Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Paladin's Stances

Paladin and I have both mentioned several times the different stances or poses that I have him take as part of his protocals.

Early on, his first kneeling stance was simply down on one knee, with his hands crossed over his knee. This is also the pose that he uses to greet others that I have him kneel to.

After reading the 2nd in the Kurshiel series and I came across the 'fealty position', I modified his greeting and kneeling stance to Me to include that.

pet must also send Me a pic twice a day. Before he leaves for work,

and when he gets home and changes from his work clothes to his casual ones. Or if he is leaving from work to go somewhere, one then.

This keeps us in touch, and lets Me know where he is going, what he is doing and how he is looking. I like knowing what he is wearing for some odd reason.. well... heck.. I just like how pet looks. (smile)

We did a photo shoot of these pics to share with readers on Sun. Well, except the work one. That's just one he sent Me at some point. I happen to like him in that particular outfit alot. And the casual on is one I took of him on day when he was having a causal dress day at work.

We hope the pics are enlightening and enjoyable. And in his casual dress pic, you can see his sword collar that he wears also. Personally, I think its quite charming and makes him the perfect Paladin. I'll have him post pics of his new sword so that you can see how well it compares to this.

More later on the wonderful weekend, or how pet learned not to say
'slightly'. (grin) He's been assigned to write about it too.

As always,
Best to all,


Dev said...

The kneeling pictures make my heart go pitter-patter, a bit.

Paladin said...

Thank you for the kind comment. Taking this pose for my Mystress truly feels wonderful and to those that do the same for their own Masters/Mistress's....treasue it above all.

elle said...

the kneeling & fealty pictures; oh my, they just make me want to melt.

i wish i has something more significant to say but i'm at a little loss for words.

i think "wow" just about covers it. =)

hugs, elle

Mystress said...

Thank you and welcome elle!

Yes.. I must admit feeling the same way. WOW! Seeing him in those poses always makes Me heart jump. Each time he sends Me his picture.. and especially each time I arrive and he kneels, offering up his collar to Me while giving Me his fealty post.. mmmm... makes Me feel amazing.

I never, ever take owning Paladin for granted and often express My gratitude to the him, and the universe for the blessing of having him in My life.

I hope you'll join us frequently here.

Best all ways,

Paladin said...

Welcome Elle

Welcome to the blog and Mystress and I hope that you enjoy your stay. Your kind comment is much appreciated and makes one blush.