Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mystress Resting

Well Mystress did a fine job at summarizing our weekend i couldn't even come close to topping it. I'll add my thoughts for sure.

The weekend was quite low key yet still very very very enjoyable. Its great to just sit back and relax with gel grow together and to share our thoughts. Like Mystress definitely shows ones inner self to the other and from that we learn many things.

Mystress had a sore back so we took teh weekend very slowly with much rest and comforting...Its the best approach we could ttake so Mystress has the shortest time of discomfort. Mystress is resting her back again tonight after a very long hard day at please Mystress rest up..and inpart your trust in Robert to help you through it tonight and i shall take up the role tomorrow.

We have a party to attend on Saturday with the local D/S group and it will be fun as always. It will be Roberts first one and i am sure an eye opener... chuckle. I know it was for me. Just note that its all in good fun and a learning experience for all and the night will go well...thats what i do.

Missing Mystress


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Special Day...

Good day kind readers....

It's a very special day to Me.. and it is something that I know Paladin is very private about...

yet, I cannot but be very happy that this day is as special as it is to Me. I find it a day to celebrate, and am glad that this year, that which fell on a Sunday, falls on a Tue... our regularly scheduled day to meet.

This is the day that our world became graced with Paladin's presence.

Last year, he was taken to task for not telling Me when it was. But as I said, he is very private about it. Unlike Myself and most of My friends who greatly enjoy the day of the completion of another 'trip around the sun' for them, unto celebrating the entire month, or week (such as I generally like to do), Paladin would like his to pass quietly and without notice except I think for dinner with his family.

Soooo...tonight, we'll have a nice quiet dinner out at the place we were supposed to have gone for our anniversary tonight to celebrate both that, and Paladin's birthday. Because of My hurt back, we stayed home on Fri instead, and Paladin brought home extra tasty pizza to share with robert who had taken Me to Paladin's, and then stayed to tidy up a bit, and look after Me until Paladin got home. It was delightful to share dinner with My two wonderful slaves. They are both so different from each other, and yet, also alike in wanting to be pleasing and obedient to Me... and that its sometimes a challenge for each of them as well.

The weekend then, was extra low key, and I was glad that we hadn't planned a trip out of town since I spent the weekend on pillows and Paladin's gel pack heated up on My back, curled up watching HGTV with Paladin and then catching up on the Deadliest Catch and After the Catch shows that we both enjoy so much. Watching HGTV with Paladin is a interesting experience. Getting to know his tastes style wise... he is very very simply minded. And very predictable. Blacks, greys, and dark reds. No torquise accent pillow for him. His favorite color is black.. he says it goes with everything... except pink..and I get the feeling that he thinks pink doesn't even go with pink... at least not when it come to him and pink. I keep joking about getting him a pink 'power' tie like Donald Trump wears.... I get a very pained expression when I do. (chuckle) but it is very cute. Suffice it to say, Paladin is NOT a pink person.

Back to the weekend.... Paladin took excellent care of Me and while I did miss our dinner, I didn't miss climbing his 3 flights of stairs up and down. Paladin also gave Me the most special gift that he could, and I am both awed and touched by its sincerity and sweetness of thought. It was a takes your breath away moment and has brought Me much comfort and steadiness, whatever changes life may hold, I know that he is My rock, and all that he has promised to be, I know he does not say lightly. For Paladin is not one to give his heart and then waver. He would never give his word and not do everything in his control trying to fulfill it. I know this about him, and it is very grounding to know I can rely on him totally. I like to think of his visual, of him as huge, strong weeping willow tree, trunk big and steadying, its branches leaning down to protect and comfort Me.. and its roots deep and strong into a huge rock to which I can cling, no matter how the waves of life pummel Me.

We also had a nice long bath and indulged in some simple and non overexerting pleasures. It was a gentle and connecting weekend. There were times I was immensely frustrated in not being able to do some of the things I had planned, and I think I might have even smacked a pillow or two. Paladin simply smiled and indulged Me as best he could, while still not allowing Me to do anything that would strain My inflamed back.

Tonight I think will be much the same. A nice dinner, a long hot bath and cuddle time.

As for robert.. he has become the other rock. I am extremely grateful for all that he does for My Knight and I. He has been untiring and unwavering in his attentions and help. All of this would be so much as impossible without his help. He has become very popular with pretty much everyone. The work he has done here, I would never be able to repay. Once he realized that I was in quite severe back pain then he has been extremely attentive.

And another thanks to robert for spiffing up Paladin's apartment so well. He cleaned and vacuumed and dusted and generally tidied everything up. It was wonderful because that way, Paladin didn't have to worry about any of his regular chores that he would have done on Sunday. Instead, we lazed about his place, then came back to My home and swan and bbqed.. .and visited with My Knight, his lady friend, and robert. Paladin did an amazing job bbqing the meat (always put a staunch carnivore in charge of the meat!) and robert got the corn and salad's ready. All in all it was a wonderful time, and a good time was had by all! Lots of laughter and enjoyment and new connections made all around.

I have stayed home today because of My back.. couldn't spend all day at a desk typing. It's nice to have robert here. I really do enjoy his company and I like being able to chat with him in person now.. and its very sweet to have him to look after Me and My Knight when his knee is bad. Robert gives wonderful foot rubs and is not something he seems to tire of.

Well, that's about it for now. Resting up and being tender with My back to enjoy this evening the most and be able to work tomorrow.

Best to all.. and thank you to everyone for their kind thoughts ,

Monday, July 28, 2008

Taking my time

Well i had a short chat with my dear Mystress and she is off to help Robert in the kitchen. So per Mystress's instructions i am off to work out, eat some dinner then take the night off from the computer. Its wonderful to have a Mystress that cares for her slave as much as her slave cares for her. Mystress makes sure i rest my head from the computer, and I make sure Mystress rests her sore back...and thats just to start. We have a wonderful level of care for each other and thats very welcomed.

So rest yourself too dear Mystress and sleep well and rest for tomorrow.


Sunday, July 27, 2008


What a wonderful weekend from the start on Friday and still on going. Wow wow wow is all i can say at this point in time dear guests. I look forward to filling you all in ont he details but for now i go to sink into my couch and soak up all the lovely energy Mystress has left in my place...such lovely energy and oh so magical. Going to spend a lovely quiet evening in reflection and contemplation...mmm yum


Friday, July 25, 2008


The First Meet.

Today was the day. We had counted down the day together
and when 5pm rolled round we had less than an hour to
go before our fate was to be decided.
Would we have the same reaction in person as online?
Would we decide this wasn't right?
Would we go our separate ways after dinner?
All questions zipping through my mind as I waited

Today we would meet. Hard to say 'finally' when
its only been 3 days.. which have seemed like a lifetime.
What would he be like? Would he be as interesting in person?
Would we feel the same connections? Would I like him,
would he like Me? What would his energy feel like?
What would he look like in person? How would I
feel standing next to him?

6:04pm....Oh no Mystress is late....

Darn, nasty accident on the freeway.
I expected to be early and sitting facing
the door so I watch him walk in.

Did Mystress decide against it?

Drat.. now I'll be late.. I hope he doesn't think
that I'm not coming...

Then suddenly...a lovely sight enters Fats all in wonderful white.
My heart almost stops but i hoped i retained my composure.
Quickly i rise and greet my Mystress....
i knew at this time my decision was made.

I walk into the restaurant on egg shells,
and sitting on the bench on the same side of the door
is a very handsome man in a dress shirt and tie.
I look and him and wonder, this spectacular man he???
and just as I do, he stands and smiles at Me....
I look up into the face of My slave....
I knew at this time... My decision was made.

We were shown to our table making nervous chit chat.
I was nervous I admit...but as the words flowed from my
Mystress mouth a sense of calming came over me.
Dinner zipped by in a blur as i concentrate
on Mystress every word. I was more than content in listening
and interjecting my 2 cents when appropriate.

I was nervous as we were shown to our table. The restaurant
is one I am familiar with and I like the energy of. There was some
subject we came across that I enjoyed talking about. But he was quiet
and I tried some questions about his homeland to draw him out. I loved
his soft accented voice...and the vivid blue eyes... and the way he looked at Me.
And I am sure, I devoured him with My eyes as well. Sizing him up.. and knowing..
above all else.. above almost anything I had ever wanted...that I wanted this man
as My pleasure slave. I looked at his fine boned hands, and yet, saw that they had also
done work, and wondered what their touch would be like.
I looked at his mouth, and wondered what it would be like to kiss..
I looked at his ears, and wondered how he'd react when I bit them.
I looked at his wide shoulders and strong arms,
and wondered how it would feel to have him hold Me.

With dinner over we stand at Mystress car....
looking into each others eyes....
begging to know if this wonderful meeting shall continue

As dinner finishes, and we walk out to the car... I wonder,
does he like Me as much as I like him? He is a bit hard to read,
he feels a bit reserved, and I am unsure.
We stop by and look at each other.. an awkward
moment to be sure.

And to my overly happy heart Mystress wishes to continue
the first meeting....

The deal was that if he liked Me, he would ask Me back
to his place for ice cream and if I liked, then I would accept.
So he asks, and I readily accept. Thinking how rare it is to meet
someone that is honorable enough that I can trust to go to his home.
My Knight has his phone number as well as Myne.

Upon arriving at my sparse apartment,
a choice to live uncluttered, our wonderful communication
continues. I share more information with Mystress while
trying hard to hide my fascination with my Mystress....
then the first touch....

Looking around his simple home is very refreshing,
I see only the living room and dinning room.
It is very tasteful in blacks and greys, very neat and tidy,
just like the man himself.
We talk and have ice cream.
And as I look at him sitting on the couch next to Me,
I cannot resist, and I hold My hand out to him,
and he takes it...

Mystress extends her hand and
with gentle caution i reach out and take hold of her hand....
and that touch and all the chat confirms my earlier decision....
my submittal, at this point private, now becomes public.
We share a wonderful moment as i give myself to you Mystress
and in return you take me as your slave.

I had told him, that if he decided that he wanted Me, then he would have to kneel..
and so I reminded him of this.
He pushed aside his black coffee table, and knelt
as we had discussed, the one kneed Knightly stance.
I ask if he wants to continue, and he says yes...
and so I accept him as My very own.

For the remaining of the evening we share a moment of initial bonding...
initial exploration and learning one another...nothing serious
but more than wonderful to me.

I do get to feel the passion of his kiss, and the gentle sweep of his
arms holding Me. There is so much more to be had here. Fast,
yet slow. I can hear My heart singing.. over and over..
yes, yes yes.. at last.. finally.. this IS the ONE....
whom I have sought... thank goodness!!!!

I believe Mystress had a wonderful night and look forward
to once again being with my Mystress both in mind,
spirit and do as she pleases,
to follow all her commands with unconditional devotion and trust.

He has a wee bit of a stubborn streak, but that is good. I don't want someone that is
a weakling. I don't want bratty, but I do want strong. A strong and lusty stallion..
one that will obey its rider because it can trust that the rider will do only that which is
good for it. And that the two of us will grow.

I did indeed have a wonderful evening with him, and time flew so fast.
Seems like in no time at all it was time to go. I already adore this new pet of Myne.
and am touched and pleased by his unwavering devotion and loyalty already.

We discuss plans for more time together.. to bond and to formally collar.

Waving goodbye to my Mystress as little as i wanted to,
i know, that we shall see each other once again soon...
and at that moment and through all the communication
between now and then....
we strengthen our bond we started tonight.

Indeed, a strong start and a strong bond.
All that has lead to this place, a year later. This year
has been more magical then I could ever have imagined.
He has been a magnificent addition to all of our lives.

I have this set to post on the eve of our meeting.
I've never set one up to post this way before..
I hope it works.

Smiles and best to all,

written by Paladin
to Mystress

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hmm so close

Its after 6pm and that means less than 24 hours till our wonderful weekend. The closer it gets to the weekend the more excited i get for i am so looking forward to celebrating the time with my dear Mystress. One thing is for sure...all this excitement will make my Friday crawl for i want it to pass quickly so i can see my Mystress.

Luckily i get to see my Mystress at lunch for she is coming up early with Robert for a visit at lunch. That will be a great break in the day and i look forward to it very much.

Mystress has hurt her back alittle so i plan to give Mystress a great back rub as well as much Reiki as she can stand and then alittle more. Can't have my Mystress in any discomfort so i must make her comfy and ease the pain. Please make sure our Mystress rests her back please Robert. I know you do a ton but you know Mystress...she likes to sneak in some work and that just agravates her lifting anything for Mystress.

Also a special thank you to all our guests that have wished us many happy congratulations over the past few days. Your kind words and support do wonders and makes us feel very special to share this time with you all...even if in a cyber way. Thank you so much.

Dancing in anticipation...


(Well maye not dancing...just alittle bounce in my step :) )

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Evening dear guests

Evening dear guests...

Mystress has done a great job posting a recap of the busy times of late. Mystress has so much to do of late as well as teaching Robert the ropes too. I remember how slow we took it and how hard the lessons seemed at times for Mystress and it amazes me that Mystress has the strength to do double duty :) As talented as my Mystress is...i know she makes it easy but to me...its still a wonderful thing to watch.

Mystress has a busy evening tomorrow as she is starting to plan an event with the local group here. The group is so lucky to have a talented planner in my Mystress for she works so hard at what she does...things can only turn out as a success for her.

While Mystress is out, i have been granted a computer free night...guess i will veg and recharge for our lovely anniversary weekend to start Friday. Oh how forward we are both looking to it...the excitement ripples between us. It will be amazing.

Back to the show...thinking of Mystress


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Anniversary Week

Well.. this week has been full of wonderful thoughts and reflections. Over the weekend, it would cross My mind.. that a year ago... a year ago... right before the weekend... I had no clue that Paladin existed... and then.. his first letter. Mmmmmm..... and then another letter or two... and then. our first, as he says, truly all day chat. I am sure most of our dear readers have occasionally had that chat.. starts in the morning with coffee.. and somehow, time folds and the day has flown while Christmas is being unwrapped on the screen before you.. each question or comment leads to something else. The puzzle piece doesn't even have to be turned to fit.. it simply slides into place. Then next thing you know, it's dark outside.... how in the heck did that happen??? And yet.. you can't wait to meet and chat again! This is how our first chat was to Me. I believe we took a short break in the afternoon.. but then met up again a bit later.

That first chat with Paladin, was truly marvelous. Our thoughts melded so well together.. and each bit of conversation, led onto something else.

Then.. just a few days after that, we met for the first time. It normally takes Me a bit longer to want to meet someone.. and I am always a bit hesitant. But this just.. felt different. From the start.. from the first letter.... until I walked into that restaurant a couple minutes late, when I had intended to be there first to watch him walk in. Although knowing him now, I'd have had to have been even earlier then that to be earlier then he. (smiles) I knew before I set eyes on him.. but when I did.. and he stood up and smiled at Me.... I felt that this could certainly be the One I had sought so long for. Well.. a part of Me knew before we met.. but. .there is always that tiny bit of reserve before, that that was blasted apart as I stood and looked at him, and felt his energy. Yes... yes.. .yes.... this.. was finally HE... where the heck had he been, and what took him so long to get here a part of Me wondered.. while the other part of Me said.. that everything happens in its own timing and you can't rush it. Before this time, it would not have been right for either one of us for whatever reasons. But now... now WAS our time... finally!

So.. it has been a year this week. Things happened faster with Paladin then with anyone I've ever met. I never expected to write, meet and collar someone with the depth of passion and intensity that has come to us in the space of less then a week. And now, looking back.. it was exactly as it was and has been supposed to be. Owning Paladin has given Me a new confidence in Myself, and self assuredness. I can feel the differences in him too. He is a much warmer and outwardly loving person. He laughs and smiles readily, and yet still, his passions exceed his reservedness. Yes, he is a very very private person, but within that privacy, is a great and delicious treat to be had. The energy that we share has also grown and is in a constant flow between us. We have grown to be closely linked in many ways that I think neither of us thought was possible to the extent that it has become.

This has been a uniquely magical journey for us both, and those that know us as well. I invite all to come along with us, as we continue our evolution together.

More to come....

Wishing all the very best to all,


Dear Readers.. I have been so busy that I've not had time to even post it seems... however My wonderful and amazing Paladin has kept the flame lit. I started this post at 10:11am on 7/18/08 and I am now just getting to it and finishing it. With the advent of robert, I find Myself busier at the times that I was normally online in the past. There is always something to be tended too, or to be discussed or whatever. But this is all good...

Tis been another busy week for Me, it did fly by it seemed. Hardly seems twas a week ago today that our beloved Miss Kitty passed away.

This has been a busy week for Paladin also as his company is having their annual meeting hence the part of the reason that I didn't get to see him last nite. The other is that twas My dearest friends birthday party, My ex-Mistress... and I would have been there to celebrate anyways. She has however chosen Paladin to receive her ' birthday spanking' as "He has a cute backside" she says. Paladin did have a late nite with his works gathering, and he had asked for blog grace, which was given. I believe he has another day of work lunch and dinners today as he has had most of the week. I am sorry that he will miss his fri eve with his friends, as its always a good thing for him to be able to kick back and enjoy time with them, and I know it helps him to relax.
It has been two weeks as of last nite since kajira robert arrived. Tings are going along quite splendidly with him. We are very happy to have him here with us. He has been quite amazing since his arrival. He has become the 'coffee fairy'.. making sure that there is fresh coffee for Me and My Knight every morning. On Sunday, he also became the 'bacon fairy' and My Knight and I awoke to that yummmy smell of bacon cooking. Turns out he cooked us a whole breakfast! It was very good and a nice surprise. Over all, either Myself or My Knight cook, and robert cleans that table, puts things away and does the dishes. He has been learning to be My sou chef as well (grin) as well as watching some Iron Chef and Good Eats with Me. Learning all sorts of cooking tricks.

He has also been busy working and sorting through things. We have gotten the garden all ship shape.. got his wireless internet working in his room, and many other wonderful accomplishments. We spent most of Sunday getting some flowers and pots and soil and redwood bark... we spent all of yesterday assembling them all. It was nice to have someone out there working with Me and he made it very easy by tending to all of My needs. It was 8:20 by the time we finished, and exhaustedly, we 3 went to a simple dinner s at the local Hoffbrau.

I also wanted to thank him for his help on Sunday..he was great in
helping My friend to tear down all the games at the children's carnival she was part of for a local charity fund rasier that we went to.
It has been truly wonderful to have someone so energetic and delightful to spend company with. He is in someways shyer then Paladin, who is more what I would call 'private' then shy, and someways much bolder. They are both very different in their characters, but in some ways similar in their needs as submissives. Although they both serve Me, they do so in differing capacities. Together, they do a fantastic job and i know how blessed I am to have them both in My life, and My beloved Knight as well. He and robert get along quite well, and its nice to hear them out laughing in the yard together.

I have more to write, but that is deserving of its very own entry..
and so I go to write that now.

Best to all, in all ways,

Monday, July 21, 2008

4 days to go

4 days to go to the anniversary of our first physical meeting and 4 more days of anticipation. I find myself growing very exitied for the weekend to come...for it will be a whole year of my submission to s sweet wonderful Mystress.

Mystress has had a busy day today and is starting dinner soon...wish her a relaxing evenig to come and much rest. Looking forward to seeing Mystress tomorrow bunches.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Year To Today

Evening All.

Today is the 20th...and what makes today it is the day i first wrote to my Mystress...yes thats year to today I sent an email to my Mystress...and the journey that is the past year started.

I sent the email...sat back and thought, "Well there it goes lets see where that goes". Little suprised i got a rather quick response and in fact 2 days later...a sunday...we spent the entire day online chatting away. Discussing our ideas and wants and what we were looking for. And when i say the entire day i mean the entire day :).

The super long conversation layed a very important foundation for us, that being our open communication. We both felt after this day that things felt right to meet and ont he 25th we met for the first time.

We are so fortunate that the 25th this year falls on a Friday for we get the entire weekend to sit back and celebrate our year long journey. Trust me...we plan to lock ourselves up and enjoy the entire weekend fully.

I was curious from our guests what special day marks the start of their journeys. Its always fun to get feedback from our lovely guests for your comments and remarks are very enjoyable for us to read.


Saturday, July 19, 2008


The long week has taken its toll and i am recharging..somewhat slowly i must say. Got to chat with my Mystress twice on the phone this weekend so far and those times have definitely been moments of increased recharging as it is always wonderful to chat with Mystress.

Mystress informed me of her involvement with arranging a function for our local D/S group in October. Its great to see Mystress getting involved in the group and offering her wonderful skills...i just know that with her involvement the event will be a smashing success. I'll definitely keep my dates open for that.

Off to veg some...


Friday, July 18, 2008

Bust times over

Well finally the busy times are over. Now i can get back to giving Mystress my undivided attention once again...i have missed my dear Mystress and take so much joy in knowing that next weekend we get to be together all weekend and enjoy our anniversary.

The weekend promises to be wow and will be great for us both. Thank you to all our guests that have enjoyed our year long journey together...many more to come :)

Short post tonight but will ctachup be well friends...and much love to Mystress


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lovely Evening

Evening all our guests...

Mystress and i had a lvoely intimate night last always it was divine and a night i shall cherish as i do them all...more so for i will miss Mystress Thursday. We had a lovely Alfredo dinner with bunches of scallops...Mystress cooks up a mean scallop...mmmmmm.

We cuddled ont he couch watching TV before retiring for some cuddle time...I don't mean to bore our guests with stories of our wonderful evenings...but i can't refrain myself from sharing them...they are so lovely to experience...The bath especially...a very relaxing and open place we love to soak for hours chatting and sharing much closeness.

Enjoy your evening Mystress and rest well..


Monday, July 14, 2008

Quiet night

Evening all...

Was a quiet night for me after a hectic day...I am happy to say my Mystress enjoyed a lovely evening of foot massages and pedicures from my brother Robert. I do hope she enjoyed her night for she deserves all the pampering.

Looking forward to tomorrow night much as any night with Mystress is wonderful.


Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well my Mystress has much faith in my ability to impart what i have learnt to my Brother...well...i trust Mystress's judgement and will do my best.

As i have learnt from my Mystress over the year together...the key to the learning was a slow progrsssion and reinforcement through out.. I'd urge Robert first to adopt this mindest...things won't change fast, nor will the learning be immediate...just stand fast and continue the lessons and in time they will become second nature.

The second is to be open with communication makes the lessons much easier to learn. Open communication is also one of Mystress's and I's key corner stones. We both feel we can chat about anything and to be honest with each other.

Trust Mystress. A simple lesson i assure you. Mystress is very kind and caring and will always have your well being in mind..even if she does have her wicked times :)

A willingness to learn...this i believe i have already seen in your actions to it really isn't something you need to concern yourself on...i only list it as its the final corner stone i feel.\

These four aspects for me served me well in starting my journey and i hope that they will for you too.

With plenty more to share in times to come...


Up for Air

Tis been indeed a very busy week, and I take a brief pause to write a bit.

The ill day that Paladin writes of o0n Friday began with the passing of our beloved Miss Kitty. A lovely calico kitty My Knight had when we met 9 years ago.. just the two of them cuddled against the world. And she accepted Me and allowed Me to be her friend. She was a very picky kitty and didn't let even us pick her up without grouchy comment. She was dumped behind his office and they rather adopted each other I think. She never really 'thrived' after a bad tooth infection some 4 years ago. She loved it where she lived though and she had a good kitty life after My Knight rescued her. We will miss her and remember her with love.

Nextly... an email from a dear friend whod had a baby die in her hands and it twas of course, very traumatic for her.. and we offer her our love and support. I had not been able to call her back and I wished I had.....

This was followed by news of My dearest Mistress's brother soon to pass over as he was being taken off life support.. so time was spent with her distracting her some from the imminent news.
He did indeed pass yesterday.....

And.... Paladin was right.. it was a bit of a rough day emotionally, but the Reiki was a big part of handling the day. It kept things calm and centering. Because it is the Life Force that runs through everything... it connects everything.. and all energy flows back together at some point and time. But much of My peace, also comes from Paladin's self assured calmness. His ability to always look at the bright side of things and to minimalize the negative sides and move past them quickly, rather then dragging them like a ball and chain with you everywhere.

But.. all through the day.. was also.. kajira robert. Also solid and steady. Twas he who prepared Miss Kitty's final resting place, and after My Knight gently laid her down, he skooted us away gently so that My Knight need not watch the dirt fall on his beloved cat. Twas very, very kind of him.

Things with robert are progressing at a slow but measured pace. He has been amazing in his service as far as working and chores and such. Yesterday turned in to something of a spontaneous gathering to show off our total makeover home. I'm telling you.. he has scrubbed counters, hauled tons of books from one place to another.. totally cleaned and sorted My Knights office, turned our 'junk room' back into the libray room it once was, but will now become roberts room. So we are relocating the library to another part of the house.

Paladin did indeed join us for dinner.. and then My Knight added our past 3rd and his teenage son. So.. plans that popped up one way, have suddenly switched to something totally else. But... our ex-3rd ( only as far as intimacy, not as far as loved friend) is the one who has been ill for so long, and was once My Master. He had met Paladin before briefly..and never robert, although he knew robert was coming and quipped "Oh, your getting a whole stable of subs are you?" (blush... grin) well.. I didn't set out too... but.. well.. things just happened. All of this with robert really happened very unexpectedly and fast.. but.. it has been of great mutual benefit.. and it feels as if Spirit had a strong hand in it.. and I don't argue with it after the 3rd time I hear it.

The evening went well.. and as I told robert this morning.. he would do well to emulate Paladin as much as possible. They are different personalities for sure.. and yet there is a lot that Paladin can teach robert. I have confidence that a bit more of it will come in time to robert.

And on that note.. time for Me to head out as we are off to the flea market for some shopping and then to look at a new place to rent.

I shall try to write more later...

Best to all out there...

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Evening All

Just back from a wonderful suprise dinner at Mystress's. I was out with a friend when Mystress extended an invite for some BBQ tonight and i was happy to accept.

It was a wonderful suprise on many levels. The first is because i get to see my dear Mystress...yum....its always a wonderful treat to see my dear Mystress.

Secondly i got to meet was a pleasure to meet you Robert and i am sure we will get many more visits in. Good to see your settling in well and a special thank you for all the hard work you are doing. It definitely is appreciated and is doing wonders for Mystress and her knight...Kudos to you. Ty you cleaning the pool too along with Mystress's was great to swim again with Mystress...sorry the water in good ole cali is alittle cold for you :)

As always the food was great and the company and conversation too.

So just thought i'd say ty to Mystress for the invite and much love....


Strange Fridays

Evening all...well rather i should say early morning. Its late yet i felt compelled to thank ym Mystress a lovely gift she has given me.

Today started as any Friday...with much smiles and happiness after a night with Mystress...yet the day took a rather strange twist. There were a number of occurances through out the day when me or my Mystress got some sad news. Nothing super serious...but still something one would rather not hear. I won't go into much details for its not my place to share them...but i will say that there were enough little pieces of news to make the day feel rather negative overall.

So i resorted to my lovely gift from Reiki. I used it to send good energy to all those involved and even to myself. I can't think of how i would of dealt with a day like this before...and i am glad i don't have to .... for now i have a much more positive means to deal with a day like today...and allows me to turn a days overall demeanor to something much more bearable.

Thank you again dear Mystress for the lovely gift of Reiki.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Service, Celebrations and Arrival!

Good evening all!

As Paladin says, it was a wonderful 4ht of July. A delightful chance to get to spent more time with some newer friends and a long time dear friend, plus My Knight and Paladin.
I have to say that Paladin is an AMAZING host. Because My Knight has not be very well, Paladin has stepped up to be of total support and amazing helpfulness. He was everywhere, doing everything for Me. I gave him the tools, and did the most amazing smoked lamb and trip tip.. mmmmmm... totally wonderful!

And..... Paladin brought Me a very very sweet gift. At Christmas when he gave Me My new silver charm bracelet, it had a horse and two hearts together. I had terrible luck with it and lost both of the charms off it it. So I went back to the original bracelet with the silver heart he gave Me very early on. When we were on our trip to the redwoods, he got a beautiful silver redwood tree charm.. and then, on thur he presented Me with a beautiful gift wrapped box. Inside was the prettiest horse charm I've ever seen. But its not just a horse...this looks very much like a beautiful Arabian stallion. This charm is almost exactly like the stallion statue that I gave Paladin in the past. Anyways... it was a wonderful surprise... and we even super glued the catch shut so that it won't come off easy.

Later in the day after dinner, I got to introduce our new friends to the game of Mad Libs (see our new Mad Libs widget I found!) and we had a pretty grand time of it. It's how I learned parts of speech. My parents always had it as a word game and My brother and I loved it.

Evening after the company was as always charming. Sitting in the jacuzzi with the misters on was refreshing. The next morning was nice and slow.. and then we relaxed and watched an exchange of King Arthur movies. His 'Arthur' to My 'Excalibur'.. followed by My next movie contribution.... 'Being There'.. which had poor pet shaking his head in befuddlement. A truly odd movie.

I had slept wrong on Thur nite and found that on Fri My right shoulder was very very sore. It got worse as the weekend had progressed. On Sat nite as we went to bed, Paladin held Me and blew hot Reiki energy into My highly painful shoulder. I could feel the energy flowing down into My shoulder and My arm. When I finally rolled over, the arm didn't hurt to move like it had before. I dozed off and when I awoke in the morning, the pain which had been a 9 was a 1.

Paladin made Me promise him before he left that I would not to use that arm any that day, and so I didn't come online but for a brief moment, opting to just relax and watch some movies in the meantime.

And.. wait.. and wait..
for kajira robert to arrive... which he finally did around 10:30 last nite. Yes, as Paladin says, he is here, safe and sound. Paladin had wanted to be here to greet robert.. but his escape pod developed mechanical difficulties and he was delayed until last nite. But better to have problems where family can help and fix it rather then be stranded 200 miles between places.

Finally meeting after 5 years has been quite enjoyable! We talked till around 1:30 in the morning... and then we went in the guest room and I asked if he wanted the collar I had for him.. and he did. So.. robert finally has his real life collar.

Soo.. yes.. and I'll write more about it later. He is making short work of getting things sorted out and organized here. It has been wonderfully amazing... he just went by with another dolly load of boxes into the storage area in the laundry room.

- Later-
Tis evening.. after dinner now.. robert and My Knight are out on the back patio under the misters... and robert is playing the most lovely music on his guitar. I think he shall play for us most nights now.

Retrospect.... its been a wonderful day with robert here! I am taking things quite slow with him so far.. wanting him to settle in slowly and comfortably. My Knight is amazed at how efficient robert is.. and what a delightful whirlwind he has been. I am glad they are getting to know each other as part of robert's duties now is to look after My Knight when I am not here. Tis a wonderful relief to Me to know that My Knight will be so well looked after in My absences. And I believe kept good company as well. I like the sound of their voices out on the patio conversing.
I am going slow with his protocols and duties and such. There is much that I look forward to in training robert, and using the knowledge from Paladin to assist Me.

So... things are good here in the Kingdom. Tomorrow I go to Paladin's and we'll watch the Hell's Kitchen Finale'.....

I hope all out there in the world are safe, well and happy.

Wishing all the best,

New Family

Our new family member arrived safely last night alittle after and sound at his new home. As he is am I that i was not there to meet him when he arrived....but there will be plenty of time in the future.

My Mystress and my new brother spent the day cleaning up some and making space...making brother comfortable and settling him in. From the texts i got from Mystress to it sounded like things were cicking right in place...and i am sure Mystress and i will chat much more on it tomorrow.

Wish the best for the evening Mystress...and i wish only the best to the slow bond you shall form with our new member as you and i have forged over the year past.


Amazing Weekend.

Evening all

Home from a truly amazing weekend......Hmm one that shall not be forgotten for sure. It was our first 4th of July and it was a truly lovely 4th too.

The day started just before noon when i arrived at my Mystress's place. After a lovely greeting...i unpacked the car and we started our preparations for the BBQ. We set the ice chests up and prepared the meat for the BBQ. We putted around the kitchen readying the salads and dips was great to putter around getting everything readied with Mystress.

Our guests arrived around 3 to the smell of a leg of lamb slow roasting on the smoky BBQ. It trully made for a lovely smell and a welcome message. We chatted some and settled in while the BBQ finished. Afer the meat was cut we enjoyed a lovely meal. Thank you to all that brough food...the combination of food lead to a delightful meal and some lovely desert too.After the meal we sat outside enjoying the cool shade and having a lovely time.

The evening drew on and eventually we were alone..the three of us. We spent some time in the jaqcuzzi relaxing and then we off to bed to soak up the evening.

Our new family member's family members insisted he stay the day so he missed the BBQ but we still honored his presence and toasted to him. We do look forard to his arrival and wish him a safe journey to us. We are sending him and the vehicle constant Reiki to make his journey safe.

Sat we just vegged around and relaxed...Mystress hurt her shoulder so I gave my Mystress reiki to help heal her shoulder and we spent the day on the couch watching movies. We had an early night so Mystress could rest and we layed there for hours so Mystress could soak up all the Reiki she could.

Our new family member will arrive late night so its back to thte couch to sen reiki. Safe travels brother and soon you shall be here and amongst the family.

Ty Mystress for a truly lovely weekend.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Good day to all.. and to My fellow countrymen.. happy Independence Day

Today.. there is another sort of Independence Day going on that calls for much celebration. At first, he did not think so.. but now.. safe in the lower California parts our dear kajira robert is beginning to feel his new life is worth celebrating.

Welcomed home into the bosom of his family. Surrounded by his mom, sisters and assorted young nieces and nephews he never had a chance to meet before, he is going to the beach with all of them today. Tomorrow, he starts the long drive from there to here.

So todays party will still celebrate independence, but of that for a friend now out of an insane place and onto a new and brighter future.

Paladin will be here around noon, and the rest of the guests around 3pm. That gives us some time together before company, and after they go.. then it will be the 3 of us to share a nice evening together, and tomorrow, kajira robert arrives and we'll be here to greet him and then cook him on the Reiki table! In some ways.. I am happy that it will be just our little family to greet him. There will be other chances for introductions. And of course.. a trip to the sea with family is a MUST! He needs to spend today with them there before heading up here.

So I am wishing all the best to everyone out there... and that all are safe, well and happy. Or doing a close facsimile thereof. (smiles)

With best wishes for all,
and all safe journey's...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy early 4th

Evening all...just dropped in to say happy 4th..alittle early but won't be about tomorrow. I am looking forward to our first 4th Of July will great i just know and the first of many to come.

Plans for our BBQ are set and items purchased...all we need now is the time to come around.

Going to veg again as my Mystress ordered.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lovely Connection

Evening All...

I do hope everyone is having a wonderful time and that everyone has some good plans for the 4th. Mystress and I's plans for the 4th are coming along nicely and it will be a lovely day indeed.

Yesterday Mystress spent the afternoon here again..relaxing and using the computer...just an early decompress day. When i got home i found Mystress tucked into bed...clutching a towel in her hands. I was curious what Mystress was doing then Mystress filled me in...she was giving Reiki to our friend while he makes his plans for change.

I knew immeditately that Mystress was using the towel for distance Reiki..sort of a focus point. Well Mystress gave me a blue bear when i did my level 2 Reiki training which is to be used as a focus i retrieved my bear for Mystress to use instead of the towel. Mystress took it in hand and cuddled up to it.

I changed and got into my uniform...or lack there of actually. And joined Mystress on the bed. There we were laying face to face cuddled close with the bear between us. Together we touched the bear and together we sent reiki together. It was so lovely to be able to do this together..something that we love to share and love to have in common.

As we sent the reiki we alternated between giving the distance reiki and reiki to each other...sort of a reiki circle and it was very rejuvenating. Each time we share reiki it makes our connection much stronger...and Mystress said it tonight..."She loves that we have reiki between us" and i couldn't agree more.

Some of our guests for the 4th have just received their reiki training from Mystress so it will be wonderful to hear how they have felt after receiving . It is always good to get feedback and knowing how wonderful my Mystress is at teaching it...i am sure there will be endless happy thoughts.

After the very touching reiki session...we fell into our normal evening rituals and enjoyed each others company fully.

Happy to know reiki....and to share it with Mystress.