Sunday, May 22, 2011

So Happy To have Mystress Back

Afternoon All.

Mmmmm its so so so so so so wonderful to be sitting here, this Sunday afternoon, writing my blog with my dear sweet Mystress back from her trip and so so close. It was so wonderful seeing my dear Mystress home i couldnt even wait for our night, i just had to go see Mystress early and have some yummy dinner. Now why has it taken so long to post, considering my Mystress has been home for 2 weeks, well thats for a good reason...

Days after my Mystress was home, we got to spend the weekend together and oh so so yummy a weekend it was. We had wonderful dinners and cuddled on the couch, looking at all the pictures Mystress took and listening to all her stories intently. I can assure all, Mystress had a blast of a trip and will have such wonderful memories for years and years to come. Its not often someone can take such a journey, especially to some of the spiritual places Mystress visited, and have each and every moment live on in memories yet Mystress has, and will not forget them anytime soon.

Now we settle back into our wonderful routines, and i write this knowing that tomorrow, i will walk in the house to see my dear Mystress sitting on her throne, welcoming me home. MMMMM such a lovely site. I enjoy it each and every time for i get to kneel and lean into Mystress and taste a sweet kiss...mmm so intoxicating.

Floating on intoxicating images...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wee happy times

Evening all

I am on edge and so happy tonight for my Mystress is flying through the air coming home...mmmmmmmmmmm I can't wait to see my dear Mystress. I cant wait to pick her brain and hear all the stories about her adventures.

Mystress texted me from SD, apparently they had some security issues and had to change planes there...i hope all is ok. My phone is on the fritz and is loosing its signal which sucks. I would of so prefered to have txted some to get the full story. The least txt Mystress said she was boarding the new plane so i assume all is good.

Mystress will txt when she lands and i hope to be half asleep so i can hear it and welcome her back.

WEEEEE Mystress coming home.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Celebrating the end of a vacation.

Good evening all. I hope as always that everything goes well with all our wonderful friends and guests. I cant beliebe another full week has slipped by in the blink of an eye...time flys and its unstoppable :) Along with this passing of time, comes the celebration to the end of a vacation...

Now that may sound terrible and not fun at all, but in my mind its well worth celebrating. Not out of meanness nor spite, but out of happiness and excitement. Tomorrow my Mystress returns home from a long vacation and i couldn't be happier for i get to see my dear sweet Mystress, how i have missed her these past weeks and weeks. We have so much to catchup on and to share and being in the phyiscal presence of my dear Mystress once again will be a wonderful thing indeed.

I wish my dear Mystress a speedy and safe trip home to her castle, her home and us.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nearing the Desitnation

Good evening all

So goes another week without my Mystress :( I have missed dear Mystress bunches and cant wait till she is home. Yet on the flip side i do not want her trip to end without Mystress enjoying it to her fullest. Its so important to me that Mystress enjoy her wonderful vacation and trip with friends. The memories are pricesless and worth the cost indeed.

Mystress plans to be at her final destination Monday then she has a full week of touristy stuff planned. It will be great for them have a base of operations to take all their day trips from and still have a comfy bed to return to at night. I wish them the best of times with their trips and enjoy it to the fullest.

As Mystress mentions, i have been working at projects to prepare the yard for Mystress's return. We plan to utilize it fully this summer so i am working to get it all done so we can. Thanks to Mystress for all the wonderful yard tips and projects. Our yard will look amazing this summer indeed.

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