Sunday, April 26, 2009

A good week.

This week promises to be wonderful for i get to see my lovely Mystress not only twice, but for the whole wonderful weekend.

Mystress and I are also spending Cinco De Mayo weekend together and are attending a play party on Saturday. It shall be great times for all and I know Mystress is looking forward to getting back into the flow of things with the group.

We hope things are still going will with all our guests. We shall be sending out happy thoguhts to all and wishful happy thinking.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Evening to All

Evening All..

Just a short post tonight...been working all day so my brain is a touch squishy. Mystress reminded me of a movie thats coming on tonight we both want to watch so i'll settle in to watch that soon.

Btw...Mystress's new puppy is a little cute one. Very very tiny and shy at first but quickly warms up. Seems like i will be the one to play fight with her and get her all riled up and then Mystress comes in and calms her down :) She does this cute little bark/attack thing and tries to fight your hand...very funny.

As always we wish the best to all our guests. Special shout out to all the SL friends....hope you guys still having fun.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

A tolerating Mystress

A special appreciation goes out to my dear Mystress for the couple weeks that have passed. I have been working very long hours and even some weekends to bring the end to a project which shall end in 2 more long nights.

Throughtout this time Mystress has been very tolerable to the hours and my inconviniences through out and for that i am very grateful. Those nights i had to work late and Mystress was still able to come around meant much to me for as i told Mystress, I'd rather have Mystress there to keep me company that cancel our nights for they do mean much to me.

As i told Mystress today, only a couple more evenings of late work then things are back to 100% normal. I do owe Mystress a lobster dinner for all her patience which i shall happily deliver. Thank you Mystress for being so understanding and special


Monday, April 6, 2009

A Surprise Gift

Whatever shall we call her?

Yesterday, a dear friend I'd not seen in several years called to ask what I was doing.  I had just come back from picking up a friend from up in the foothills an hour away at rehab and delivering him home, safe and sound, detoxed and on the road to re-recovery back to his family.  Other then expecting to meet some friends in Second Life for a while, I had nothing specific planned. 

She had had a poodle for some 14 years that had passed away last fall. She did not handle the loss very well and finally decided it was long past time to get herself a new puppy.  And so she had, and was out making the rounds to introduce her to her friends, and we were on that stop.   

She had never met Wolfie but she grieved for our loss and oooed and ahhhhhed over Wolf's pics.  Right then she decided that if she had a new doggie, then WE needed a new doggie.  I tried to put her off, although  we had already decided that we wanted a puppy this time, even with all the difficulties of them.  Right now a new puppy simply wasn't going to fit into our budget unless someone gave us one.  

My friend said she has expected to pay twice what she had for her poodle and that by gosh, she was gong to get us one.  I tried again to put her off, but she insisted we look though the rescue dogs available.. but she is very.. in the moment as far as 'gratification' and so she then had Me look up the local paper's classifieds.... and there was the cutest little face's.  She insisted I call them right then and see if they still had the puppies.  He said yes, but that tomorrow would be a better day for it, and she said to him no.. she was from out of town and here now and wanted to get us a puppy right now. and the next thing I knew we were looking at 3 adorable tiny puppies.   Wolfie had been a short-haired, fawn colored teacup chihuahua, and My Knight had liked her coloring a lot.  My friend felt we should have something just a bit different this time though and so I told her that she should pick for us and this is the one she picked this one out for us.. which fit just perfect!  She bought her right there and then to My amazement.

I seemed to just be following along in My friends whirlwind of excitement.  The home we got her from was near My Knights office, where he was working on some legal documents.  I called to be sure he was still there, and he was.. so we trotted right over with little one wrapped in Wolfies pink blankie. 

The look on his face was priceless, and My friend was beside herself with joy.. and so were we.  Shocked and totally unexpected... 

So, we now have a absolutely darling little girl puppy.  She is nine week old  full blooded long-hair chocolate and white chihuahua. She has bits of white on her paws ( like she walked in milk) and a white blaze on her chest, and a tiny bit of white on one side of her pink nose.   She slept right where Wolfie slept in the bed and woke Me up at 3:30 moving around.. I brought her out and put her down on the paper, she dutifully went pee and then we went back to bed.  

The plan was for My Knight to come back from court this morning and take her to his office to be with him there, but My client for today cancelled on Me, and so I got to spend today here with her.  I'll take her up to the office later in the afternoon before heading to Paladin's for the nite and then work tomorrow as per our usual routine.  Dear Paladin asked if I needed to stay home with her, but My Knight has raised puppies before, and this one has taken a real shine to him already, so he assured Me that she will be fine and he'll look after her and take her to the office with him tomorrow as well, and then I can come pick her up when I come home from work in the early afternoon.   A puppy.. haven't had one since I was a teen, and been a good 20 years since My Knight has had one too. And we do know all that goes with it and have the right set up for it.  

Chihuahua's love to travel and visit, and this one will get lots of opportunity to do that.   My Knights secretary was there with him last nite, and she also ooooed and ahhhed over her, and I think is thrilled that the little one will be at the office with them when I am not home.

We wondered how she would acclimate to things her, but she climbed right into Wolfies bed and snuggled in all on her own.  She did have a bit of a funky puppy smell, so she got her first bath and low blow dry.  Wasn't overly thrilled with it, but didn't get overly upset either. I put her bed in the sun afterwards and she seemed to like that alot. But when I came in here to type, she looked lonely, so I brought her bed in with Me, and now she is sleeping happily with a full belly.

Wolfies friend and kitty companion has let her sniff him and been very neutral abot it.  She is still shy and staying curled up in the comfort of her bed so far. Soon I am sure she will be out playing with him though.. and he does like that.

So.. now.. the thing is.. what to call her???

Any idea's out there?

Best to all.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A special thank you.

Evening all.

I hope you all are doing well and that the year has brought much happiness to date for you all. Things as always are still wonderful with my Mystress and I...plenty of happy smiles and wonderful times.

Even with some challenges of late Mystress seems to be keeping her spirits up much easier of late and for this i must send out a special thank you to both my sisiters that server Mystress with me. You two deliver such wonderful service to my Mystress and keep her spirirts up and happiness flowing. Of course the thanks extends to my brother in service too...your service and entertainment are as always noted and appreciated.

I am glad you guys are having such a blast in SL. Its a great place to unwind and relax and experience the environment fully amongst a bunch of friends. If it wouldn't mean 15 hour days in front of a computer i'd join you guys much more than I do, but in my abscence i can rest easy knowing that you all are entertaining my Mystress to such wonderful levels...and not only Mystress, but Lady Muse too. Its wonderful to have one great Mystress but you guys are fortunate to have two and that is something to be cherished.

So again, a special thank you to all the family memebers and keep up the fun and entertainment.

Love to my Mystress


Friday, April 3, 2009

White work shirt = a red butt

Good morning all,

One of Paladin's rules, is that he is not allowed to wear a white work shirt on days that I see him without permission. Why? Well, of the colors that he wears, that is My least favorite.  I like the black ones best, then the blue ones (light and dark)  and the grey ones.  And.. I like having rules for him too.   He has been very good about asking in the past.  

On Wed, he decided it he didn't want to wake Me up to ask, so he decided to wear one.  Of course, as soon as I saw his morning picture I knew.  Hmmm.   And when we got home, I mentioned it to him. That's when he said he didn't want to wake Me up, and made a decision to wear it.  

Wrong choice.

So.. he got his butt paddled pretty good, (although not too much as I was more in the mood for cuddling then spanking) and now he understands, that if he can't get a response, to not ass-u-me that he can wear it just because I've alway said yes.  In fact, it is now clarified that the answer is NO unless I say yes.  It doesn't even matter what My reason's are.. they simply are.  And that is a part of this dynamic.  He wants to give up control to Me, and so I have taken it from him, fulfilling us both.  This is a part of our symbiotic relationship.

Well, that's all for now. 
Hope everyone out there is happy and well,

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nuri's Post

The ever flexible nuri
from centaur to human in moments

Hello again all,

Well, SL is moving right along.   Had a fascinating visit with arnaut last nite.  He joined Lady Muse, Myself and Muse's pet for some visiting time, before coming back to My place after Muse and chyld went off to bed.    We 'visited' also with another one of Lady Muse's subs, thir there as well.   Lady Muse had asked Me to whip on him some, and being a good friend of course, I brought him back to My place, and did. *grin* 

arnaut fell into a more and more submissive role, and watched Me with thir, and wanted to participate himself.   After doing so, I offered him a  'collar of protection', which he wanted. I then offered arnaut to join My group there, The Knights of Servitude (Paladin came up with the name which has worked out quite well!) .  He could have been a 'friend of KS' or, 'Mystress's pet".  He chose the title of pet.  So, welcome to our House, aranut! He says he won't be around alot, which of course is alright, we all have our own time constraints online and real life, does have the most control of us. 

Then thir left, and then after a bit more chat arnaut... and as I was just getting ready to go to bed Myself, dear nuri showed up, whose been illl since last week.

We went for a nice ride together on her back.  I'm not sure how she did it, but we managed to end up at kajira robert's property.  Which was rather amusing.  We then teleported back home and were saying our goodnights.

Chyld was now up and came back, and so the two of them got to meet which was something I had been looking forward to very much.  We did a bit more 'visiting'.. but now, it was much later then I had planned to stay up. The two girls seemed to get on well as I thought they would, as they are both very sweet and tend to blush alot. (smiles) And.. I did give nuri a few things to blush about while chyld watched.... and... squirmed. *grin*

Nuri has some rules she is to post, as well as some 'conditions' for her online. So this post will give her a place to say some things about last nite, and to put those rules in her comments. 

Well, off to work... 
best to all,