Sunday, November 28, 2010

In Motion

Good evening to all our wonderful friends and guests. Thanksgiving has past and now we march on to Christmas. Can you believe its already xmas time, wow. Soon the new year with be Time really flys when your having fun :)

Mystress and i decided to get early xmas gifts and each own the new Kinect. COOL is all i can really say. I highly suggest everyone give it a demo at a store like best buy. It really really is fun. Its alot more precise than the Wii i feel and you dont feel like a flailing chicken, high on wacky weed try to thread a needle in frustration. The camera does take random pictures like a roller coaster which umm, do reveal some awkard poses indeed. We quickly turned those off :) We are also using them to motivate each other to follow the fitness programs. They are kicking our butts but we will motivate each other and keep each other moving on int he workouts. A definite side effect of the new toys is you get so wrapped up in the experience, you end up working out for hours. One bonus Mystress immediately found was the live voice/cam chat :) She calls it her cyber supervision :)

Now i go to collapse on the couch after a flapping like a chicken and running like a madman, tired and well exercised.....happy to have my dear Mystress.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Moving Forward...

Hello dear readers...

Its been a while since I have posted. Back in October.. so many things were swirling. and it was not a time to put feelings into words. Paladin is good for marching on while I ponder and opine for what I do, and don't want to say. I learned a few years back the mistake of writing too soon and putting words too raw into a permanent form. So I have held off writing, till the pain has subsided some. No no no.. none of this is in regards to Paladin.. but other things that he has lent his wisdom and support to. He is ever the sturdy rock that allows Me the freedom to experience things, knowing he is always waiting, firm and strong. And whatever winds may blow.. I do know, as he says, our ship can ride any wave and survive any storm.

I don't like burning bridges. and I prefer Paladin's wording in that I havn't actually burned any. I am just choosing not to cross them anymore. Time does heal.. it makes things.. less harsh somehow. I don't like staying mad or hurt.. would rather just do something positive instead, and so. now I am.

He mentions my new SL endeavors.. I am really just picking up what I had delayed for a bit to serve elsewhere. It was well meaning, but the ..owner of the place has a very different style then I do, and while I stayed to be a. balance for the girls there.. in the end.. I preferred to go back to my own Gardens and run them in my own way. I know that some found him... very challenging.. and didn't understand what on earth I was doing there. Well, my position was such that I was in a place to protect the girls there, and I took it very seriously. So, even when things were difficult, I stayed.. until I felt I had a back up plan. And I did some serious contemplation before I decided to resign and move back to my own place.

I have been blessed in that some other friends have joined in, and now we have a new project that seems to be off to a good start. It's become a enjoyable place for myself, and other's. We've built a very beautiful housing platform for slaves that desire training and/or sanctuary. It's a grassy place with small mediterranean style two story houses (only 11 prims each amazingly) tree's with fluttering leaves, fountains benches and even a picnic area, campfire and gazebo. Below that a wonderful new sky garden for them with pools and fountains and torches.. and a Reiki table and meditation circle. The boys have their own houses on that level, while the girls are in their own above. I'll post some pics at some point when I feel its the right time. We are still fine tuning some things.

A new Castle, library and socializing area with dance floor as well. I learned to make a flexi prim this weekend so I could make a banner with the Garden's Logo on it. . it now flutters over the entryway to our admin building.

So yes.. I have been busy as usual. And all else has been well. Things run like clockwork with Paladin. A super special thanks to him for the wonderful treat of Thai dinner on Sat nite. My Knight and his sub had gone away for the weekend and so it was just me and the critters. And it was very yummy.. we love the same foods, and we plot our way through the menu. So many choices.. in the end we tried something well knows (red curry with beef) and something new.. glass noodles with shrimp. It was good, but I like Phad Thai better. *grins* So much thanks again to my dear Paladin.. Just to be fun, I had him rub himself while on his lunch break today, just a bit ago. Like to keep the boy on edge sometimes.

Next weekend I will be at Paladin's.. and it's supposed to rain! Our first weekend in our big new bed too! *big grins* I say again and again how grateful I am for him, and all the skills that he uses in service to Me. YUMMMY!

So, I wish all of our friends well, and if any wish to come visit the improved gardens in Second Life, just let me know!

Well wishes to all,

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Good evening all.

As always we hope our griends are doing well. Mystress has been on a SL buzz of late starting her own school and place of sanctuary. Mystress expressed how many folks had already joined her place and i cant but imagine its because Mystress is so wonderful. She had the ability to give one what they need yet in a manner thats so different from the traditional. Mystress is generating quiet the following because of this unique style and i wish Mystress the best. Enjoy the nibbling :)

This weekeend we got to enjoy an unplanned dinner together...mmm so yum sharing time with Mystress. We enjoyed a lovely Thai dinner and indulged in the chance for an unplanned excursion :) This coming weekend we have made plans to be together so i get to be in the company of my dear sweet Mystress all weekend...yum. We love our weekends together and cherish them so dearly.

Best of love to all our friends and may the approaching holiday season be a wonderful one for all.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rainy Days

Evening All.

Yay for raining days. Mystress and i feel we can say the rainy days are here and we are both happy they are. Hopefully they keep on coming in thick and heavy so we get many many many cuddle days ahead of us...mmmm Nothing better than cuddling in bed with the windoes open the rain falling.

Spent today getting the gym ready for use. Mystress and i are going to start working out in it so had to get all the stuff ready. Its now ready and will serve rather nicely as a gym for us. Now to get sweaty. :)

Hopefully all out wonderful friends and guests are doing well. You guys have been quite yet we still enjoy your visits. Mystress gets daily reports of who visits the site and we thank you for all the times you guys visit. Hopefully we are not too boring for you all, for i know that we entertain ourselves very very very well.

Love to my dear Mystress