Sunday, December 9, 2007

Paladin's Oh-So-Yummy Rugby Thighs

I never knew anything about
rugby till I met pet.
And as I have mentioned
before,was only when we
were watching England
playing in the World
Ruby matches that I realized
that THAT is where
pet got them amazing thighs.
I'd always thought they were
from his bicycle riding,
and even mention that the
first time I tied him up
face down, something about
'biker's thighs. And that
is because I know he loves
to go for bike rides.
And those were the only folks
I ever knew who had lovely,
massive thighs like pets.

But nooooooo...
It's from his years of
playing rugby.
Football player are built like
rectangles... but rugby players..
well.. I think I'd love to see
a calender of them!
Course the best thing about all this, is that pet is MYNE! And I get to stroke and play and be loved by those amazing thighs, not to mention all the rest of him. I'd show lots more of him off, but I have promised to keep his identity quite private, as I would want Myne, for as I have also said before, we are both intensely private people. But I just have to say, that pet really is incredibly sexy,
(along with his charming British accent) and I feel so amazingly lucky to own this gorgeous creature.
After finishing lunch, and
meandering around the net, just for the heck of it I
googled 'rugby thighs'.. and was amazed at how many entries came up. I think this is something we American ladies have quite been missing out on! Seems much of the world is quite familiar with this fascinating and oh-so-sexy phenomenon! Seems to be that amazing asses go with the wonderful rugby thighs!

I came across this cute poem.. and with pet's permission (conditional on his total anonymity which I think is covered in this) a lovely pic to go with it to make My point. So, without further adieu, I present the poem....
And a partial pic of My amazing Paladin.
Makes Me think there must be something
to all this about rugby thighs if someone
had the thought to write an ode to them
don't cha' think?

Ode to the English Rugby Teams Thighs
Created: 23 February 2005

Girlie sighs
English thighs
The crowd cries
Swing low sweet chariot

Tree trunks
English hunks
With tree trunks
for thighs

Hairy long
English thighs
And great big bums
form heaving scrums

Tree trunks
English hunks
With tree trunks
for thighs

Hot steaming
English thighs
Coming for to
carry us home
If you have any thoughts, ot kind comments to make about My lovely pet and his very sexy rugby thighs, I would certainly like to hear them!

(Later addition - Amazing how many folks have been finding their way to our web page ever since I posted this bit about pet's 'rugby thighs'! I would never have guessed that of all the posts, this is the most popular one. Well.. I do have to admit.. that the pic is certainly one of MY favorites of all the ones I have. Something about the curve of his backside and the black shirt.. and the restraints.. and that he obviously has his hands above his head. All very delightful I must say!)


Pet said...

Mmmm nice thighs, although I am more interested in his ankle cuffs! Are they separate so that he can walk freely, or do they have a chain between them like shackles?

Paladin said...

Thank you for the kind comment.

My ankle cuffs along with the matching wrist cuffs are sepearte each bound to a sepearte limb.

Mystress does have some accessories that Mystress can use to bind them together thereby making it only possible to shuffle and not walk.

Along with these bindings Mystress also has a set of ties for binding me to the bed. A seperate set of restraints allows Mystress to bind me to any door available.

Thank you Mystress for providing me such a lovely set of cuffs that others seem to admire too.


Pet said...

Thank you for the response Paladin, for taking the time to explain your cuffs for me. They are indeed lovely, and I imagine they feel wonderful also.

slut on display said...

Of course I can only imagine, but even more sexy than the thighs is the British accent *swoons

I love your sense of humour and the way you interact, a lovely read the pair of you provide.

Kind regards,
slut on display.

Paladin said...

To Pet.

My cuffs truly to feel wonderful as do all my restraints. Mystress is building up quite a collection of them each with there own special meaning.

To Slut On Display.

Thank you for your kind words and compliments. Mystress and I are glad you find the blog to be insightful and enjoyable. Mystress and i always try and share a sense of humor even if it is slightly odd :) Hope you return many times.

Mystress said...

Welcome pet,

I got pet's lovely cuffs off of ebay for a great deal. Fella custom makes 'em up there for an amazing price. What you can't see is that they hey have faux grey fur inside of them. I knew he would be in them alot, so I did want them to be comfortable for him. And personally, I think he looks quite sexy in them as well.

Part of our ritual is that he is to alway have them on when he greets Me when I come to see him.
He wears them at all times when I am there except that we do take them off before the bath, but they go right back on afterwards, and he sleeps in them when I spend the nite.

pet's fave colors are black, grey and burgandy. That is also why his 'uniform' is black 501's (button fly jeans) and a sateen grey dress work shirt (or one the grey casual shirts I also got him). Has to do with those were also the colors that the character Joscilin in the Kushiel series wore in service to the Lady he served. All fits together...

Welcome again, and we hope you'll keep reading and commenting.. and please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Best to you,

Mystress said...

Welcome to you also slut on display!

As for pet's accent... I will say that from My quite prejudiced point of view that it is certifiably swoonable! When he says "lovely" or (My personal favorite) "Time for Pleasure Mystress" it's more then enough to curls one's toes!

Sometimes when he is excited and talks fast, I have a wee bit of a problem understanding him, but that is usually more on the phone then any other time. He uses different words then we do sometimes, which I also find very charming. I always find his "I shall" quite endearing. You don't hear many American's saying that. Some of pet's extreme politeness and 'walls' (as he calls them) also comes from his British oriented upbringing. The Brit's have us American's beat all to heck when it comes to extreme politness and proper mode of behavior.

I also thank you for the compliments on our interactions. This has been quite a new experience for the two of us. I think we are both enjoying much more then we ever thought we would. For much of what we do is about having fun and lots of pleasure. We do tend to use lots of humor in our interactions for we are both generally quite happy people who enjoy laughing with each other, those that interact with us as well.

As I have oversaid perhaps, in addition to intense passion, we have great communication.

We started this blog to communicate to each other,to share our thoughts and feelings and to record our experiences mostly for ourselves, and also for some of the friends who share time with us or who have expressed an interest in our experience.

Twas only of late that we realized that there would be others outside our circle who might be interested in our experiences as well. Because we are a bit of a 'Arthurian' like couple rather then the more 'traditional' D/s relationship, we also thought that perhaps we could share that asepct of us as well.

When I went looking for a sub, I wanted a very masculine sort.. more of the relationship that a Queen might have with her Champion Knight.. hence pet's title of "Paladin'. Course... this one is also being trained in all of the exquisite modes pleasing in the bedchamber as well. (smile)
mmmmmmm.. yes.. more practice I think pet.. 'again, again, again'!
Ahhh.. it's good to be Mystress!

The other nice thing I belive I mentioned somewhere.. is that we most generally have a new entry every day, as that is one of pet's standing daily assignments. He is exempted on Tue and Thur's when I normally see him, or on any weekend we are together. But he is Commanded to write a 'report' of that experience at his earliest time possible. And if he does get grace and does not have to post because of a outing of some sort, then 'grace' means he has still has to make that post, just as the first convient opportunity, hence his two post's last nite.

And of course.. I will post most times on a daily basis as well. Pet has said many times that he enjoys reading My postings and that they often give him more insight into My thought process.
pet rather likes to caculate things like that. For instance, I had no idea until he wrote here, that he likes to examine My thought process when we watch Survivor together. Hmmmmm.. So we learn alot about each other from the blog postings as well.

Thanks again for joining us.. and like I said with pet, feel free to ask any quetions that you have. Paladin's duty is to respond to any and all comments that are left here as soon as he can. For instance, he left those replies on his lunch hour today. So you can be sure that you will always be answered.

Best to you,

elle said...

oh my! one can just imagine running their fingertips along the backs of those thighs, feeling the play of muscles beneath them. how yummy.

can someone please tell me when rugby season is??? =)

hugs, elle

Paladin said...

Thank you Elle for your kind Mystress said..the majority of our first time visitors are from a search for rugby thighs...quite strange in my mind :)

aheart said...

I googled rugby thighs for closeups. I love the sport of rugby but also to glimpse thighs ..sexiest part of man because they are rarely seen publicly ..except in rugby. I rarely like the looks of butts but woo the definition of the quads and hams :) Pleased to find that others appreciate. I melt at the accents and the IM that reads as it sounds is endearing the real english which is not as americans speak. 'need a smoke in the conservatory' 'proberly' 'ye' warms me up fast. truly english men are special. you are right. they get me with unfailing politeness. one is skilled at clever insulting if i ask for it. i'd like one of a D nature so i can hear that accent mixed with not so nice uninhibited dirty talkin. you have one chained up? heaven. now back to finding flexed thighs pictures.

Paladin said...

Thank you for your kind words. Feedback on our blog is always welcome.