Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Service

Good evening all our dear friends.

We hope all is going well with our dear friends. We hope the visists are going well, the experiences enjoyed and the service cherished.

I cherish my days in the service of Mystress each and every day. It brings much joy to me and the smiles and happiness to my dear Mystress. are so rewarding. I am sure all our subby guests can agree that having found the right mystress and servicing them are rewards one can only cherish.

Much love to all our guests.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back in the presence of Mystress

Evening all.

Yes i am back in town and in the lovely presence of Mystress once again.

I am totally not used to having anyone else do things for me and when Mystress said she had done all she did i was rather shocked....i was not sure how to take it but in hindsight and after some thinking...i really really do appreciate it so much. A very very big special thank you to my dear sweet Mystress for all that you did...i even noticed the small things you did like washing the laundry detergent cap. Your upkeep of our castle surely weas touching and i thank you so much and hope you ewnjoyed your week of solitude.

I am also glad you got to experience the solitude i do enjoy...I had always thought if you understood why it was so important to me...why would anyone want to be alone at times...but hopefully you do understand now. Its not being alone...its the solitude and the recharging that comes with it. Like Mystress said, there is not much in my house, no buzzers, no ticking clocks, no pets, no timers.....even the clock on the microwave is turned off. Why am i so crazy? Well its because it creates an environment where i can truly just relax and distractions, no noises just solitude and quiet.

Mystress was lovely enough to spend the day with me watching football and relaxing. Cuddling on the couch...especially at half time :), is so much fun and enjoyable.

A special thank you goes to brother for keeping our Mystress company during my absence. It is such a relief to me to know i have someone i can trust with my dear sweet Mystress.

With such deep gratitude and appreciation


Friday, January 22, 2010

A Peaceful Week at the Castle & Paladin's Tools...

Hello again readers,

Well.. the end of the week is here, and in a few hours My dearly beloved pet be winging his way back home finally. And I'll head back to My own home so that he'll be able to decompress alone after a solid week of being around people all the time with no break
I ended up spending the week at his place, as My Knight's sub has been going through a very rough time, and it seemed like a good time to give them some quality time alone together. I would never impose on Paladin by being at his home this much if he was here. He needs his alone time, and after a quiet week here, I understand even better. I realized it has been years and years since I had any real time alone. And it's been a relaxing and enjoyable experience. My own home always seems to have something going on. Company dropping by, the dog or cat needing someting, or My Knight to tend to. Pet's home has a different, quiet energy to it, certaily a reflection of who he is as a man. He likes living alone, and the aloneness refuels him to deal with his work which can be extremely intensive. I think that he's gotten used to My being around though, and it has been odd to be here without his dear presence. His neighborhood is much quieter as well. My house has a firehouse right around the block, so we often hear the bells and sirens. This house is very very quiet. I know I keep using that word, but its quite true. A good friend and fellow Reiki Master summed it up earlier this summer when she came to visit Me here with Paladin. As she layed back on his couch and spread her arms out, she said spontaneously "Why would you ever want to leave here?" She was speaking of the wonderful relaxing energy that Paladin has infused his home with.

While I have worked all week, its been a quiet change to come home to this empty house. Nothing moves or happens unless I do it. I find I live pretty simply on My own. A bowl of soup and some crackers for dinner, and I'm good. Used one cup, one bowl, and one glass pretty much. Just washed them out and used them again.

I have used this opportunity to spruce the place up a bit. It's been six months now since Paladin bought his house and he's been busy most of the time with critital projects he wanted to get done. That leaves some small things around the edges that built up some. Soooo.. now, much of that is taken care of. *smiles* He sent Me a touching txt earlier in the week saying he was glad I was here to take care of our 'castle.' Indeed. We've had terrible storms and each morning and evening I've checked the fence lines to be sure none have blown down. There was a tree at a nearby park that blew down, and when I sent Paladin a pic of it, he reflected My feelings, that it was't on our or someone else's house. Have had to put the cover on the bbq several times as well. But again, it's all been an enjoyable experience.

While cleaning up the coffee table last nite, I noted that pet seemed to have collected his pocket knives all in one place. I couldn't resist a picture of them all gathered together. I find them very sexy. Not your grandpa's pocket knife for sure. They remind Me of him. Sleek and sexy, curving and... hard. A bit of useful art. Paladin always has one in his pocket when he is here, but with security at the airport and such, I think he decided to just leave them all behind. I knew he had a couple, but I'd never seen them all together. I know of them, because no matter what I might need done, Paladin has a tool for it. *grin* He is exceptionaly profficient in their use as well. He has related to Me that one way his rugby coach kept the team in shape in the off season, was to have them working on building houses with him. "Here's a shovel kid, you four go dig a swimming pool'. lol.. but he says he also learned many skills that have been helpful in owning his own home now. Anyways.. whenever I need something done, he whips out a tool of some sort and then proceeds to use them quite expertly. It's really amazing. I know that whatever might happen to Me, he is prepared to use all of his skills to solve whatever problem I might have.

In many ways, Paladin is like his 'knives' which you can see are more then just a knife. More like 'Swiss' knives.. I forget what he calls his gadgets. But.. like his tools, he has many many uses. A software engineer with a Master's in Business Management he has excellent buisness skills in addition to his household skills. He's a level 2 Reiki practioner, and very energy aware and savy, and a talented gamer as well. He is big and strong, yet soft in heart and charmingly passionate. And, he uses all his tools with great ability. He is always totally self confident in all that he does as well, and prides himself on doing things well. I find all this very erotic. One of My favorite things to do to him is to tap one of his biceps a couple times.. he most always rolls his eyes (which is part of our fun relationship and playing with each other), but he very obligingly makes a muscle for Me.. and I run My hands over it. It's a nice, big strong one, pure masculine strength. and amazingly erotic. He has to hold the pose till I tap the muscle again. I sigh happily. Myne.. all Myne...

With no machoness or attitude in him at all, he is still the most masculine man I have ever known. When he comes and kneels naked with collar in hand, and looks into My eyes and pledges his mantra, its more then enough to create a bathtowel sized puddle. His sign is Leo, and I belive it is that coiled might within him that he exudes.

Speaking of multi talented.. and Leo's.. I want to also thank and mention kajira Robert (also a Leo) as well and his help and talents in Second Life. He has taught himself many things there, from building things from scratch, to adjusting them to the millimeter in their places. Whenever I have a problem there he figures it out! He is not always available at My 'beck and call' as he has many friends in Second Life now as well, and I don't wish to be rude by demanding his presence, unless something happens and I really do NEED him for something, and then he will drop whatever he is doing and come to My aid. He also goes out of his way to help Me with anything that I might need assistance with. My lands in Second Life have increased in size and scope, and he's been an excellent help there in keeping an eye on things and with useful ideas. I want a dance floor built in the sky, and there he is to do it.. I need a wall covering the ugly getto nextdoor moved and changed, and he's there to do it. He is most always there for Me, and we have been able to spend some extra time there this week. He is part of a vampire/lycan game there, and can always tell Me when someone's been drinking My blood. Charming I'm sure. It's been seven years that I have owned him now.. and while we have had our ups and downs, in the end, he is devoted and loyal to Me and I deeply appreciate it. He rarely leaves SL without telling Me he loves Me and sending Me kisses. *smiles* It's good to be Mystress. And.. no joking. it is. Really. I am blessed with two wonderfully devoted pets. There are a couple others in the virtual stable, but they are not around much and more 'pets-in-training 'then reliable ones. But between Paladin in real life, and kajira Robert in Second Life, I am well taken care of.
When Robert lived with us for a while last year, he was a most amazing visitor and slave. Most always ahead of Me in knowing what I wanted or needed. And I am glad that our tie has remained strong when he had to leave. And I am glad that My two pets have become good friends and I much enjoy their teasing back and forth, and they way they give credit and thanks to each other.

Well, off to get ready to head home....

best wishes to all,
a happy and well loved Mystress

Monday, January 18, 2010

Our toe socks...

Hello again friends,

Yes.. I did take pictures. *smiles* His are the striped ones.. the others, Myne are the yin/yang ones. You can see that his don't fit very well.. at least the toe parts. But the rest does, and he assures Me that he'll wear them.

I had him sit and close his eyes.. and the, put the super soft socks in his hands.. he made something like a muffled sigh... and then I explained to him, that he owns nothing in these colors.. (few men do I think) and these were just a bit of something different.

When I had him open his eyes, he held them, totally stunned. Silent. Not even a squeak. He looked at the socks.. and then his feet... I helped him put them on, which is when we noted that indeed, the toe parts are too small for him.. so I told him they looked like pink claws.. I told him I'd put My socks on too. and so I did.. and so friends, now you all get to see the cute pic of pet and Me in our socks. *smiles*
It was nice to be cuddled with him in the rain storm last nite, and as his plane didn't leave until 1pm today, he didn't have to be up at the normal 6:30am. Instead, we got up around 8.. pet made lovely cinnabun rolls (and this time, he did put the frosting on AFTER he cooked them)
We got to cuddle some before he was off to the airport.
I had luch with a friend, and then came back to pet's and My home. Got some things straightened up that I'd wanted to do.. a bit of a surprise to him when he gets home. A few less things he'll have to do after a rough week on the road.
Well, I have other things to tend to.. Sir Robert to visit with in Second Life.
Take care all, and best to all in all ways,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My lovely socks

Good evening all.

I make this post while my lovely Mystress is enjoying the hot hot water in the shower....she so loves the hot water running over her body...and i can assure you...thats a sight to enjoy :)

I am off for a week and Mystress being the kind sweet Mystress she is gave me a gift of socks to keep my feet warm on the trip. As you all know, the color choices i am afraid will clash slightly with my work colors...but i can assure Mystress i shall wear them happily in the evenings to keep my toes nice and snug. For those that can't picture the socks let me describe them. The are roughly mid calf in length consisting of alternating bands of different colors. These colors include baby blue, pink and bright yellow. These colors alternate the length of the sock to the toes...and yes the socks have toes. Pink ones that are shaped to slip over ones toes, just like a glove. Rather strange i know but Mystress does adore them. The toe holes, for lack of a better term, are too small for my toes so for now they serve as long pink claws at the end of my toes. Mystress took a pic i am sure she will share.

So while i am on my trip this week, reminded about my Mystress through the lovely socks...i shall think of all the things i love about my Mystress.....

  1. Her lovely nature and sweet smile. Mystress style as you know differs from the typical harsh and dominant woman who enjoys humilation and the rather a strong dominant woman with her own very special and oh so addicting style...unique and all hers.
  2. Her wickedly sneaky mindset when it comes to torturing her pet. Its a rather lovely change when instead of wondering if Mystress will beat my ass till its red and swollen tonight to not knowing at all whats on her mind. At times Mystress can suprise one with strangest orders, such as making me ask her knight for permission to pee. Rather unexpected.
  3. How lovely and responsive my Mystress is to pleasure....mmm. I am so blessed to be the one to provide her with all the pleasure Mystress can bear and its a lovely task indeed.
  4. Her magnetic personality and again her wonderful style. It turns me on to no end to know my Mystress is so sought after, to know that others flock to her for her change of style...her unique style...her lovely and embracing style. Seeing both the virtual subs and even the occasional real life sub asking to be hers makes me so happy to know i am hers. One phrase in an email i saw of Mystress summed it up quite nicely, it was simply "Can i be your friend" but in my mind it was "Can i be your sub". The female subs are rather enticing and seeing Mystress with them first hand was oh so yum.
  5. Her caring nature. Mystress nature extends past just caring for her pets, but to another level. I am sure Sir Robert can attest to this as he has been exposed to her truly caring nature.
  6. Oh there are so so so many more reasons why my Mystress is so adoreable that to list them all would mean and endless cycle of typing...but each of them brings the warmest and happiest smile to my face.

It sounds like Mystress is done in the shower so i am off to be with my sweet Mystress. Thank you to all our lovely friends and family all mean so much to us.

In happy servitude


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pet takes a Trip and Gets a Gift

Hello again friends....

We learned this week that due to a work situation, Paladin will be flying to a northern city for the week to save the day. Just as the biggest storms of the year are about to hit. Here that is. So with a bit of improvisation, and change in plans. I'll be spending tomorrow nite at pet's. The next day is a holiday, (although not for pet, he'll be flying and then working) so I'll not have to be up terribly early. And I'll be sending him good energy for a smooth and safe trip.

I always dislike it when he has to travel, but he's their IT golden boy, so he is needed in his companies time of crisis, and of that, I am very very proud. There are only two people in his company that can do the level of work he does, and the other was struck down by an injury just a week before the finishing of a very important project. So he'll be flying out early Mon, and returning late on Fri. And he knows it will be under stressful conditions and late nights as well, so I'll be sending him lots of Reiki and positive energy to keep him going

But I will still spend my regular nites at his house anyways, and that will be something of a comfort. He'll have to leave me a shirt to have, as we've long had a tradition of My keeping one of his dress work shirts at my place to have when I miss him. What can I say, but that pet smells very good. Mmmmmmm.. and when I miss him, I can hold his shirt and feel his wonderful calming energy, and smell his warm yumminess. His bed (like many) has a divot in the middle of it where he usually is, and I am up on one of the edges. He teased Me that this week I'd get the 'hole' in the bed.. and I told him, I like it's normal 'filling' to be there best. *smiles*

Since he will be traveling, this mean he has to wear My 'M' on his thigh each day that he is away. He marks it with a large sharpie pen. *more smiles* And often has to send a picture.

I also got him a special pair of sock to wear on his trip to the cooooold north. To keep his cute tootsies warm. In fact, they are toe socks. He had never seen a pair till a couple weeks ago when I had on a set that were yellow with multi colored yin/yang symbols all over it. I think he was aghast. No... he was clearly agast. He stood and stared at My feet the first time he saw them.. just about at a loss for words. Well. they really are very colorful.. and gosh, the symbol fits us very well. *grin* And now he has his own pair.. not quite the same pattern, but .. the same lovely pastel colors. And defiantly toe socks. Not remotely his style at all. He's all about black and grey. Maybe a burgundy tie, although most of them are grey's, blue and silver. And these. well.. they have .. pink toes. *chuckles* aye. yes. they do.. and no. I am not trying to 'sissify' him. But he was given an option of two things, and he chose these. So, he gets them. The other option is strictly private. But it was funny to see him wrestling with which was the less choice... of course, he didn't realize that they would have pink toes. But I'm pretty sure he would still have chosen them. But he hasn't seen them yet.. and he's gone off to bed, so he doesn't know I'm letting you all in on the surprise before he knows.. about the pink toes. *grin* will be fun to see his expression when he sees them.

Now, folks may wonder why on earth I would get him socks like these. Well.. it's because of pet's oh-so-serious side. And manly man side. I feel a part of 'stretching' pets 'horizons' is working on his silly bone. I like silly sometimes... and he is not remotely silly. But he is having to learn. We all teach our subs different things.. and one of Myne lessons to pet has been silliness. For some it is pain, others different kinds of interactions. Pet can have some very ridged thinking, and not just his lovely cock. He was raised in a different sort of environment... in a British sort of culture, but with none of the benefits of British humor. (He would roll his eyes and say they have no humor, that its just stupid. ) But I insist there is humor. It just takes a bit of shift of mind. But how do you shift an engineers mind??? With silly pink toed socks. At least, that's what I'm going to try. *smiles*

Pet's also been learning to cook. He's got scallops down pat, but not so eggs over easy. He just can't handle the idea of runny yolks, and ever since My Navy days, I hate dry ones. And since I am the Mystress, I get them the way I want. But he's also taught Me some great things. I never had ice cream on a waffle before. Or this hot toasted open sandwich he makes that's very yummy.

Sooo. .. tomorrow is the last day before he leaves. And its supposed to rain. I think we'll be spending lots of time cuddling and getting ahead of the time he'll be away. But, as he would be quick to point out, its only for a week, and he'll be in contact by text, and I'm sure I'll get to hear his voice a couple of times at least. So I'll go with the flow and all will be well.

Soo. wishing all out there continued good things..
hang on to what you have
and keep searching if you are.. they are out there..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Settling into a new year

With the new year under way..Mystress and I are settling into another year together. Old activities are still places enjoyed...and growing together still a central theme. A special thank you to my Mystress again for being my sweet Mystress. I can not imnagine any other coming anywhere close to what you do for me. The lessons you share be it cooking, or stretching my horizons or just hot to be more open are appreciated tremendously. I feel this year is going to be a special one for us, not sure why, but i just do, going into 3 years of full service and you know what they say, threes a charm :)

Loves, kisses and much hugs to my sweet Mystress.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

The New Year

Greetings dear readers to what we all hope will be a wonderful New Year. Tis off to a good start for sure.

Our special little family was all gathered for the holiday. My pet in his restraints and collar, My Knight and his sub as well. We all had a wonderful time laughing and sharing the evening . It's rare that all four of us are together at the same time because we all have such different schedules, but we all get on very well when we do. This was the 2nd New Years that we all shared together (the 3rd with Paladin) and I'm sure there will be many more tom come.

Tis 2.5 years for pet and I, and about 1.5 for My Knight and his sub. She is also his legal secretary which of course calls for all sorts of comparisons to the movie Secretary. Although she's not nearly as good at manovering with stocks on as Lee Holloway was. *grin* Still. .. she's mostly a good girl.. althoguh Paladin is much more obedient then she is.

As Paladin wrote, we did have a wonderful. although low key time. Several of us still getting over a nasty chough did sent us off to bed before the midnite hour. Which was rung in with much cuddles.. and.. pet's own brand of 'fireworks' *grin* yes.. we'll call it that for now. They seemed to blast off at the same time the fireworks outside were going off. Nothing like audience participation I say!

Since the New Year also means new starts.. My reign as logan's Mystress was short lived. Knowing a dear dear friend who has been seeking a male sub.. and their subsequent introduction to each other and their geographic closeness made it seem reasonable to release him to Her for Her possible consideration. I wish them both well with all My heart. and hope against all hopes that he might turn out to be for Her as My beloved Paladin has been to Me.

I also thank Robert for his well wishes in his congradulations of My finished 'project'.. tis a book I have been working on for some 8 years which is now finally finished and published. Since it ties in to who I am, I am not naming it here publicly. tis not a D/s book, but a autobiography I have worked on with someone else. But it has been a huge and long ongoing thing, and now we move into the marketing phase. Goodnes. so many choices to make. the type and size and style of font and paragraphs and such. Whew.... but to hold the finished book in My hands just before Christmas... was a huge gift, and a relief.

WEll, time for Me to sign off and head off to work.. In closing, we wish the best to all our readers for the New Year, and hope that new dreams will be fulfilled and joy will be bountiful. We shall make the best of all that we have, and wish the same for our beloved readers.

All good thoughts to all,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wonderful New Years

Evening All.

Mmmm what a magical new years as they all are with my sweet Mystress.

Our New Years this year started nice and early on Thursday. I picked up some baked potatoes and assorted ingredients for our new years eve dinner then i was over to Mystress's lickety split.

Mystress and i floated about her place readying the dinner for the eve. Enjoying each others company, cutting slicing dicing and prepping the wonderful dinner. We do enjoy preparing special dinners together and Mystress has taken to giving pet some cooking lessons while we do. Did you know that the icing goes on after you cook cinna buns? Pet in his lack of cooking skills put them on before baking them..needless to say they came out rather different.

We enjoyed a lovely prime rib dinner together along with Mystress's knight and my little sister. It was a grand meal and much enjoyed by all. After dinner we all cuddled on the couch to enjoy each others company and to wait onthe new year to approach.

As the time neared we all retired to the comfort of our beds to bring in the year the best way possible, cuddling with Mystress....mmmm much pleasure and i'd definitely encourage all to ring in the new years that way :)

On Friday we relocated to my place for a weekend of rest relaxation and cuddles. Mystress and i do love our weekends together. We just get to sit back rest and relax and enjoy each others company. On Saturday Mystress and i went hunting...not not with guns...but its what we call our grocery shopping. Its enjoyable to see what Mystress chooses over me and to compare our tastes.

The rest of saturday we spent catching up on some movies and enjoy the entertainment it brings to us. We love to discuss movies as we watch them...putting ourselves in the situations presented int he movie and asking how we would each handle them. Rather entertaining :)

On sunday we had a wonderful breakfast together and spent sometime playing on the computers. Its very enjoyable to watch Mystress in SL and to see the world she has created. It amazes me how much influence Mystress has there and how many people she must be my sexy Mystress and her lovely dominate ways that attract them all. Some very attractive and revealing people indeed....i am glad my Mystress enjoys this so much.

And so starts another wonderful year in the service of Mystress. We hope this year brings all our friends all the happiness they deserve.