Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Times

Evening all

As always we hope things are going very well will all our friends and guests. Things are surely going well with us.

Mystress stretched her Mistress legs last week putting me in space each night she was here. A lovely experience to indulge in for sure. I feel so lucky to have a Mystress with such power and i can assure all our guests...the experience is wonderful and you would all just fall in love with it.

Mystress has a family friend satying with her for the next few weeks so a special welcome to them. Enjoy your stay and the company of my dear sweet Mystress. Luckily for me their visit won't interfere with my time with Mystress...woohoo :)

Looking for to Mystress's prescence.


BDay Dinner

Mystress and went to a Moroccon for dinner. Let me tell you, it was a change and experience indeed. The restraunt was decorated in traditional Morrocon style, rugs all voer, covered walls in materials appropriate to teh devor, a low hangin cloth ceiling, and many many statues and decorations abound. It felt like one was about to eat a meal in a tent in the Morroccon desert...quite an experience.

The food was new yet very tasty. It was a 3 course meals with appetizers, teh main meals and desert. All very yummy. And the belly dancer, very entertaining too although a very short dance session. Would of been nice to have them dancing for us while we eat but its a note for next time to get their later to experience that.

Thank you Mystress for the wonderful new experience and i hope we have many more to come.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birthday Reflections

I seem to generally start with appreciation for Paladin. And rightly so. He is the most solid rock I have in My life. He is ever unwavering no matter what storm I am going through. This birthday was no different.

He started out the beginning of the month wishing Me a 'happy Bday month'. And made sure that I got to choose which weekend I would get to spend with him. I will have to have him write about where we went for My bday dinner, as I took him waaaay out of his normal 'box' and he went along un-hesitatingly.

Then last week, on the eve of My bday, he made the most amazing scallops.. this man can really cook great scallops!

One of the most enjoyable things I got to do this month, was watch a tape of Paladin playing Rugby. I had seen pics, but never seen him in actual action. He was the team Captain as well, and I got to watch a tape of him taking his team to winning a national championship. Impressive. And fan-frigging-tastic to watch. Another ode to Rugby thighs and that great ass to boot. (sometimes in the morning when he's getting his dress clothes on for work and I lay in bed watching him hunting around naked in his closet, it's amazing that he makes it to work ...but I do practice lots of self restraint to not drag him back into bed)

Back to the game...
Trying to find him sometimes on the field was a challenge. He laughed when I later complained to him about how hard it was to find his number on those striped shirts. He had not seen the tape of the game at all, and we got about half way through it. He groaned at at all the penalties his team got and mistakes that he could now see. But this game was a few years back, so not like anything he could change. But it was dammed arousing to see all that power unleashed on the field for sure. It was an amazing win. 49 to 3. The other team didn't even score a try.. only one goal. He'd told his team before the game to 'run it up'.. which means slam dunk it.. and they certainly did. Seeing him come up out of the bottom of pile and some of the hits that he took during the game had Me feeling glad that I hadn't watched him play in person... I could see Me yelling "Don't hurt My pet!!" oh yes..that would have gone over well I'm sure.

A side effect of watching the game was wanting to see him in all his naked glory, spread out and restrained. the big, tough, in control Rugby Captain obedient and submissive to My will.
For again, one of the amazing things about Paladin, is that he is NOT a submissive man. Not at all. He is always the one in charge. Except for Me.. I am the exception to all his rules, and I like being that sole exception.

But, although I wanted him spread out for My whims, time was not on My side for that until last nite. When I returned from My trip.. I was anxious to pounce on him. So, last nite, after dinner and catching up on a couple of things, I declared that it was going to be an early eve and I bid him to go lay out our fuzzy blanket, light the candles, put on his blindfold and assume 'the position', which in this case means strip, and lay with his legs spread and his hands under his back. I put put the Tori Amos Pandora station on My iphone and as her haunting voice filled the air, I simply stood and stared at him, relishing all that magnificent strength at My beck and call. Then.. very slowly.. I teased him until he was all twitchy and moany, begging to touch Me. Then I teased him some more.

Until.. finally, I used him as the pleasure slave he is until we both collapsed.

Ummmm.. it's good to be Paladin's Owner.

It has just made Me want to use him again and again.

And so.... I think I will again tomorrow nite too. He is Myne.. to do as I bid. I've had to loosen up on one slave because of his own evolvement away from submission, and it's been painful for Me to do.... but not so with Paladin who has no inkling to change anything between us. So I think he gets some of the brunt of My desires and frustrations. But he never complains, he is always just a text away at any time for Me. Ever reliable and always obedient.. and what could bet a better Birthday present then that????

Wishing best to all this wonderful fall eve,
Happy October!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fun Times For Bday

Evening All.

I hope that all are doing well for they are going well with us.

Mystress is off on a birthday trip, a well deserved trip, and will be back tomorrow. From the texts i have received i can tell she is having a wonderful time which is great. Mystress deserves all the fun times she can get :)

It will be fun to hear all about her trip tomorrow.

Waiting patiently.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Birthday Month

Evening all.

Happy birthday Month Mystress :)

Its that time of the year when Mystress celebrates her birthday month..woohoo. This year Mystress's birthday month seems to be a birth of another sort.

So far it seems like many plans that Mystress has put in play in the past are starting to flourish and come to fruition. Its great to see. All the work and foundations Mystress has laid has started to pay off with many of her little projects starting to take hold. We shall all send much good energy and encourage these beginnings to grow and produce many many more benefits for sweet dear Mystress.

Be happy with the new start MYstress...and know that this year looks to be so much better than last...much love and kisses.