Saturday, November 10, 2007

Flash back #1 - written by Paladin - Our First Meet


The First Meet.

Today was the day. We had counted down the day together
and when 5pm rolled round we had less than an hour to
go before our fate was to be decided.
Would we have the same reaction in person as online?
Would we decide this wasn't right?
Would we go our seperate ways after dinner?
All questions zipping through my mind as I waited

6:04pm....Oh no Mystress is late....
Did Mystress decide against it?
Then suddenly...a lovely sight enters Fats all in wonderful white.
My heart almost stops but i hoped i retained my composure.
Quickly i rise and greet my Mystress....
i knew at this time my decision was made.

We were shown to our table making nervous chit chat.
I was nervous I admit...but as the words flowed from my
Mystress mouth a sense of calming came over me.
Dinner zipped by in a blur as i concentrate
on Mystress every word. I was more than content in listening
and interjecting my 2 cents when appropriate.

With dinner over we stand at Mystress car....
looking into each others eyes....
begging to know if this wonderful meeting shall continue
And to my overly happy heart Mytress wishs to continue
the first meeting....

Upon arriving at my sparse apartment,
a choice to live uncluttered, our wonderful communication
continues. I share more information with Mystress while
trying hard to hide my fascination with my Mystress....
then the first touch....

Mystress extends her hand and
with gentle caution i reach out and take hold of her hand....
and that touch and all the chat confirms my earlier decision....
my submittal, at this point private, now becomes public.
We share a wonderful moment as i give myself to you Mystress
and in return you take me as your slave.

For the remaining of the evening we share a moment of initial bonding...
initial exploration and learning one another...nothing serious
but more than wonderful to me.

I believe Mystress had a wonderful night and look forward
to once again being with my Mystress both in mind,
spirit and do as she pleases,
to follow all her commands with unconditional devotion and trust.

Waving goodbye to my Mystress as little as i wanted to,
i know, that we shall see each other once again soon...
and at that moment and through all the communication
between now and then....
we strengthen our bond we started tonight.

writte by Paladin
to Mystress

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