Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Long Day

Tomorrow looks to be a super long day for me and for my Mystress...she has some wonderful plans with her volunteer organization. The best thing about a busy day tomorrow however is that it makes the day fly by..and that means Thursday comes way faster and that means Mystress will be here...mmmm can't wait.

Mystress and I are having a wonderful chat as I type this...looking forward to seeing Mystress again.

Back to my dear Mystress and our chat.....mmmm sexy Mystress..


Monday, April 28, 2008

Lovely Times

As Mystress said the weekend was truly wonderful. We spent the weekend lounging about, relaxing, watching TV, chatting and enjoy the pleasure that is so wonderful between us.

This weekend was the first one that i can recall in ages and ages where i spent more time in bed relaxing thatn ever before, it was a definite change and quite welcome indeed. Definitely serves to recharge the batteries even when Mystress and i workout in other ways ... smile.

We chit chatted and had some good solid conversations...assurances were reinforced and protocols reinforced. We didn't get around to our bath now that i think of it...but the rest of the weekned sure made up for it. We did have a very ... ummh.. hands on shower so that made up for it :)

Now i go to relax and think pelasant thoughts on the weekend past...and to ponder how to shape energy in other ways :)


Sunday, April 27, 2008


It was indeed as Paladin states an wonderful weekend. From Fri eve when My Knights friend sat and had ice tea with Me while we waited for Paladin to arrive from work... looking stunning in a black shirt and silver tie. They shook hands, smiled and got on quite well.... To this evening,when Paladin brought Me home and then all of us (My Knight, his friend, Paladin and Myself) went off for a wonderful Japanese dinner together (with very yummy scallops which I'd been telling Paladin about for a few months) and having a very delightful time. And of course... all of the the time at with Paladin alone for the weekend.

Much of it was simply cuddling and watching a movie or some tv that we enjoyed.

But..Paladin felt like he was special mission to launch Me into bliss space. And.. he did a remarkable job. This weekend.. was about... closeness I think more then anything else though. At least that is how it seemed.. we laughed alot.. and send each other in to bliss space. He remembered all of his protocols.. giving Me his fealty gesture every time I entered a room. Even if laying on the bed waiting for Me. He knelt whenever he brought Me something and also asked whenever he needed to use the restroom. He was a very smoothly running pleasure slave from beginning to wonderful cuddly ending. It was.. so very very relaxing.

He was.. amazing! And I thank him for his wonderful service..

This was one of the most wonderful weekends ever! Still spinning and reeling from his energy.What I mean by that.. is that Paladin used his energy in a extraordinary way this weekend.. and it had a profound.. effect on Me. It was nice to have this new.. option.. added My pet. And.. because I am so energy sensitive.. it still is. wowwww is all I can say.

Know you are so much appreciated My beloved Paladin..
mmmmmm.. oh yes, yes indeed...
Stallion.. (grin)

Well.. the hour is late, and I am off to join Paladin in resting now.
More later..
Best to all..

p.s. Thank you kajira stephen for you kind comments. I am enjoying them very much!

Evening All.

Evening to all our guests. Just popping in to say hi and smile ear to ear over our wonderful weekend. It was truly wonderful and full of surprises..some which Mystress has already posted to the blog.

So i thought i'd just pop in and say hi...just had to say how wonderful the weekend was and I guaranty that we shall be posting more details for our wonderful guests.

Sleep well dear Mystress....


Friday, April 25, 2008


Both Paladin and I have written about our schedule being changed because because of the company that My Knight and I have visiting. This is a My Knights best friend from college, who last fall moved a long ways away. He has known My Knight longer then anyone else.

We have always kept our '3rds' private from his friend before, he's met them, but he never knew the role that they had in our lives besides being 'just' our friend. Well... My Knight has decided to change that in regards to Paladin. He surprised Me the other night by telling Me that he had told his friend about Myself, and Paladin. That I am Paladin's Mystress. Well.. this as I say, surprised Me quite a bit as My Knight has always kept this part of our lives very private from his friend. But he says that he wants Me to be able to see Paladin, and have him with us without having any secrets from his friend...and so My Knight has decided to break the silence on this to his friend.

And it's been odder then heck to chat with this long time friend about Paladin.. to answer some of his questions about him. And to try and be clear as to the sort of Mystress that I am (no black leather outfits and boots). This morning, it was decided that since My Knight is going to be busy this afternoon, that his friend will drive Me up to meet Paladin this afternoon when work gets out. -blink- blink-. and that.. we have been requested to have dinner with My Knight and his friend on Sunday afternoon. Okay..... certainly. So.. this has all be quite sudden.. and again.. surprising to Me..to have kept this part of My Knight and I secret for so long and now.. it's all out of the bag. That just like our many friends who have known and met Paladin.. this especially long term friend now knows about us.

I am.. yes...just a bit nervous. But the friend seems quite content and understanding about it. Of course.. he has known that My Knight has been part of a mfm triad since college... and he knows them quite well also..but this is ME now.... soo... yeah...it's just a bit weird to have a vanilla friend know about the un-vanilla sides. I think a big part of what he wants is to meet Paladin and make sure that he is an honorable man... which of course.. he is.

Anyways...I expect we'll both write again sometimes Sunday evening. So.. off I go now to get ready..

Best wishes to all..

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ordered to veg

Mystress being the caring wonderful Mystress she is has sent me to go veg some..to recharge for the coming weekend...mmm less than 24 hours now...mm very excited. We are looking forward to it very much so and the weekend promises to be full of wonderful moments.

I do hope your as excited as me Mystress.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Visual Properness

Knowing my Mystress i know that Mystress loves a proper display...to show respect and to not do anything she considers disrespectful. This takes time learning and as one commented earlier...it often takes time to learn these aspects but the important thing is that we do learn from them.

To me its rather simple...don't simply flash what you have for all to see...unless they have indicated they want it. The same can be said for words...don't say anything unless its been indicated that it would be acceptable.

I know these are general and rather broad...but due to the intricacies of learning anothers responses...its generally safer to be broad and cautious than narrow and offensive. And the most important thing...if one says no..no means no..not maybe..not yes in another language..but no.



This has been an unusual time for us. Our 'regular' schedule is upside down. However this time has been easier then times in the past. A big part of that is how well connected I feel that we are, and how comfortable we are in our relationship.

I know that at any given moment, I can send Paladin a txt, and he will do his best to follow any command that I might give him. I feel his submission and total obedience to Me at all times. It is a amazing feeling to realize that his submission to Me is so total now... as is My need to control him. The proud stallion who once thought all that he could in his head, now capitulates to Me.. in ways that he never would with anyone else. Just as I appreciate all that I have taught him, I also have learned very very much from him. The things that I have learned have made Me calmer and more steady.

The connection that I feel to him is multi-layered. It is easy going and relaxed.. and it is also full of promise and exceptions. One never knows exactly what might happen. I like to keep it that way.. him never quite knowing what to expect.. since he is always in control of everything else.. I like to be the one bit of his life that is off kilter! (smiles)

I love dearly when he is quite wound up for pleasure and being in control of what he can and cannot do. I love controlling his orgasms... and having him tease himself almost to climax. Mmmmm.. and I dearly love it when he sends Me such a picture of himself as well. Partly because.. I know he never would with anyone else on the planet... and I do love being the sole recipient of this wonderful art. Just as I love being the recipient of his ever growing skills at giving pleasure. Wonderful how well he has learned, and how much he desire to give pleasure. I have never met anyone like him before.. and each day, he amazes Me more and more.

I thank Paladin for all that he does for Me.. and for the gift of his submission to Me. I am looking very much towards the weekend, and having a nice relaxing and sensual time with him. And perhaps some more exploration of things we have started in the past. We shall see how it all unwinds.

But for now.. I sign off to go and chat with My amazing Paladin.. who serves as My friend, lover, confidant and pleasure slave.

Wishing the best for all,
and again, warm welcomes for our new readers-

Another Day Down

Well its another day down and one more day closer to the weekend...the countdown has been so intoxicating and Mystress and i have been back and foward in texts describing some wonderful ways to spend the weekend...let me tell you...a shower, a hand held shower head and ummh some application of water preasure on the right spot = a happy Mystress. Now to only play it out in the shower :)

Our excitment is two fold with both of us very anxious for the weekend...whatever the plans work out to be, they will be mmm oh so amazing.

Enjoy your evening Mystress and know that the weekend is ever so much closer...and mmm wicked thoughts Mystress.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wonderful Times

Evening all...

Mystress's suprise visit on Sunday was truly wonderful. It was great to see my dear Mystress so that the time apart was not so long. It definitely made the couple weeks we will be apart much more bearable. The one thing i am sure we both are looking forward to is the weekend coming up.

Mystress and I are planning to spend the weekend together baring any unexpected suprises. It will as always be a wonderful time and the time together will be amazing. What we will do is up in the air...but whatever it is...we will enjoy it immensly.

Enjoy your evening with company dear Mystress...


Monday, April 21, 2008

Paladin's Sacrifice and Mystress's Gratitude

Paladin rescued Me from a bit of a meltdown and I am very very grateful to him for it. I was having a very rough time getting things sorted out over Friday and the weekend, and not the sort of co-operation that I needed to get what I needed done done. Spinning whells in the sand and possible huge family living arrangements changes happening this week had Me in My own private uproar... except for Paladin.. who knew that I was feeling very frazzled and on edge.

It was one of those wanting to run and hide somewhere days I get sometimes. And.. a lack of control in addition to all of the above. But now.. after a wonderfully unexpected day and evening away with Paladin..and must admit, I feel 1000000000% better. I have certainly come to miss him after just a few days apart. He has a... steadiness to him that is very good for Me. And there are frustrations that I can talk with him about that he can help Me with as he knows the situation first hand. His advice is always level headed and good for Me. In this case.. frustration at not being able to get the things done I wanted to had led Me into a tailspin.

This was supposed to have been Paladin's weekend to hole up totally alone and simply veg himself. But instead, after I sent him an email and while we were having our Sun morning chat... he told Me that I was welcome to come spend yesterday with him. I was anxious, and hesitant as this was supposed to be time for him alone. But he truly seemed to be alright with it. I can't begin to say how much the idea of escaping to his 'sauna' appealed to Me. (smiles)

After I arrived, I put My phone on the charger in the bedroom with the sound off and turned everything off but relaxing for the day. It was like a one day mini-vacation. Sometimes I can reset Paladin's buttons.. and yesterday, he reset Mine. Of the many ways that he gives Me pleasure and is of service to Me.. this was one of the most healing and rewarding days ever. I truly NEEDED him.. and bless his dear sacrificial heart... he came through for Me. I know that there are times he can, and times he can't. And I always understand when he can't. I know it's never because he does not want to, but simply how life if sometimes.

There was a movie he had on DVD we had been wanting to see for a couple of months now. So, yesterday was the day that we curled up together and watched the extended version of. With a delightful pre-movie bit of pleasure.. some intermission pleasure and some after the movie pleasure. We had home made phad thai and watched Big Brother together. He gave Me a wonderful wonderful back massage.. and I returned the favor with him leaning back against Me in the tub.

I can't begin to say how much the time with Paladin helped Me yesterday. Being away from the frustrations was an enormous help, and this morning I felt much more balanced and ready to deal with some challenging issues. I have already gotten many things sorted out today that I simply wasn't able to cope with yesterday. I own him a great debt of gratitude for duty above and beyond the call of duty. A part of Me felt badly that I was taking this day of isolation away from him and I shall have to find a way to make it up to him. Now.. some folks would say that he's the submissive and I the Domme.. and I don't have to do that. Well.. that might be all well and good and true, but.. it is NOT how I feel about this situation. I am.. profoundly grateful to him.. and I want him to know it. And how appreciative I am of him. He does so very much for Me, that each day I know I am deeply blessed to have him in My life.

This was a really a low key time for us both, except for him being in excellent pleasure giving mode.. and he was able to truly relax Me in many ways... and I hope he knows.. just how grateful I truly truly am to him! Thank you, thank you, thank you pet!!!

With much love and affection for Her amazing Paladin,

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thinking of pet...

We did just have a wonderful chat and he's gone off to bed to rest.

I too am very tired from company and house projects, so this is a short entry also. I have given Paladin grace from his blog tonight as I did a couple nites ago as well. He has had a very, very busy stretch of time the past month and half or so, and this is his first chance to really really rest.
Paladin needs quiet time all to himself to fully recharge. And I do hope that he is getting that experience this weekend. This is one of those lull times for us. We generally tend to run on a pretty smooth schedule these days. We do still miss each other very much, and are in constant communications as well.

We have some extra special communications that Paladin uses sometime to .... share .. more of himself with Me when we are apart for a while, and I always do enjoy it. He knows by now what I like. He can be so serious sometimes, that I like to remind him to smile and after a wee bit, it is obvious that he has lightened up some. It all serves as an enticement for the next time we see each other. Company will be here for this week again, although My Knight and his friend currently expect to take a trip away for next weekend which will allow Paladin and I some time together, which I am very much looking forward to. And I am thinking of perhaps one evening early this week for dinner.

The hour is late, and as I said, I am quite tired tonight.
Best to all,

Busy Nights

Well its after Midnight and Mystress and I each had a busy day and night. Mystress filled me in on her outing with her Knight and another dominant woman and how much they enjoyed the evening out. Its good to see my Mystress getting to know this lovely lady and to see their relationship growing. They sure can teach each other many many things and that is why we are in what we are...to learn to evolve and experience life to the fullest.

Off to get some sleep so i can rise to chat with my Mystress.


Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well i have always thought that for the right thing..dedication can come easily...and for the right Mystress...it definitely does come easy. I am sure our guests would agree that for a lovely sweet Mystress like mine...one would go to great depths to prove their dedication.

This I do...whether it is trying to stay as true to my duties as possible...or continuing duties long ago introduced...they all serve as proof that my dedication to my Mystress..and what we have is true...and long term.

I do wish my Mystress the best of nights tonight as she attends a social event with friends...do enjoy your time dear Mystress...and i shall think of what you did this afternoon and shared with me...it was lovely :)

With much love


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Paladin's Dedication...

Paladin writes in his last post about his poses.... and his comment to Me.. that what I had him once do... he still does.. and that he loves what he has. I found that very deep and moving.

As for as for Me... watching him do his poses.

There are times I like observing him as though I wasn't there. Most times it is spontaneous... it'll pop in My head that I'd like to see him do something that I normally wouldn't see him do. It had crossed My mind that I wanted to see him do them. (Note to pet- I think I shall add it as part of our ritual that you do it before bed whether I am there or not. And that also means wherever we might be and nite falls - smiles)

When I want to watch him do something like the poses, he knows this means to do whatever he would be doing if I wasn't. Changing his clothes... slowly strapping on his restraints, watching him trim himself.... Most of these things I watch laying across his bed facing the closet, which sheds a path of light on right side of the bed.

I was.... as usual laying in the position when he knelt into the first pose. I had asked this of him earlier, and I had forgotten until as he came to bed, he gracefully sank down on both knees in front of the bed, and took up the first position. It did look prayerful.. he laid his head on his clasped hands and became very calm. I asked him what he thought about and he answered Me very quietly. To paraphrase.. it was about gratitude to Me.. which I was very humbled by, and to to feel the depth of his quiet submission to Me.

Then he moved into the fealty position. This felt different from the one that he normally gives Me when I arrive. It was very.. intense.. yet again... silently strong. I could feel the energy radiating from him as he did this. And.. that he did this for Me... made Me feel all the more blessed to own him in all the ways that he has given himself over to Me. This was the difference between having him do it to Me... verses for Me. This was.. for Me.. not to Me.. and it was that wonderfur energy that I felt in waves from him. How amazing it was to feel that. And I thank him from the depths of My heart to him. He has been unwaveringly staunch to Me every moment of time since I collared him some nine months ago.

More then any other words of loyalty that he has given Me, was the impact from watching him do those poses. I never had any doubt dear readers of the depths of his dedication... but this.. was a very private glimpse for Me of the strength of his submission and loyalty to Me.

I do not have a reprecussional pose for him, but the same depths of loyalty and dedication exist to him as well. I know that he knows this.. as I always make sure that he does.

I am... relieved and deeply grateful that he and I are in such a good place together. So many are having a variety of difficulties out there in the blogging world.. some have simply gone quiet.. others have moved to private exclusively. everyone does what they have to do as their relationship dictates.

I have given Paladin a few things to make sure he keeps up on at home while I am away. One.. is to make sure that there are 2 hangers (with space on either side of them) backwards. And.. that he have a certain DVD we plan to watch together, also backwards. (smiles) Those are to be visual reminders of My control over him when I am 'away'. According to a our good Leo friend, these are things that will make Paladin have a wee bit of uncomfortableness. Which is good in this case.

I have also Commanded him to create and wear a small mark on himself everyday now until I see him again. (Note to pet.. you need to send Me a picture of it as well)

Tonight he has family visiting and I hope he is having a good evening with them. We have company from out of town staying with us for a couple of weeks now as well. Hence the lessoned time with Paladin for the next couple of weeks. But.. we will have a nice weekend at the end of the time and I am sure we will have a passionate reunion.

And on that note.. for now.. good nite to all..
and to all.. a good nite,

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Poses

Evening all.

Last night was as always a wonderful evening with my dear Mystress. Mystress brought some lovely scallop burritos and we had a lovely meal and chat. Not being our normal evening...we didn't have any rituals set for the evening so we defaulted to something we both love...pleasure and boy oh boy it was amazing...lets just say hours can slip by when ones having fun.

We had a late bath then off to bed with us...but before we went to bed Mystress wanted to see me do my poses. For our long term guests you all know that every morning and evening i do a few mintues of posing..that is adopting certain poses my Mystress likes..and during this time i reflect on what we have with one another.

Mystress asked me my state of mind during each pose...the first being me on my kneels leaning forward almost in a pray position with my head resting on the bed...In this position i often think of how lucky i am to have such a special Mystress and to have found my dear Mystress. Some look for long periods of time to not be as lucky as I, and to those i wish the best of luck and urge you to keep searching, and because of this i am so thank ful for having my Mystress.

The second pose is simply my sign of fealty...me on my one knee...arms across my chest fist on my heart...This pose to me reinforces my submission...its a salute to my Mystress and a thank you to her for choosing me. When i do this pose i think about me submitting to my Mystress...and how i have changed to do this...what i do to stay submissive to my dear Mystress and how lovely it feels to be submissive to Mystress.

Mystress seemed very pleased with my rituals and was quite shocked i'd say to realize that i do this every night and morning for her. I do take my duties seriously dear Mystress and if you asked me to do it in the past then i still do it today.

Loving what i have.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Waiting in anticipation.

Tomorrow my Mystress and I see each other for an unexpected visit. Mystress will be super busy the next couple weeks so we were not expcting to see each other but my Mystress got tomorrow free...so we shall fuel our passions one last time before Mystress's work load and both feed on this to get us through the times apart.

Waiting in anticipation....


Saturday, April 12, 2008

What a wonderful idea.

Lovely post Mystress...i never thought to post pictures to illustrate an emotion and you definitely selected some very appropriate pictures. Very lovely indeed and very fitting too. I do love the second one for i do love to hold my dear Mystress in my arms...to squeeze my Mystress a touch but to have her tucked in close to me...so yummy.

As our guest may know our time together will be sparse the next couple weeks...but were there is a will there is a way and Mystress has managed to free up Monday so we will be sharing a wonderful evening together. One less day we will be apart...we have also made plans for a makeup weekend...so all in all..although the time apart will suck...we have wonderful plans to look forward to and as always we will be in touch...both through our normal means...and our wonderful bond.


How I feel..

Pictures can say more then words.

This is how it feels to Me
whenever I get to see Paladin....
and sometimes, I DO almost
knock him off his feet..
and back against the wall.

and this...

Is how we feel together
to Me.
He makes Me feel
much smaller then he..
safe, loved and protected
in the cocoon of his arms.

Friday, April 11, 2008


As always my dear Mystress never lets us down as she made last night truly truly amazing. There was another level of passion in the air and we both drank it up spending all our time on cloud 9...looking into each others lovely eyes...and drinking in the sensuality and passion. Oh what a memorable evening.

As my dear Mystress says...our plans for the next couple weeks are kind of topsie turbie...and we shall make the best we can with the situation...I won't go into any details byt my dear Mystress is once again doing such a wonderful thing hosting some out of town company. Its so amazing of her to be so caring and kind to do such a thing...truly inspirational.

I shall lament over last evening and use the wonderful images of it to get me through missing my dear Mystress...Mystress did something that i shall not forget and thank her for doing it...thank you Mystress.

Till our chat tomorrow...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A short note

Soon on My way to see Paladin.
Tonight is... one of those nites when it will be the last time I get a known chance to see him for a couple of weeks, at least as planned. We have company from out of town staying with us for a couple of weeks, and we have some things planned with him during the week so far that will preclude Me from seeing Paladin on our regular Tue and Thur nites. Nor are we sure yet about the weekends. We have a house project that we are going to be working on and that much time will need to be devoted to. Pet will as always be in contact with Me.. and we will discuss 'protocols' for this time apart as well.

I always like to know when I am seeing him next. That keeps Me settled and happy.
Right now.. after tonight.. I do not know. And that... has Me uncomfortable. And it makes Me feel a bit out of control. And I don't like THAT feeling at all!

But.. for now.. we have tonight.. and certainly time after the two week time. But..
for Me.. that feels like a long way off.

Soo..it with that in mind.. that I have given Paladin the duty of 'Relentless Passion' tonight. (smiles) We shall see how he does. I want him to be..... exceptional.

I have challenged him to be as 'energized' as he can be this evening. He is very competitive in nature.. and so I am looking forward to how he does what I have told him to do. There have been a few times in the past where he has let is strongest sides show.. and it has always been ..... magnificent. Like the racehorse that stretches out his neck, legs and tail simply....flies... and I fully expect that from him tonight.

With that.. I am off to finish My preparations for the evening.

Best to all,

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So Sweet

I just can't say enough of how much i love to spend time with my Mystress. She is so sweet and her company so pleasant.

The night started slightly different with Mystress having me wait in my room..in my restraints...blind folded...with ear plugs in and bent over my bed. I didn't let my mind wonder for i have learnt that with my Mystress, do not expect anything as my Mystress loves to be unpredictable...so i resigned myself to the situation...and layed there and relaxed...waiting for whatever my Mystress had in mind.

My lovely Mystress arrived...stroking my skin...lightly spanking me with the items left in the living room as she requested. Her hello consisted of some lovely touching and an overall calming action. It was lovely. Then we cuddled up on the bed for some cuddle time....a lovely time indeed.

We went through our usual rituals, dinner, a bath and wonderful conversation then we watched our TV shows before retiring for the evening...of course more pleasure..then off to sleep cuddled together.

A lovely time indeed...Thank you Mystress for such a lovely time...


Monday, April 7, 2008

Waiting Patiently

Mystress and i are having a wonderful chat this evening..discussing a wonderful trip Mystress has planned for Memorial weekend...and it is truly wonderful.

The place Mystress has chosen looks fantastic and as Mystrss has been there before...Mystress will be the very sexy tour guide all the guys want to be with :) MMM lovely thought.

It will be a magical weekend and a very long one too...i am sure we will have oodles of stories for our dear guests...keep tuned :)


Sunday, April 6, 2008

An Assignment

As Mystress mentioned last Thursday Mystress gave me an assignment..nothing too dificult...it was merely for me to be commando. I am sure all of you know what that means. So I will recount my little assignment for all.

Well i had already arrived at work for the day and at lunch Mystress asked me if i was commando. This day I was not due to meetings and replied to Mystress so. Then came my Mystress's command...that she wanted me to get commando. Well lets see...I had a errand to run at lunch so i couldn't head home to change...so the next best thing was to achieve my goal another way.

After i returned to work after my errand...i slipped into the downstairs bathroom and into the far stall. There i deftly slipped my pants and underwear off...slipping my pants on i stuff my underwear into my pocket...washed my hands and off i went to my office....very nervous having never done anything like this before.

In my office i stuffed my underwear into my bag...and spent the rest of the day at my desk...why...well lets just say thinking of Mystress has a big effect on me and without the underwear...its obvious :).

So this is what my Thursday assignment was...knowing in the morning to be commando is much much easier than mid day :)


Another Busy Week and Weekend

We did of course have a wonderful time. I got to show Paladin My nifty new phone.. and took some very very sexy pics of him in nothing but his black restraint set and black shirt laying on the carpet on his side with one leg bent .. it was.. really very hot. And it is true..that this new phone takes much better pics!

It's been a busy week and weekend. Got many things caught up that needed to be. Spent time reading a good book and watched a Bette Davis marathon.. oh. yes.. and can't for get.. the ever profound "10 Greatest Redneck Moments"... amazing what will amuse Me when I'm folding laundry.

Paladin has been quite busy as well, both at work and with his other social obligations. We have of course been in contact via txting and Im's and such.

All of My plans got switched around this weekend.. and it was one of those times I felt like I was surfing.. and just barely in control of where My board was going. The undercurrents were strong and fast.. but I did My best to hold everything together and go with the flow. I've worked to stay calm and relaxed all weekend. Was a time when it would have been nice to hide under Paladin's blankets.. but that wasn't an option this weekend. Ad.. I did My best to stay happy and up. I felt like I had to make a difficult choice and I did.. for the best interests for several of us. It is easy for Me to get overwhelmed sometimes... and then I can get too anxious. So I try to keep things low key in My little family. And since I do go with My intuition a lot, then it's important for Me to go with it and not second guess Myself and My decisions too much.

Sometimes there are lulls..and this is one of 'em. I did however give Paladin an interesting writing assignment about a Command that I gave to him last Thurs. He commented briefly about it before.. but I want the extended version now. (grins)

So I'm going to enjoy reading what he writes.... as I enjoyed having him relate it to Me over dinner. It was.. really.... kinda .... cute.

So.. on that note.. best to all..

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Happy Mystress

I am always happy to hear when my dear sweet Mystress is happy and having a grand time.

Mystress has had a tough couple days but today everything had worked itself out and things had resolved themselves. I often think to myself that everything happens for a reason and if left to be things will work themselves out. It really does no good to harp and worry about it. A lesson my Mystress told me today that she has taken to and that makes me happy to hear.

I am glad that i can teach my Mystress some things in exchange for all she has shared and taought me...we make a great pair teaching each other all we can...quite wonderful if you ask me.

Mystress will be having a farewell dinner tomorrow with her friend and I take this time to bid him farewell and a safe journey home. Thank you for sharing your time with us and we hope you had a wonderful time.


Late night and pleasant dreams

Its late for me by my normal normal measurements and with a happy heart i post my blog. I did not ask fro blog grace tonight for i wanted to post for my dear Mystress regardless of the time.

Last night was marvelous as usual and to not taunt our guests i'' keep the details nice and short...there was much tenderness and cuddling and oh so wonderful pleasure...the bath was amazing once again with a very special quiet time spent in the bath..just sitting in silence admiring each other and feeling the contours of each others skin...mmmm Mystress does feel wonderful...truly wonderful.

Mystress showed off her new toy too...no not a 10" toy...her new phone toy...no not a sexual toy...a wonderful new cell phone Mystress has gotten. Its quite fancy and has many bells and whistles. Wish Mystress all the joy of learning all it can do...its always fun learning about a new tech toy.

Mystress's plans for the evening did change and from what i have heard so far...it seemed Mystress and her knight did end up enjoying the evening much and that all had a good time. Its great to see Mystress stretching her wings some and making some new friends.

Well i hope my Mystress is tucked in...soundly sleeping...enjoying pleasant dreams for i know i shall head to bed...and dream of my dear Mystress..her sweet touch...her sweet affection...and her sweet taste...ooops did i say that out loud.

Ever happy


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Anticipation... and Reflection

Yes, tis true.. high anticipation IS in the air. Tis been another hectic week, especially between work and having out of town company... along with a sick computer and a new pc phone to figure out (the HTC Tilt, which by the way kajira robert is NOT waterproof!!! And if does end up in water, I'll be holding you personally responsible!) . Whew! I am most certainly looking forward to My evening at Paladin's subby spa for tired and horny Mystress's this evening.

More kudos to Paladin for last nite figuring out how to fix My laptop so I don't have to buy a new (and it turns out rather expensive) battery for it right now! There are a few things not quite right with it, but I can certainly live with those for a while. I would never, ever have figured out that fix that he found for it! He will certainly be well rewarded for it! (smiles)

As Paladin says... we had a wonderful Sat evening. Paladin was obviously exhausted, so we went and took a bit of an afternoon nap before dinner which is one of the best things on the planet to do when one is exhaused and it realy does feel so very delightful.. to be napping curled up together while it's still light outside.. nowhere to go and nothing to do for a while but totally relax! And then a delicous dinner followed by a nice long hot bath and then the pleasure's that he is so good at. He has amazing energy that he has learned to channel through his fingertips and.....ummmm... other parts. And we slept in just a tad on Sunday morning before heading off to the airport to get My friend.

He was also the perfect host for My friend, who was considerably impressed by Paladin on many levels. He liked Paladin's cooking skills amoung other things. (chuckling) My friend said that Paladin's beauty and obvious abilities are almost enough to make a straight man bi. Mmmmm.... indeed... and a horny Mystress.. well.. hornier! I was more then a bit nervous being with Paladin in front of My long time friend..but.. Paladin kept talking to Me and reassuring Me and well.. yes.. arousing Me so that it was hard to think of anything except his intense blue eyes and voice whispering encouragement in My ear. It finally came down to nothing but Paladin and his stunning sensuality existing in My conscienceness.

When he says that he sent Me on a ride... well.. he most certianly did! And in ways that had our guest beside himself in several ways.

My friend was also quite taken with our lovely new pet devyn.. who was quite pretty in her lovely black dress, and she was of great help and assistance to Me all through the evening! Thank you so much for that devyn!!!

And with that, time for Me to get ready to head off to work for the day,
As all ways,
best to all...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Couting Minutes

21 hours form now i get to see my Mystress once again...we both missed each other Tuesday and the time apart has built up our...ummm...desire for one another and as usual it will be amazing to be with my Mystress.

We have much to catch up and Mystress has some new toys to show off so i am looking forward to it immensly. Hopefully Mystress will not have another hectic day like today and if she does...then the spa treatment shall be in full effect...like it wasn't going to be in effect anyways.

Looking forward to being with my dear sweet sexy and wonderful Mystress


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Quite Evening

Evening All.

My Mystress is off to dinner with her friend and Knight tonight and i am enjoying a quite night alone. I've simply lounged about watching bad TV and its been quiet enjoyable.

I do miss my Mystress this evening but I think on the wonderful weekend and it makes it easier to endure since i can relive the wonderful times we had together.

I wish my dear Mystress the best of times tonight and hope she has a wonderful time.

Back to the couch to veg.