Monday, December 29, 2008

Bumpy roads

Evening all.

As the year trails off so does the bumpy times. The last part of a year is always the roughest with few bright being New Years with Mystress...i can't wait. As with every year i can remember...the tough times keep piling up and and as the year does the tough times and then the new year brings a fresh clean start and a renewed rejuvenation.

Mystress and I are both experiencing this discomfort for different reasons...yet we are trying our best to get each other through them all, with varied degrees of success. Needless to say we are glad its near the end and both look forward to starting a fresh clean new year.

We hope the time has been kind to our guests and wish you all the happiest new year.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hello All.

Hope the holiday season is treating you all well. It sure is a busy time yet a happy time too. Its our second holiday season together which is wonderful. Plans have been made a good time shall insue for sure.

I got a weird work schedule but we are working around that and will make it work..out new moto is go with the flow and Mystress and I love to try and follow it.

Next year promises to be another wonderful year int he service of Mystress


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lovely Post

Lovely Post Mystress.

It will definitely catchup all our guests and explain some of the busy times indeed. Mystress lives in a lovely place now...very very quiet and relaxing indeed. Today Mystress said they had some snow flurries even...Mystress is really enjoying the place.

I am happy to have Mystress just gel and rest here...inbetween "cuddles" i hope Mystress just sits back puts her feet up and need to do anything.

I hope all our guests are doing well and for those moving on...we wish you the best in all that you do.


Friday, December 12, 2008

The New Life.... and Realizations of Appreciation

Many of the aspects are the same.. only the location has changed.. 

Moving to the city after living in the Land of the Winter People in the high Sierra's for some 12 years was a bit of a culture shock.  But... it was new, exciting, and My new family of Knight and grown children kept Me quite occupied.  To the point that I didn't want to move back up the mountain, away from My friends and family.  But... an opportunity has come along that we could not turn down.  And so, here I am... back in a rural life.  The sort that goes more by the set of the sun then the time on the clock.... well.... at least at horse feeding time.  The board in the barn says that dinner is from 7:30-8pm.  The two big young geldings at the base of the yard in the paddock do NOT agree with that. Around 3:30 they start kicking the gate.  By 4:30 they are adamant.  I normally feed them around 4ish when I am home. I think the board was written in the summer time, and that neither of these boys were around then.

  Life also now means being here to feed the 3 of them every afternoon. . Blanket the old fella and give him his meds (which he does not like but will suffer an apple treat after to get the nasty taste out of his mouth).  This IS a big responsibility.  There are total 8 (9 including our own tiny critter) animals that we are responsible for. 

All but the barn cat now come in the house and cozy with us.  She's invited, but can't get her down from the barn to come in.  The two big dogs and almost equally big cats are happy to be part of a family again.   Its a rewarding 2nd job.

Job.... yes.. that is what it is.. we are caretakers and guardians of the lovely place.. but with that does come responsibility.

And... the deep appreciation of Paladin's newest sort of service, which is really one of the one's he's always given.. and that is gracious hospitality.  I many other Dom/mes appreciate this of their subs?  I most certainly do, nor do I take it for granted.. at least I try not to.  Last night was the 2nd nite at Paladins that I realized that I finally felt 'off duty'....a deep wave of really not having to be 'on watch'.  Being in his home means that I am not responsible for any-darn-thing at that moment,  because My Knight is there and is looking after the critters... a nite off for Me. always does his best to make Me comfortable and pampered.  Although.. last nite a neighbor in the apartment building made some sort of noise, and I woke up thinking that one of the dogs was on the deck and wanted in the house as had happened the previous nite.  But then I realized where I was... and that delightful luxuriousness washed over Me that I didn't have to get up and let it in.  Not that I mind letting the big dog in from the cold... I just didn't have to. And to feel Paladin's reassuring touch was very soothing. 

This last week was the first one in which we had both Tue and Thur in many weeks.  It felt... decadent... almost. (smiles)  We have been enjoying Survivor very much together, generally followed by a nice hot bath and then into bed.  Sometimes we get back up for a while, and other times, like last nite, we don't.  We have both been pretty tired these  day, and often I show up with whisps of straw and accept his mantra and put on his collar before heading to the shower to get cleaned up, as most times I don't have time after feeding/watering/meds time and I'd rather take a shower at Paladin's and be there, then take it here and be late even a moment to see him.    Those two nites a week mean alot.. as will the weekend day whenever it comes along that allows Me to to really, truly, deeply relax.  Because  My Knight still works in the city, there are many nites he is not here until 10pm or later, this being almost an hour away from his office now.  And often he is off early in the morning.  So.. that leaves Me... to be responsible most of the time for everything here.  And I want to do a very good job...that's how I am..... Again..all this brings into focus how much I appreciate My Paladin's service.   He is always in constant contact with Me, and we talk on the phone most evenings as well.  More appreciation.

And.. Pleasure... when I first went looking, I know I wanted a pleasure slave... one who could keep up with Me.. and I certainly have met My match in Paladin.    Most enjoyable this week has been laying back on his bed and whispering "Pleasure pet.." and feeling the energy flood him.. and a lovely stallion like sound as he goes into action. He knows that means I lay back..and he uses all of his considerable skills.  It is certainly mind and body altering.  The man is very good at what he does... I think "Damn your good!" is My most common comment... once I can talk again that is. So he continues with those most excellent duties as well.. 

And.. something else new... we both decided that henceforth.. we'll always plan to be together at New Years... something Paladin mentioned in his last post I believe.  The 3 of us had a delightful time last year.. well.. except for the tank in the bathroom leaking and Paladin vacuuming it all up with the shop vac. (smile) hopefully we won't repeat that this year.  But the Art Bell  New Years Show in the hot tub.. yeah.. that I do hope we do.  

OHhh.. and Spore... dear dear pet got Me Spore... a fascinating little game I'd read about in his gaming magazine.  (chyld said she was surprised I read a gaming magazine.. when I'm in a bathroom, I'll  read anything.. and Paladin knows this.  And I do like games too!) and it looked very interesting. If you happen to like it the game, there is a great video of Robin Williams giving a demo of it that Paladin and I watched together last nite that was hilarious!  Anyway, so far I've survived the primordial ooze and created My first creature. 

And... more notes of appreciation to both kajira robert and chyld for there ongoing support as well.  And thanks to the Lady Muse for allowing chyld to chat with Me and keep Me company.. and I expect her to do all of her obligations to her Mistress first and formost! 

kajira robert and I have quite been enjoying Second Life (if you ever use it, please drop Me and email and I'll tell you My name there) together, and sometimes sara comes along.  We both have some property now that we are setting up, and learning the ins and outs of  Second Life has been fascinating.  And.. last saturday, I was lucky enough to be there with both robert and Paladin... it was.. very very enjoyable I must say!! I do hope to spend some time there with Lady Muse and cyld as well. Unfortunately My Mac does't do IMVU... nor gmail chat.

Well.. so thats the update for now.  I wish the very best for all!

Oh.. one last thing... an expression of sorrow that Persephone has stopped blogging.  She will be very much missed.  I will always wonder about her life, from where she leaves us now, and hope that all of her dearest dreams come to pass.  I miss her very much already. Like chyld says, I go back just to see if she has written something.. course.. she can always write to us if she wishes (smiles...) and gosh, that would be nice!  

And I also extend a warm hug to Pixie..who is going thru a difficult, difficult time.. how I wish I could hold some of the voices here on the net.. to offer up solace and comfort...

so I do.. in My wish for the best to all..
take care... 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Evening All

How are all our wonderful guests.? Well i hope and i hope the holiday season is treating you well.

As with any holiday season, it keeps us busy and this one is no exception. With a late Thanksgiving and what seems like a very short time till need cram as much as one can in a short period of time it seems.

Mystress and I have alreayd made plans for New years. It will be our second new years together and hopefully we repeat all we did last year. It was rather fun to soak in the tub and listen to the radio and wait for the new years to come in. It may be cool up in the mountains for that but we shall see.

Mystress is well and doing amazingly. Her smiles are very energizing and a wonder to view. We are back to our normal schedules for December and hopefully longer. Work may be trailing off the busy schedule but hard to say for the new year...will go with the flow.

Happy thoughts to all.