Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Knightess

Good Evening All.

I hope that everyone is doing well. This year is flying by and i cant believe it closing in on the spooky season already. The saving grace to fast times is that its all been in the service to my lovely lovely Mystress.

Lately i have been fortunate that my Knightess is around, yes my Mystress has been my knight of late. I have been having some car problems and on numerous occasions Mystress has come to my rescue. Thank you dear Mystress, it means bunches to me and i appreciate it so much.

Tomorrow they predict 102 here, that sucks...we were waiting for the cold weather and rain...bah.....oh well we shall wait till it happens and then lap it all up.


Sunday, September 19, 2010


Why is it one can't be two things in one? Why cant someone be a healer and a dom? IS being a healer indicitive of a weaker or gentler soul without the ability to be firm and strict as a dom? I can assure you this is not the case.

In the past i have screwed up a few times, and Mystress has no problem "correcting" my behavior with a crop , brush or hand. As Mystress said in her post, there are so many flavors int he world that we dont have to settle for just two styles. We are lucky enough to mix and match and find exactly what we enjoy what we want and to not have to settle for something we dont feel fully. This isnt the easiest, as our readers know i spent many many years looking for exactly what i want and now i am so lucky to have it.

I will always cherish it and keep it close and strive to do whatever i must to keep it. Those that have met Mystress in real life, or even in SL, are somewhat suprised she is a dom but, in a moment of realization, realize that you cant juge a book by its cover. Just after short chats with Mystress i know others are drawn to her and her style. I tease Mystress about her "Can i be your friend" emails she gets...not because they are funny, but because i find them cute. I find them so wonderful that others have been drawn to my Mystress and have wanted to be part of all she offers.

Thank you dear Mystress again from the deepest of my heart for being my dear sweet Mystress.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Of Being a Mystress and a Healer...

Greetings to all dear readers... sorry for my absence again. So many things seem to pop up in life, and I forget to update here, or I am not sure what to write about. But this subject has been on my mind for a while, and it seems a good time to delve into it, per the subject line.

As time has passed, and I have gotten around a bit in the D/s community both locally when there was a Domme group, and especially now a days in Second Life, I've come across a lot of different kinds of Owners and subs.

They run the gambit from those that like to give and take pain and/or humiliation, to those that need a softer, more emotional and personal sort of relationship, much like what Paladin and I have. And every combination between. In my case, I went looking specifically for a 'pleasure slave'.... and. boy howdy, does he do that well in spades! Everyone finds their erotica in different ways, and all are right for them. We have our own ways that have evolved what is right for us. We are both open minded, and willing to try some new things. So.. I was not looking to give pain to someone. I just wanted to be served as a Queen.. and Paladin again, is always is smart, sexy, courtly, playful, obedient and highly sensual. What a mix!

Now. in Second Life... the gambit is much wider.. I mean the creativity is both inspiring, and sometimes too creepy to handle. Every kind of device you can imagine.. plants and Krakens, all with some sort of sex on their minds.. well. do plants have minds??? I guess instinct in their cases. There are ways to cause pain and humiliation that have made me nauseous. Not my style..

Most every one knows that I am a Reiki Master, and in Second Life, I have a Reiki Center and Memorial Garden as well. I now also serve as Mother Protector of Chapter House at Atreides. This position means that I help train the Mistress's that come there, and that I am the protector of all the women there as well. I am deeply honored to hold this position. I have already met some wonderfully kind and helpful folks, and I find I enjoy my duties there very much.

So, as to the subject line for tonight.... I have had folks there ask me, how I could be a Mistress and a Healer at the same time? Well, again, it has to do with my own style, my own boundaries, and my oath to be of service and heal. I can demand exact behavior, and I can discipline as needed both in Rl and in SL, and not cross my lines as a Healer. I don't know why some folks seem to think that all Power Exchange or D/s situation have to involve things that degrade or hurt people.

I was called a "Disney Mistress' once by a sub,.(I might have mentioned this before) and I was actually rather happy with that. But I told him. I am really a "Mystress" not so much a Mistress.. as I like to maintain both mystery, and some mysticism. *smiles* Now I do believe that we all serve our purpose, slaves or Owner's exactly as we are.

In my case, Paladin is also a Reiki practitioner, and its fairly common for us to send Reiki to someone during our time together. He does all of his duties with only occasional snorts of displeasure. I will say he was most excellent when he learned he'd being taught to give pedicures on Labor Day and jumped into it with much aplomb! My ex Mistress came to visit us, and she taught him how to do it *smiles* it was great fun.. and tonight, I brought home the needed items for him to give me another one, as she had brought hers. So.. that's a another evolvement for us. We'll see how it goes.

Almost time for him to come home, as I am at his place on my laptop as I type this.
Best to all out there.. and welcome to any new readers, especially to Mikka and Kimka, two very sweet girls I've met recently in SL. And a hello from any at Atredies that appear here as well, as several of them have been given the blog address.

Safe paths,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time with my Mystress

Good evening all.

What a wonderful weekend, not because it was a weekend, but because it was a weekend with Mystress. MMM, from dinner with Mystress on Friday to the cuddle time and the late cuddle mornings on the lovely breakfast and day running chores and spending time more public socializing and cuddle time at home. The entire weekend was hours packed full of wonderful time with my dear sweet amazing Mystress.

In the beginning the weekends were very enjoyanle and intense and as the time has progressed, they have become even more important to Mystress and I. Why more important, not sure why exactly, but the time feels so much more intimate, like we are elevating to another level of closesness together. The time creeps by yet we dont cry over spilt milk. We make the most out of every minute and enjoy it to the fullest. MMMM so so enjoyable.

Each time we are together the time together spurs many thoughts and dreams...mmm what wonderful dreams and thoughts. My only hope, and i am sure its true, that Mystress enjoys the time as much as i do and in the future, there is even more time together.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Holiday Weekend Yay

Hello All.

A long weekend end woohoo. Its been ages, well since the 4th, but it feels much longer since a long weekend. Mystress and I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend.

A special thank you to Mystress for the Reiki she has been sending me. The weekend started well but today i woke with a splitting sinus headache. Thanks to Mystress its become bareable and a very big thank you to Mystress for that.

Tomorrow we get to spend the day together and in the evening we will be having company for dinner. I am sure we will enjoy the time and company and are looking forward to it.

Enjoy the labor day and as Mystress reminded me...enjoy the short work week next week.