Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Friends...

Greetings Friends and readers,

Things are still getting sorted out in our new home. The local community on Fet Life here, has really, really stepped up I gotta say. On Sunday, Aphy1 and Mr.Fixxit whom we'd met when we came for our visit in Jan, and on Sunday, bless their hearts, they came over and helped us build and assemble 3 full bedrooms of furniture. We started around 9 and went until almost 5. We'd saved some bucks and got some extra pieces by buying it online from a local place and getting it all delivered in boxes and needing some assembly, rather then all finished and placed by movers. But it was a great day and a lot of fun. And Mr,Fixxit strongly approves of the new Mystress room. Done in dark, simply carved wood, it has 4 posts that are taller then Paladin, and his arms stretch waaaaaay up. We got the set to match my grandmothers and mothers dark carved wood chest.

Yesterday, also from Fet Life, Thwap and his lovely and cute subby wife Ravish came over and helped me move all the extra boxes out of the Mystress room, and even better, get the pantry unpacked and set up. Now THAT's practicality in the D/s community! After, I did pull out our toy "backpack" (at which they both laughed, seems they have a very like looking kinky backpack of their own.) Thwap couldn't resist trying out my dollar store wooden spatula over Ravish's cute backside and he had her squirming most adorably. They had planned to leave early, but they decided to wait to meet Paladin, and the four of us had a great chat before they had to leave for a munch, and we needed dinner and groceries.

Tonight, we go off to our first local munch at a Starbucks about 45 mins away. Aphy1 and Mr.Fixxit will be saving us a place. Paladin is on call, so he'll have to bring his laptop just in case. Looks like many newbies are showing up and will be a group of around 20. Then we're going to dinner after with A nd Mr. F.

When we lived separately, our social activities were few and far between, now, with all the new friends and help, we are happily busier.

Living full time with Paladin in our new life.... we both love it. Just... Love it. last nite, after we came back from shopping, we went for a swim with the changing pool light colors, we found the most private places in the pool. It was too chilly for me to really enjoy it, but I know soon enough, I'll wish it was cooler. But then, there will be some skyclad swimming for sure!

Tomorrow, Aphy1 and Mr.Fixxit are coming to pick up the extra fridge that we had, and we hope stay for dinner. Then on Sat Lady D and the dear friends that she has been staying with will all come over for swimming and BBQ. Whew! Lady D will spend the night, and we'll take her back on Sunday.

And, tomorrow, at 3 I have my first appointment with my new Vet Center therapist. I am slightly apprehensive about it... Someone else new I have to share some ugly past events with.... to get help and better. She says there is a women's group too, and I am looking forward to it. Still, a bit apprehensive.

I will go with the flow whatever happens, as this mantra of Paladin's has been helping me get through an awful lot. As has he. There are not words, that describe how happy I am in this new life with him. 24/7 with more then I'd even dreamed. And in this wonderful new to us home, and life. Its all.. just.. still.. an ongoing amazement. It seems like no matter what we are doing, we enjoy it very much together. And he has great taste for setting up this place. We still have lots of boxes still to unpack, but we are making great progress. Today, I take a day off from it. My back is a tiny bit sore and so no moving of boxes today. Just catching up on the net and relaxing.

I hope all are well out there, and I'll go check out the other blogs. Paladin has not had any chance to write for a bit, what with the crazy schedule, and we'll see how the weekend goes.
He'll be back when things settle back down some.

Best to all,
safe paths...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Settling In...

Good Day all, from our new home in TX!

As I post today, I am in our new home 'corner' office on the 2nd story. *smiles* Never had a 'corner' office. Since I am the one so big on windows, Paladin suggested that I take the corner spot, so my part of the desk is at the end, and indeed, I have a window right in front of me, and another directly to my right. I can see above the trees the clouds scuttling across the sky in between rain and clashes of thunder.

His computer will be to my left, against the wall, where it will be darker for his computer games and the little tv between us. Paladin would think I am nuts, but I have the window to my right open, so I can hear and feel the weather. I don't mind the mugginess of it. In fact, yesterday, I oiled all the windows with WD-40 so that they now slide up and down quietly and easily as opposed to grinding and needed muscles to move them. Then... for a while since it was nice,. windy and cloudy but in the upper 70's, I had all the windows open to give the house a good freshening. It was wonderful. This house.. this new life.. is all.. wonderful.

I am so used to the years of just Mon and Wed with pet, that even though I've been living with him for over a month now, I am still thrilled with it all. And the great adventure we've begun, moving cross country, far from friends and family... just the two of us..24/7 has increased that. We spent the weekend making lists and getting things done or acquired items that have been needed. In the past, all of my furniture has come for Craigslist, thrift stores or used from someplace. So nothing ever matched. But because of the relocation package from Paladin's work, we are able to get some new bedroom sets for the guest rooms and the Master (or is the Mystress) bedroom. Things that... match??? *smiles* Those that know Paladin know that if anything, he's a bit anal about things matching. In his other home, he made sure that all the colors matched, and that even the things like his lamps and ceiling fans all had brushed nickel, his metal color of choice. And interestingly enough to us, was that when we came and looked at this house at the end of Jan, we noted that the metal accents in this house were.... you guessed it.. brushed nickel! So his carefully chosen furniture and accents fit into this house perfectly. We did get two queen guest beds, but the after finally deciding on furniture sets, found out that we can't get them till April. And, he has evolved his thinking from a black wooden bed in the Big bedroom, to a lighter wood like the cabinets in the bathroom. Without the internet, we were stuck looking at little pics on our smart phones. Now that the 'net is back'.... we can see better to re-evaluate and decide what it is we like best.

Because of my recovering PTSD and past living situation, Paladin had given me a mantra that has taken some getting used to. Originally it was "Mystress is number one, and we live in a crazy free zone'. Because he is in charge of my well being, and my deep trust of him.. and that it makes me smile... I go along with it. After his last post about getting settled, he added a last part to it, and that is " and in no rush". Which means I can unpack as I choose to, but no rush to get it done. Like right now for instance. I need to find our plates, cups and glasses and get then put away.... but instead, I am here posting. Cuz I don't have to rush. And I get to do what I choose to do, and right now, I choose to catch up with friends after almost (GASP) a week without internet! It got finished being installed so late last night that we chose to catch up on Survivor instead. So now, this morning, me and my cup of coffee are upstairs while I do my first post from here.

It still feels like a dream.... I told Lady D that I still feel a bit like Cinderella and keep waiting for midnight to toll. But.... this is no dream.. and my Paladin is as amazing as any fairy tale Prince.

Yesterday, I unpacked all the wardrobe boxes so we can move around in the closet. Boxes are everywhere.. and I will cling to that "and in no rush" so that I don't feel overwhelmed with all there is to do.

Things have been so busy getting settled and used to the new place and routine that it wasn't until last nite that I looked at him and realized, he'd not brought out his collar, nor his restraints since after his arrival at the hotel last Wed afternoon. I had him stop the TV and go get them. Since it is much warmer and more humid here, I'll decide if he has to continue to wear his restraints at night as summer rolls around. They are of thick padded leather and have a synthetic grey fur on the inside. I don't want him to be overly uncomfortable, especially on week nights when he has to work the next day. His collar of course, is not up for debate at to wearing it or not.

Well, I hear the washer beeping at me from downstairs that it's done, so I'll go do a few more domestic things. It's nice to be back and soon, I'll be able to catch up on all sorts of fun things.

Best to all,

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thunderstorms and Getting Loaded Up

Motel Cat, dreaming of his promised new home..

When do we get to leave Ma?

Greetings Dear Friends...

Its been a morning of wild thunderstorms and crazy rain outside my little hobbit hole with me and the critters tucked in warm and safe. Pixie is sure the world is ending and cuddled up close letting out little yaps from after the really big clashes. Leo, eh... not phasing him out of his sleep at all except when he got up to gaze out the window longingly.

I've been in contact with Paladin as usual, and everything got packed into boxes yesterday. He slept in his sleeping bag on the couch. Tonight, he spends his last nite with his folks and brothers.

The end of CA is in sight for Paladin as well now. The moving truck.... is there today finally getting loaded up with all of our things. :-) Paladin says that they are putting a label on everything, and then it goes onto a inventory list before it goes into the truck. We wondered why it would take all day to do it. He told me yesterday that he has to go on the 15th to our new cities utilities company to be sure that there isn't a lapse in services. So Pixie and I will get dropped off at the new house right after the signing to ensure the movers put boxes and things in the right places. I've never ever had movers move me before. Have always done it myself, so this will be a new experience.

I've spent the last couple days holed up watching HBO, streaming Netflix and looking at maps and local places, getting the lay of my new home area. The past few months have been a hectic rush of therapy and appointments at the VA... and then getting packed to move to Paladins, and the packed to relocate here. Now.. finally.... I and the critters are here. I've been promising them that soon, they will have more then this little room.. that this is not our final stopping place. They seem pretty well settled and taking it all in stride, but I know how much Leo especially is missing being outside. Surprisingly, he's been calmer then at Paladin's. I keep doing a countdown with them, now, only 3 days and a wake-up. We know they understand it really well, right ? 0.o

I am not having Paladin post again till after everything is settled. We won't have internet from the 15th until the 19th, and I know he'll still be adjusting to things, so I'll cut him some slack at it's been a super busy time for him and daylight savings gets tossed into the mix along with losing a couple of hours due to time change from PST to CST. He's off next week for the drive and closing and then back to work the following Mon.

Tonight, I go off to have sushi with Lady D and her friends. Yummmy!

Wishing everyone out there all the best... as our new adventure continues!

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Safe Arrival!

Greetings friends!

So.... here we and the two critters. Our first full day in our temporary housing after our long drive to our new home state!

I traveled here with whom we call Lady D... She is my dear friend (so close she is the only person I would share Paladin with) and was an amazing cross country traveling companion. Riding with me and the two critters to TX. That's a heck of a good friend. But... there is more.. I have a 5 lb dog and an 18lb cat... and she is allergic... to cats. But she was still willing to do this drive with me! She took many Benidryl to be able to try and minimize the allergic reactions. It would have been almost impossible without her. She is very spatial and great at organizing and each morning she packed the car and all our stuff and the critters stuff and got it all to fit. I'd have a much harder time at it.. and end up with somethings that just wouldn't fit. Another great caveat is that she has friends that live a about 45 mins from our new home and so new friends to introduce us too!

As for the escape of our little lion.. some details....
The trip started auspiciously at 8am on Mon morning with my arrival at Lady D's home right on time. And she was ready right on time. Each critter was securely locked in it's cage with harness and leash's on. We had to take things out to rearrange to get her things in the car with mine. We took out the two critters and put them on the sidewalk next to the car. Suddenly, Lady D says' "ohh no.. his cage is open..." just as our Leo cat made a run for a fence... even on half a sleeping pill! He jumped up, and was gone.. but his leash was on the fence, Lady D got to it first and hauled it up... broken. No kitty. OHHHH NOOOOOOOOO

It took 45 mins and many neighbors and a great kid to track and catch him from behind a woodpile under a rose bush. But, with team work we got him! He was quickly wrapped up in a towel (by far the best way to deal with a squirming, mad kitty) and then safely deposited back into his cage, now equipped with a D lock for each gate and a new leash, attached to him and tied to the cage. WHEW... what a nightmare! I sent Paladin a shot of my much bruised leg.. but not the rose bush scratches. After that, kitty was on super high security. Ohhh.. and while I had read about checking hotel beds for places that kitty's can sometime get under.. I didn't read about the same things with some build in dressers! The very first night, he is all over me and I know he's okay in the room. But in the morning, there is NO sign of kitty. HUH? We didn't go out? where the heck could he be??? So I grab his kitty treats, and shaking them.. call him. and sure enough.... he comes crawling out from under the dressor. I give him his sleepy pill with a milk chaser and into his cage. Then i go check out the dresser. it's built out. and underneath is an open U shape where he had crawled into. OMG... if he didn't want to come out... I don't think i could get him out. So I added in checking out the nightstands and everything else in a room for places he might get through. I stuffed towels and pillows in a couple of beds to be sure he couldn't get through what spaces there were to get under them.

But.. except for some dust storms... and then crazy buckets of rain yesterday.. the drive was fun, stunningly beautiful in AZ and NM... the trip was smooth and uneventful. The car with it's wonderful new tires hummed along, getting between 24-35 mpg depending on where we were and how fast we were going, and how hard the wind was blowing. The lowest mileage was climbing mountains in Arizona and New Mexico.. and strong winds both places. Crossed through one of those super red sand storms in NM, and while I found it wonderful and thrilling, Lady D was sure I was a bit nuts. But for me.. it was all part of this adventure. We listened to Carol Burnett's second book on Audible on Wed, and it was great! She reads it, and we both have always liked her work a lot. I saw her talking about it on Rachel Ray one day and thought that would be great to listen to, and it was. We laughed and cried. Made our longest day go fast. Yesterday, our last.. we listened to the original Broadway soundtrack to The King and I.. which had belonged to my mother.. and the Broadway production of Camelot. Then we sang along with Simon and Garfunkel in Central Park.. and had on James Taylor and Carol King Live At The Troubadour as we pulled into the hotel.

We got unloaded and Lady D had called her friends whose husband arrived fast enough to bring in Leo's scratching post/platform. The we hugged and she went off with him. The kids and I got set up, and I manged to find a Target with a grocery just across the way. My little motel 6 room has a microwave and fridge so I don't have to go out to eat, and I got stocked up on some basics to await Paladin's arrival next Wed nite. The room has HBO and nice internet.
Its supposed to storm for a few days also, so even less reason to go out, besides the fact I'm very tired of the car right now.

So... here I am.. thrilled to finally be in my new home state.. nice cup of Starbucks instant coffee, critters curled up sleeping.. TV on and catching up on blogs and groups and events. LOLOL.. if I look out my window, we are right behind a Hooters, and it's bright sign. Otherwise, it looks dark and stormy outside. Thank goodness this is a quiet room. All the rooms along the way had lots of folks up very early, lots of banging doors and loud footsteps that Pixie was sure it was her doggly duty to warn me off. I finally started stuffing her under the blankets after 5am just to keep her quite so Lady D could sleep in just a bit more. There was one where the cat sat up and growled...hmmmm but otherwise, uneventful. This place.. is blissfully quiet. I don't think I have any neighbors, however this is Fri eve, so I would expect it to get busy later. That's okay, me and the kids got all the supplies we need for a cozy and lazy week before all the everything happens on the 15th. It's nice to hear Paladin's voice in the evenings. Today, was his last day at the CA office.. and his co workers have taken him out for beers. Tomorrow, the movers come to pack. and Sun.. to load and head here. With Paladin not too far behind them. He'll have a deadline to get here by 10am on Thur morning, and I do worry a bit about him having to have such long driving days with no options. But.. I expect.. as always.. he'll tough it out. And by next week at this time... we should have all our stuff in our new home!

Thanks again for all the well wishes to us on our journey and new life together.

The weather just said again that there is more more rain and storms are expected. Weeeee!
Safe paths to all,

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Mystress and her journey

Evening All...

We hope that everyone is doing well and that the year treats you all well. Things sure are looking good for Mystress and I.

My dear Mystress at this very moment is on her journey to Texas...our new home. We were so lucky to have Lady D free to travel with my Mystress and they decided to make a round trip of the travels. So there they go...taking a much slower pace and enjoying the journey towards Texas.

Even the little ones are travelling much better than we thought even after our little lion decidied to do a jail break the fist day of travels. Mystress and Lady D were chasing the little devil around a neighbors backyard trying to get him back in his cage. Poor little guy, he really doesnt like the car but so far, he is travelling well. Little Pixie, as long as she is near Mystress, all is well for her so kudos to them for not being a pain to my Mystress.

We so look forward to the time in Texas. I tell my Mystress to enjoy the time with Lady D and make it a great vacation and not to worry about setting up the house. Maybe some of my fellow subs can suggest the same and convince her its a good idea :)

With Much Love