Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wonderful Weekend.

What a wonderful weekend. And the best started super early, Mystress was here as per usual on Wednesday yet we were fortunate enough to both be off work real early so we started a very long and enjoyable weekend early. We enjoyed a lunch together and transitioned into our usual meetings with such smiles and enjoyment.

A short break for Thanksgiving and we were once again together bright and early on Friday. We made plans to enjoy a movie and lunch and you know was during the day :) Weird i know but I dont get much tome off so it was a treat to spend the day with Mystress and a delightful time it was. What a wonderful start to the weekend.

The rest of the weekend drifted by in a haze of enjoyment, excitement and pleasure. What a wonderful weekend. I know i use wonderful a lot, but it really sums up the weekend in a one word that truly describes the time together.

A special thank you to my dear sweet Mystress for spending such a wonderful weekend with truly appreciated and creates such wonderful memories...thank you dear Mystress...for being MY special dear sweet Mystress.


Monday, November 23, 2009

An unusual male sub?

Hullo dear readers

While reading one of the blogs on our list, I cam across this blog entry by chyldofthenorns
"Men are from Venus, women are from mars, err, hang on" in which she talks of male subs being mostly of the sort who think with their dicks. She and I chatted a bit online this morning about it and she said that she thought Paladin was pretty unusual as male subs go, because it never seems as if he is thinking with his dick, so it made me wonder if Paladin IS unusual as male subs go then.

I never thought about it very much, him being pretty much the first one I've owned in rl since my past experiment that only lasted a few days. So upon reading the blog entry.. I began to reflect on Paladin and wondering if he is unusual as chyld says.

I sent him a txt to ask him of often he thinks with his dick, and he wrote back an "lol, I don' t know". When pet is with me, he is sensual and passionate, but he is never whiny, and I don't think he has ever asked to cum, nor to masturbate, although from from what he said, he used about twice a day. Now, its none except when I am with him. Nor as I said, does he ever ask. And there are times when I do for.. well.. lets just say extended periods of time, and he none at all, and yet, he still never even indicates that he wants or needs too.

I have never been to sort to belittle anyone, and when I was looking for a male sub, that was one of the things I was very upfront about, and something that was a mutual realization that we were not suitable because that was something that they craved. I do not enjoy humiliation or belittling. Now I do enjoy a bit of embarrassment.. which to me is different from humiliation.
I never embarrass Paladin in public or in front of strangers. Only in the privacy of our home or a proper environment. The most common form of it is having him repeat things that makes him roll his eyes and he tries to dodge saying sometimes. And.. as pet is not one to ever be dramatic and yet I want him to speak so sometimes.. so I'll make him repeat it over and over and over until he says it like he means it and is not just parroting me. I don't think he ever feels embarrassed unless I am making him compliment himself.

I too have read of male subs who beg to cum and for other things. Pet has never even asked for anything and certainly not begged, unless it is to touch me when I've told him he can't. But never for anything for himself.. although.. I suppose that in his own way, his begging to touch me is for him...and its true, that because he is so energy aware, he has energy orgasms the same time that I do, although it is a very different sort of experience.

I have few pics of Paladin on the site, and the only ones I do have have him in his kneeling positions, or the one of him standing in the kitchen with his arms up. All of them show him being submissive, which to me is sexual but never crude. Chyld notes that pics of female subs tend more toward the lovely mode while male are more sexually oriented. She also mentions how often male subs seem to want to stroke themselves and about men in general thinking with their dicks more then their brains often. My own dad recently sent me a list of jokes and one of then was from Robin Williams who said that it was funny that God had given men a brain and a dick, but only enough blood to use one at a time. My Knight thought that was hilarious, and said that he was afraid that it fit him to a large degree.

Again, it seems to me that Paladin is unique in this way. He never seems to let his dick lead the way. So.. that leads me to the question.. I know that many men are not that way... are male subs MORE likely to be that way then females? Are male subs more likely to be that way then vanilla men? What about male subs vs male Dommes? And which are more obsessed with sex in the female realm, the Mistress's or the sub?

Over all, I think having a good powerfully linked D/s relationship brings both to think of sex more then otherwise. For I often have visions of Paladin spread eagle on his back, tied or not, blindfolded or not.. arms under his back. Knowing that he is available for anything anytime that I want. I can send him a txt right now to stroke his cock, and unless he's in a meeting, he will. Not because he wants to, but because I want him to. But it will arouse both of us. *smiles*

So... I will have pet write on this himself later.... I want him to read the blog entry (which he is I think curious about now that I've asked him a couple questions in regards to it) and express his own thoughts so that we can all understand the first hand thoughts of a male sub and see how he fits in with chylds thoughts.

As always,
wishing the best to all,

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well its that time of the year were we are all supposed to be thankful for what we have...I for one am thankful every day for my dear sweet Mystress. She is so wonderful and such a wonderful Mystress. I count my lucky stars each day in service of Mystress.

Apologies to Mystress for missing my blog too. I just get in the moment when mystress is here and other items fall to the back of my mind when i think of the time together with Mystress....not an excuse but a happy state of mind. I shall do my best to not be forgetful. That includes the whiskers too :)

Mystress and I have a grand day planned for after thanksgiving. I am looking forward to it immensly, even from last week when the day was planned. This past Friday i was wishing it was a week later :) We plan to enjoy a good lunch a movie out then whatever comes after that. It shall be a grand day indeed and more time with my wonderful Mystress.

Our best wishes go out to all our friends and family for this week of Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for, such as finding each other and our time and relationship together. We hope all our friends and guests can find something they too can rejoice in and enjopy the time.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Forgetful Pet

Evening All.

So Pet made a boo boo yesterday. I usually shave each morning but yesterday i forgot, a carry over from the lazy weekend yet not an excuse. Mystress however noticed immediately and was not happy at all. Why? because it scratches and hurts Mystress and she does not like that at all, and i don't like hurting Mystress at all.

So a reminder was in order. Mystress had me lay on the bed and gave me a remindful spanking to not forget again. The message was driven home in multple swats and a fresh memory is now present. A memory remembered with each throb.

Mystress did not like to do it for i know its not something Mystress enjoys and i apologize to Mystress for putting her in that position. I shall do my best to not forget again Mystress.

So a message to all our male sub guests...don't forget to shave otherwise you'll be reminded over and over.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Great times and updates

Good evening all.

We hope all is going well with all our friends. Things have been going well with Mystress and I and we are glad for teh wonderful times.

Mystress has been out and about this weekend shopping, running errands and spednding the last weekend with her guest who goes home next week. Wish you guys the best for tonights activities and i hope you enjoy them immensly.

We enjoyed a special treat on Friday, an unplanned dinner and some cuddling. It was enjoyable as always as anything with Mystress is great. Ty Mystress for indulging me.

Best wishes to all our friends.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is It - a Special Sunday

Today I got to spend an extra day with Paladin.
A very nice treat indeed!

He didn't have to make it a Command... there was a movie I really wanted to see, but no one else I knew did... Even my dear Lady friend who is normally game for most things.

Pet was very agreeable to seeing something I knew he wasn't thrilled about.. and in fact, wouldn't have gone even if he'd been given a free ticket. But I sure would have. I did enjoy the movie quite a bit as I grew up with MJ's music. The best part for Me, was seeing the behind the scenes directing and such, especially since My degree is in Broadcast Production. I think it would have been one hell of a show.. that I'd have never ever seen if not for this movie.
It was uplifting and compelling. No matter what may be said, he was one heck of an entertainer.

Afterwards, we went to a fave place and both had yummy French Dip sandwiches. Then back to his place for a bit to watch some football and some chocolate cake. Again, very yummy. I wanted to drag him down the hall to the bedroom, but... this being a Sunday, and knowing he had chores he wanted to get back to, I had him bring Me home instead.

When we got back, My Knight was just putting new hubcaps on My car, and Paladin stayed to help him do that job, which was very kind of him. Yes, I know I can Command him when I wish, but I like to strike a good balance of time with him, and give him the space I know he needs. He had to work on Fri nite, had a important family function yesterday, and then Me today. I wanted him to have a nice quite eve alone at home to relax, even though he needed to still do his laundry.

Tomorrow, I will bring a take and bake pizza, and we will be on a 'normal nite'... so I will get to have things My way again.. and on Wed.. our dear Lady friend will be joining us for dinner as well, getting to see Paladin's new home for the first time. We are both looking forward to her visit very much. Paladin will show off his bbqing skills and make us some tasty steaks.

We still have company staying with us through the 10th of the month, which has cut down on My computer time, because sometimes My Knight take his laptop to the office, leaving only My computer here, and our friend is looking at lots of real estate, so I let him use My computer.

Ah well... that's what friends are for.

Well... I think that's about it for this Sunday nite..
Am looking forward to seeing pet tomorrow nite.. and taking us wherever we will go.

Btw.. a special congratulations to the Dominant Muse for Her collaring of Her newest pet! Best to all on their new adventure. I hope Her family becomes as happy as O/ours. As I said to Her in chat tonight, polyamory relationships take work.. but especially lots of communication. Clear and honest. I wish them all the very best and hugs all around!

Best to all out there,

Special Treat

Good evening all.

Mystress and i went to see the MJ This Is it movie today...a special treat indeed. Not being a fan of his music, i found it to be interesting as to the degree of planning he had for each and every song. Looks like it would of been a good show. Mystress seemed to enjoy it very mcuh and i am sure she will share a few words on it. After the show we had a great lunch together, then some chocolate cake at my place and then off to do chores. It was a great additional special treat for us and we enjoyed the time together much.

We wish you all the best of times and happiness.