Sunday, October 31, 2010


Good evening all.

Hopefully everyone is getting their tricks, or yummy treats this Halloween. Mystress loves this holiday for it allows her to express her spooky side :) Nothing dark and unpleasant, just an admiration for the day and sharing her candy. Hopefully i get to share some of Mystress's candy too :) MMM Mystress is so yummy.

Definitely enjoy the evening all and enjoy the SL craziness too Mystress. I am sure there wil be tons of weird and wacky celebrations in there and i know you will lead the charge :)


Sunday, October 24, 2010

A wonderful time

Good evening all our wonderful friends.

So far October has been such a wonderful month. From the days with Mystress to the oh so luxorious birthday weekend, things just keep changing for the better in all respects.

Last weekend Mystress and i spent a wonder time together for Mystress's birthday weekend. Oh what a perfect weekend it was. It started with getting off early from work to a wonderful birthday dinner with Mystress. Sushi is such a wonderful dinner to have together as we get to share our food and get to enjoy a lovely dinner, Mystress is still the best at finding new and wonderful places to enjoy a meal :)

After dinner we were off to get a new bed. The old one had finally worn out its welcome and we were both happy to see it go. Now we have a giant bed to cuddle in :) Rather a strange feeling, cuddling together with acres of space around us :) Either way, we wont complain :) We both sleep so so much better now its wonderful.

The rains were with us too last weekend which to me was the ultimate best aspect of the weekend. Why? Because we opened the doors, listening to the rain fall, with the cold brezze filling the roon akk the time we sat there, cuddled under the blankets, snuggled into each other and enjoy the closeness. MMMMMM it was so perfect. We have had days like this before but they proved to be rather elusive last year, so this year we hope to make up for them.

By Tuesday, Mystress was fully recharged. Things that happened had past, decisions were made, and happiness found. We were sititng on the couch Monday night, smiling from ear to ear both reflecting on the wonderful time together...and i know i was praing that there would be many more weekends like this this coming rainy season.

A special thank you to Mystress for being so wonderful to share her birthday weekend with me. I felt truly blessed and will always strive to make them as enjoyable as i can.

With all my love for Mystress.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Times

Good evening all our dear friends. We hope as always that all is good with all our friends.

That was a lovely post dear Mystress. We all have a time in the year where we look back at the year thats past and evaluate it. Was it a good year? Was it all it could be? What can i do to make it better? Will next year be like this one past? Numerous questions swirl and we answer them to the best we can.

For me that time is our anniversary. In the years of service each year on the anniversary i look back on another glorious year. I reflect how the year has zipped by in a whirl of excitement and enjoyment. I reflect how each year has been better than the last. I reflect , well more like predict, that the year to come can only be better than the last for i have my wonderful Mystress. Even though there may be times during the year when things get tough or unpleasant, i know i can look forward to the next day, or the next week or even a month later and know, that no matter what this day brings, there will always be the next day and that this day can only be better for i will be able to serve my dear Mystress.

To Mystress, please be happy in your reflections for as i have promised, we shall always be two peas in the pod. Nothings changing, unless for the better, and even during the big storms, remember that you will always have your 1st and that no storm is to big for our ship.



October os both my favorite and least favorite month of the year. Fall is the time of year that reminds me of how time passes. It is the time of anniversaries long held close to the heart. My brothers and mother died in Oct of differing years. It is also my birthday month as Paladin has noted. I also gained one of my most cherished possessions one Halloween. Oct, good and bad, emotional in all is glory. It is the waning of summer and the moving into fall.

The falling leaves, more then the first of Jan signal a changing of the year. For me, this is always the time to look back and reflect on where things stand from the year before. Another year, ticked by. Where are things now, from where they were last year. If I were not so firm in the love other's have for me, then I might be more shaken at this time of year, but I know it is steadfast and steady and they know I count on it. The reassurance of that is always much appreciated. No matter how the years may turn, some devotions run like a redwood taproot.. deep, solid and ever reliable. I am always grateful for the love my pets have for me, and what I have for them. Whatever other things may shift, that love remains strong.

Paladin posted recently that he would strive to do everything he could do to keep this relationship and I believe him for his actions reflect his words. Things can change as years go by. In the best situations, they deepen and strengthen as our relationship has. Sometimes there are storms on the seas, which is when I need to remember to ride the waves, and float above the tempest with my first mate's at hand to man the sails and rudder, and help us steer the right directions. And we always manage.

So, another fall is here, and the leaves are turning, soon the wind will be blowing, but hopefully the harvest will be in before the rains come.

Happy fall to all,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Birthday Month


Evening all

Its birthday month for my dear Mystress so i welcome all our guests to wish my dear sweet Mystress a very happy birthday.

It feels like i get a birthday present each birthday we celevrate because at each birthday, Mystress and i celebrate them together, and each birthday serves as wonderful memory milestones in our journey together. MMMMMM yum. Do enjoy your wonderful birthday month dear Mystress, will have to give many birthday pleasures :)