Friday, January 27, 2012

Good (early) Morning from Texas

And we've got the pic to prove it! I literally laughed out loud when I opened the waffle maker at the hotel and saw its shape. Told pet I think we need to get one of these cute Texas shaped waffle makers. Since we are going to be the new 'vacation destination' for families and friends, seems this is what they ought to wake up to for their first mornings here too! This pic represents everything that I hope this trip is. The sun shining warm and soft on our TX adventure.

Yesterday was a day of all traveling. Had never flown on Frontier before, but we liked it. Had a bit more leg space then our normal stand by of Southwest, and the first flight had warm, fresh chocolate chip cookies, YUMMM! It was quite enjoyable traveling with Paladin. Was wonderful to snuggle next to him on the two flights and even just waiting with him was enjoyable. We connected in Denver and then headed to TX. It turned out the airport we flew into, (Hobby) was the furthermost airport in southern Houston, (instead of Bush, halfway closer) landing around 6:20pm, which meant we had a about a one hour drive in crazy traffic. However we are not big city people, so we were glad of the hour drive away from Houston to our new home out the area a ways.

Our first breaths of Texas air were encouraging. I lived in Pensacola during my Navy days, and well remember the humid air of the Gulf Coast. I had expected to breath like a carp on land when getting out of the airport, but instead, we both noted the air was clean and crisp. It was slightly chilly, but there was no sign of humidity. A short reprieve I'm sure.

Pet drove quite expertly, his GPS counting down the miles and chirping the turns. Houston is a much bigger city then our state capitol and has many more cloverleaf overpasses. I am from LA so it reminded me much of that, although bad as the traffic was, it was still better then LA. As this area is all new to both of us, it was fun to read aloud to pet the stores and restaurants on our drive up to the hotel, seeing places we know we'll want to come back and see after we get relocated.
Lots of BBQ and Mexican food, and some huge Chinese buffet places.

Today, the real estate person is supposed to be picking us up around 11'ish. We got up at 8 (which is 6 west coast time, blink blink) to get breakfast by 9.. Pet says it's nap time already.
Lolol.. he did a big yawn as I typed that and said "sleep time'. No.. not yet.

So today, we go look at the homes we've been gauging and comparing for over a month. It is sort of like meeting someone from here. We've seen the pics.. done the 'virtual tours' and feel like we 'know' the houses. But when we actually step into them.. then. the virtual all becomes real, and like any 'online relationship', we'll be looking for the blemishes before committing to a long term relationship. (more yawns from the couch behind me).

The digs that Paladin's corporation is providing is very nice. Its a little studio in a long term Residence Inn, so we have a couch, desk, kitchen and dining table. And (sip, sip) a nice drip coffee maker, with actually decent drip coffee for it! A nice bonus when its still two hours earlier for me. I am NOT a morning person. Hooot, hooot... I am definitely a night owl!

We were too exhausted to do anything but cuddle and sleep last nite, but tonight, I think we'll make time for some amusements. He did of course bring his collar and restraints and it was lovely to have him strip, kneel and present his collar while saying his mantra. Ummmm. Going on 5 years and as yummy as ever!!! And now, it is just us.. alone... Everything has a different feel to it since we know we are going 24/7. This whole trip.... is surrealist to me. So much in our lives has changed in just two short months. Since Dec 7th... when I had my breakdown at the VA at the same time pet found out he had to relocate.... and it all came to be that this new, and exciting adventure has manifested our deepest wishes to be together.

Well, we have some other correspondence to do, so I'll sign off for now.
Wishing all well, especially the Heron's and Kaya & her Master over at Under His Hand...
Big special hugs from both Paladin and I to you...
signing off from our first day in the Lone Star state,

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Texas Time

Hiya All

Did tha sound convincing? I dont think so :)

Next week Mystress and i will be in Texas to scout the area and wittle down our choices of homes. The trip seems to be a crazy busy one and we will rely on each other to get through the busy time. Even though its going to be busy, we are so so looking forward to the trip. It promises to be a fantastic one and we shall enjoy it for sure. Its been a while since we have gone on a trip together so we will definitely enjoy this one to the fullest. We even have coffee dates planned for in Texas to meet some new friends Mystress has already made. It seems we shall be making new circles before we even arrive thanks to dear Mystress. Well i cant describe the excitment for this trip i have so off i go to do a happy dance and count the number of days till we leave.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Chores

Greetings dear friends...

Just a quick update about a fun event last week.

On Wed nite, the day before the realtors were coming to look at Paladin's house, he needed to do some minor fixing up, including putting the ceiling vents back up since he'd taken them down for painting and down they had stayed until Wed.

Meanwhile on Tue nite, a Master friend in Second Life had suggested that Paladin do some of his fixing up 'sky clad'. What a grand idea!! It was a chilly evening but still, I had him strip to climb up the step stool to fix the vents. All 5 of them. *very wide grin* Of course, I had to steady him while he was up there doing that.. and on the steps.. he was just the right height for a bit of fondling and stroking while he was trying to concentrate on getting those vents in. Think it was a bit more of a challenge then it would have been. But it gave me a big happy smile and I'll have to be sure to remember to do that again!!!

Next week at this time, we'll be in Texas looking at the homes we've been oggling on the internet for over a month, and hope the ones we like the most are still there, and hope to come back with offer and acceptance in hand.

Well, Paladin has just invited me out for lunch and to see the new Underworld movie.. so off I go to the showers to get ready.

Happy day to all,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy Times Ahead

Good Evening All. My dear sweet Mystress has spent a lovely weekend away visitng family...wee. We have been in constant communication and i can sense from her texts that she is trul having a wonderful time. I hope its finally setting in for my dear Mystress that things are starting and change is coming for us both. This change wont be easy and its bound to be rather crazy at times, but all good things are often difficult to get. Its this challenge and determination by us both that makes reaching the end so much more special. We shall lean on all the kind words and support our dear friends are giving us. Talk about friends, Mystress already is starting to make friends in our new place. I was suprised how friendly and welcoming the people Mystress has found are. We are strangers, yet they welcome us with open arms. Infact, we already have coffee plans :) Mystress sure does work fast. Infact, part of our moving, Mystress gave me an assignment to create a FetLife account. This i have done and will wait for Mystress to give me a walkthrough on how to use it. Mystress is already a professional so i would be a fool to not take her words of guidance into account. For now i go to fight with my Internet, its slower than walking backwards right now and i am at a loss on how to improve it. Oh well, i will just go with the flow. Paladin

Monday, January 9, 2012

Updates and Winter Song

Dear Friends,

Paladin writes of the updates to things, and indeed things are moving along swimmingly! My furniture is now safely tucked away here at his place and I'll be bringing over more boxes of things as I get them packed. And yes, I was in something of a packing frenzy over the weekend. But I got my closet and dresser and bathroom all sorted, packed and emptied out, except for a big suitcase on the floor with my pile of clothes till we move on it. Got everything else plus shoes and boots in one big box! So I am getting rid of 2/3 of my things. All going to donation.

And it seems.. I'll have more time for packing. On Fri nite, after my post, my Knight came by to get some things. He saw how shaken I was after my work day and suggested very strongly that I call and quit in the morning. He didn't want me to see that client even one more time. He said he was sure that my doc would agree so I called and got the same secretary that I had spoken to on Fri. She was very very kind and sympathetic. She knows I'm going through therapy at the Vet Center for the PTSD. She said she could see on Fri how traumatized I was and that it was very understandable. She said I was welcome back anytime, but I'm thinking I'm not gonna be back here in CA after the next couple months. Besides...I can feel I'm just not up to working right now. Can't seem to focus and don't want to mess something up.

I wrote my doc about it last nite, and got a letter back from her this morning (God bless email with ones amazing therapist!) saying yes, my quitting was the right thing and that of course that sort of poking and unpredictable behavior would trigger my PTSD. I have an appointment with her tomorrow. A bit nervous about it, but I do trust her and now, she's read my official statement.. the worst of the worst.. and she says she hopes to be able to help me deal with it all. God.... i do hope so too.

Today I got some good things done, big important ones. Well.. to me anyways. I got the newspaper subscription cancelled, the ins on my old car I gave to my sister in law cancelled. and best of all, got signed up for health care at the VA finally! A big cheer for that!!! Seems I'm broke enough to be a 'level 5'.. which means all I'll have to cover out of pocked will be $8 for 30 days of any pill. I can handle that. It will be 2-4 weeks before I get my first appointment with a primary doctor. A bit longer for me because I only want a lady doc. I am willing to wait.

Now.. the last part of tonight's subject line...

This is a Chris Rhea song that I've loved a long time. Back in Aug of '07 Paladin and I were going away to a cabin for our first weekend alone. And I had made a CD of some of my fave songs that I felt related to us. I found the CD while sorting through them (Yaaay!) This song then and even more.. soooo much more.. now epitomizes how he feels to me. Paladin even looks a tad bit like Chris in this with the short hair, if he had brilliant blue eyes.. and was clean shaven. *smiles* But listen to the feel of Chris's voice in this song... it is that FEEL..if being cherished and protected has a 'sound' then for me, this song is it. This is how my beloved Paladin makes me feel. The feeling of safety and protection that he gives to me are.. well. priceless.

Here are the lyrics for the song...

Winter song

It's a cold, cold feeling
On a real lazy wind
That blows all the way trough you
And the autumn begins

How it cuts like a sabre
How it chills to the bone
You've got cold feet and fingers
And you're thinking of home

If I put my arms around you
Turn you in from the storm
From your autumn through winter
Darling I'll keep you warm

My overcoat's empty
Deep, wide and long
I got room for you darling
till your winter, till your winter has gone

....till your winter has gone....
and that indeed is how this move with Paladin feels.
like moving into the depths of his deep, wide and long overcoat of protection. and Paladin.. is quite enjoyable to snuggle with, including those yummy rugby thighs.. oh yeahhhhhhh!

So... here is the link for Winter Song on youtube.

Wising everyone out there a wonderful evening
safe paths,

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Preparations Continued

Good evening all.
So time ticks on and so do our preparations to move. Mystress has been a cloud of hustle and bustle this weekend. With so much done and so much more to do, we moved the big stuff of Mystress's over today to get it ready to move. Mystress wont take her pets requests she rest some over the weekend so Mystress is still likely packing packing packing :)

Mystress is determined to be ready to go at the drop of a hat. :) My preparing takes longer as i have to have certain steps happen before i can move to the next. I know they will start to roll soon and that's got us excited indeed. We are waiting for them to just zip on by so we can plan trips to see the new area. We are both very eager to that. We are even watching some house listings and selfishly hope no one else is looking at the ones we are :) Each day we confirm our first choices are still on the market and each day we rejoice they are.We thank all our friends who wish us well for this move. A special thanks to those that helped today move some stuff with us. Your help is always much appreciated.
Waiting for the next step...

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Rough Day Helped by a Twisted Kitty

Greetings Friends,
I've been working on my statements for the VA and trying not to fall apart too much. This PTSD stuff really does suck. Was up till 2:30 am and then slept pretty badly after that. Had a rough day today with my client poking and roaring at me during a movie, lunch and then later driving. He is severely disabled and this is good behavior for him, but it is nerve-shattering to me right now.. Plus my back has been hurting some, and I have to lug his wheelchair around. I was so shook up after 4 hours with him today that I sat in the parking lot and sobbed for a while afterwards. I just have to try and get through the next few weeks. But all this is making me feel even weaker, not stronger. He makes me jumpy, and he likes to scare me, and he is potentially violent, one just has to stay out of range as he is in a wheelchair. But he is good at throwing things. So far, not at me, but with all this trauma stuff coming up.. I am extra hypersensitive to it all. *sighs*

Tonight while I was finishing up my writing, my doggie and kitty were here with me. I couldn't help snap this shot of kitty keeping me company. It makes me smile, and feel better and that's a good thing.

On the flip side of everything, I am very excited about the move. A friend is coming on Sun with his truck and he and Paladin will then move the few pieces of furniture going with me to his place. The house we like most is still on the market and actions are moving forward to propel us along to our new home.

Paladin is off at buddies nite and I'm glad of it. Was a busy week for him and plans moving along quickly. But feet up to get together with friends is a reward he's always enjoyed. I am sorry that he'll be so far from them after this move. I've suggested that they do their computer gaming together on their normal Fri nites, but I think they are still choking down the fact that he's leaving in the first place.

Wishing everyone a good evening and safe paths,


Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year and New Changes

Good Evening all.
I sit here with my Mystress beside me, which shall become the oh so sweet norm in the future. As the new year begins so begins our changes. Mystress and i are soon to be a 24/7 thing and thats the best change this year promises indeed.To get this change accomplished Mystress and I have many things we have to knock off our lists. Some are huge and complicated with others much more simplistic. All in all, as we get them finished and scratched off the list, the inevitable change to a permanent situation shall occur. Once this is done we will be setup in a new city many many miles away, foreigners in a new land, ready to explore all it has to offer together. Oh the adventures we have planned.A special thank you to all for giving us the support you have all given. We shall surely rely on it to make this transition as easy as we can. Once in our new home, we shall also lean on it to provide us with at least one familiar thing in a land of new things. Thank you all again from the deepest of our hearts.
With all my love for Mystress.