Monday, December 28, 2009

"...yes, and then assume the position..."

Often those are the words I toss out in answer to to Paladin's asking of permission to use the rest room as we go to get ready for bed and I go to brush my teeth. I usually put my iphone on the charger on the nite stand. He likes Tori Amos a lot.. so I set Pandora to her station before I go to brush.

I like to take my time.. sometimes I'll read for a bit, giving plenty of time for him to get done, and then get himself settled. "Assume the position" mean to light the candles, put on his blindfold, and wait naked and spread eagle, arms under himself under the blanket until I arrive.

This time.. gives him time to shift... and to get quiet.. and to wait.. and to let his arousal and submission grow. Music deeply moves him, and the haunting sounds of Tori often have him humming when I come in the room. That makes me smile to see his foot tapping along under the covers.

Much of our time now is fairly domestic. We have shows he records for us to watch.. and like today, Monday, we often watch football which we both enjoy. It's too chilly to keep him naked, and it's easy to fall into a almost vanilla routine.

So.. at the end of the night, when he goes to assume the position, it resets things. It forces him to go into sub space. And he never knows what to expect. I may choose to haul out our toys.. or. I may stroke and tease him.. or.. I will whisper those words that are still magic to us both.. and that is "pleasure pet'... and to feel him take a breath.. I can hear his smile in the dark. and his whisper of "yes Mystress"... and then.. he begins.. and we both swirl away.

Sometime later we surface.. and the blindfold comes off.. and we cuddle, and soon, we are both sound asleep. Mmmmmm.. such a nice way to end a nice evening.

Since it's Mon, that means its time to head over to Paladin's for the evening. I send well wishes to all our friends.. and again. to Lady Muse and chyld for their wonderful reunion.

Best to all,

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmass to all

Hello All.

I hope you all had a good Christmas as Mystress and I did. Compared to last year, this Christmas was better and much happier. I will take that as a sign of things to come for the new year.

Talking about the new year...i get to ring it in with Mystress...woohoo. I do look forward to our traditional new years eve always it will be a blast. Mystress Knight and my sister sub will be with us too so it will be a wonderful eve for all.

Congrats to Dominant Muse and chyldofthenorns on their first in life meeting. It will be a wonderful time for you guys and please enjoy it the fullest. Best wishes to you guys.

A special thank you to Robert and Logan for keeping our Mystress so happy in SL. Mystress does love to play in SL and i am so happy she finds much relaxation and joy there. Keep it up and enjoy it all dear Mystress.

Much love to my Mystress


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Greetings!

Though the hour be late, greetings to one and all!

I guess it's officially the day after Christmas now by a couple hours. I should be in bed, but after a hectic past couple days, I am enjoying the calm tonight.

And, I am filled with gratitude for being so blessed with my friends and pets. Most all of my own family is gone now, so it seems my friends are those that mean the most. I have my Knights grown children as family and it's been a busy Christmas getting everything ready for their visit on Christmas eve, always a big production. But there is a wistfulness missing my brothers and mother this year. I try not to let it get to me, and mostly it doesn't. My new 'family' has been very good about keeping me busy and happy.

But now. the house is quiet. The lights on the tree that Paladin set up for me are still twinkling. He has been asleep for many hours now, a busy day ahead of him putting up garage cabinets tomorrow. He came by tonight on his way home from his folks house.. and we got to do our Christmas gifts. And he brought some pie.. as if we needed any more. But we were all glad to see him, and he managed to get the handle thing put on my new camera that I simply had not been able to get on. One of Paladin's many skills seems to be that he can do just about anything, and do it well. Hence when I get stuck on something, well.. I can' t seem to help now but say 'I'll have Paladin do it." And low, he does. My Knight appreciates that about him a lot too. Paladin has become a vital part of our family. Even our tiny puppy is thrilled when Paladin arrives. She counts him among family and not one of those that she runs and hides from. Our kitty, we got the same summer we 'got' Paladin is also fond of him and lets him rub his belly until he decides he's had enough and away he goes. A often finicky kitty to be sure.

And, we have a new sub in training as well. Logan... who was flying across a piece of property I was in the process of acquiring a couple weeks ago in Second Life. He has been a wonderful companion there, and I've been up working on a surprise in Second Life for him tonight which I have just finished for now. Logan has been very good at doing texting and writing amusing reports. Tonight I put him up on a X cross for the first time, and put him through the paces of his Xcite collar and restraints. Both Robert and Paladin have welcomed him to the 'family' as has my Knight as well. Robert and my schedule has not been very compatible for a couple of months, and he goes to bed quite early, as does Paladin, while I tend to be a night owl. Being on the west coast has me in a later time zone then most all of my friends. But logan seems to be something of a nite owl as well, and its been quite enjoyable to have a nice subbie online at my beck and call. He is looking for rl. and our geographic distance makes that near impossible, so I will hold his collar until the right rl situation is found for him.
But in the meantime, I am going to enjoy his company quite a lot, and enjoy training him some as well So.. welcome to logan..

Also, best wishes going out to The Dominant Muse and Her girl, chyldofthenorns who will be finally meeting in person after two years this Sunday. I pray for a safe flight and easy passage on her long journey to the States. Best to you both and may you be filled with as much joy in each other as Paladin and I have found!

Well.. now its even later and I am tired... best to all out there, and if you ever wish to visit in Second Life, drop me a line or a comment.

Best to all, and to all a good nite,

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time ticking

Evening all.

Only 2 weeks till christmas and 3 weeks to near years. OUt of the holidays i am looking forward to New Years more because i get to spend it with my Mystress...sort of one of our traditions. So far each year we have spent the new years together and each year we count our lucky stars for finding each other and count the years ahead of us.

Last night i was at Mystress's house to help setup the christmas tree. Mystress have a lovely tree and decorations and we spent sometime together setting them up and getting all the decorations up around the house. I personally dont have a tree so enjoy Mystress's tree by proxy :)

While i was there, i needed to use the bathroom. So as i am trained, i asked Mystress if i could use the bathroom, expecting the usual delay while she pondered the request, yet this time there was an immediate answer, and not one i was expecting. She said that i must go ask her Knight if i could. Tgis is something i never have done nor thought about and it was very difficult. I even tried to back out of my request to no avail. So after some whimpering i headed over and asked her Knight if I may. Thankfully he was accomdating. Another memory for the holidays.

Again we wish you all the best for the holidays that have past and those that are coming.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Something Different

Evening All.

Mystress and I hope the holiday season is being kind and good to all our great friends and guests. This part of the year always goes so so so fast yet it seems Mystress and I have spend a wonderful amount of time together.

Saturday Mystress spend the evening here too watching fights with me...something different for her. I believe she enjoyed it and i hope she didnt mind the time together watching guys beat each other :)

We did expand our trivia knowledge too....rather interesting trivia you can learn on Spike TV.
  1. Did you know that Veal, that is the meat, feels most like a woman ? (I'll let your imagination wonder as to what part of a woman the trivia dealt with but heres a clue "Y")
  2. Did you know that if you stared at boobs for 10 minutes you can be hypnotized by them. Can't say i can complain about that.

May theseason be good to all.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wonderful Weekend.

What a wonderful weekend. And the best started super early, Mystress was here as per usual on Wednesday yet we were fortunate enough to both be off work real early so we started a very long and enjoyable weekend early. We enjoyed a lunch together and transitioned into our usual meetings with such smiles and enjoyment.

A short break for Thanksgiving and we were once again together bright and early on Friday. We made plans to enjoy a movie and lunch and you know was during the day :) Weird i know but I dont get much tome off so it was a treat to spend the day with Mystress and a delightful time it was. What a wonderful start to the weekend.

The rest of the weekend drifted by in a haze of enjoyment, excitement and pleasure. What a wonderful weekend. I know i use wonderful a lot, but it really sums up the weekend in a one word that truly describes the time together.

A special thank you to my dear sweet Mystress for spending such a wonderful weekend with truly appreciated and creates such wonderful memories...thank you dear Mystress...for being MY special dear sweet Mystress.


Monday, November 23, 2009

An unusual male sub?

Hullo dear readers

While reading one of the blogs on our list, I cam across this blog entry by chyldofthenorns
"Men are from Venus, women are from mars, err, hang on" in which she talks of male subs being mostly of the sort who think with their dicks. She and I chatted a bit online this morning about it and she said that she thought Paladin was pretty unusual as male subs go, because it never seems as if he is thinking with his dick, so it made me wonder if Paladin IS unusual as male subs go then.

I never thought about it very much, him being pretty much the first one I've owned in rl since my past experiment that only lasted a few days. So upon reading the blog entry.. I began to reflect on Paladin and wondering if he is unusual as chyld says.

I sent him a txt to ask him of often he thinks with his dick, and he wrote back an "lol, I don' t know". When pet is with me, he is sensual and passionate, but he is never whiny, and I don't think he has ever asked to cum, nor to masturbate, although from from what he said, he used about twice a day. Now, its none except when I am with him. Nor as I said, does he ever ask. And there are times when I do for.. well.. lets just say extended periods of time, and he none at all, and yet, he still never even indicates that he wants or needs too.

I have never been to sort to belittle anyone, and when I was looking for a male sub, that was one of the things I was very upfront about, and something that was a mutual realization that we were not suitable because that was something that they craved. I do not enjoy humiliation or belittling. Now I do enjoy a bit of embarrassment.. which to me is different from humiliation.
I never embarrass Paladin in public or in front of strangers. Only in the privacy of our home or a proper environment. The most common form of it is having him repeat things that makes him roll his eyes and he tries to dodge saying sometimes. And.. as pet is not one to ever be dramatic and yet I want him to speak so sometimes.. so I'll make him repeat it over and over and over until he says it like he means it and is not just parroting me. I don't think he ever feels embarrassed unless I am making him compliment himself.

I too have read of male subs who beg to cum and for other things. Pet has never even asked for anything and certainly not begged, unless it is to touch me when I've told him he can't. But never for anything for himself.. although.. I suppose that in his own way, his begging to touch me is for him...and its true, that because he is so energy aware, he has energy orgasms the same time that I do, although it is a very different sort of experience.

I have few pics of Paladin on the site, and the only ones I do have have him in his kneeling positions, or the one of him standing in the kitchen with his arms up. All of them show him being submissive, which to me is sexual but never crude. Chyld notes that pics of female subs tend more toward the lovely mode while male are more sexually oriented. She also mentions how often male subs seem to want to stroke themselves and about men in general thinking with their dicks more then their brains often. My own dad recently sent me a list of jokes and one of then was from Robin Williams who said that it was funny that God had given men a brain and a dick, but only enough blood to use one at a time. My Knight thought that was hilarious, and said that he was afraid that it fit him to a large degree.

Again, it seems to me that Paladin is unique in this way. He never seems to let his dick lead the way. So.. that leads me to the question.. I know that many men are not that way... are male subs MORE likely to be that way then females? Are male subs more likely to be that way then vanilla men? What about male subs vs male Dommes? And which are more obsessed with sex in the female realm, the Mistress's or the sub?

Over all, I think having a good powerfully linked D/s relationship brings both to think of sex more then otherwise. For I often have visions of Paladin spread eagle on his back, tied or not, blindfolded or not.. arms under his back. Knowing that he is available for anything anytime that I want. I can send him a txt right now to stroke his cock, and unless he's in a meeting, he will. Not because he wants to, but because I want him to. But it will arouse both of us. *smiles*

So... I will have pet write on this himself later.... I want him to read the blog entry (which he is I think curious about now that I've asked him a couple questions in regards to it) and express his own thoughts so that we can all understand the first hand thoughts of a male sub and see how he fits in with chylds thoughts.

As always,
wishing the best to all,

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well its that time of the year were we are all supposed to be thankful for what we have...I for one am thankful every day for my dear sweet Mystress. She is so wonderful and such a wonderful Mystress. I count my lucky stars each day in service of Mystress.

Apologies to Mystress for missing my blog too. I just get in the moment when mystress is here and other items fall to the back of my mind when i think of the time together with Mystress....not an excuse but a happy state of mind. I shall do my best to not be forgetful. That includes the whiskers too :)

Mystress and I have a grand day planned for after thanksgiving. I am looking forward to it immensly, even from last week when the day was planned. This past Friday i was wishing it was a week later :) We plan to enjoy a good lunch a movie out then whatever comes after that. It shall be a grand day indeed and more time with my wonderful Mystress.

Our best wishes go out to all our friends and family for this week of Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for, such as finding each other and our time and relationship together. We hope all our friends and guests can find something they too can rejoice in and enjopy the time.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Forgetful Pet

Evening All.

So Pet made a boo boo yesterday. I usually shave each morning but yesterday i forgot, a carry over from the lazy weekend yet not an excuse. Mystress however noticed immediately and was not happy at all. Why? because it scratches and hurts Mystress and she does not like that at all, and i don't like hurting Mystress at all.

So a reminder was in order. Mystress had me lay on the bed and gave me a remindful spanking to not forget again. The message was driven home in multple swats and a fresh memory is now present. A memory remembered with each throb.

Mystress did not like to do it for i know its not something Mystress enjoys and i apologize to Mystress for putting her in that position. I shall do my best to not forget again Mystress.

So a message to all our male sub guests...don't forget to shave otherwise you'll be reminded over and over.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Great times and updates

Good evening all.

We hope all is going well with all our friends. Things have been going well with Mystress and I and we are glad for teh wonderful times.

Mystress has been out and about this weekend shopping, running errands and spednding the last weekend with her guest who goes home next week. Wish you guys the best for tonights activities and i hope you enjoy them immensly.

We enjoyed a special treat on Friday, an unplanned dinner and some cuddling. It was enjoyable as always as anything with Mystress is great. Ty Mystress for indulging me.

Best wishes to all our friends.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is It - a Special Sunday

Today I got to spend an extra day with Paladin.
A very nice treat indeed!

He didn't have to make it a Command... there was a movie I really wanted to see, but no one else I knew did... Even my dear Lady friend who is normally game for most things.

Pet was very agreeable to seeing something I knew he wasn't thrilled about.. and in fact, wouldn't have gone even if he'd been given a free ticket. But I sure would have. I did enjoy the movie quite a bit as I grew up with MJ's music. The best part for Me, was seeing the behind the scenes directing and such, especially since My degree is in Broadcast Production. I think it would have been one hell of a show.. that I'd have never ever seen if not for this movie.
It was uplifting and compelling. No matter what may be said, he was one heck of an entertainer.

Afterwards, we went to a fave place and both had yummy French Dip sandwiches. Then back to his place for a bit to watch some football and some chocolate cake. Again, very yummy. I wanted to drag him down the hall to the bedroom, but... this being a Sunday, and knowing he had chores he wanted to get back to, I had him bring Me home instead.

When we got back, My Knight was just putting new hubcaps on My car, and Paladin stayed to help him do that job, which was very kind of him. Yes, I know I can Command him when I wish, but I like to strike a good balance of time with him, and give him the space I know he needs. He had to work on Fri nite, had a important family function yesterday, and then Me today. I wanted him to have a nice quite eve alone at home to relax, even though he needed to still do his laundry.

Tomorrow, I will bring a take and bake pizza, and we will be on a 'normal nite'... so I will get to have things My way again.. and on Wed.. our dear Lady friend will be joining us for dinner as well, getting to see Paladin's new home for the first time. We are both looking forward to her visit very much. Paladin will show off his bbqing skills and make us some tasty steaks.

We still have company staying with us through the 10th of the month, which has cut down on My computer time, because sometimes My Knight take his laptop to the office, leaving only My computer here, and our friend is looking at lots of real estate, so I let him use My computer.

Ah well... that's what friends are for.

Well... I think that's about it for this Sunday nite..
Am looking forward to seeing pet tomorrow nite.. and taking us wherever we will go.

Btw.. a special congratulations to the Dominant Muse for Her collaring of Her newest pet! Best to all on their new adventure. I hope Her family becomes as happy as O/ours. As I said to Her in chat tonight, polyamory relationships take work.. but especially lots of communication. Clear and honest. I wish them all the very best and hugs all around!

Best to all out there,

Special Treat

Good evening all.

Mystress and i went to see the MJ This Is it movie today...a special treat indeed. Not being a fan of his music, i found it to be interesting as to the degree of planning he had for each and every song. Looks like it would of been a good show. Mystress seemed to enjoy it very mcuh and i am sure she will share a few words on it. After the show we had a great lunch together, then some chocolate cake at my place and then off to do chores. It was a great additional special treat for us and we enjoyed the time together much.

We wish you all the best of times and happiness.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Times

Evening all

As always we hope things are going very well will all our friends and guests. Things are surely going well with us.

Mystress stretched her Mistress legs last week putting me in space each night she was here. A lovely experience to indulge in for sure. I feel so lucky to have a Mystress with such power and i can assure all our guests...the experience is wonderful and you would all just fall in love with it.

Mystress has a family friend satying with her for the next few weeks so a special welcome to them. Enjoy your stay and the company of my dear sweet Mystress. Luckily for me their visit won't interfere with my time with Mystress...woohoo :)

Looking for to Mystress's prescence.


BDay Dinner

Mystress and went to a Moroccon for dinner. Let me tell you, it was a change and experience indeed. The restraunt was decorated in traditional Morrocon style, rugs all voer, covered walls in materials appropriate to teh devor, a low hangin cloth ceiling, and many many statues and decorations abound. It felt like one was about to eat a meal in a tent in the Morroccon desert...quite an experience.

The food was new yet very tasty. It was a 3 course meals with appetizers, teh main meals and desert. All very yummy. And the belly dancer, very entertaining too although a very short dance session. Would of been nice to have them dancing for us while we eat but its a note for next time to get their later to experience that.

Thank you Mystress for the wonderful new experience and i hope we have many more to come.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birthday Reflections

I seem to generally start with appreciation for Paladin. And rightly so. He is the most solid rock I have in My life. He is ever unwavering no matter what storm I am going through. This birthday was no different.

He started out the beginning of the month wishing Me a 'happy Bday month'. And made sure that I got to choose which weekend I would get to spend with him. I will have to have him write about where we went for My bday dinner, as I took him waaaay out of his normal 'box' and he went along un-hesitatingly.

Then last week, on the eve of My bday, he made the most amazing scallops.. this man can really cook great scallops!

One of the most enjoyable things I got to do this month, was watch a tape of Paladin playing Rugby. I had seen pics, but never seen him in actual action. He was the team Captain as well, and I got to watch a tape of him taking his team to winning a national championship. Impressive. And fan-frigging-tastic to watch. Another ode to Rugby thighs and that great ass to boot. (sometimes in the morning when he's getting his dress clothes on for work and I lay in bed watching him hunting around naked in his closet, it's amazing that he makes it to work ...but I do practice lots of self restraint to not drag him back into bed)

Back to the game...
Trying to find him sometimes on the field was a challenge. He laughed when I later complained to him about how hard it was to find his number on those striped shirts. He had not seen the tape of the game at all, and we got about half way through it. He groaned at at all the penalties his team got and mistakes that he could now see. But this game was a few years back, so not like anything he could change. But it was dammed arousing to see all that power unleashed on the field for sure. It was an amazing win. 49 to 3. The other team didn't even score a try.. only one goal. He'd told his team before the game to 'run it up'.. which means slam dunk it.. and they certainly did. Seeing him come up out of the bottom of pile and some of the hits that he took during the game had Me feeling glad that I hadn't watched him play in person... I could see Me yelling "Don't hurt My pet!!" oh yes..that would have gone over well I'm sure.

A side effect of watching the game was wanting to see him in all his naked glory, spread out and restrained. the big, tough, in control Rugby Captain obedient and submissive to My will.
For again, one of the amazing things about Paladin, is that he is NOT a submissive man. Not at all. He is always the one in charge. Except for Me.. I am the exception to all his rules, and I like being that sole exception.

But, although I wanted him spread out for My whims, time was not on My side for that until last nite. When I returned from My trip.. I was anxious to pounce on him. So, last nite, after dinner and catching up on a couple of things, I declared that it was going to be an early eve and I bid him to go lay out our fuzzy blanket, light the candles, put on his blindfold and assume 'the position', which in this case means strip, and lay with his legs spread and his hands under his back. I put put the Tori Amos Pandora station on My iphone and as her haunting voice filled the air, I simply stood and stared at him, relishing all that magnificent strength at My beck and call. Then.. very slowly.. I teased him until he was all twitchy and moany, begging to touch Me. Then I teased him some more.

Until.. finally, I used him as the pleasure slave he is until we both collapsed.

Ummmm.. it's good to be Paladin's Owner.

It has just made Me want to use him again and again.

And so.... I think I will again tomorrow nite too. He is Myne.. to do as I bid. I've had to loosen up on one slave because of his own evolvement away from submission, and it's been painful for Me to do.... but not so with Paladin who has no inkling to change anything between us. So I think he gets some of the brunt of My desires and frustrations. But he never complains, he is always just a text away at any time for Me. Ever reliable and always obedient.. and what could bet a better Birthday present then that????

Wishing best to all this wonderful fall eve,
Happy October!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fun Times For Bday

Evening All.

I hope that all are doing well for they are going well with us.

Mystress is off on a birthday trip, a well deserved trip, and will be back tomorrow. From the texts i have received i can tell she is having a wonderful time which is great. Mystress deserves all the fun times she can get :)

It will be fun to hear all about her trip tomorrow.

Waiting patiently.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Birthday Month

Evening all.

Happy birthday Month Mystress :)

Its that time of the year when Mystress celebrates her birthday month..woohoo. This year Mystress's birthday month seems to be a birth of another sort.

So far it seems like many plans that Mystress has put in play in the past are starting to flourish and come to fruition. Its great to see. All the work and foundations Mystress has laid has started to pay off with many of her little projects starting to take hold. We shall all send much good energy and encourage these beginnings to grow and produce many many more benefits for sweet dear Mystress.

Be happy with the new start MYstress...and know that this year looks to be so much better than last...much love and kisses.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

The season approaches

Evening all.

Mystress and I hope that you all are doing well. The cold weather and rainy days are approaching and Mystress and I are counting down the day with bated antcipation. We do love the cold rainy days and we can't wait for them to start.....enough of the 100 degree days thank you very much. We much prefr 50 degree days and a warm blanket on the couch...mmm much enjoyment.

This week promises to be a busy week yet the reward will be wonderful...Mystress is staying the weekend and we shall as always have a wonderful time.

Looking forward to the weekend and hoping it comes quick...


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wonderful CHange

Evening All.

For our long time visitors you know that Mystress has been enjoying some free time in Second Life. Well recently Mystress has setup a Reiki school, or perhaps i should say a Reiki sacntuary in second life from which she can share her Reiki knowledge.

Its undergone some changes of late and from what i saw yesterday its so much better than when i first saw it. You guys should all pop in and take a gander...its truly a wonderful and peaceful place. A special thank you goes our to Sir Robert who is helping Mystress....your advice, knowledge and help sure does make the project go much much smoother.

I hope everyone is enjoying the last few weekends of the summer...soon it will be time for the rains and mmmmm cuddle time under the covers with the windows open and the rai falling...mmm. Its our favorite time of the year and one we shall enjoy for sure.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Ever feel guilty?

Good evening all.

So i have a question for all our guests if you guys would be kind enough to answer. If you don't have any experiences then maybe some thoughts would be nice to read.

Have you ever felt guilty for what you have? Strange question? I know its kind of weird so i'll elaborate some more. I've had some thoughts of late and i can't put a finger on what i feel or how to describe it other than coming up with the word guilty.

Why guilty? Well you guys can all tell that Mystress and I are still riding high in our special relationship and that things are going very very very well. I adore my Mystress and adore what we makes me so happy and i cherish my Mystress so much. I've had this happiness for years now and we are going into our 3rd year. Work goes well, life goes well and i really dont have any complaints or sorrows....yet some of my closest friends have and are still having some horrible times.

So in my times of contemplation...i have thoughts of is it fair to enjoy what you have when others around you are not happy. What can you do in this situation? Do you just suck it up and be happy? Do you help others achieve their happiness to?

I will not apologize for being sir. I've searched to long to not be happy and guilt free :) What i will do is try make others happier around me. To support them and do what i can to comfort them but without sacrificing what i have. Weird thoughts? Crazy thoughts?

I'd be interested in hearing what you guys think....

Happy thoughts to all


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Being Owned

Lovely post Mystress.

Being owned is such a wonderful thing, especially when its to a loving caring and super sweet Mystress...and i mean sweet in every sense of the word :)

Its past two years now and we are well into our 3rd year of commitment...and we are still going strong. The time has flown by because as they say...time flies when your having fun...and the whole journey has been more than fun...its been amazing.

Mystress style of ownership and my desire for it has been a total match...Mystress can be a hard ass at times and at others...she is wonderfully caring. The whole time she is very proud and not only for herself but for me to. We each have our own styles and its not for everyone, but when youfind a match you hang on tight :)

Love Paladin

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ownership, Gratitude and Communication

I am lucky. Amazingly so. I own Paladin, who is while not perfect (so much that he practically snorted when I told him that someone thought that he was) but does try, and beats himself up when he is not. But lets it go quickly.. we try not to hang onto things too much. He did get a pretty good spanking on Mon for not shaving yet again. I hate it when he forgets. And sometimes, he questions a Command or plays at avoiding it. But he has spirit, and I like that very much in him. He is a brilliant man, top of his game, but he has chosen Me to kneel to, and that is heady stuff.

And I own Robert as well.. who is a high spirited as Paladin is, although often more so in his own frustrating and yet endearing ways. Have had him for six years now. sometimes he pisses the hell out of Me, but I love him dearly, and always care deeply for him.

So.. I own these two amazing men. Why? because they have chosen to belong to Me. I suppose our styles fit pretty well.

Everyone has their own style in this lifestyle. We make our own ways.. and sometimes we are flexible, and sometimes not so much.

Communication has to be a huge part of what we all do here. And being able to do so freely without the fear of reprisal is important, as long as it is respectful. Questioning even sometimes. I have always allowed My slaves to ask Me anything they wish. And to talk to whomever they wish. I never desire to isolate them from their feelings. I have had that done to Me in the past, and for Me, it was very damaging, so much so that the relationship ended.

I have bad feelings about isolation from communicating with others as a result of that. I guess it's one of those things that has stuck with Me. I never trusted that individul again after I realized how messed up things were, and so perhaps I go too far the other way because of it. I wasn't allowed to talk to anyone about anything negative. But it buit and built up.. and then just expldoed in the end. I swore I would never let that happen to Me again. And try to be sure it didn't happen to those I loved. My therapist at the time pointed that out to Me, how imposed silence leads to things being worse, not better.

Personally, it makes Me feel better to know that they can question Me and communicate as long as it is done with respect. I have developed enough self esteem to be able to deal with their questions and concerns when they arise. I have to pause and think, to be sure that I am being fair and just. That is even as a Owner, vitally important to Me.

I have My own issues that come up over and over. Some I've not managed to get past, so My pets have to deal with that from Me sometimes. But life is like that. Some insecurities dont' just 'go away' because you trust someome. They fade after time, much as Myne have, but sometimtes the right button pushed or change in situation or relationship can bring it all back like it just happened.

I tend to hold things in alot, but I have learnd so much from Paladin in the last two years about this, that I am much better then I was at expressing all things. He can tell just by My look that somethign is on My mind. as Robert can tell by the words I use that something is not right. I want honesty at all times... be they happy or sad, or disgrunted or insecure. I want them to be able to express it. I prefer they talk to me.. and I often ask them how I am doing.. am I doing too much of something, not enough of something, and if they are happy. All this matters and is vitally important to Me.. how else do I know of their true well being???

Other folks have other styles, and that's their right of course. We are all different in how we do things, and that is how our subs match up to us as well. Like with Like. Paladin said it took him seven years to find Me because he was so particular about the style that he wanted and felt comfortable with. So anything I say is in regards to Me and Myne. I had a friend who thought I was too hard on Robert when he was here.. thought I controlled him too much, but it was what he wanted, which I knew, because I did Command him to speak from his heart openly. And in that way, to also protect him. She thought I was unfair at the time, but she did not understand his needs. I know that I can see others in that same light. But I have to remember we are each our own little universe and we work the way we most feel comfortable with.

This is not always an esay path that We/we all choose. And I truly wish everyone all the best. To each be who they are the way they are. I mean all of this from My heart, with only the best of intentions.. and again, I speak only for Me.. and Myne..

Good positive thoughts to all.. may we all keep
evolving in all our relationships.

Hugs and smiles to all,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Times

Thing are settling down and normal routines are once agin being re-established...although...time with Mystress is never normal but always yummy and wonderful. Last weekend Mystress and i Spent a winderful weekend togther louging about and puttering about. We got much done around the house and thanks to Mystress's great help we got some major projects accomplished.
With the end in sight to the projects there shall be a time when one can call them complete and settle in for good.

Mystress had a wonderful visit with an old high school friend yesterday. From her informational comments and pictures Mystress shared throughout her day, things seemed to have gone wonderful and the experience much enjoyed. Makes me very happy to see Mystress out and about enjoying her friends as much as i do mine.

Mystress will be here as usual tomorrow and we shall once again have a wonderful time together.

Happy thoughts and best wishes to all our wonderful guests.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Evening All.

Good evening to my dear Mystress and all our frends. I hope that the summer times have treated all well so far.

It seems the summer times have brought many things to light. As Mystress mentioned, i have moved, which has been a mixed blessing. I am sure in time it will get better but for now i live through the chaos of change and hope to have it settled in the near future. One important thing is Mystress now has a key. So there will be no more waiitng around for Mystress :)

On the flip side the summer has also brought some bad news. One a good friend is having some health issues and is in and out of hospital....i hope it will work out and will do what i can to help him out. Thank you Mystress for teaching me the skill of Reiki, for i have been fortunate enough to be able to help that way at least.

I do hope Mystress's shoulder is doing better. It seems it has been imptoving and i keep reminding Mystress to baby it...I hope others remind her too :)

Mystress had a wonderful time with her company. Made me very happy to know Mystress was having a great time. I do hope she gets to do it again soon and that new connections have been made and strengthened.

Looking forward to time with my Mystress


Thursday, July 30, 2009

A quick update..

Finally, Paladin is all moved.  Not sorted out, things are still jumbled up of course, but progress is being made.  

Yesterday was his birthday, and we went to see Harry Potter at the Imax.  Was splendid.    We went downtown early and got our tickets, then went and found a nearby cafe I had coupons for. That is something of a joke, because I like to find a 'place in the book' and try it out.  

Had a coupon for the Imax too. These days, every penny counts.

This moving for Paladin has been really a wonderful experience.  He has had Me with him every step of the way..looking at the house's, or the pics, then choosing the paint colors.. a very nice combination of muted greys.  He came in the other eve, and was wearing the exact colors of the wall behind him.. It amused Me and I mentioned that it was like camouflage and he laughed.

I have let him skip his posts here for now as all his energy has been directed at the business of his new home.  One of the wonderful things about it, is that it is only 6 miles from where we live now, instead of the 20somthing it was.  Just a hop, skip and a jump down a country road too.  

I have to say that Paladin has very nice taste.  I am impressed with his colors and such.  It has been enjoyable watching him measure, study and pick out things.  

And it was fun helping him get things masked and then doing the painting.   I did the ceiling of the laundry room and the edgeing in the living room and master bedroom.  Nice to look at it an know I helped. *smile* And that I helped him.. as he has done so many, many wonderful things for Me.

He had a bit of a temperature problem in a week of 100 degree temps.. His thermostat stopped working, the bolts that came with the new ceiling fan were to short, and his floor fan didn't put out a breeze past 3 feet.  It was 87 degrees at midnite inside.  Ugggh.

But.. that is now fixed.. he got the thermostat, We got him a nice black and silver tower fan for his present, and got the new bolts picked up. As of this eve, the thermostat was working again!

He is still having computer probs and has boxes from top to bottom, but is getting things sorted and up and running.  So I do expect him to be back with us before too much longer.

On a fun note.. there is a row of big hooks running the length of his new garage.. and there was a screw in the middle of the living room in what did turn out to be a stud.  *grin* Gave Me some wonderful thoughts of thins to do once he is more settled in.

I was supposed to have been with him this weekend, but, a long time friend popped into town, so our weekend has been moved to some future time. We'll have Mon and Wed as usual. 

Well, the hour is late and our company has gone off to bed. I am lucky to be off tomorrow, but dear Paladin not only has to work, but it is billing, so has to work late.  I hope that he'll be able to catch up and rest well over the weekend. 

Our best wishes to all, 
and to all a good nite,

Monday, July 13, 2009

Updates and Changes

Greetings all dear friends,

I apologize for the delay in My own writing. Its been a very busy time the past few weeks. It seems to have been one thing after another in a constant flux. Summer is normally a busy time, but this one seems to have been busier then usual.

Have had out of town company staying with us for a bit has kept Me very busy.   They have been using My computer too, so that has bumped Me off  of it when they are here. but. .they are company and one needs to be polite.

The other thing that has been effecting Me quite a bit has been a constant and painful shoulder injury has also kept Me in a fair amount of  pain, as well as mostly in a sling. Its kept My time online down alot too, as typing has been painful.  I'm having to use the mouse with My left hand, and that takes a bit of coordination. 

Thank goodness our moving seems finally done for a long while...for us that is. Paladin has been of great help again in all this. Twas he who saved the day when our washer died and My Knight brought one home, but we could not get it out of the van alone.  He hopped in his car and drove from his town to ours to help unload it.. and then.. the garden work I can't do because of My shoulder, he came and mixed all the dirt for Me, not just once, but twice and then leveled it out.  Truly wonderful!  Now I have a delightful little herb garden and flowers as well. I noted that he's neglected to mention that in his postings.. but he never likes to speak of the good things he does for Me, so I felt I needed to come and say them Myself.. and mention how much I have missed My friends here.. more on that later.

It is now dear Paladin who is next to move.  We expect he'll get the keys to his new home this week. (as I wrote this he sent a txt saying it would be 10am tomorrow for signing of the papers!) Our schedule has been pretty topsy turvy as well due to a variety of things.   The last couple weekends have been spend shopping paint, furniture, light fixtures and other things in prep for Paladin's moving into his first house.  This weekend he spent packing, until My visit last nite... and we talked way too late about the paint colors he is considering.. and black lamp fixtures, or polished nickel?  Scheduling his time off to paint before he moves in, then the rest of the schedule.  

The last week of the month is both our two year anniversary, and his birthday.  Both cause for celebration. 
With this happening in the midst of his moving, things will be very busy, but I am sure we'll find some ways to celebrate!

I want to add a note of apology to My online friends for My absence and lack of communications over the past few weeks.  I have not been very good at keeping up most connections, and have had to leave and not return in some instances.  Having unexpected company pop up and reading over My shoulder sometimes has been disconcerting and inclined Me to not be on as much as I normally would.. that along with not typing because of My sore shoulder.  

I have missed in particular My dear F/friends in Second Life.  I did dearly love the times we spent there.. and although they lost their home there.. I do wish we could still visit. My properties there are always open for visitors and I hope in time, perhaps things will stabilized for us all, and we can visit more.  Big Hugs to Them!

I have of course enjoyed any visits that I have there (in Second Life  with kajira robert.. as he is on the most of anyone.  He has become a wonderful builder there, and I have his Pogan Particle Builder on the roof of  My glass house there.. it's wonderful to play with. and then he can pack what is made in little boxes that you can place anywhere, and it shoots light effects into the sky. Since My littie home there is at the edge of a sea, the light particles can shoot out across the water and is really beautiful, especially when the time of day is set to midnight. (yes, one can set the time of day there to sunrise, mid-day, sunset, midnight, and the area's natural time of day, very cool effect) 

Paladin came online for a bit yesterday afternoon for the first time in a long while, and  and got to see roberts' special effects for the first time and thought them pretty cool too. Tis always an enjoyable time when I have both of My pets there. They get along so well, and I am muchly honored to have the service of these wonderful two men.  This time last summer, our dear robert was here with us all, and we do all miss him.. but I am very glad that I get to see him in SL when we are able to.Little nuri hasn't been around much, but I do always enjoy seeing her when I do.  

I am constantly reminded by My Knight and Paladin to take it easy with My shoulder. They want Me to wear the sling so I don't do something with My hand like I have without thinking about it, and then making it worse.  I find that typing has been something of a chore, but sometimes I do get carried away and forget.. then later it hurts like the dickens.

So for now.. I will sign off.. keeping this as just an update.  More will follow as I get better, and our moving settles down.  I look forward to Paladin's moving because he is moving from his town to one exit away from us in ours.. and that will be wonderful! Many more quick drop bys and visits for both of us.  As well as he is putting a gym in one room, that I am sure we'll both get lots of use out of!

Best Wishes to all...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Times of Change

Evening All.

Mystress and I wish you all good wishes and hope that all is going well with all out guests. Time is flying by in a happy blur and its fast approaching two years in the service of Mystress...two wonderful yummy years. A special thank you to all that have enjoyed our trip together with us, and we welcome you to enjoy it for years to come.

A get well message goes out to Lady Muse. We are glad to hear its nothing serious and wish you the speediest recovery.

A tired Paladin.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Busy happy times.

Evening all.

Well the busy times are always present these days but in a good way. Mystress is settled in her new place and cable is installed. Work goes well. Our togther times are always wonderful and yummy. Even though things are busy...i think i can get used to this wonderful business.....its not like it is the ugly always busy no time for fun busy.

Mystress is out celebrating Fathers day today with her knight. A wonderful time is being had by all. It definitely leads one to be thankful for those we have in our lives and to be grateful.

A special happy fathers day to all the dads amongst our guests....have a great day.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mystress Back In Touch

Evening all.

Things are have been rather hectic for Mystress and I...much time together and cuddling and growing closer together. We hope all our great friends are having a super summer to date and that things are going well for all.

Mystress finally got her cable installed after waiting a week without cable/tv...can anyone imagine such pain and torture.....I admit i would of gone mad without the connection :) I am sure Mystress will make up for all the lost time :)

Mystress also gets to meet her new neighbors today so we all wish they turn out to be very mellow and a non-hassle set of neighbors.


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy times.

Good evening all. I'll keep this short as its been a very long and busy weekend with i regret having to do for i could not help my dear Mystress move, which was the worst part about the somewhat sucky weekend.

Mystress and I have been in touch all weekend and the last update from Mystress is that everything is practically done. Just some small stuff left and obvisouly some unpacking. Thank you to those that helped my Mystress, and a special wow to Mystress, who lead the charge doing so much herself.

I hope that you get to relax some now and we will have to make a warm batch and much relaxation part of tomorrow. Looking forward to it.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

And so it was. Very relaxing.. and fun.

We discovered a new Thai place on Fri nite.. mmm.. so yummy.. duck.. and grilled chicken and thai steak, and Phad Thai noodles... very very yummmy.

We did take some pics (much to Paladin's slight grumbling) I didn't take his tempreture... but I did measure it by other means. And we did do some of the Roman and the Celt again...
mmm... do love it when he's tied and blindfolded.. and never knows what I am going to do next. Love to make the ice chink in the glass.. and can see him shudder and trying to prepare himself..but .. he's never .. really ready for it. Especially when it's melting in his belly button.. *wicked grin*

We also played My first bit of World of Warcraft on his two machine.. he has two accounts it turns out. That was to see Lady Muse and chyld there too for a bit.

We watched 4 movies... Mongol.. the first of 3 parts about gengis khan, and the 3 Underworld movies.. great stuff.. Watched a warrior match up between Pirates and French Knights..(It was the Pirate Blunderbuss that finally got thru the Knights armour, was fascinating to see the scientific matchup) and the 2009 kitchen and bath show on the home network.. in fact.. watched lots of stuff there. One of our fave sort of domestic things to do.

And. I am writing this at Paldin's.. as I got done working early, and it was great to come home and take a cool shower. Now, he'll be home in about 15 minutes.. mmmm.. more cuddle time and pleasure before our move this weekend..well.. we hope.. or maybe not till Mon.. we'll just have to see.

Anyways. we had a wonderful time.. I kept him naked except for his collar and restraints the entire time.. except when we went out to eat of course. *smiles* Mmmmm.. lovely!

Well. take care all. time to run..
best to all,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A delay in Moving means Fun with Paladin

This is just a quick update before the weekend of the schedule change.

So yes.. we are moving yet again. But.. not this weekend. The good folks moving next door are not going to be done this weekend, so this one will be used to recharge up before the hurricane of moving hits.

So, now I need to think of some fun things to do with Paladin to amuse Myself.  Anyone have any suggestions?  kajira? I know you normally have great ideas.

Best to all,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Moving

Evening All.

Looks like next weekend is lining up to be another move dear Mystress again weekend :) Not far this time but rather right next door. Mystress has been offered the place right next door to her current place and it being so much bigger and hardly any more in rent, the opportunity is too good to turn down. So we shall all once again band together and move dear Mystress into her new bigger place. This time we have many more hands so the move should go much much quicker than the last. Thank you to all that in advance to those who will be there to help.

It is also our weekend together so we plan to soak our weary bones and recoup in the tub each night....mmmm lovely soak time with Mystress.....a truly wonderful treat.

Things have been busyyet truly wonderful of late and they look to be even better in the future. Thank you to our friends who are on this wonderful journey with us and we hope that your all enjoying the ride.

Oh yes.....before i forget...Mystress told me to write about this little whimper she let out the last time we were together. At the end of our cuddle time when Mystress was well satisified, Mystress let out this wonderful little soft whimper that was music to my ears. I do love bringing pleasure to Mystress and this was indeed a wonderful reward. Whimper on my dear Mystress.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy days and make up.

The busy days have definitely taken a toll, on my well being and Mystress's too. Like Mystress mentioned we had layoffs at work and having just dodged the bullet so to speak, it was not possible to say no to what was asked for fear of upsetting the axe men at work.

Needless to say that project and the other spontaneous projects are in the past now and now Mystress and i get back to normal. Mystress is coming over right after work today and we have plans to go see a movie. Infact this would be our first movie out as we much prefer our movie time on the couch....less clothes involved.

Looking forward to the day and evening very much as i get to be with my dear sweet loving mystress without any distractions and interuptions.....wwwwweeeeee.

I hope all our friends out there are having a grand time too and that sour times have avoided you wishes to all.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

And the work goes on....

Not the weekend we had planned.. not at all.

Things at Paladin's work took a downward turn do the bad economy and the end of the week saw a good number of layoffs at his company.  The text he sent when this happened said the mood there was very 'somber.  That set the mood for his continued dedication...except that things he had hoped would finish on Fri night, did not go as he had hoped.

This is one of those times, that no matter what an Owner may want to do, tis best to let go of one's plans (or at least do their best to), and accept that even to us, some things do as I told Paladin, trump us.  His work has to be one of those things.  With his boss out of town and Paladin left in charge of two working teams, he had to be totally focused on what he was doing, even if, or especially since.. he was telecommuting.  I don't even know how late he worked on Fri nite as I finally went to bed around 10:30ish.. Hoping he'd be able to get done with the project and rest soon. It was very sad to go to bed alone. 

Welll.. being finished with the project for the weekend, it turns out, was not to be. Paladin was up before Me and working again on Sat morning.   This led to the biggest difference in our weekend.  Because a weekend morning is the thing I look forward to more then anything else.  He was very sweet as he told Me to sleep in.. but I couldn't for very long.  A 'normal' weekend waking up with Paladin is the best part to Me.  His warm cuddles and erotic touches are better then waking up to bacon cooking.  So I lay alone in his bed for a bit, feeling the warmth of his body fading from it at the same time I was hearing him already on the phone having work conversations when I got up not long after him.    Thinking that this was going to be over soon, I didn't mind going into the office to play on the computer to keep Myself from distracting him.  


One of the vital team members seemed to have decided not to respond to anything, and I could feel Paladin's frustration building as the morning and then afternoon went by and the person seemed to have dropped of the face of the planet.  A  flurry of emails and phone calls went unanswered.. and this continued all day on Sat. The other team was having problems with file transfers and it became apparent that Paladin was now also going to have to work all day on Sunday. 

This led to neither of us feeling very well as the day passed and it was mid afternoon that I decided that I was simply not up to going out to the planned party.    Paladin also had developed a slightly scratchy throat that didn't seem to feel like his allergies, another reason to not take a chance at the party. We let our hosts know and instead we went and had a quiet dinner alone together. This was one of those times when neither of us had the energy to deal with other people and I simply wanted to curl up at home and try to get past things.  
It felt like I had.. lost heart to some degree.   Paladin couldn't have been more apologetic.  It was not his fault by any means.. it was simply the state of the situation.. and even though I knew this logically... I didn't handle it very well emotionally.  It seems that no matter what I tried, I couldn't slide out of the sadness I felt.  I had waited weeks for this weekend with him..and now.. all I could do was try to find ways to amuse Myself and not change the clear focus on his work he needed.  His work is very very technical..and he couldn't afford to lose track of where he was, or miss any of the gazillions of tiny details he was responsible to be sure were perfect, especially since he was doing this for his out of town boss after a fresh round of layoffs.   

Even after he had turned off the computer for the nite, I could still feel his brain thinking about all that he hadn't been able to do and all that he was going to have to do the next day. The long hot bath I had wanted to take was left by the wayside and instead, I just tried to find a way to sleep.

This morning... he was back up at it again before I was up..although I woke up when he got up... and tried again to resolve all this within Me.  Always in the past.. the very best thing about weekends has been NOT having to get up and go to work as we do during the week.  Yes... we got to sleep in two more hours... but then it was up and deep focus into the computer.  No cuddling, no playing no... well.. any of the things we would normally do.   

Worst.. was losing My ability to be in control for the weekend.. in fact.. I had no control.   At least that's how it felt.   And as the weekend passed, this built up into more and more frustration on My part.  As I watched him work, I wanted to yank him off that damn computer and tie him up spread-eagle  on his bed... I wanted to demand pleasure from him.. I wanted to Command his attention...but instead.. I huddled in the corner of the couch trying to not let him see how upset I was.  This of course did not work.  

Paladin has developed lots of intuition over the almost two years I have owned him.. and as a Reiki practitioner, he is even more so.  No matter how hard I tried to was obvious that I was having a hard time, and it was also obvious that he was too.  We talked several times as he worked.. he said (and I know that he can) do a couple things at once... but as I said a bit ago, this is highly technical work with lots of numbers and such.. and I know I couldn't do it if I wasn't abel to fully focus on it... and I had to allow him to do that as well.. it was the only thing I could do.. to try and support him as best I could.

It had been planned that I would spend tonight as well.... but.. I simply couldn't handle it anymore.. and decided it would be best for us both if I just left.  He told Me many times I was welcome to stay..and normally.. I would have loved to... but this was not at all normal for us.. and it was best that I left, and I did early in the afternoon. His eyes were terribly sad, and I knew that he was just as unhappy about how things had turned out as I was.. and I truly didn't want to make him feel any worse.  We both felt pretty awful I think, although again, it was just one of those things out of either of our control.

In the end.. he worked on until 9:30 tonight... I am sure his brain must be slush.  Yes.. I am supposed to see him again tomorrow nite.. and he has promised he is not working... we shall see.   But the hard part is.. that now.. our weekend to sleep in and play and relax is a total bust.   None of the above happened at all..  *sigh* 

He has promised that we won't wait a whole month or more to make this up... and I will look forward to another weekend that puts this one by the wayside.  We tried to console each other with the fact that we've had all great weekends... and that this is the first one that has sucked this bad.. and not in a good way.  So.. we will expect to have a grand one next time! But he is still going to owe Me.... and owe Me really really big!   

Oh.. and although this is the night that Paladin normally posts to this blog, I have given him grace from it this week due to his brain being all squishy from too many hours on the computer.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

A good week.

This week promises to be wonderful for i get to see my lovely Mystress not only twice, but for the whole wonderful weekend.

Mystress and I are also spending Cinco De Mayo weekend together and are attending a play party on Saturday. It shall be great times for all and I know Mystress is looking forward to getting back into the flow of things with the group.

We hope things are still going will with all our guests. We shall be sending out happy thoguhts to all and wishful happy thinking.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Evening to All

Evening All..

Just a short post tonight...been working all day so my brain is a touch squishy. Mystress reminded me of a movie thats coming on tonight we both want to watch so i'll settle in to watch that soon.

Btw...Mystress's new puppy is a little cute one. Very very tiny and shy at first but quickly warms up. Seems like i will be the one to play fight with her and get her all riled up and then Mystress comes in and calms her down :) She does this cute little bark/attack thing and tries to fight your hand...very funny.

As always we wish the best to all our guests. Special shout out to all the SL friends....hope you guys still having fun.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

A tolerating Mystress

A special appreciation goes out to my dear Mystress for the couple weeks that have passed. I have been working very long hours and even some weekends to bring the end to a project which shall end in 2 more long nights.

Throughtout this time Mystress has been very tolerable to the hours and my inconviniences through out and for that i am very grateful. Those nights i had to work late and Mystress was still able to come around meant much to me for as i told Mystress, I'd rather have Mystress there to keep me company that cancel our nights for they do mean much to me.

As i told Mystress today, only a couple more evenings of late work then things are back to 100% normal. I do owe Mystress a lobster dinner for all her patience which i shall happily deliver. Thank you Mystress for being so understanding and special


Monday, April 6, 2009

A Surprise Gift

Whatever shall we call her?

Yesterday, a dear friend I'd not seen in several years called to ask what I was doing.  I had just come back from picking up a friend from up in the foothills an hour away at rehab and delivering him home, safe and sound, detoxed and on the road to re-recovery back to his family.  Other then expecting to meet some friends in Second Life for a while, I had nothing specific planned. 

She had had a poodle for some 14 years that had passed away last fall. She did not handle the loss very well and finally decided it was long past time to get herself a new puppy.  And so she had, and was out making the rounds to introduce her to her friends, and we were on that stop.   

She had never met Wolfie but she grieved for our loss and oooed and ahhhhhed over Wolf's pics.  Right then she decided that if she had a new doggie, then WE needed a new doggie.  I tried to put her off, although  we had already decided that we wanted a puppy this time, even with all the difficulties of them.  Right now a new puppy simply wasn't going to fit into our budget unless someone gave us one.  

My friend said she has expected to pay twice what she had for her poodle and that by gosh, she was gong to get us one.  I tried again to put her off, but she insisted we look though the rescue dogs available.. but she is very.. in the moment as far as 'gratification' and so she then had Me look up the local paper's classifieds.... and there was the cutest little face's.  She insisted I call them right then and see if they still had the puppies.  He said yes, but that tomorrow would be a better day for it, and she said to him no.. she was from out of town and here now and wanted to get us a puppy right now. and the next thing I knew we were looking at 3 adorable tiny puppies.   Wolfie had been a short-haired, fawn colored teacup chihuahua, and My Knight had liked her coloring a lot.  My friend felt we should have something just a bit different this time though and so I told her that she should pick for us and this is the one she picked this one out for us.. which fit just perfect!  She bought her right there and then to My amazement.

I seemed to just be following along in My friends whirlwind of excitement.  The home we got her from was near My Knights office, where he was working on some legal documents.  I called to be sure he was still there, and he was.. so we trotted right over with little one wrapped in Wolfies pink blankie. 

The look on his face was priceless, and My friend was beside herself with joy.. and so were we.  Shocked and totally unexpected... 

So, we now have a absolutely darling little girl puppy.  She is nine week old  full blooded long-hair chocolate and white chihuahua. She has bits of white on her paws ( like she walked in milk) and a white blaze on her chest, and a tiny bit of white on one side of her pink nose.   She slept right where Wolfie slept in the bed and woke Me up at 3:30 moving around.. I brought her out and put her down on the paper, she dutifully went pee and then we went back to bed.  

The plan was for My Knight to come back from court this morning and take her to his office to be with him there, but My client for today cancelled on Me, and so I got to spend today here with her.  I'll take her up to the office later in the afternoon before heading to Paladin's for the nite and then work tomorrow as per our usual routine.  Dear Paladin asked if I needed to stay home with her, but My Knight has raised puppies before, and this one has taken a real shine to him already, so he assured Me that she will be fine and he'll look after her and take her to the office with him tomorrow as well, and then I can come pick her up when I come home from work in the early afternoon.   A puppy.. haven't had one since I was a teen, and been a good 20 years since My Knight has had one too. And we do know all that goes with it and have the right set up for it.  

Chihuahua's love to travel and visit, and this one will get lots of opportunity to do that.   My Knights secretary was there with him last nite, and she also ooooed and ahhhed over her, and I think is thrilled that the little one will be at the office with them when I am not home.

We wondered how she would acclimate to things her, but she climbed right into Wolfies bed and snuggled in all on her own.  She did have a bit of a funky puppy smell, so she got her first bath and low blow dry.  Wasn't overly thrilled with it, but didn't get overly upset either. I put her bed in the sun afterwards and she seemed to like that alot. But when I came in here to type, she looked lonely, so I brought her bed in with Me, and now she is sleeping happily with a full belly.

Wolfies friend and kitty companion has let her sniff him and been very neutral abot it.  She is still shy and staying curled up in the comfort of her bed so far. Soon I am sure she will be out playing with him though.. and he does like that.

So.. now.. the thing is.. what to call her???

Any idea's out there?

Best to all.