Sunday, September 20, 2009

The season approaches

Evening all.

Mystress and I hope that you all are doing well. The cold weather and rainy days are approaching and Mystress and I are counting down the day with bated antcipation. We do love the cold rainy days and we can't wait for them to start.....enough of the 100 degree days thank you very much. We much prefr 50 degree days and a warm blanket on the couch...mmm much enjoyment.

This week promises to be a busy week yet the reward will be wonderful...Mystress is staying the weekend and we shall as always have a wonderful time.

Looking forward to the weekend and hoping it comes quick...


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wonderful CHange

Evening All.

For our long time visitors you know that Mystress has been enjoying some free time in Second Life. Well recently Mystress has setup a Reiki school, or perhaps i should say a Reiki sacntuary in second life from which she can share her Reiki knowledge.

Its undergone some changes of late and from what i saw yesterday its so much better than when i first saw it. You guys should all pop in and take a gander...its truly a wonderful and peaceful place. A special thank you goes our to Sir Robert who is helping Mystress....your advice, knowledge and help sure does make the project go much much smoother.

I hope everyone is enjoying the last few weekends of the summer...soon it will be time for the rains and mmmmm cuddle time under the covers with the windows open and the rai falling...mmm. Its our favorite time of the year and one we shall enjoy for sure.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Ever feel guilty?

Good evening all.

So i have a question for all our guests if you guys would be kind enough to answer. If you don't have any experiences then maybe some thoughts would be nice to read.

Have you ever felt guilty for what you have? Strange question? I know its kind of weird so i'll elaborate some more. I've had some thoughts of late and i can't put a finger on what i feel or how to describe it other than coming up with the word guilty.

Why guilty? Well you guys can all tell that Mystress and I are still riding high in our special relationship and that things are going very very very well. I adore my Mystress and adore what we makes me so happy and i cherish my Mystress so much. I've had this happiness for years now and we are going into our 3rd year. Work goes well, life goes well and i really dont have any complaints or sorrows....yet some of my closest friends have and are still having some horrible times.

So in my times of contemplation...i have thoughts of is it fair to enjoy what you have when others around you are not happy. What can you do in this situation? Do you just suck it up and be happy? Do you help others achieve their happiness to?

I will not apologize for being sir. I've searched to long to not be happy and guilt free :) What i will do is try make others happier around me. To support them and do what i can to comfort them but without sacrificing what i have. Weird thoughts? Crazy thoughts?

I'd be interested in hearing what you guys think....

Happy thoughts to all