Saturday, November 10, 2007

Paladin's Collaring - Flash back #2 - By Paladin: Report- my First Training


My first training.

Friday the 27th of July 2007 was the official start of my training.

The day started with Mystress arriving at my place,
a sight for sore eyes and ever so beautiful.
The commands started immediately with a command to kiss her...
followed by another command to kiss her again.
Both commands i followed without hesitation thinking
to myself, i don't need to be commanded to kiss my
Mystress but understanding it was the starting to lay
the foundation of the lessons to come.

We left for dinner both thinking of wonderful scallop
burritos but to our horror the burrito was no longer on
the menu. A disappointment to all yet one we both
overcame by ordering alternative meals.
Dinner past rather rapidly, at least for myself,
as the thoughts of what was to come was filling my mind.

Upon return to my place, Mystress and i started with some
light conversation enjoying a drink. Mystress stated she was
allowing me to get in my comfort zone and for this i was very
appreciative. After sometime Mystress looked at me with
those wonderful eyes and i knew the true evening was
about to commence......

After the eye contact i was commanded to kneel which i did
without question. Mystress retrieved two very precious items.
In order my Mystress presented me with my wonderful
public collar. A elegant bracelet symbolic of my devotion
to my Mystress. One that others would see as a mere
bracelet but to those that are aware of the true meaning..
a private sign of devotion. The second item was my training collar.
Mystress fixed my collar and immediately showed me how
it would be used in the future by grabbing it and pulling
me close for a kiss. I now know that if my Mystress has
my collar in hand....i must do whatever commanded to
without question. This unquestionable performance extends
to even if my collar is not held.

After my items were presented we sat together on the couch...
you eyeing the outside..judging the light waiting till was dark
enough....dark enough to begin the very intimate and sensual
training to come. When the light had faded enough....
my Mystress took a brief tour of my place...making mental notes...
such as whether or not my bed had places to tie too....
or what sort of ambiance could be created.
When my Mystress was satisfied....the first multi part command
came and with that Mystress left the room....

Kneeling by my bed....naked..heart beating a hundred miles
and hour...i knew i made the right choice.
Climbing on the bed...i laid down on my back....
i donned the blindfold Mystress provided...
laid back...spread my legs wide and slipped my hands
behind my back keeping them crossed.....
restraining myself with my weight....waiting for my Mystress.

Waiting for what in reality was only a few minutes
but felt like an hour...i heard my Mystress enter. With a tender
voice..i heard my Mystress speak..and what i have
waited for for many years had finally began.

Mystress began the teasing..using both a flogger and feather....
turning me into a quivering being...yearning for every touch and
flick of the feather. With the expertise of someone so experienced...
my Mystress teased and teased and teased me...
driving me wild with excitement.

The blind fold was removed...and my wonderful and
beautiful Mystress lie beside me...with a wonderful smile..
i was instructed to now repeat my lesson in teasing on my Mystress...
something i was looking forward to so much.
With our positions switched...i recalled all that my
had just done to me and attempted to the best of my ability
to replicate the sensations created in me by my Mystress
on my Mystress herself.

The hours crept Mystress telling me what she likes...
how she likes it and what to do....thresholds are tested....
marks made and endless orgasms abound.
Cycles repeat....caressing..pleasing..caressing...
pleasing....pleasing caressing......over and over.
During some of the resting and caressing...
choices are reaffirmed and declarations made.

Come the afternoon, with previous commitments in hand...
we entered the shower for a wonderful session of cleaning up...
i cleaned my Mystress from head to toe...
and my Mystress returned the favor.

With preparations made to leave...
we spent the final minutes side by side sharing a final drink....
both reliving the experiences shared and hopefully planning....
even in our own minds...for the next training session.

Written by Paladin
to Mystress


Mia said...

Such a wonderful first meeting. It has made me all tingly inside and smiling on the outside. A bonding unlike and a great way to start a new beginning!

Paladin said...

Why thank you for the kind words. It was very very good and a strong bonding indeed.

If you know my'd know how wonderful it is to be in her presence.

Mia said...

I await that time Paladin....

Anonymous said...

I am beginning the training of my newest "pleasure slave" ... he will be receiving this link ... with my previous instructions he is to pay close attention to Paladin and your relationship .... I want to thank both of you for a look into OUR world ... the inferior "pain domme" Mistress is so far removed from what this type of relationship REALLY is and our emotional bonds :)

Paladin said...

Welcome to the blog and thank you so much for recognizing our special style. This style feels so much more intense to us and each day I thank my lucky stars I found my dear mystress. I hope our comments will give u the insights you need amd feel free to ask all the questions you have.