. Dang but he's learned to cook them perfectly! Catching up on a couple shows he records for us (Hell's Kitchen and Fringe,and now Survivor) then off to a hot bath and bed for pleasure and sleep.  

Domestic.. yes.. like others to some degree yes..

He always has his collar and restraints on. He asks to use the lavatory, which I may or may not allow immediately.  He gives his sign of fealty every I enter a room.. and drops to his kneeling position at the flick of My fingers, or tug on the back of his hair. So the undercurrent of his submission, and My control... always humms softly in the background. And then..
sometimes crackles like lightening on a dry summer eve.

And hence.. ends another week.  A quiet weekend and we'll do our Valentines on Mon. Compromise.. and a gift of time and sacrifice from him, well recognized, and deeply appreciated.

Best to all,

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Evening all

Evening all.

What a busy weekend indeed. I am happy to report Mystress is moved down fromt he isolated hills to the middle of her circle of friends. It was quite the move as Mystress has a large amount of stuff yet it is now done and in the past and Mystress can finally unpack for the distant future.

A special thank you to her knights son for helping and friends who helped in other in loaing the trailer or the truck. Without such assitance the move would not of been possible.

A special thank you to all the guests that commented on the past few posts and a special welcome back to Lady Muse...we hope your new silver lining turns out to be a giant chunk of silver.

I apologize for the brief post yet bed calls...rather early.

Best wishes to all.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Moving along...

Good evening all-

As stated in My comment, I do dislike moving.  The part I dislike is not knowing where I am going when I least expect it.  Then all the packing... moving.. unpacking and getting things all settled again.  Uggggh.   But.. on the other side, is the adventure of the new place.  And.. we have found what seems to be a very nice new place back in the city.  Closer to My commute, which is a good thing.  And Paladins home is now between My work and home, just like before, although this is a bit closer to him then it was. We have signed a year lease this time, so at least we know we are settled in for a while.  Tonight we got our keys! 

Dear Paladin has continued to be of wonderful assistance to Me over the past months, and will lend his muscles one more time to our moving endeavor this weekend. And last weekend, he graciously hosted Me for our second Super Bowl party.  We had our own special celebrations as we had just signed the lease before My visit, so I finally knew where I was going and I could really, really relax for a day before knowing the the final push for the move would come to pass.

It had been quite a while since I had tied Paladin up and taken all of his control away from him. I knew it was way past time for it. I like to take My time doing the tying.. rattling the metal parts against the chrome bars on his bed.  And the, once he's tied and blindfolded, rummaging around in our 'toy bag'.  I know his ears are at full mast at that point.  Sometimes I like to make noise when I go to the kitchen to get the ice, and other times, I like to be very quiet and have music playing in the room so that he can't hear it. And sometimes.. I put the earplugs in. But not this nite.. no... I wanted him to be able to hear everything I was going to say.. 

 I think the biggest challenge for him, is when I put ice cubes on the sole of each foot.  Every muscle in his body stands out as he totally tenses up.  I can tell after a while that he has floated into sub space, because he is unable to answer simple questions.  (smile)  The thudding of the flogger.. the prick of the Gothenburg wheel as it runs up his leg.. his thigh.. and.. up his nice long.. mmm yes. (smiles)  and the ice.. whether I am running the ice cube itself along his skin, of flicking melting drops on him, it has a profound effect on him.  And I know that to get the best result, I need to mix it up.. never let him know what I am going to do next.  He can only go along for the ride.  I love to ask him, if anyone else on the planet could ever do this to him. and hear his sincere gasp of "No Mystress!"  And.. to know how much he really, really means it.  

And.. the ending part.. when I loosen him from his restraints, how he curves his body tightly to Me.. and I feel the trembling going through him as I hold and pet him.  I know how intense an experience it is for him to give up everything, and simply experience, and be fully and totally submissive in this very physical way.  Pet is as I have said innumerable ways a big, strong man.. and to have him submit to Me in this way takes Me back to our very first night together after his collaring. In My minds eyes.. it is still stunning.. as it is every time I come into his room and see him there.. tied... vulnerable... waiting.... wondering. 

It was not the longest, nor most intense experience, but it was much needed.. for both of us.   I hope that it has given him the reset he needed, as much as it did Me.  I know I am certainly grateful for the wonderful hospitality he always shows Me..and how tender he is in his devotion to Me. 

And.. our dear spunky kaijra robert is still out there... popping up every now and then. He is (mostly) good with his daily reports, and we do try to meet up in Second Life when we can.  We miss his presence.. My new Reiki room has TWO doors that close.. perfect to have two subs tied up in door restraints ready for flogging. (very wicked grin) 

I do want to mention how glad I am that Lady Muse (aka Dominate Muse) has transmuted into a fresh new blog. I have added Her sub, chyld's blog right below Her's now.  Now that I will be closer to family and have considerably less chores, I'll be able to interact more here I hope. Which will mean I'll need to find new and fun things to do with Paladin... If you have any suggestions, please write them in a comment.. and we'll see what we can long as they are in attunement with our relationship and the sort of D/s folks that we are.

And on that happy note, I shall sign off for now.
Best to all,