Thursday, September 25, 2008

A sad Note

This is a quick note to our readers to explain My prolonged absence...

A long busy time was followed by My mother collapsing unconscience last Thur.
She's 85, had a good life. Dad is 89, and never expected her to go first.

Shes not in there much.. and she needs to be let go.
This is so difficult as so many of you know.

Paladin has been wonderful all through this, and as his place is closer to the
hospital (Dad wants to be alone and wont let Me stay with him, about an hr
away from My home) I have had an extra nite with him, but collapsed into exhaustion.

Kajira robert has been wonderful, keeping tabs on My Knight as he has had a painful knee infection as well as busy private work practice he could not leave. Other's have come to look after My Knight as well,. so I am blessed that these angels have allowed Me to focus on My dad.

My aunty and cousins have rallied and been of wonderful support to Dad and I.
My elder brothers have all passed on and just I, the 'baby' is left, so its up to Me to find and arrange the best supports I can for My dad to get through this. Paladin will keep you updated
henceforth as needed. He of course did not want to mention any of this but I felt obligated to
share with you this aspect of My life, just as dear Phesonephone did of her mother's passing
and Pixie Pie has of her challanges. We ARE a family of sorts here I truly believe,
and I belive in the power of positive energy and love. There are other things I will
share in time with you, but tis time for Me to run now.

Away I go, off to the hosp. robert is going with Me to keep Me company since My aunt
had to return home for a few days. I noted the good thing was that robert has not heard any of
My dad's jokes and stories, so that will give dad fresh blood to unleash them on.

Please keep My mom and dad in your prayers and well thoughts.
Best to all,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More long days

The last couple days have already been long late nights for Mystress and I. I can't wait for some quiet time again to be able to snuggle up in bed with Mystress and veg veg veg.

At this time i welcome winter, our favorite season, for the cold dark days and the ability to snuggle up in bed...mmm the rain falling outside...mmm the images.

Wishing it was winter.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Staying in touch

Evening All

Been a little time since my last post. Mystress granted me some blog grace due to my work load and i thank Mystress much for that.

Summers winidng down and the busy times seem to be coming to an end for Mystress and I. This should mean much more posting and activity for us as we head back inside for the coming winter.

Perhaps our wonderful guests will join us too when their time permits and as always..thank you for visiting our blog.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Late nights and missing Mystress

Just got home after a late work night and its a Thursday :( Sorry to have missed my sweet Mystress but am getting through it by playing back my sweet Mystress...her lovely self lying in bed naked smiling...mmm so lovely. Definitely a thought that can get a pet through some apart times.

How many other pets use such lovely images of their Mystress's to get through times like these? I would say many? Any have other tricks of the trade?


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mystress is out

Tonight was a late night tonight so i missed my dear Mystress :( I took solice knowing that Mystress was still with me and out connection still there even if we could not be together.

Mystress spent the evenings with Lady D and are watching the the finale of big brother...good to see the ladies having a good hang out night together...they do enjoy each others company which is wonderful to witness.

Pleasant times dear Mystress


Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweet Mystress

Just a short quick post tonight...and all i have to say is my Mystress is so wonderfully sweeeeeeet...yum yum.

Hope you had a great night tonight Mystress...enjoy the rest of the evening and yummy.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy times continued

As the past has been so shall the future follow. Next week will be a busy time for me without the comfort of seeing my Mystress. As we have done before, i will feed of our connection to get me through the times apart and i hope my Mystress will do the same.

As always in our times apart we step up our communications in other ways to keep us in contact and this time shall be no different.

Thank you Mystress for teaching me how to stay connected with your sweet self even when apart.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Inspired Words

Lovely post Mystress.

Its great to have your words grace the blog again Mystress. Times have been so so busy for us lately as the summers always seem to be. I hope our wonderful guests will enjoy your words as much as I.

Soon it will be Autumn and our favortite time of the year...the rains...mmm. Looking forward to lying in bed with the rains falling and you Mystress.

So glad you had a good visit today and hope your dinner plans tonight go well too. Relax and enjoy the cabin and recharge your precious self.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Busy Times...and a Bit of Catching UP

Good day all,

Nowadays it seems like the only time I do truly get to relax is here at home with Paladin. I was 'lucky' enough to have an afternoon client cancel on Me early this morning, so I sent a text to Paldin to ask if he'd be home for lunch and could I bring some Togo's? He wrote back, yes lunch would be nice. I got a bit discombobulated finding the place because they are redoing the front of the Togo's where Paladin had taken Me before for lunch in his town and it looked totally different.

I had asked Paladin what sort of sandwhich he wanted, and he wrote back for Me to 'surprise him'. Well.. (smiles) he's lucky thats not too dangerous a thing to say when I'm going to a simple sandwhich shop. I knew he loved beef... the weather was such that it could have gone hot or cold.. but I went cold on this one. I knew he liked the crunchy bread, so choosing that was easy. Turns out the only thing he didn't want on it was the pepper thingy's which I don 't care for more then about one bite of either. It was nice to reflect as they made the sandwhiches what I knew that he liked. He's not a picky eater anyways, but tis still nice to be able to order something I think he'd liked. After that, I saw another one I'll get for him next time that related to something else he told Me he liked. Storing those bits and pieces about our subs and their likes and dislikes is as important as them remebering what we Dommes do and don't like I think.

So I after reading some and then puttering around a bit I've settled down to do a blog on his computer here. Nice and peaceful, a good time to write, and as I sit in his office on his computer here, I feel so very connected to him. I don't have a specific topic, just some random musings.

One of the things I enjoy very much about My pet, is how he goes out of his way to get things for Me that he knows I enjoy, and I delight in the two-way mode that we have in sharing things with each other. I like to find things for him, and then he for Me.

Sometimes these things can cause some amusing interactions as well. Like him knowing how much I love this particular gum it turned out we both liked. Bless his heart, they had a variety package at Costco that he got for Me and then sent Me a pic of on Sat, which caused kajira robert who was sitting at My feet to call Paladin a 'bootlicker'. When I texted that to Paladin, his response was "no, I don't lick boots, I prefer a little higher ty'. This gave Me a great laugh and left both robert and My Knight chuckling.

Which brings Me to how much I enjoy texting with Paladin and the comfort it brings Me. To know that he is just at the end of a quick stream of letters that fly through the air. Nice and private. No voice needed. And those texts can fire us both up... or like when I was very very tired and working very late one day a couple weeks ago, and Paladin sent Me a most charming pic of his 'sword' at full staff... with the caption 'smiling now?'... and yes.. it lifted Me right up out of My exhaustion. Made Me grin for hours. I'd turn My phone away from the folks I was working with and take another quick peek.. yup.... still as delicious looking at the first time.

Paladin told Me at lunch today that his crazy work schedule will be starting on Mon. He has prepared Me for this pretty good, and he's been wonderful in sharing some delightful times with Me in the past few weeks. I will worry about him if they do have him up in the middle of the nite running tests and such, but he's a strong man and I know that he'll get through it. I'll send him lots of Reiki and good energy. I'll miss him, but as he always says, that just builds us up for the times when we return to each other.

We've both share the guilty pleasure of enjoying reality tv together. We find we like things that others in our circle are not so fond of. We both love Survivor and are excited about the return of it soon. Paladin has watched Big Brother 10 with Me, and been very fun to talk stratgy with. I like Amazing Race as well which will be starting soon. There have been a couple busts, like American Gladiators which was moaningly horrific and Toughes Jobs which has been hard to get into. Even Paladin rolls his eyes at My watching Outsiders Inn and Gone Country 2, both on CMT... and if there is one thing that Paladin isn't... its a fan of country music. (grin) luckily, those come on nites when I don't see Paladin, so kajira robert gets to suffer through those with Me. He tends to be of a more sillier mind like I am, so we do enjoy it alot. I think Paladin would rather be flogged then forced to watch 'Best Redneck Wedding Ever'... which robert and I howled over.. I mean who could turn down haybales in a mud bog with trucks, Tom Arnold and such???
The grooms cake was a shot armadillo. Totally tastless, but funny as all get out.

All in all, things are going pretty smoothly I think in our corner of the world. We've not had any great new adventures, but we have settled into something pleasing and comfortable for us all. Some things are a bit distablizing that has nothing to do with Paladin, but he has been the one solid thing in My world that is always reliable. I'd have to say that kajira robert has also been extremely comforting during some difficult times and it's been a continued blessing to have him living with us. We took him on our trip to see My Knights brother and the ocean. He had a great time and they all loved him. He especially charmed them with his lovely guitar music and My sister in law would love to have him come live there and help her as he has Me... well. but I don't think she'd be doing the daily spankings that he needs to feel connected and submissive.

Which is an interesting dicotomy between robert and Paladin... Paladin enjoys many sensual things, but being spanked is not one of his 'needs' as it seems to be roberts... well.. that's until he gets it.. and then he is wondering what the heck he was thinking. (grin)

I had meant to mention before now how much I love the beautiful silver ring that Paladin gave Me on our anniversary, with his pledge 'Forever yours... Paladin' ingraved inside it. I find when things are difficult now, I am touching it or turning it around on My finger.. and it gives Me great comfort. Sometimes I take it off and see his words to Me there inside it..and I can feel a peace settle over Me as I slip it back on. I love it when Paladin touches it too, like he did at lunch today.. its a very special connection beween us.

Above all.. I feel so very deeply blessed that the wonderful man that Paladin is, has chosen Me as his only Mystress. I wish all the best to all out there who are still looking.. I know its hard.. we both remember that time vividly.. but.. the rewards of persistance are amazing.

Best to all,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lovely Times

Last night as every single visit with Mystress was lovely. We gelled the second Mystress arrived and spent the evening on cloud nine together...chatting, having dinner catching up on some shows...a lovely quiet night indeed.

After our bath ... our lovely bath we retired to teh room for some cuddle time and then off to sleep...its great to sleep with Mystress and I hope Mystress sleeps well too.

Looking forward to tomorrow ever so much.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Mystress Home Wee

Evening All...

Just heard from my Mystress and she is home safe and sound. Sounds like they had a wonderful time on the trip and can't wait to hear about the trip tomorrow.

OUr usual evening is still on as work has not interefered this week so far which is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing my Mystress.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beach Time Fun

Mystress will be at the beach the next couple days which will be lovely indeed. Enjoy the time Mystress and recharge...a bowl of clam chowder sea side does sound lovely indeed. Walking on the beach will be great too...feeling the sand between ones toes...very relaxing and recharging.

Enjoy it fully ...



Saturday, September 6, 2008

Going with the flow

Lately Mystress and I have been going with the flow. Mystress is going with the flow planning a spur of the moment vacation the next couple days. Mystress, her knight and brother will be getting out of town to rest some and get a change of scenery.

Myself, i am dealing with a fluid work flow which may or may not interfer with Mystress's visits. Its tough to not be able to plan for things but as Mystress and i say...better to go with the flow than let it get to us.

May the flow go in our favor


Friday, September 5, 2008

A Quiet Visit

Last night Mystress's visit was rather quiet. We had dinner at the dinning room table and chatted quietly together. Mystress brought a wonderful dinner and we sat down to it rather early.

After dinner we caught up some shows and watched the RNC then our usual nightly dose of reality tv. After this we retired for the night to some cuddling and early sleep.

It was a different night yet still a lovely one indeed...I hope Mystress had a lovely Friday evening and don't do too many chores this weekend :) don't want you to hurt anything


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A early night

for a early meet with Mystress tomorrow.

Looking forward as always to Mystress being here tomorrow....shall be a trmendously fun night as all.

Mystress is catching up with Lady D tonight so it will be good to hear what Mystress has to say...hope they have a great evening.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Benfits of a Monday public holiday

is that tomorrow i get to see Mystress...wee. The weekend has just passed but the thought of seeing mystress again is very very to see my Mystress and enjoy her company.

I hope Mystress had a wonderful day off and relaxed some...hope the chores went well and the new arrangements look great.

Counting down the minutes