Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mystress's Compassion

I can only point it out so many times but i really hope our visitors see my wonderful sexy caring gorgeous Mystress's true compassion with her last past.

Thursday has been our night since we met and I was going to do my duty and have Mystress over as usual. But Mystress being the insightful Mystress she is said that we should skip tonight so that i can face tomorrow with full energy. How many others would be so caring for his or her pet? Would others visit regardless of the state of his or her pet? Its possible and likely in some situations but not my Mystress.

My Mystress is very intune with her intuition which guides my Mystress in all her decisions. Mystress analyzed the situation and made a decision thats in my best interest and against her wishes. I know Mystress is always looking forward to coming over and for Mystress to make this sacrifice is not lost on me. Thank you Mystress for decisions and i treasure your care for both you and I.

I shall use this time to recharge and prepare for what will probably be a 13+ hour day tomorrow.

This time as Mystress said also drives our passion for one another since the time apart increases our longing for one another and when we see each other again...the pleasure will be amazing.

Off to chat with my Mystress.....


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Passion and Sacrifice

It's late and I am very tired.
It was indeed a wonderful evening.
Pet and I talked long about the weekend
and discipline and I think we both felt again, relieved
about solidifying what we do and don't need.

The time shared and the passions with pet was amazing
last nite. He has learned how to touch Me in ways that can
totally transport Me. Being able to direct his touch
and tell him what to do, when to pull back and when to go
is a luxury that I have never experienced with anyone before.
It did indeed feel like things were resolved in a positive way for us
both and that we can move forward from here.
But he is right, neither of us slept well last nite.
I don't know exactly why.. I kept worrying about
him not getting enough sleep and he was tossing
and turning some. But tis still always nice to feel him
near. I think I look forward to another weekend nite
with him before long, followed by a morning where we
can sleep in and NOT be up early for a change.

I wish the rain's would come...
for a day in bed and a nite of passion
and sleeping in on a rainy morning
is something we both look forward to
very very much.

As for our regular time tomorrow...

The last work week of every month is crazy time for pet.
And this one, will be no different.

Knowing that he will have to work so late
on Fri, and how badly he slept last nite, and how busy
tomorrow is also liable to be for him, I have decided to
skip seeing him tomorrow nite. Not that I don't want to..
and he knows this. But.... pet gets bad headaches sometimes
and he also needs time alone to totally recharge. And I did not
want him to worry about getting off work on time tomorrow,
or about being up late on the nite before a very very long day.

Because owning pet means looking after him,
its My job to make sure that I keep him in the best
mental, emotional and physical health that I can
So, again, the best thing I could do to help him this week,
was to not see him tomorrow nite.

This will give us both time to rest up well,
and as pet has pointed out before,
will build up our longing to be together
more then ever next week when his work
stress has passed over for the time being.

So, I wish My beloved pet a quiet and restful time
and know that as always, we will come back together
with much joy and passion.

With a yawn and rubbing of eyes,
I wander off to bed to smile and remember pet
and his passions and to look forward to the
next time.

Best to all,

A wonderful night

Last night my Mystress spent the night. As always its a great time when Mystress visits. We spent a wonderful evening having dinner, taking a wonderful bath and sharing in mutual pleasure.

We discussed the weekend and all that came from it and both agreed that its in the past and we shall not dwell on it.

Going to sleep with Mystress in my arms is a wonderful sensation...very soothing and and a treat for both Mystrss and I. Last night Mystress and I both didn't sleep well. It seemed we were both tossing and turning. This lead to some limited sleep for both Mystress and I.

So i wait now, fighting off sleep, waiting for my Mystress to get home from some errands so that we can chat....hope my Mystress sleeps well tonight.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Discipline and its effects

I awoke early on Sunday and knew that today i was going to be spanked. Not just spanked but spanked hard to ensure i do not forget my tasks anymore. I lay in bed thinking how bad it was going to be. How would it happen..what would be the protocol...what should i do. I had worked myself up and was now expecting the worse.

I rose, took a shower and readied to run my errands before Mystress had arrived. I was not feeling in the best of moods and i was not kurt with my communications with Mystress this sunday morning but i did keep things to a minimum...why? I guess i was just getting myself in the mindest to accept a very firm discipline and i thought i'd just keep it minimal and get it over with as soon as possible.

Mystress being very intuitive picked this up and asked if everything was all right...i said they were but there was still a high level of nervousness and i just wanted to get it done. So i ran my home, packedaway my groceries and did some tasks i had to do on Sundays since its the only day i have free to do them. Cleaned the kitchen dinning room and generally just picked up the place while laundry was started.

11:30 ..time to change. Mystress had told me to wear my uniform which i did. Freshened up at it was 11:45...15 mins till my Mystress would arrive. I sat on the couch waiting...mind turning, trying to make time go faster so that it would be over. Alittle after 12 i got a txt from Mystress saying she would be alittle late...oh boy more time to kill and think about it.

Finally Mystress arrived and i greeted her the only way i know how...with a smile and my mantra and plenty of hugs and kisses. Trying my best to cover my nervouness, Mystress seemed to pickup on this and suggested we get it done with. So i was ordered to my room, told to adopt a position lying on my bed close to the left edge facing the head board....tick tock. Time seemed to slow to a standstill.

Finally Mystress entered and being very aware Mystress did not delay it any longer. She told me what it was for and how it shall be from now on...then administered 10 very very hard smacks with the hair brush follwed by 5 more with a belt. They were definitely the hardest Mystress had delivered to date and some i do not wish to get again. Their intent was to teach me not to forget my tasks ever again, and with each smack the lesson was learnt over and over.

After it was done i was very relieved. Mostly becuase it was over but also because Mystress had finalized how all my disciplines shall be done from now on. Its a combination of styles but again..made unique to us. Thank you Mystress for your attention to details and how you have come up with your own unique style taken from aspects of both our childhood discipline routines.

We had discussed it in depth the evening before and it was this discussion that had me thinking about it all night. After sunday's spanking we once again discussed it further. Discussing why it had to be done and why it will be done in the future. The discussion also finalized the methodology to how it shall be done.

I am now content and accepting of both the method of discipline and the reason behind the need for discipline. I shall try my best to not give Mystress and reason to administer the discipline but with the method finalized it shall be easier to bare. I shall not have to toss and turn thinking of what Mystress will be doing and that we can now both be more relaxed about the need for in not having to worry about the form the discipline shall take...and Mystress knowing the strength and methodolgy the discipline shall take. A happy medium between both our view points.

The caveat in all this is.......Mystress still has the right to change her mind and if she deems a change of discipline is necessary then so it shall be.

Thank you Mystress for this enlightenment.
Much kisses


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pet's Mis-Expectations

pet had been worried about his discipline all yesterday, last nite..
and today.

Now what pet thought I was going to do to him, I don't really know.
He KNOWS I won't damage My property.
And he knows how I feel about him.
He should have known it wasn't in Me to really beat him.
I told him that I wasn't going to.

While I was good to My word,
and I did discipline him longer and harder
then I had before, and while it did not fully tear Me up,
it was still difficult and its My least favorite part
of owning and training pet.

I had him fully dressed... gray shirt and black jeans,
and had him lay down on his bed.
Then I gave him 10 very very hard smacks with the hairbrush,
and 5 more very very hard ones with the belt.
He made almost no sound, and did not move at all during it.
I let them fly all very fast to get it over with as quickly as possible.
I don't like stretching out disciplining him like this.

I know I hurt him... and dammit... I hope he DOES learn from this!
He was quiet and still afterwards,
and I think a bit shocked at how much I did hurt him,
so was I, although I was trying to make a point
and hoping I won't have to do this again.

I did rub on his backside afterwards to try and sooth him
as I have read many other subs write and say that it
always helps them to have this done for them after
a spanking.. and I did want to do anything I could to
help ease his pain after his discipline.

He knew that My mother used a hairbrush on Me..
and I knew that his parents used a belt on him.
12 was the number of smacks I gave him last weekend..
so 15 WAS more then last time. And the brush hurts a lot..
more I think then the belt.

I did what I needed to.
And.. to I think both of our relief's.. we have come up
with the future of what form his discipline is.

As pet wrote himself.. he worried himself way too much
about all this, and as a result got little sleep and was
much too tense. I could tell how tired he was today..
he looked exhausted. He had not told Me that he had
not slept well since Wed nite.

He says I over think things..
but.. this time it was HIM that thought way too much
and as a result, got only a couple of hours sleep last nite.
Pet tends to wake up a 7am no matter what.. so the best thing
is for him to go to bed earlier so he can get the sleep he needs.

Pet works too hard and has too much else going on
for him to worry about his discipline that way.
Last nite we had talked about how his parents
disciplined him. You see.. pet has always tried to be good.
His whole life. He has always been co-operative
and as well behaved as he can be. He says its part
of his growing up in the country that he did..
I think he was never defiant like I was.

Any of the things that I have had to discipline him for
have always been things that he has simply over looked
because of him generally being overly busy.
He has never ever been bratty or purposely

Soo.. I have decided to henceforth discipline him the same way
that his parents did. Which means him lying dressed
on the bed, and between 3-5 very hard smacks with a belt
per incident.

So, now he will always know what to expect.
I realize that this isn't the 'traditional' way of
doing things... never been how I was disciplined for sure.
However... pet is an exceptional case and I want him
to not worry so much about making a mistake or forgetting
something. I think we both feel better about it now.
We'll see how it feels for us both. But for now.. pet

has much stress on his plate and I don't want to add more
to it. No more tossing and turning nites.

I have said it before.. and I will say it again..
pet is primarily for pleasure. That is his main duty
and he does a very good job at it.
Now.. this doesn't mean I can't and won't do
a pleasure spanking from time to time..
but.. a discipline spanking is very different.
And while all this is set up for now as it is,
this doesn't mean I can't change it either if
it feels like it needs to be changed.
But for now.. until things change for pet
in his work.. this is a way of making sure
he does not over stress himself.. and that..
is more important then anything else.

Of course... I can also tease him and not let
him cum too.. or stand in the corner..
so, there are other options for punishment.

And I'd be thrilled to read any suggestions
that any of our readers might have out there.

As for the rest of the visit today,
it was as always, wonderful.
Pet was a perfect host.. and he says
I wore him out. (smile)
While he most certainly. did NOT wear ME out.
he did give Me hours and hours of amazing pleasure!!!

I too will be looking forward to Tue..
and I hope that pet's week won't be too
crazy stressy.

Best to all,

Mystress's Wonderful Visit.

The day is over and the dread for the day....never showed up. I was very nervous for today because Mystress was going to administer some discipline i would never forget. Although the discipline was harsh and i will not forget it, i think i beat myself up so much the day and night before that i had conjured up some creative images concerning the discipline. More than i would of expected from my Mystress and because of this i was very nervous for the day.

But being the wonderful Mystress my mistress is, Mystress immediately put me at ease. Administering my discipline in a very firm and memorable manner yet still with care and concern. Thank you Mystress for being so wise and caring and i shall do my best to never put you in that situation again.

The day consisted of chores and snuggling up on the couch, as well as some great lunch and of course, pleasure for us both. Mystress insisted that i do my normal chores and pleasure was had by all between the chores.

Now I start the countdown till Tuesday...till my Mystress comes over again. I shall definitely look forward to the visit as it will give me something to look forward to and to relax with while i go through what looks to be a very busy week again. Don't concern yourself with my schedule Mystress for your visit will give me the energy to make it through the week.

Big kisses to Mystress and much LOVE


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lessons Slowly Learnt

Its 11:00pm and i wait till 11:15pm to do yet another task my Mystress has given me. While i wait i shall post my blog i definitely remember to post due to Mystress's last lesson.

I look forward to seeing Mystress tomorrow. It shall once again be a wonderful day relaxing and doing whatever comes up.

I go now to sleep and clear my head for tomorrow it must be open to learn the lessons Mystress shall be teaching.


Pet's Discipline

Pet strives to do his best.
And I am ever proud of him.

But... there are times.. when even with his striving
he is not as perfect as he would like to be.

We have talked at length.
His duties are not too much.
Sometimes he gets overwelmed
and then he gets to many things
going on in his head.
So I asked him what the answer was,
and he said...that he feels he needs discipline to remember.

He knows that spanking him has been difficult for Me
to do in the past. And I expect it will be to some degree still.

However.... I as I told him.
I for one.. am NOT an 'old dog' who cannot

learn new tricks. I refuse to put Myself in that box,
or limit My growth and evolution for both Myself
and Paladin's sake.

As he has to grow and change to adapt to 'us'...
so do I.

pet missed 2 of his duties yesterday.
They slipped his mind.
He had no inkling until I queried him on it tonight.
But he was very aware once I pointed it out to him.

So.. tomorrow, pet will be

I have told him...
It WILL hurt.
No grace this time.
That hopefully after THIS time, it will stand out
in his head. And that he'll remember his duties.
Last weekend's discipline was the hardest that I
had given him to date.
This one.. will be harder.
And longer.
He WILL remember it for a while.

He says it not bothering Me to spank him
would make it easier for him.
Well, I can to make that happen.
As I also told him, I've been reading.
Blogs.. and pages about D/s relationships
and especially discipline and spankings.
And there is a different mindset that I am adjusting to.

What I realized, is that every time I have done it,
pet has been proud of Me.
He's gone out of his way to tell Me this.
I will want him to be very very proud of Me tomorrow.

And... a secret....
shhhhh... don't let anyone else know..
but every time I've spanked him....
I've noticed...
his cock gets hard.
Interesting huh?
And when his cock gets hard,
I get ... aroused.

So I asked him tonight,
if the thought of My enjoying spanking him
made his cock twitch.

I bet you all know what he said..
he said...

So, with that as a mindset,
I am rather looking forward to seeing pet..
for several reasons .

The hour is getting late...
I sure hope he doesn't forget his blog tonight.

Best to all,

The Holiday

Pet is too kind in his words, however his facts are correct.
I also want to thank him for his loving support through
all this. He has been there via txt to offer kindness and
encouragement as I have shared with him about My
holiday plan changes at the last moment.
Since pet has mentioned it, I will fill out a bit
of the details.

Master's surgery on Mon, was more intensive then expected,
the doctors insisted that he stay until Fri.
Hence he was destined to be in the hospital on Thanksgiving Day
which precluded Him from staying here and
looking after our critters, while we went away,
and more importantly, being with His son here for that special day.

After almost two months in the hospital, he was very torn up about
losing out on this special day with his son. So.. My Knight being in
full accordance with Me, agreed that the only good option was for him
and his son to go to see his family as planned, and for Me to host
Master and his son and son's mother for Thanksgiving
Day and his son and mother for the nite as our guests here
so they could have time together as Master's son lives with Him.

It was the simply the right thing to do.

And.. while parts of it were difficult (only in that the son's mother
has a few mental health issues) it was overall very rewarding.

So it turned out to be a good thing I had ordered one
of those heat and serve Thanksgiving dinners for Master
and his son and mother to have had. So I heated
it up along with some homemade gravy and cramberry sauce.

Master was out on a short pass from 10-6,
but he was in much pain and we took him back early.
He was due to be released the next morning at 10am,
but do to a mix up, was not released until 5pm.

So his son and I kept him company, and then they
came to stay with us last nite,
and My own dear Knight had returned by then.
He and Master are best of friends
and they had a wonderful time laughing together
about a many things.
Master was thrilled to be out of the hospital,
and it was obvious that his young son was also
thrilled to have his Dad around.
As pet would say, a good time was had by all.
I did have to awaken at 4am to give Master His pain meds
and then again at 8. Can't let that sorta pain get out of
control or it is too hard to get under control again.
A simple meal of hearty grains and coffee sufficed for breakfast.

Alas, My movie plans for today also fell through,
but that is all fyne for I spent much of the
day taking Master home, getting His bandages
changed (as per the instruction by His doctor yesterday)
and Him settled in at home with a ice chest full
of Thanksgiving leftovers so that He won't have
to worry about cooking for a while.

I too am now quietly settled in Myself for a peaceful
afternoon and eve of TV and our own Thanksgiving leftovers.
Pet is out to the movies himself with a friend and I do hope
that he is having a grand time.

Tomorrow, I will indeed get to see My very own pet..
and we shall see what the day brings.
It has been a nice but stressful few days,
and tomorrow will be My day to play and relax!
I am looking very very forward to it.

As always..
best to all,

Friday, November 23, 2007

Time together

The holidays are now over and commitments complete and its now time for Mystress and I to be together once again. Mystress is planning to visit Sunday and then we have our traditional meetings Tues and Thursday this week. It will be good to see Mystress again.

Mystress has seemed to have survived her sacrifice this past few days and from what i have heard so has seemed to be a very very good turn out for all those involved. Some have even made comments that its the most changed they have seen the other ever. This can all be acredited to my Mystress and how she has the amazing ability to heal all the situations...such a gift and so so caring.

If Mystress's plans have not changed she is off to see a movie tomorrow with friends. This will be good for Mystress as it will give Mystress a reason to relax some and take some "Me" time...recharge the batteries and enjoy a quite day relaxing.

Big kisses to my sweet Mystress


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mystress's Amazing Sacrifices.

Mystress never fails to do something that truly amazes me. As Mystress has posted before she had made plans to go visit family for Thanks giving. Well her first knight had to go back to the hospital and because of that shal be missing thanks giving with his family. Mystress being the wonderful caring Mystress she is has given up her trip to host her knights family for Thanksgiving. A truly noble and caring sacrifice and one i know her knight will truly cherish and be thankful for. It is this example of my Mystress's sacrifices that i hope others see and take a step back and admire for it is truly wonderful.

I'll be spending the next couple nights at the folks for Thanksgiving only to return to work on Friday. It should be law to get Friday off too :) I shall be sending Mystress all the distance Reiki she needs over her time of hosting for she shall need all the energy she can get. It will be good to be able to help Mystress with her task from a distance as she has helped me before.

I echo Mystress's holiday well wishes and hope that all our friends who visit the blog and all those that do not have a wonderful holiday. Be thankful and grateful for we all have something we can be thankful for.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Giving Thanks....

Well.. Thanksgiving week...
It's a nice short week, which is nice.
Since Thanksgiving is on Thur, I am seeing pet tonight.

In reflection, I have so very much to be thankful for!
My amazing Paladin being primary among
those things.

As I reflected a few entries back, I am very very
aware of lucky I am that he found Me... and to have him.
Tonight, I will be fully aware of that, and expect something
of an air of celebration in the air in regards to it.

This is a short entry as I have several things to do
in getting ready to go out of town tomorrow night,
although most of them are done. I am glad tis been a
busy day, because that means that the time is passing
rapidly between now and when I get to see pet a bit
after 5pm.

I bid all of those out there in the world to give thanks
as well. For those they love, and love them.
Last year at this time was a difficult time for Me,
I had just about given up hoping to find a truly suitable
submissive for Myself.

Now... I feel so close to Paladin, tis hard to imagine a time
when his mind was not out there, just a text away.
Or that his strength was not there to lean on,
or his graceful submission was not waiting to kneel before Me.

So... again, I feel so very, very blessed..
to have love in My life on many levels,
and to know, that I have a stalwart friend,
lover and healer in him to rely on for anything I might
need, as he now has Me to rely on for the same things.

Tonight is doubly amazing because I get to spend the nite with him,
knowing that I will need to let him get plenty of rest, twill still
be magical! And as I am going to work early to get off early,
rising early with pet will be a wonderful way
to start the day, as it always is. (smile) at least
he knows he never oversleeps with Me,
because I always wake him up early for morning pleasure!
And, he will be off on Thur, so I expect he can sleep in a bit
if I do keep him up a bit late tonight.

So, on that note,
I am off to the hospital for yet another visit..
and then to wait for pet's text to tell Me that
he is home.. and waiting for Me.

Best to all this lovely holiday season,

Monday, November 19, 2007

Time warped weekends

Well the weekend has come and gone too fast once again but even in the time warp...the weekend will be memorable like they all are.

The weekend started with me risingearly on saturday, stuffing my car full of my stuff and speeding out of my me excited but just had to get going. I delayed not sending my morning txt not out of malicious intent but because i wanted to suprise my Mystress and her Lady friend with my early arrival arrival. I was prepared for my spanking by this action but it would of been worth it.

Well the schreech i got from my Lady upon my arrival confirmed that i did manage to accomplish my goal. And the smile on Mystress's face, unforgetable and well worth the potential spanking. I too was smiling ear to ear. Kisses all round and my mantra delivered, i hurridly brought in my items and squared them away.

I managed to arrive just before breakfast of some yummy quiche. After breakfast we settled in on the couch for some country music...yes i said country music. Thankfully Mystress and my Lady chose Garth Brookes...not the old style bore you to sleep country music i was familiar with...not to mention down right depressing...who really wants to hear about a one leg dog, a truck and a gun rack on a satruday morning.

After the country music it as time for our Reiki classes. This was one of the items for the weekend i was looking forward to all week. I recommend those that are curious read the link Mystress posted in her post as it truly is a suprising practice. We settled in for a recap of level 1 going through all the materials related to level 1. Mystress has a wonderful format for her class relying on alternating the answering of questions from her materials. This allows all to hear different viewpoints on Reiki and what it means to all.

Lunch came quick and we prepared the pot luck lunch we had planned. as a break between our classes. Cheese, crackers, spreads and a very yummy soup later and we were all sitting very full and quite satisfied. A very good thing before our Reiki 2 class.

After a short break we started level 2 and again we went over the material, both my Lady and i soaking up all the information we could. The course was wrapped up with our level 2 attunements and a moment of quiet relaxing.

Why i was looking so forward to this part was because now i can give back the Reiki Mystress so lovingly gives from a distance. Distance Reiki being a major component of level 2 as well as a boosted ability to deliver more powerful energy. This would allow me to care for Mystress fro afar and something i really wanted. She has been so kind to send me Reiki at my times of need that now i can do the same for her. I shall not forget my attunements and again..thank you Mystress...truly thank you.

We relaxed some more on the couch, watched some more videos and generally got nice and relaxed. We played some Mad Libs...a strange game for sure but something we all enjoyed. As the game progress it took a more erotic turn and soon we were chuckling at the funny stories being made with some interesting vocab being used...carrots being one.

It was now time for pleasure. Mystress elected to take a shower. I was looking forward to giving Mystress pleasure first but she insisted i give my Lady pleasure firstas she would be having me all night. Such a thoughtful Mystress and again shows how thoughtful and caring she is. While Mystress showered my Lady and i enjoyed some cuddle time on the couch getting to know one another.

Dinner was had before rounds of pleasure for my Lady and Mystress. Come 11:30 it was time to tuck my Lady in and then retire to the room to give my Mystress all the pleasure she deserved.

Some house keeping was needed, that being my discipline for missing my blog. I really felt bad putting Mystress in this position but she made me proud taking her duty in hand and doing a powerful job. 12 very solid smacks later and the task was done. For those that know my Mystress know she has not been this way before but as she has embraced her new roles so has she embraced her new tasks even if they are diffuclt...something she should be full of pride for.

Pleasure insued for the rest of the night with short cat naps between rounds. A very very pleasureable night for both Mystress and I.

Sunday was much more low key with nice hot breakfast, even if i did overdo the eggs a touch for which i was reminded via spanking not to do again. The rest of the day was spent cleaning up the cabin, doing the laundry and generally doing what we can to thank our host for the use of the cabin.

Plans were already hinted at to do this again and i am sure all in attendance will love to it again.

Thank you Mystress and my Lady for a wonderful weekend, one i shall not forget.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Friends Comment... and the Weekend

November 18, 2007 10:53 AM

Keith said...
I am grateful to you for allowing me a peek at your very special relationship. I am interested in learning more about this, as well as the psychology behind it. As I have learned, my opinions have changed from those of an ignorant person to beginning to see the light, so to speak.I have read several posts this morning, and am impressed with the tenderness and "fit" between you. I'll surely have something to think about when Lisa returns.

I have re posted Keith's comment here because although he wrote it just this morning, it was posted on a an entry quite a ways back and I wanted to reply to it here.

You are of course, very much welcomed to our blog dear friend!
One of the reasons that we have it is so that we can share what we learn from each other with others here. As I have known you for many years.. and learned so much from you over that time span... it is rewarding to think I can enlighten you in some way.

I hope that other's might also say hello when they are here and let us know about themselves some as they might desire.

As for the tenderness and fit between Paladin and I....(soft smile) it TIS quite remarkable.. just as he is. His growth and progress has been nothing short of amazing. There is so much that I have learned from him as well, and that I have been able to teach him. I hope that you can learn from us and perhaps use what you can to enhance the relationship between you and Lisa. You have mentioned that she wants you to be more Dominant.
There are many ways to be so. This is something that Paladin was not aware of I think and I have certainly had to find My own way through much of it.

The biggest key has been through all that I would say is communication as well as the mutual decision to realize that this is new for both of us and to also be willing to work at it consistently.
Part of the fit has been the holisticness of our relationship. I am his Mystress..and friend and teacher and.. Reiki Master. Which truly makes for an unusual combination.

It allows us to relate on many levels.. and there is also a lot of insight from that into our relationship. For instance... you know that as a Reiki Practitioner, I am a healer. So I find striking pet very difficult sometimes.. but.. he says that I am healing in a different way when I do.. in that I am giving him the discipline he NEEDs to be the best slave that he can be.. and that too is a part of him. So this has been a dichotomy that I have been trying to reconcile for Myself.

And that leads Me into the weekend... what I would call.. part 1...

the Reiki aspect.

This weekend, pet and My dear Lady friend took their Level 2 class together. ( For those that have no inkling of what it is and want to learn a bit more. Tis a form of Japanese stress reduction and relaxation that has many healthy benefits.

My Lady had had her level 1 training some months ago, and as those that have been reading know, m'Lady and I have gone to visit with pet over the past few months, and part of our time together has always been a mini-Reiki circle. We essentially take turns sharing it with each other. Pet had been requesting his level 2 training as had been m'Lady and so it seemed a natural for us to go off together to do it, and the cabin up in Dutch Flat was the perfect place to do it. It was very quiet and relaxing.

In the past, I had given pet a level 1 Attunement so that he could give him self Reiki, especially for his headaches and Achilles heel problem. Level 1 training is hands on Reiki.. Level 2 lets you send Reiki over distance to anyone, anyplace, anytime. And.. since I have known pet I had sent him distance Reiki as he has needed it for being tired or not feeling well. He has said many times that he wished he could do this for Me.. and now, both he and m'Lady can.

They are both wonderful students.. and it was very thought provoking as well. They both asked some wonderful questions and had some delightful insights. I believe that it was profound for all 3 of us.

Fri nite when m'Lady and I arrived... we settled in, had a wonderful dinner and evening. I was up till around 1:30am finishing getting My Reiki curriculum ready for the two of them. m'Lady had gone off to bed quite a while earlier.

We hadn't been up long the next morning when pet surprised us by showing up quite early. (smile) m'Lady was literally going outside to get something and let out a squeek about there being "A MAN out here!" You see, pet was supposed to send us a txt to let us know when he was on his way. He knows I love surprises... and he certainly did surprise us in the most wonderful way! He was there early enough to have breakfast with us! m'Lady had had one of the Garth Brooks songs (The Dance) playing in her head and we had been just going to watch some Garth when pet showed up, so he got to watch along with us, including the video that goes with the song The Red Strokes...

Things were being kept on what I would say was a non-erotic level because of the impending class, which we commenced after a few videos.

We had the class.. Which was a very extensive review of Level 1 since m'Lady had taken the class before I expanded My curriculum I had wanted to teach her what I had added. And.. while pet had had level 1 attunement, it was not the 6 hour class I normally teach. I have taught him quite abit since his attuenment, but I also have a very folder with many handouts for the class, and pet had asked for that too. So it was a good time to review everything from it with both of them, and then we did the Level 2 class. We took a lunch break near the end of that just before their level 2 as m'Lady needed a breat before the attunement. It WAS a lot of information to cram into their heads at one time. Afterwards... they were both very quiet for a while, as the attunement process can be fairly profound and it seemed to have had that effect on them.

The Weekend, part 2
The Evening

After the class was done, we watched a Garth concert, and then played the game of
Mad Libs. Pet had never heard of it before, and we did several rounds of it, howling with laughter at some of the hilarious stories that we contrived with our creative and sometimes kinky and sensual vocabulary.

and... after that, I wanted to go take a nice hot shower and left pet with orders to keep m'Lady amused until I came back. And.. he did quite an amazing job of it I have to say! I was gone for quite a while, as after the shower I decided to lay down for a bit, and I was smiling to hear some of the obvious enjoyment coming from the living room. Leave it to say that pet is very talented and made us both very happy.

We had a simple and late dinner and around 11:30 we all headed off to bed. I sent pet to warm m'Lady's bed and make sure she was contentedly tucked into. Then... it was time to snuggle in with pet and he provided many hours of pleasure.

There were two things though that needed to be taken care of discipline wise... and that was that Fri nite pet had not posted his blog, and I had given him a curfew of midnight
for the very first time, and he did not get in till almost 12:30. His reason was good, in that a friends car had broken down but I felt I still needed to enforce the it.. so I reached a compromise.

I do not like to strike pet.. and as mentioned above, we discussed at length My challenge as a healer to do so. As I talked with pet about it, he rolled over on the bed face down and with a sigh and knowing that I needed to enforce the rules and requirements I had set before him I did so with the large paint stick that sits on one of the night stands. It was a very harsh count of 10 that rang out loudly with an additional 2 as a compromise for his being out past the curfew that I had set for him. What surprised Me was how he thanked Me for it and told Me how proud he was of Me for doing it. I realize that I have to reach deep sometimes to be the best for him that I can be and that I am still keeping onto the grasp of the power that I have found within Me.

After that , the night passed quite blissfully and sometime in the very early morning pet woke Me to share more pleasure with Me.

We got up greeted m'Lady (who was up reading by then) then went and took a wonderful long shower together. After which pet fixed us a most amazing breakfast. We all pitched in to get the cabin in order and after a round of hugs and good-by kisses, m'Lady and I, and pet headed down the hill around 3ish.

All in all, it was a wonderful and delightful weekend. The time alone with m'Lady to laugh and talk and cuddle.. and then the class and evening shared with m'Lady and pet was filled with laughter and joy. I am well blessed to have two such wonderful people My life and who both have such amazing spirits.

Thanks to pet and m'Lady for a shared
amazing weekend,
best to all

The weekend and discipline

Lets just say that to recount all that happened this weekend without digesting it all once again would not be fair as i would definitely leave something out...something i shall not do. What i shall do though is definitely make sure i get my blog done tonight...why the urgency...well...

Friday night i got home a little later than i thought i would and in my excitement i packed all that i needed for the weekend making sure nothing was left behind. I doubled checked everything and insured nothing was not packed in.

During this Mystress and i were txting back and forth and in my haste i forgot to do my Friday post nor did i ask for grace. This slip didn't occur till me till it was brought to my attention by Mystress...and with forgetfulness comes discipline.

I was disappointed in myself for putting my Mystres s in the situation were she had to give discipline but my Mystress, the new and in charge Mystress, did her duty making me proud. Not proud for putting Mystress in an uncomfortable situation but for Mystress taking her duties in hand. Lets just say i won't look at a paint stick the same again nor shall i forget the lesson intended by the spanking. I also apologize Mystress for my mishap and i shall do better int he future.

The discipline did not take anything away from teh weekend for all of us and the consensus amongst us all is that it definitely has to be done again.

I return to my chat with Mystress now and eagerly await Mystress's post on the weekend.

In gratitude for finding my Mystress.


Friday, November 16, 2007

The Red Strokes

The concert that pet referred to earlier this week
was the Garth Brooks live from Kansas City..
9 sold out concerts, and the last a live simulcast..
what an amazing performer!
And.. leave it to Garth to be the first performer
to ever do such a huge, live simulcast to theaters.
And. he talked to those of us in them as well..
at one point.. he said that if we didn't get up and sing
we didn't have "hair on our asses"...
Hmmm.. well.. m'Lady and I did get up and sing
(does that mean we should have
pet shave our backsides tomorrow nite??)
with everyone else in the theater. He had everyone
there whooping and hollering, clapping, laughing and singing.
It was pretty darn close to having him really there with us.
Loved how he included the theatre folks!

As I told pet last nite, I never liked country music
till I saw Garth in concert.
He changed every thing I ever thought about
country music.
And.. he is truly.. a most amazing Entertainer...

So.. in reviewing some of his music..
and a video collection that a friend had given Me
a year or so ago.. I came across this video this morning..
of The Red Strokes..

It had no meaning to Me when I saw it before..
didn't even remember it.
and it's sat in it's box since then.

But.. as Paladin uses the term 'strokes'
for giving Me pleasure.. (smile)
And how he loves to demonstrate the different
sorts of strokes that he is so good at
(short and shallow.. long and deep.. strong and intense)

And being with pet.. is like being in an art piece,
I've told him that more then once.
Everything we do comes deep from our hearts,
and the passion is often thunderous..
stronger then anything I've ever known.
This is a strongly sung, intensely passionate song..
as in all of his music, Garth lets himself loose in this..
and the way he sings.. reminds Me of how pet loves..
and the passions that he exemplifies when he's giving
Me strokes.

So... now.. this song has all kinds of new meaning.

And I'll be showing him this video very soon..
Maybe tomorrow nite..
Maybe Tue.. we'll see how things go..

Pet has never seen Garth in concert..
and I think he thinks he's like any other
country singer (in whom he has no real interest in)
which I can understand.. never having had interest
in it before either. But..
Well.. anyone whose seen Garth knows..
This ain't your Daddy's country music.
And pet is very lyric oriented..
so I think some of Garth's lyrics will appeal to him.
The River, The Dance, The Change, Standing Outside the Fire..
all excellent songs.

And.. as for The Red Strokes..
(smile) welll.. he'll certainly understand
the passion in this song..
for it matches his own passions
when he's giving Me pleasure.

So this is for you My beloved pet...
My Paladin..

Who has taught Me the true meaning of
'The Red Strokes'....

The Red Strokes Written by:
- James Garver - Lisa Sanderson- Jenny Yates - Garth Brooks

In Pieces

Moonlight on canvas, midnight and wine
Two shadows starting to softly combine
The picture they're painting
Is one of the heart
And to those who have seen it
It's a true work of art

Oh, the red strokes
Passions uncaged
Thundering moments of tenderness rage
Oh, the red strokes
Tempered and strong
Burning the night like the dawn

Steam on the window, salt in a kiss
Two hearts have never pounded like this

Inspired by a vision
That they can't command
Erasing the borders
With each brush of a hand

Oh, the red strokes
Passions uncaged
Thundering moments of tenderness rage
Oh, the red strokes
Tempered and strong
Burning the night like the dawn

Oh, the blues will be blue and the jealousies green
But when love picks its shade it demands to be seen

Oh, the red strokes
Passions uncaged
Thundering moments of tenderness rage
Oh, the red strokes
Fearlessly drawn
Burning the night like the dawn

Oh, the red strokes
Passions uncaged
Thundering moments of tenderness rage
Oh, the red strokes
Fearlessly drawn
Burning the night like the dawn

Steam on the window, salt in a kiss
Two hearts have never pounded like this

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Excitment Abound

Tomorrow my Mystress and her lady friend go to the cabin a day before me. The ladies plan to have a good relaxing evening doing what i shall guess to be girl things...chit chat and such. It will be good for my Mystress...for she finds the cabin very relaxing and being there for the weekend shall give Mystress plenty of time to relax and recharge.

I'll be getting there saturday before lunch and will spend the rest of the weekend with the Ladies. Everyone seems to be very excited for the time int he woods....i am sure it will live up to all our expectations.

The timing of this trip could not be better as it seems we all are having a tough time be it work or other reasons and this trip will be a great time to get rid of all this unwatnted tension. The Reiki class 2 will be a big help in relaxing us. I have said it before and will say it again..looking forward to it for sure.

So with preparations made, meals ready and bags just a matter of couting away the hours now...

1 ...


Tue nites and the coming Weekend

Paladin is right about Tue nites.
We've not yet quite settled down into
what they will become, other then a continuing
evolution of time, training and pleasure for both of us.

This past Tue was a bit different.
Pet does not mention that for part of it,
he was put in charge.. the beginning part to
be exact. It was a bit of a 'switch' for us both.
But.. one thing that I certainly did learn,
is that I had a very hard time staying
in a more 'bottom' sort of mode, because
while in the past I have had flashes of submissiveness
with him, this time, that really did not happen, and it
was much more of a 'bottom' sort of experience
that I had a hard time maintaining. So,
while pet will be in charge of some 'projects'
that we may share, tis always done under the auspices
of being Commanded to do it. And this is what I had
told him when I buckled his training collar on this night,
that anything he did, he did under the fact that I was
Commanding him to be in charge and surprise Me.

The surprise came to Me in how hard it was for Me this time.
So many times I wanted to grab his collar as I am used to doing,
or give him a Command as to what to do next.
I also know that this is not remotely pet's choice to be in charge.
But.. he had mentioned some things he would do if he had
the chance to, so I thought I would give him that chance.
And.. .he did an amazing job.
But... I did not let him finish the nite out
but took control back from him.
And we were both happy to be back in our proper places.

Now.. as for the weekend. Pet is not exactly right when
he says that 'no' plans have been made for after the class.
(smile) there ARE some. There is a general idea,
and pet knows what his job is in this. To provide
relaxation and pleasure. Now, exactly what mode that will take,
yes... that is still yet to be determined,
although I think we have some ideas.

pet does have a few licks coming for pretending ignorance
on a specific request last nite, (surely you KNEW what we
wanted pet, did you really need to ask for clarification?!)

He says he doesn't know what a 'swizzle stick' is.. (maybe
this is an American term that pet as a non drinker and
from a British Colony has not been exposed to)
so he may get to experience that first 'hand' (so to speak)
(although it certainly WON'T be his hand that performs
as the swizzle stick) as well.

As for the level 2 Reiki class..
I am very proud of pet wanting to continue
his training in this area, and his specific desire to
take this level because of his desire to be able to help
Me by sending Me distance Reiki when I am stressed or
not well as I currently do with him. As for level 3..
pet knows that I have become very very energy
sensitive to people and situations and that I can feel
windblown by buffeting energies. Pet does not desire
to have this particular experience. For Myself, this
has come about more and more from the number of
Reiki attunements that I have done. Each makes Me
more sensitive then I was before. I do not know if all
Reiki Master's are this way, but this seems to be how I
am. So he does not desire this for himself, although I
have told him that just because one has a level 3 training
one does not have to choose to be a Master Teacher as I am.
In fact, it was several years before I was called to teach as I am.
And so, I was not affected as I seem to be these days.

Anyways... the weekend shall be diverse I do believe
and hopefully informative, relaxing and enjoyable for all!

As always... best to all out there
and as pet said, to those still seeking,
keep looking.. for we are proof that
perseverance pays off!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Girls Night out and plans made.

Mystress tonight is enjoying what i hope to be a wonderful night out on the town with her Lady friend. They are attending a country concert. Love to hear Mystress enjoys her time with her lady friends for it is something i can relate to. I do enjoy my time with my friends. I feel its a relationship everyone should have it allows one to have varied relationships in ones life.

This weekend my Mystress and I as well as her Lady friend will be enjoying the weekend in the mountains. Mystress is fortunate enough to have access to a wonderful cabin int he mountains. Quite, rustic and very soothing. We plan to do mine and her Lady friends level 2 training. I am so looking forward to that. I think i will be stopping at level 2 as Mystrss has shown that level 3 is a very very very big step. Something i feel not ready to do in the near future. I shall practice level 2 by sending Mystress and others all the Reiki i can.

Dinners/breakfasts and snacks have been planned for the weekend too. Activities other than the Reiki training have yet to be planned but i am sure we shall come up with something to pass the time. :)

Going to watch some Tv then call it an early night for i want to be well rested for the weekend.

Enjoy your evening tonight Mystress and say hi to My Lady.


Visits Relived

One day has past and i am still reliving my Mystress's last vist. It was a Tues, a new day for ous, one to mold as we see fit. Both of us are not sure how we want our Tuesdays to be so we shall let it mold itself as it sees fit.

Mystress arrived and after a wonderful welcome we retired to the room for pleasure...we had both been working each other up the last couple days and decided that dinner can wait. Wonderful pleasure past and both of us lie there in utter pleasure.

Thirst and hunger drove us to get up and get dinner and drinks. Conversation abounds, some planning for the weekend to come, and it was into the bath. I and my Mystress lvoe the baths. A very relaxing time indeed.

The evening ended with horizons explored and pleasure revisited. Everything we do together is full of pelasure.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank Yous

Thank you to our new visitor for your kind words. It is very reassuring to know there are others out there that desire and seek the sort of relationship my Mystress and I share. Its rather unique and every day i am thankful for having found such a rare relationship.

To all those seeking that have not found it yet, keep looking for it is out there. Good things are not easy to find but when you do, you become blessed as Mystress posted earlier. Blessed and rewarded for many years of my case around 7 years of searching.

Tomorrow is one of the new nights Mystress and I shall share. Looking forward to it for sure. It will be interesting to see what we mold Tuesdays into like we have molded our Thursdays. Whatever Mystress chooses for Tuesday to become...all i know is that its more time with Mystress.


Feeling blessed....

When I reflect on the relationship that Paladin and I have,
and the sort of person that he is, and how it was that we've
come to be together.

I went to the flea market yesterday with a dear submissive friend.
Asked her if she was communicating with
anyone interesting these days
and her response was that not only was she not looking,
but that she's about to give up. Too many flakes out there she said.

My much beloved Mistress has also been looking for
a male submissive for longer then I, since before we met
some nine years ago. Same problem I think...

I read the blogs of those that are out there looking
and the pain and frustration that some of them have
in seeking to find the right match for whatever their
D/s desires may be.

Then... I think about when I go to visit Paladin...
there is always that moment when I am standing
outside of his door, knowing he inside waiting for Me.
I know every moment of every day,
that his mind is only a text away from Me.
That is he simply waiting to jump to whatever Command I give.
That is makes him happy and fulfilled to do it
and that above all..
he wants to make Me happy and fill Me with pleasure.

In that moment before I knock on his door,
I wonder, is he really as amazing as I think he is?

And then..
I do knock... and he answers...
and.. I see his eyes twinkling at Me
and the sweet smile only I get to see
and I feel all that intense masculine strength
that he radiates....
and there is My answer..
yes.. he is.

And his compliance, when he kneels
as a part of his required protocols
had such a deep feeling of devotion and
sincerity to it. He never does anything half -assed.
And, he never does anything he does not want to do...
because even within his submission, he chooses to obey.
Just like the stallion statue...
He is somewhat wild, strong, smart and yes, stubborn.
He is also highly dignified and often very restrained
and sometimes, I can see his brain working when he's thinking
and I see that look on his face that lets Me know he's no pushover.
I know from the scars on his body that
he's played rough sports in the past,
so he can take a lot more then I've dished out to him.

There is high intelligence behind those blue eyes
that watches, analyzes and computes everything.
And I LIKE those parts of him very much.

He seemed a bit surprised when I told him that
sometimes I like that stubbornness part.
He wondered why.. and I told him to look at the statue
of the stallion. Did he think that stallion always cooperated?
He said he thought most likely not.

Now don't think I want him to be 'bratty'..
not at all. I love his deep submissiveness
and the subs I almost was with I was not because
I could tell it would be a fight for compliance all the time
and I had no desire for that at all. I wanted someone who
genuinely WANTED to obey because that's who they are.
So soul deep that they couldn't do anything else.
If I wanted to call 'em Elmer Fudd they'd allow it
and say 'yes Mystress'.

And.. I like that he thinks about things,
I like a smart sub. Someone once told Me the term
sappiosexual.. and it fits pet. Means intelligence is sexy.
And that is certainly one of his sexy aspects..
Along with with everything else.
Including the fact that he sports something of
a perpetual erection whenever I am around.

And.. that brings Me back to writing about
My appreciation of My amazing Paladin.
And how thrilled I am to know him
and own him.

And.. tomorrow is Tue..
and I'll be ready for it as well..
cuz all this thinking about him,
and how good he is at what he does.
makes Me want him all the more.

Stamina.. yes.. .you'll need it pet!

As always,
best to all,

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Statue Explained

A further explanation of my idol and what it means to me.

The statue presented to me on Mystress's last visit was of a stallion. Mystress says he is a mix between a Morgan and an Arabian. The stallion is grey in color with a black mane and tail...from the black hooves...the black fades into the grey of the skin...the silver horse shoes glimmering in the light. He stands proudly. Mystress pointed out that it is a strong willed male, quite obvious from the statue itself...with one foot raised strutting around proud to be who he is.

I feel he definitely represents me. First off...he is very proud. I too am proud of what i do, who i am, and the things i do. He definitely seems to show a stubborn streak as he lowers his head almost defiately...a stubborn streak i share and one Mystress has encountered too. One i am working on changing for my Mystress. He is also strong and sturdy. Qualities i hope i share too...some may know of the stamina it takes to be with Mystress when its time for pleasure...but a task i happily perform.

With Mystress's explanation of the statue and some analysis...i can now see that its not related to pony play what so ever. Not an activity i would be interested in at all but each to their own. The statue merely represents my characteristics as well as Mystress's target of training...for she is like a horse trainer...teaching me new tricks and modes of behavior..and even breaking some old behaviors.

This partnership between trainer and trainee is clear when you think of what is involved with training a horse...plenty of work but also both have to be willing to do it. If either side is reluctant, then neother side will get any benefit from the relationship. A point not lost on me Mystress and one i shall remember and keep in the forefront of my mind.

Mystrss also asked me what animal i thought i was...a Lion was my response. Mystress agreed that a lion and a stallion share many qualities. Pride, courage, strength, stamina and stubborness. Yet the Lion is far less trainable. Since Mystress is my trainer...i shall now think of myself as the stallion that belongs to her for part of a to receiving all the training Mystress needs to give.